Sacred Heart School, Castlebar Rd, Carrowbeg, Westport, Co. Mayo

Stay the Course

I’ve made a broken bed of glass,
I’ll lie among the shards.
Only when the deeds are proclaimed,
Do we realise what we are.

Fallen stars will gather round,
To feel the burning light
What was once soul and spirit,
The fruits of a hard-fought life.

No matter how hard you work,
You’ll never catch a break
The chip on your shoulder becomes a boulder
As you’re swallowed by your hate.

Total desolation reigns,
You cannot turn away
The reaper brings his game of cards
And offers you to play,

Even if you searched for days,
There’d be no reason to smile
I contemplate my hill of pain
As I stand upon the pile.

I reach my final moment,
Crippled by crushing remorse
The reaper comes to claim us all
We have to stay the course.

Kai Cawley

Revolution is in the Air

Dreams of a better life take their first breath
But there are other dreams here and they reek of death
Plans of escape are born and risen
A revolution begins, deep in the prison
People settle and compromises are made
Nothing is more important that your last exam grade
We live and breathe and laugh and cry
A promise is made – this is not where I die

Cara Rose Smales

The Body was Found

The body was found,
Where her life turned around.
Where his memory rotted away,

Her life turned around
In the cold hard ground
Into shades of concrete grey.

They built their life,
Through their blood, sweat and tears
They built a broken home.

She became his wife,
And swore from their hearts
Neither would ever roam.

Two children were raised,
With parents determined
To do their very best.

Graduates praised,
Two new grandparents
Grew older and more blessed.

People only wore smiles,
Tailored for the family
That was a friend to all.

They were known for miles,
The family of stone
From which tears never fall.

They’d argue at night,
This broken man
Who felt numb at his heart.

He felt obsolete,
From his head to his feet
He watched it all fall apart.

Fresh blood spilled
From behind closed doors,
The obsolete man would deny.

He would pace up down,
From the ceiling to the floors
Here is the rope that was tied.

The body was found,
Where their life turned around.
Happiness rotted away.

Now the sun shines down
On the hard cold ground
On a life turned to tombstone grey.

Ariadna Gómez-Kelly

Hospital for Souls

Broken dolls, ripped costumes and abandoned teddies
Feasted on the nightmares from above,
Nightmares of falling in love…

I ran until my demons caught me
Turning me into
A walking nightmare,
Hoping to be saved by a prayer

He took everything from me
When all I done was
Give him all there was of me
Until all that was left
Was a body with no soul
Begging on my knee.

He trapped me with his lies and manipulation,
I was lost never to be found again
Screaming out to the nation
With paper and pen.

I wandered through the hospital for souls
Filled with my biggest fears,
I never felt more at home,
Even though I’m alone.


On Daffodil Road

She ran, ran, ran away from sinister clouds and swirling doubts,
Chasing shadows down Daffodil Road,
As though howling dogs were snapping at her heels.

He works out his frustrations, feet slamming against the pavement,
Footsteps stomping, shouting loud, loud and louder still.

They stumble here at night, dressed in short skirts and dark tights;
Empty bottles lying in their broken wake.

Morning’s children walk, skip, empty handed,
With nothing to give but their smiles, smiles,
Smiles so clear and bright as flooding light

On Daffodil Road where I wander on; thinking nothing, seeing all.

Laura O’ Malley

A Poppy’s Lies

The cold violence we so despise is as sweet to them as a poppy’s lies
No one sees the tears that fall, the angry silence,
The pain is hidden by the shame
The heavy metal chains that bind and restrain her,
She hides deep inside herself to disguise the ugly truth
The truth that resides fresh beneath the surface.
He lies full of guilt from the terrible trauma he caused
If the truth comes out all he’s built will fall.
She now lies forever cold 6ft below on her bed of roses
To never grow old after one too many doses.

Sarah Geraghty

We Play

We play our football matches
Full of fouls and fun
She found her true love
Amongst the men she had to choose from
Our lives begin when we were born
In soft delicate clothes
We sleep at night resting for the days ahead
Full of joy and heartbreak
And full of family and friends
Our education begins for our lives
Excitement and wonder of what lies

Eabha Cawley


Since when did technology
Become my go to activity
Stealing all of my creativity
Along with my diversity
Just like everybody else
Lacking in imagination
Not properly part of any nation
I’m an outcast waiting at the train station
Looking for a one way street called motivation
I can’t find it, I can’t get out
But I won’t let that stop me, no doubt
Cause I’m not one of those who’s easily fixated
I’m on a one way street just like I stated
Unlike you I’m not outdated
But I’ll tell you one thing
This town’s way too overrated

Heloise Gourdon

Daddy’s Girl

I come to dance, I come to think
When I feel too close to the deadly brink
The Botox laughter lies
Where the fun and madness never dies
In my secret happy place is I see my dad’s smiling face
This is where my shining childhood memories lay
Take me back to that hysterical day
This is where I’d be lost forever without you
So best believe we’ll never be gone apart too
We’ll have the giggles
Those memories that make you laugh so hard you piddle.

Katie McDonnell

An Alley

This is where he walked daily
For the past ten years.
This is where he turned, down an alley,
Forgetting all his fears.

This is where he stopped and stood
Because he heard a sound.
This is where he died and fell
Hard upon the ground.

This is where the other man stood
A hint of fear in his eye.
This is where the streets were filled
With the sounds of gunshots cry.

This is where the body lay
Forever stiff and cold.
This is where the story starts
A story never to be told.

This is where his spirit rose
High into the skies.
Waiting always in the dark
To avenge his final cries.

Katie Johnston

A Boy

There was a boy I once knew,
Quite strange in his ways,
But not like any other.
He jumped from one life to another,
Not knowing his own mother.
His life began to fall apart,
Not piece by piece, but at once, all together.
He chose the one path out of a million,
Which no one could predict,
Not in a year, not in a billion.
He couldn’t find himself in this dark,
Dark world, never knowing what to do.
He left, he disappeared for months at a time,
No one knew where he had strayed, nor did they care.
The police found him the next morning,
No pulse, no breath, no movement.
That’s when his darkness became his light
And his beasts became his beauty.

Gabrielle Doran

I Learn

My thoughts get deep and crap happens
My life gets tough and changes in a flash
My tears appear again
But I learn to get on with it
Then I become happy


Hidden Places, Lost Feelings, Lost Places, Hidden Feelings

I lost you,
And you were now nothing more to me than a bin bag of clothes you didn’t like
And memories I misremembered and things that could have been but weren’t.

I broke bones and cracked skulls to build a house
And fill it with people I didn’t like so I could convince an astronaut to come home.

I burned my skin off because I wanted the sun to be better,
Brighter, more constant, more around, and so I could be too.

I sat at night,
Letting the moon heal my wounds
And soothe the fire raging underneath my skin.

Shadows screamed my name,
And home was a hidden bastard broken place.

Hands grew in the grass instead of knives,
And plaited the hair the knives used to hack away.

You saw the scars on my hands
And reached out to say hello,
You asked me to come home.
But when you reached out,
Your hand went straight through mine.

I let you go.

Rebecca Walsh


I think of what you did
My thoughts haunted me
My emotions came to the surface
I felt I could breathe again
I found a new beginning

Laoise Dunne

In a Place

In a place that we love all our memories are made
All the days we spent together on summer days drinking our favourite lemonade
All of our dreams came true
Sitting on this hill admiring the view
We came here to play all of our favourite games
Chasing each other making up pretend names
I first laid my eyes on you
Spending days playing in the lake destroying our new shoes
My life changed forever when you came into my life
And changed it for the better

Rachel Browne

My Dreams

My dreams and life is made of all the nature and flowers,
Where I grew up when i was young and I played football with all my friends,
I escape when I am feeling down or need sometime alone,
This is where the fun begins,
You smile again.

Jessica O’Connell

Fragile Breath

She took her final fragile breath
The bloody knife stuck in her heart
Forgiveness is a tricky art
Tell me do you like the pain?
Lying there, still and slain
I`ll tell you this, I tell no lie
Murder, such a fond goodbye

Jenny Mcguinness

A Night to Remember

I go out with my friends, lying to my mammy
She thinks I’m at my friends, in bed watching the Grammys

Ais is falling in love with the hurling boy
And will make him break up with the Clonmel girl
When he finally does he’ll go over and give her a twirl

We just chill with the lads and a big bag of cans
Then the guards come and rip them out of our hands

I tried to walk away but it didn’t help the situation
So the two nGardaí weren’t kind throughout the duration

I got arrested and I keep it hidden from my mammy
Just to be sure, I’ll have to move to Miami

If she ever finds out my secret, I’ll become the family disappointment
A pain for which, there is no ointment.

Nina Mathastein

My Secret Life

This is where I face all my fears,
Sitting in between some garden chairs.

My mammy stands with a wooden spoon,
She’s going to knock me into next June.

My human sister is driving me crazy,
All she does is play with daisy.

Daisy is my cute doggo who peed on my leg,
Please don’t do a number two I beg.

I live here, it’s my loving home,
But I am just an ordinary garden gnome.

Aisling Browne