St Augustine’s College, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

The Rain Descends

The rain descends, splashes,
Dashed upon the cobblestones of dimly lit lanes.
Vast plethoras of amiable sheep amble,
Wander aimlessly about barren hills
Blanketing arable fields in ephemeral white.
Derelict farms and forgotten cottages crumble into dilapidation.
Abandoned to the wind that sweeps and billows
O’er proud banners draped upon our silent streets.
The emerald leaves that shrivel and crisp into a delicate, ruddy auburn gold.
The rugged, rusting vessels that venture boldly
Across the wild and untamed waves.
The chorus of cawing puffins that echo
And reverberate upon the lofty heights of the citadels of rock,
Ominously shadowing the roaring, raucous seas of churning, foaming water.
These are our orchestras, our choirs and our symphonies.
This is the chorus of our being.

Matthew Hamer


When every move you make is scrutinised
I try to look away and fantasise
I look at my life, a picture-less smudge
While politicians made it out to be sweet delicious fudge
We are all expected to have an opinion
But most of us don’t
We not what we should say
But most of us won’t
What is cool is all that matters in society
We are all beaten down, battered by gravity
These words let me out from my trembling lips
So when escape is in my grasp, I won’t let it slip

Adam Taylor

We Live

We live in a world obsessed with walls,
Between the public school halls
And a ginger who refuses he’s bald
We build them too.
To hide from the world, the real version of you.
To me, confidence is key to break down these walls
And be the change that we want to see.

This world is a place where only a few get to be
The dominators of you and of me.
And the world is falling constantly down,
On the likes of you and the likes of me.
But this we can change and put in reverse,
To fall down on the world before it falls on us.

Aeva May Conway