Ardscoil Mhuire, Corbally, Co. Limerick

How Many People?

How many people can say they truly know me?
For my name is just a name and not my story.
How many people can say that they care?
From smiling like I am happy and hiding that I am scared.

How many people want to listen to what I say?
When they turn their backs and walk away.
How many people truly want to survive?
When all they are told is to go away and die.

Alex Kiely


I run in the dark
From things I cannot see.
Voices tell me who I should be.
I can’t express who I am.
I am different
My shadow falls hard to hide who I am.
Though I know I will make mistakes
That I will forever regret.
I know that I am strong and beautiful.
Nobody can tell me otherwise.
For I am different.
I begin to believe that maybe different is good.
I find out who I truly am
I step out from the shadows
And into the light.

Alexandra Kiely

Photoshop Goddess

I live in a world that makes you think beauty revolves around ‘being perfect,’

A place that makes you feel like you should be ashamed of the things that make you, you…
Whether that be your scars, stretch marks or a birth mark…

And now…
Anxiety, depression, insecurity and eating disorders come out to play…

Because you are forced to look at the girl on your screen
Who has been put in the most fashionable clothes,
Gotten her picture taken by the best photographers
And edited multiple times, photoshopped to ‘perfection’.

A world where you are taught how to be anything…
But yourself.

Juliet Omuada


Women and men have to downplay their emotions
Yet worry about ridiculous notions.
We are expected to fit into society’s shallow expectations
Headed for the wrong destination.
We are born equal but are not treated equally
Yet are expected to sit obediently.
We are judged for expressing our true identity
When it is our destiny.

Sadhbh Healy

Into the Light

I forgive people for those things that happened
In the haunted past
What I cannot change, will not last
I cry tears of happiness as we reunite
I let the dark world flood with light
I realise life is too short for hatred
Time with the people I love is sacred
I get to know the people who I once despised
And understand at last what makes us wise.

Paige Moloney

This Society We Live In

Sexuality is judged to an extreme
Equal treatment is only a dream
Women are not equal
But we are born into this world exactly the same
Feminism should be our main aim
People cannot express how the feel in fear of rejection
Our society is in need of a reflection
Women do not have a choice of what they do with their bodies
Yet this is what the world embodies.

Lauren Kett

Sad Skin

You cannot be yourself because society is so messed up
You have to be fake to fit in
So you keep your true self under your skin
You have to hide your sadness because you will be known as weak
So we show happiness through the words that we speak
We have to edit and photoshop our photos
To get the likes that makes us feel good
So we can feel just like better people would
You have to be judged on all your actions
It’s all down to the amount of reactions
You will be put down upon because your mistakes
But all you want if for society to give it a break
You cannot cry as your tears will be known as looking for attention
When you keep your thoughts in your in a detention

Katie Madigan


This is where my thoughts come to life,
Whether it be beauty or strife.
This is where I reveal my true self,
That is worth more than any wealth.
This is where I am quiet because I would rather be hidden,
But in the world I live in that is forbidden.
This is where I can listen to my head and my heart,
My special spot truly helps me imagine my life as art in a word
That makes me see it as carnage,
This is where I have a bandage to my wounds,
It’s where I’m finally not being consumed.

Kaitlyn Lowe Neill

Little Hell

We are judged when we try to express ourselves.
Everyone stuck in their own little hell.

I go to school and do not know what is going on.
It makes me feel tired when I should feel strong

Our anxiety and depression is starting to take over.
It starts to go away as we get older.

Women are still not getting the same recognition as men in sport.
It’s how we’re conditioned not what we’ve been taught.

We sit on our phones for hours on end.
Social media driving us all round the bend.

Rebecca Collins

A Place Called Me

I hide in the darkness from my true self
I run blind from the problems that chase me
I regret all the choices that haunt me
Like ghosts
I show my true colours
I find my true self
I spread my wings and forget
About everything else
This is where I am
At last
In a place called me

Aoibhín Daly

The Human Race

The sun shines on every heartbroken morning,
My tears begin to start pouring.

I sip on a passion fruit smoothie by the empty pool of my imagination,
I get a prominent, undesirable feeling of isolation.

All alone, I adventure food from foreign shores,
The thoughts in my head, I want to ignore.

My unhappy place,
The human race.

Laura Mason Reeves

Shaking Ground

I hide all my self-confidence
Like a sheet of blank paper
I run trembling when I’m scared
Because I fear being judged by everyone
In this ever-disgracing world
I cement my anxiety in the shaking ground
When I get an attack
I belong in my adventurous life as I am worth it
I care about more the life I am living
Than I do about the fears I am not

Kate O’Brien

Time to Change

Women are sexually objectified each day
By men who just want to “play”
Still second class citizens in a brave new world
Feminism should not be constructed just for girls
Being LGBT is still not normalised
This has to stop being criticized
Men do not talk about being raped but it happens every year
Too afraid to be shamed they decide to live in fear

Jade McMahon


Anxiety attacks.
Family torn apart.
Tears fall like broken glass
Cutting into my skin.

My life began
When happiness grew
From the suffering dirt.
I knew what I wanted.
I took control.

And blossomed
In the concrete
And the muck.

Meagan Walsh

Walls Close In

The classroom walls close in
The room is as quiet as a drop of a pin
Every minute feels like an hour
Every hour feels like a day
All I want to do is go out and play
You’re judged by every other student
To be the best but you feel
Like your being truly possessed
You fake a smile and pretend that it doesn’t hurt
But deep down
It feels like a curse
People think they know you but they haven’t a clue

Joyce Tobin


I go for education and freedom but its school walls are a prison
Depression anxiety and worry starts to develop among students
People are judged for being different and can only be accepted for being fake
We learn to say that we are okay even if we are unhappy
My friends are where I get in trouble
You don’t get choices to make
Your smile is hidden

Aoife Joyce

A Test

I let something pointless take over my life
A thing made of anxiety, frustration and strife

I felt something hopeless, stuck in my mind
I could not remove it or leave it behind

It may have been four years, it may have been five
But it feels like as long as I’ve been alive

I will make something better out of what I have left
It doesn’t matter anyway, acne is a test.

Emma Reale

Day to Day

To relax and forget about the past
I lay in the grass
I have a laugh with my friends
While staring at a giraffe
I relieve stress
Painting and making a mess
I go every day
Wiping my tears away

Jayde Bussoli

Worst Me

I go for an education and freedom
I go to school but its prison
Cells are classrooms
Teachers are guards
Students are criminals
You get warned for little things
You feel hated and judged on the little things
Your smile is hidden
I learned to fake a smile and forget my real one
I learned to shrug and say I’m okay
I’m supposed to learn what’s best
I learned how to be the worst me

Shannon Fitzgerald


We don’t care what other people say,
Cause it will all eventually go away.
We live our lives without doubt,
And we never back out.
People are treated with respect,
Not neglect.
No one is afraid to be themselves,
We are all on different shelves.


Fresh Start

I stay up all night thinking about all the bad things in my life.
I open my book and don’t understand a single thing.
I wake up in the morning and think of the new day, a fresh start.
I get up and feel tired again straight away.
I listen to a song and understand the singer’s feelings
I open a book and don’t understand a thing.

Kelly Hickey

This Is Where

People still are not accepted for who they are.
Even if they go out for a few drinks at the bar
There is still no equality for females.
So it means we still have to go to the sales
People don’t care what people think of them.
As they’ve realised everyone has a sweet gum.
Many hearts are broken every day.
As their still getting judged for their waistline
And how much they weigh.

Aoife Costelloe

Gone in a Blink

We shouldn’t care what other people think
Coz it will all gone in a blink.

We live life to the fullest.
And don’t take the bullet.

We do what makes us happy.
Even though life can make us a little snappy.

We be who we want to be.
Not what other people want to see.

Kailey Noonan

This is Where

People come to learn every day,
But teachers don’t realise how much our bags weigh.

Families go to have fun in the sea and relax in the sand,
While trying to be strong while getting tanned.

We don’t care what other people think of you,
Because why would you when you have your own crew.

Women still don’t have equal rights with men,
So what are we supposed to do just wait around on you again.

Olivia O’Donoghue

Staring at the Ceiling

Stressing about the day I had staring at the ceiling
About the day to come I run outside and let it all fly off my chest
I laugh with my friends to try forget about my
Thoughts while I fought back my tears trying not to crack
I go to say goodbye but I always wondered why
I finally got to see what is actually going to happen to me

Rebekah O’Shaughnessy

Our Society Now

Women are afraid to come out about being raped
In case they won’t be believed
Justice is not being received
Women should have the right
To be able to make a choice of having a child or not
Instead of traveling to England a lot
Men shouldn’t always have to feel manly
They should express their emotions grandly
Both genders should be treated the same
Our society is the reason to blame

Grace Donnelly


We don’t judge what other people say,
Because it won’t matter at the end of the day.
We need to have fun,
Before we are done.
Laugh as much as you can,
That’s a good plan.
We fall in love with the person,
Or else things will worsen.

Rachel McNamara


The Cosgrave goat family lives near my house,
The fury wire backs all covered in louse.

They tell me to believe in second chances.
They teach me how their goat family dances.

They whisper don’t worry about the opinions of the others,
Now I have goats for sisters and brothers.

Even though there may be a billion like ye,
I dream dreams of goats cos there’s no one like me.

Kelsey Bourke


Life is a pain
It feels like a game
I can’t stand the people
That make me want to stay the same

People can be mean
But they’re the ones that want to be seen
Go see yourself in a time machine

Some people are rich
So get yourself on the pitch
And stop sitting down and being a bitch

Kate O’Brien

This Place

This is the place that I get in the most trouble.
I go to prison to learn all this useless information.
You hear no laughter or have no fun.
All my friends annoy me the most.
I sit all day ready to jump out off my seat
When I hear the last school bell ring.

Niamh Storan

Monday Morning

I dread going on Monday morning
You hear girls bitching about each other
I stare at a yellow wall not knowing what to think
I get my education but I didn’t ask for it
You’re forced to spend forty minutes learning about a subject
You won’t use after you leave school

Sarah Callinan


My hopes and dreams lie,
I’m seriously just getting by.
I can write out my thoughts in discretion without the judgement of others,
Even though my computer screen buffers.

I usually zone out and get lost in my fantasies about food
Because it’s almost lunch time,
I keep forgetting that this quatrain just has to rhyme.
I fell asleep on my journal cause I need more sleep,
I swear this poem is really deep.

Gloria Gubarkova