St Flannan’s College, Clonroad More, Ennis, Co. Clare

Live, Work and Learn

Millions live, work and learn,
Love is all they wish to yearn.
They eat, drink and waste
And chase the bottle for the taste.
But millions die of starvation, poverty and drought,
We’re faced to ignore those we must live without.
They fight, die and kill at war,
Like many more who have fallen before
Millions of children sleep homeless on the streets,
Beggars begging at our feet.
But the next generation are sheltered from a harsh
World beyond their phones,
That you can hardly hear the wind past their privileged means.

Rosie Brannock


Men are strong, and sheep are scared,
The ones who must leave are the unprepared,
New things are scarce, and land is bare,
Good luck finding company past Kenmare,
You form for work and drink for fun
Livestock graze with their back to the sun.
Your wife shares your family name
Nothing to do, here, play the waiting game
Who gets the land? It decides their faith
Splits families apart, generates hate

Ben Sullivan


They say that I’m smart,
But I gotta kickstart,
I gotta go study,
I aint got time for that buddy,
I gotta learn every word,
I cannot come third,
I gotta come first,
My heads just gonna burst.

Ben Cosgrove

Everybody is Different

Teachers, the board, tell you what to do every day,
When all you want to do is hit the hay,
Sleep because sleep is the only break you get,
From constant nagging, shouting, and screaming at you to be as smart,
As the next person, when maybe all you want to do is Art, Music, Dance,
Not math’s or equations, because you don’t understand the way they work or why,
But you understand how to talk to people when they cry,
Not everyone needs to be as smart as the other, because math’s makes some people sigh.

Holly Mannix


He looks up and he smiles
And he doesn’t know but he turned
Her insides into a kind of mush that
Can’t be fixed.
And she looks down
And knows he waved behind her.
He takes the other’s hand, and laughs
She breaks and fixes all in one
Oh melody
Oh heartbreak
Oh help.
He looks up and smiles
Her insides pulverized by a sickly schoolgirl
Crush that lasts for years
With tears and fears and
Here’s the other
And she will uncover
New frontiers
Oh melody
Oh heartbreak
Oh healing
And she heals in time with
Ice cream and she screams
And voice is gone and
School is done and new boys
And new girls and a new house
Oh melody
Oh heartbreak
Oh help
That smile
Oh help

Emer Kenny

The Tree

The tree stood tall in the wind
The leaves blow away, branches thinned
It stands so strong but gently sways
Watching, mesmerized, my mind in a haze.
As the wind picks up the tree sways stronger
The once gentle tree drops, strong no longer.
It lies on the ground, still at last
But it will be forgotten, an outcast.

Aoibhínn O’ Sullivan

Glitches in Fortnight

Make me cry for a fortnight
Utter stupidity
Is a disability
What really annoys me
Is my own insecurity
But what REALLY annoys me
Is you.


Growing Up

We get told every day to live while we’re young,
Even though we never get time to do anything fun,
Teachers bombard us with truckloads of work,
And shout and give out if we show even the slightest smirk.
We get put under severe pressure to get good results,
When it’s nearly impossible to concentrate
When you’re getting hit with insults.
So to every young child that wants to get older,
Growing up is a trap, stay young and be bolder.

Aoibhín Donelly


Come home from school
Going to my music stool
Chords banging
Fingers landing
Echoes through the house
Quiet as a mouse
When I stop playing
My feet are swaying

Hannah Flaherty

My Father

How do you expect me to show love,
When I grew up seeing the opposite.
I don’t know what my father was like,
But I saw it when he lost it,
My memories of him are negative,
But you tell me he was a good man.
Then I saw what the world was like,
And now I fully understand.


Our Worst Memories

We spend our never-ending night,
Getting away from the worst fight,
Our worst memories get played over again,
We think about what we could’ve done,
And wait until the burning sun,
The tide of tiredness strays from,
Lying in bed and feeling numb.
I will stay awake for hours on end,
I just need some time to mend

Alex Knowles

Live and Learn

We live and learn,
Or that’s what we`re told,
We laugh and cry,
But my pain is bold,
We fall and jump,
And my pride is sold,
We smile and frown,
Both of mine are cold,
We judge and compliment,
But your image I`ll hold

Sadbdh Kelleher


Whose fault is it the hatred that’s
Being brewed and thrown around?
You’ve never met that man still your
Starting a feud.
You believe what you hear on the news
About those people.
Everyone talks about race this race that,
I wish I could erase that.
Open your eyes and face the facts.
You’re bitter because of
The lack of love you’ve been shown.
Replace the bad with good,
And a beautiful flower can be grown.

Eoin Purcell

All my Thoughts

I stare blankly at a wall
There’s no one I can call
This is where I write down
All my thoughts
Swarming me blind
Everything underlined
I scream in frustration
Crying of dehydration
This is where I quietly sleep in relaxation
Where my mind is adrift in exploration.

Albulena Aliu

This is Where

This is where I am
This is where it all goes down
This is where we learn and grow
This is where we spend our time
This is where it’s wasted



My wild thoughts burst into flames
The happy place rapidly changes into a motionless one
My mind drifts off into a black void
And my imagination slips away
Until lunch when the happiness
And wild imagination come flying back
Like a great majestic eagle in the sky
Then it’s back to the shackles
And chains of the exhausting education.

Daniel O’ Brien


I nervously ran, my feet trembling
Both teams were seen assembling
We gathered on a huddle with only
Minutes before the big game
To win for our family and friends
That was the aim
We positioned on the pitch ready to attack
And determined to win from our prop
To full peak
Memories were made on this day
And from our amazing match play



You’re told to stay in your place or else you’ll be disciplined
Getting told off by your teacher feels like a real blow to the chin
Being judged on your ability to climb a tree
Then realising this isn’t who you want to be
Breaking free from the chains is seen as attitude
Then chewed up and spit out, feeling used.

Odhran Meaney


As I stare around me
I wonder why it happened to me?
I was a good kid according to the system,
The system I didn’t even want to be in.
I sit and stare into space
Wondering how I could get out of this place.
The clock ticks on and I’m wearing thin.
I was so close to punching him,
Any excuse would do.
Just to get out and hear the cows moo.
Now I have some peace and quiet
I’m free I told myself, but I don’t even buy it.
I’m stuck in a world where nothing is changing.
But people have spoken out and the world is seeing,
That everyone isn’t the same
And that we need to change.

Alana McInerney

Golden Green Grass

Muscles torn
Ripped to pieces
Fake friendships
Broken apart
Ninety minutes
Sick imagination written out
Love and passion
Poured on golden green grass


My Life

I’m here trying to write a poem
Thinking about all that happens at home
Struggling to make my life seem sad
Unlike those hearing some stories today
Starting to think my life’s not grey
So maybe when I begin to complain
I’ll think of others who live in pain



He sat beside the red brick wall
Every so often kicking his ball
He saw 3 men
Mem emerge from a den
One had a hammer
And another had a dagger
I got up to run and flee
Just before the laid eyes on me



I used to be good at writing
But now it’s not so inviting
I sit with a blank page in front of me
Waiting for the words, then it struck me
This whole game is a lottery
It’s unfair if you ask me
I spend all night hoping it sticks
But I don’t know care much
For politics
I only need to remember for one day
Write it down and walk away
Ask me now who won the election of 1860
Beats me, that’s ancient history



The turquoise water laps against the soft
Soft sand, where people bathe
In their armbands and do handshakes,
And lie on dry land to get tanned
It is a dreamland


This Game

I love this game,
I step onto the pitch,
Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy,
The whistle is blown, but I’m not ready.

The first ball comes, I see my man
I put my head down, suddenly a big slam,
I wake up with memories from the battleground,
Can’t hear a sound,
But at least I did my country proud.

Kevin Moloney

Another Shot

Another shot, another cry
Children killed, smothering parents with grief
Humanity asks why?
But from the age of ten
We hand them control but then
Tell them that their target
Is shooting someone in the heart
Leaving them covered in red.
And this our biggest market?
Adults will say: “they are only kids having fun”
But they are hypocrites of their own sentences
For there are kids on the news
And only on the news we become
Subject to our own repentance.

Elise Pyne

Shot Fired

Shots fired
Shots fired in class
Shots fired at lunch
Shots fired on the streets
Shots fired at a father
Shots fired at a son
Shots fired at a brother
Shots fired at a friend
Shots fired
Life ended


My Old Hound

Remember when I first held you,
Never thought about your name.
Everything to you looked like a nice chew,
I had no one else to blame.
Ran around and round,
Before you hit the ground.
Goodbye for now,
My old hound

Sorocha Hennessy


This is where people of all ages bare knuckle box,
People get battered by rocks.
This is where the boys become men,
Where dinner can consist of a hen.
Where everybody’s education gets smashed.
Where pregnancy is an everyday occurrence,
Where people wander around with no health insurance.
This is the caravan yard,
Where life is awful and very hard.


Toe to Toe

I stand toe to toe with my competitor
For the love of the fame is what we do it for
Ready for the battle to commence
I can feel my muscles and make them tense
They call it war
There’s no escape or exit door
Who will come out on top
Who will be the first to drop

Patrick Maxwell

The Snowman

Today I built a snowman
As perfect it could be
I thought I would keep him as a pet
And let him sleep with me
I got him some pyjamas
And a pillow for his head
When I woke up he had ran away
But first he wet my bed.

Sarah McNamara


I go to training even when it’s raining
Every Friday night, they turn on the lights
I kick the ball on the wall
I fall over in the mud, there’re is a dull thud
The lads tell me to get up bud
The rain drones on, it cools you down
You begin to lose traction on the ground
I frown, the rain stops
The ball drops, and the flood lights go off


This is Where

This is where you get your mind free
This is where you forget all the bad
This is where you have to stand like a tree
This is sport



This is where men and women express their
Dedication for their county
Their one drives them to succeed
It teaches them loyalty
The love for club is like no other
Kind of like the love for your mother


My Lifelong Pursuit

I play for a team and that team gets my all
Since I was four fooling around with the ball
I’ve grown bigger and stronger and my skills have got better
My live for this game has never once wavered
Now is the time to out my skills to the test
In my lifelong pursuit to become the world’s best.

Gearóid Hanrahan

The Game

In the dressing room
Before the game
Happy people will remember my name
All I can do is think about the fame
Happy people will remember my name
In Croke Park with all the flames
Not lifting the cup
Oh what a shame.

Gavin D’auria


The warmth of the room
People chatting, laughing
The smell of sweat, feeling of stuffiness
What do I write?
I can’t think, it’s too hot
My mind is filled with nothing
Blankness in a very noisy room
Got to leave now

Aodhán O’Shea

Transition Year

This is where I meet up and have craic
This is where memories are made
These are the days we wish we could have back.

And next year when we are back at work
And neck deep in books
We’ll look back in jealousy of the days
We wish we could have back

James Fitz


There was a goat that lived in a boat
That goat was in a moat
It surrounded a castle
And it caused intruders hassle



My name is Jack,
Only wish the 2nd was black.
I`d be the voice is Kung Fu,
Hey… Do you eat Tofu?
I come, and I go,
Like the greatest show,
There’s a lot to know,
From playing in the snow

Jack Lyons