Featured Student Poet: Charlotte-Jane Mooney, Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green,

Fit in with the Crowd

I became a different person
To fit in with the crowd
But now I’ve come to realise
Of myself I should be proud

I didn’t want to stand out
To draw attention to myself
I wanted to be “normal”
I put my feelings on a shelf

But normal isn’t real
It’s a made up fantasy
If my “friends” are “normal”
Myself I’d rather be

I’m sick of hiding who I am
It’s time for all to see
The girl I am inside my head
Not the one they ask of me

House of Cards

We lean on each other
Like a house of cards
A broken mirror
With stuck on shards

We stand on a tightrope
One step from a fall
A slight gust of wind
And we’d lose it all

The concrete it crumbles
The earth falls away
We’re not meant for each other
But I beg you to stay

I doubt that it’s healthy
This bond that we share
But without your lifeblood
My heart wouldn’t fare


Do not judge me by my scars
They tell my strength and fear
They are the story of my youth
A story I hold dear

Do not judge me by my scars
They show how strong I am
They show how I did not give up
How sadness turned to calm

Do not judge me by my scars
You know not why they’re there
You have no right to judge me so
Your judgment isn’t fair

Do not judge me by my scars
Although my arms they lace
They symbolise how far I’ve come
And the hurt I once did face


Words drip like honey
From the vipers mouth
She twists all my words
And shrouds me in doubt

She makes me feel tiny
Then crushes my soul
She’s sending me spiralling
Into a black hole

I’m all alone
With nowhere to turn
The unshed tears
Make my eyes burn

Yellow House Girl

The girl in the yellow house
Who’s friend I used to be
We’d laugh and talk for hours
Her face I longed to see

I moved away when we were young
But whenever I came back
We’d pick back up were we left off
Conversation we’d never lack

We never really played with dolls
Or happy family
We much preferred to save toys lives
Doctor Eve and me

But alas the day it came to fast
When she and I would part
The carefree girls we used to be
Just memories in my heart

We move in different circles now
And hardly ever talk
Although she lives quite near to me
Less than a two minute walk

I realise now we all grow up
And childhood friends we loose
But I hope that we might meet again
Down the paths we choose

Global Warming

The earth I stand on feels so still
And yet it’s turning slow
There’s so much still about this place
That we just do not know

With fish that fly and bird that swim
And all that’s in between
How can we let them all die out
Like curtains end a scene

You talk of global warming
Yet you sit upon a chair
With all the species dying out
And dirt that fills the air

I am only young I know
A mere sixteen years old
But even I can see the truth
You ignore the facts your told

You talk of public transport
And yet you still drive cars
Put money into saving earth
Instead of trips to mars

I know you’ll just ignore me
That’s what you’ve always done
You’ll tell me just to shut my mouth
Go play and have some fun

I know I won’t get through to you
Because the scientists can’t
But you’re ignoring dangers
Of a nuclear power plant

So goodbye to the nature
The beauty all around
All you politicians
Are killing our surround

How will I explain it
The way you ruined our world
I guess I’ll tell my children
You were told but never heard

Nearly Half 11

It’s nearly half eleven
My folks have gone to bed
And yet there’s still so many things
Swirling round my head

What on Earth am I writing
Believe me I don’t know
My pen just keeps on moving
Though I didn’t tell it so

What on Earth to write about
I don’t know what to choose
Should I write about myself again
Or maybe global news

Don’t mind me I’m just babbling
My minds on overdrive
In the words of baby Aggie
Brain of mine behave


The clock on the wall
It ticks oh so slow
The massive space heaters
Turned down on a low

The rattle of pages
From books all around
The teachers are watching
Shhhhhhh not a sound

The gum under tables
And throw underfoot
And somebody yelling
Oh damn paper cut

The sound of pens clicking
It goes through my brain
Someone starts hissing
Here we go again

Someone then coughing
We all turn around
Their ears start to burn
As they look at the ground

The sharp voice of sir
Rings out through the din
“Turn back around
Or I’ll keep you all in”

Thursday night study
Oh what a bore
I’d better go study
Since that’s what it’s for

I’ll talk to you later
My pencil and pad
I mean it’s only study
It can’t be THAT bad

The End

I thought it was over
Thought that was the end
Time on the clock
Goodbye to a friend

Nine painful minutes
Tears, snots and fears
Time on the clock
As his life disappears

Texts go to others
Trying to get through
Time on the clock
What do you do

Finally it’s opened
Relief floods your soul
Time on the clock
That time took its toll

It was so stressful
I lost all control
Time on the clock
He’s half of my whole

I prayed like a mad man
I begged and I plead
Time on the clock
That he wouldn’t leave me


This is where I hide away to get away from life
The pain the tears my crushing fears
And all the pointless strife
This is where I smell the hay, the hair, the feed, the sweat
The fresh cut grass, the silage sweet
This place I can’t forget
This is where my smile is real, my tears are ones of joy
I do not care what others think
I’m more than just a toy
This is where my best friends live, the ones who always care
The friends who carry all my secrets
And always will be there
This is where the world fades out and I’m not afraid to fly
The place that though I do fall down
I get back up and try