Rice College, Lifford, Ennis, Co. Clare


Strong voices in my head,
But still, carefully I tread, along my path.
Do I turn left do I turn right?
Does it even matter?
Has it been carved deep into the bones?
One complex structure, unchangeable.

Small voices in my head,
Decisions weigh like crashing waves.
Each day a new tide,
Tearing up aspirations, tearing up the path.
Can it be saved? Can it be changed?
As the pressure of time weighs on the mind,
Venture from the path,
Do not think about the aftermath.

Siobhán McMahon


We all need connections to survive,
To lead a happy life, to excel and strive,
Someone to lean on when times are tough,
To pour out our heart to, in need of some love.
For someone to see the beauty in us,
A touch of kindness, a friend you trust.
When the idea of a mirror brings you to tears,
We all need a friend to hug away our fears.
Yes, human connections is what on what we rely,
To be free, to cry, live, laugh and fly.

Megan Keane


You preach and preach about problems and insecurities,
And you ramble on about my own immaturities.
You disregard my emotions and feelings,
With each word you become more revealing.
Your intent is clear and painful to see
Your self-obsession comes out blatantly.
I wish that I could this regard this,
And remain in ignorance and bliss.
But this, I must be stronger.
I cannot ignore this any longer.



Beauty is pain
There is nothing to gain
The way that we dress
Just makes us distressed

Beauty is not the way that you look
It cannot be gained from the use of a book
Beauty is about the way that you feel
It is about being you and about being real


Battered, Bruised and Broken Up

Battered, bruised and broken up,
It has taken time to build back up.
Years and years of constant pain,
All I want to do is play the game.
From weekday training to weekend matches,
Missing all those challenging catches.
Trying now, I’m moving on,
Waiting for that day, to run back on.

Luke Kelly


I’m committed, not addicted
Situation’s left me afflicted
All alone, on the phone
Watching the time that’s just flown

I’m afraid to go and see
See what the future is for me
Uncertain future, uncertain life
Is what awaits my family

Falling backwards, falling apart
I’m losing but my heart
Crap being said, crap being passed
How long’s this gonna last

I’m committed, not addicted
My futures left me afflicted
Not alone, I’m with others
Others understanding each other

Mark Coughlan

No End in Sight

They say school is the best time of your life,
And for most that may be right,
But seldom have few gone without strife,
And some see no end in sight.

For some school is a second home,
For others just a place they roam,
But for those who teachers and students as a fight,
They can see no end in sight

From A+ students to NG flunks,
The page always starts white,
Could have a perfect life or live with drunks,
They all may see no end in sight.

So people’s lives are yet to blossom,
And some are shining bright,
But everybody has their problems,
But there is always an end in sight.

Seán Hehir


Do you expect things to change if you just sit and hide
I know things are difficult, and I know that you’ve cried
I’m not trying to annoy you and I’m not trying to taunt
But we are losing touch and that’s not I want.

Your life seems hopeless when people look at a glance
But I know you can bounce back if you give life a chance
I’m only trying to help you, not to condescend
Because the last thing that I want is for our friendship to end

Ryan Killowry

I Wish it was Different

People say intelligence is based on test results but this is wrong,
Yes, it looks good on the card, and people will say you’re smart,
But yet these people could be the ones who laugh at a loud fart,
But we don’t think that’s smart, that’s stupid.
So should we really say we’re smart just because of a letter in the alphabet?
That letter could get you a dream job, and all the money in the world,
And all the attention you ever need, but that letter won’t solve you problems.
They say this country has a good education system because of our workforce,
But does getting an A in maths make you a good worker?
Like I said, it looks good on the card, but doesn’t define who you are.
Our system fails us.
How your whole life is based on a memory test,
Instead of telling people who how they can be their best.
Go out and achieve something worthwhile, instead of rotting inside a classroom,
Learning ways on how to bring back the boom.
Giving hours of homework seems to be the way forward,
But honestly I think that brings us backward.
As the say more is less, but,
These fools running a classroom, only want to impress, but only depress,
With the pressure young people face, is damaging their health, and leads to more problems.
Less is more, but then again don’t they say your health is your wealth.
All it takes is one event for people to start caring,
Everyone “finally a blessing”, until time passes,
And everyone’s back stressing.
I wish it was different, but I don’t think it will change,
Politicians earning a healthy wage.
I wish it was different, but I don’t think it will be different, but there will always be suffering.
I wish it was different, but this pressure that we’re under, between this that and the other.
The youth, the next generation, a generation of suffering that we will become.
I wish it was different.

Conor McMahon

My Life Changed

I always felt left at the back of the class
Not included in any of the laughs
But in PE I was far from last
Being faster, stronger and quicker to think
But after that class I was on the brink
Left to shame laughed at cause I missed
But yet they had missed more than me
And that made me pissed

I was picked last for every activity
Never being able to prove my worth
Always left to the dirt ever since my school days birth

I trained outside of school
And becoming ripped I thought I’d be cool
But it never came the way I thought
Because I was used for the wrath of their onslaught

I ended up in fights day after day.
In fights the probability couldn’t be sway
One verses eight, I was left on the path
My state was horrific in the aftermath
Bleeding, crying unable to stand
Only one punch id been able to land
My back had been bent over the wall
My right eye unable to see at all

An injury left me in a wheelchair
I thought maybe a bit of slack would be there
But all I got was more abuse
So my anger boiled over, and I let it loose
I roared at the lot but I was to blame
The teachers scalded me even though I was in pain

For those too years
I’d been under my peers
No birthday celebrations with friends
And nobody tried to make amends

The day before third year starts
A call gave me hope in my heart

A move of school changed it all
But one in particular made me fall
One which stood out from the rest
Someone so gentle that a bird could rest
Never judging me by who I was then
But who I was now, not how or when

My story changed over night
And since then I’ve not been in a fight
No bullies to knock me down
Just people to turn my frown upside down

Sabian Kulczynski

My Friend

I can’t believe you’re gone
We never had that final laugh
It was something i failed to act on
When you left i was shook
But it was your own life you took
I didn’t know what was going on inside that head
I didn’t know there was anything going on
That final goodbye made me stop dead
But it was good to see you again my friend

Fionn O Brien


Our world is crap and that’s a fact,
We need to find something to add,
Like a good person or a good solution,
To life’s issues such as global warming,
Or maybe if we just stopped shooting each other,
Or trying to get with each other’s mothers,
We need something that will make us happy,
Not something that’s downright crappy.

Jack Phillips


The thought of your soothing voice and your sound advice
It was short but precise
But for me it was nice
For me to get that everlasting scent of your home baking
For me your food was ground breaking
But to you it was just regular home making

Your soft clear skin and the precise dimples above your chin
Were to me always a work of beauty
I adored it all as my duty
To forever love you
And your magnificent outfits that fit like a glove
Because I adored you more than a rock dove

Your golden curls were like a ray of sunshine that lit up a room
That was full of gloom
As these luscious curls blew freely in the wind
Your looks sent my world into a tailspin

I would spend all my days listening to your wondrous laugh
Days went by like time and a half.

Elaina Byrne


I’m reminded of feelings I’ve hidden
Feelings I’ve felt should not be shared
Feelings that others want me to share
I’ve hidden them so I won’t upset others
Feelings that would upset myself

Conor O’Rourke


I hate this school
It is not cool
To start I am not smart
I work with my hands
No one understands

I am no jerk
I like to work
I am no slob
I have a job

You may not know
I like to row
Out on the sea
Where I’m meant to be
I love the fresh air
Blowing through my hair


Competition Day

It’s competition day,
And I make my way,
Through the crowds to the dressing room,
My smile disguising my innate gloom,
Today’s the day
I seal my fate
All that remains
Is to wait,
And pray.

Méibh Dorgan

Keep Pouring

You had a poisonous look in your eye,
Waiting for the big collapse.
Waiting for your great perhaps,
Keep pouring. Why?

Teenage skin, what we see,
Burnt lungs, flames dancing.
What we breathe,
Inner-beauty, handsome,
Keep pouring.

Niamh Culligan


It was a curve
A curve no more
As I opened the door
And let out a little roar

Up in Cappagh hospital
Every morning I’d hear the kettle
A cup of tea in hand
As my mother and father fanned

A week I spent
Unable to walk
Unable to sit
Just lie there and throw a fit

Two months off school
Oh what a tool
It must have been cruel
To drool on the stool

A visit each day
Me feeling very grey
Sick of the way
I had to stay astray

I went in broken
And came out fixed
Thanks to my surgeon
I am not mixed



School is for some
Others it’s not so much fun
You do subjects you hate
One or two might be great

Follow your ambition
No matter what the tuition
School is for some
Other’s it not so much fun

Joe Murphy

Love Between Two People

Love between two people isn’t black and white
Love between two people is more like fight and fight
Love between two people is tears and a mini heart attack
Love between two people isn’t wedding bells and new born clothes
Love between two people isn’t when everyone everywhere knows
“Oh Mary and John love each other they’ll be together for years I suppose
But how do you know you love them or is this love real?
It’s when they’re not by your side in the middle of the night,
Yet they’re all that you can feel.
That to me is love but then again what do i know?
I’m young too immature to feel love
I’m dumb too stupid to know when I’ve missed out on love
Yet the people telling me this are the people that have never loved.
Only time and heartbreak can tell, the way I really will feel

Rachel O’ Rourke


Life is never easy no matter what
There is always something that is going to hurt
Be it the loss of a loved one
Or maybe our life is just tough
But some don’t understand this and thinks it clear-cut:
Your either happy or sad they think there is no between
But people need to realize we aren’t machines
We don’t just turn off feelings at the flick of a switch
And the sooner we see that
The happier we will all be

Chloe Neylon

My Life

From the very first days of school
All they did was laugh, ridicule.
She never understood why they did it
And it hurt more than she liked to admit.

The relentless teasing continued ’til Sixth Class
When the class responsible moved on at last.
One year of peace,then on to secondary school,
Where she stayed silent, not wanting to look like a fool.

Then at last, her Junior Cert year,
She felt she fitted in, that people wanted her near.
Onwards so, to JC results night,
Got good grades and the guy, the world seemed bright.

So now, as TY comes towards its end,
This poem has finally been penned.
Although the story is far from over,
She’s really happy with her life’s turnover.



Filling your chest full of smoke
Thought after dad you’d think its a joke
But mom you still take a toke
Like a child and a sip of coke
Wish I could tell you but
It’s not that easy,
I’m not trying to sound cheesy
I just wish you had then empathy to see
It’s not,
You do stay true to your promises
The house that we’re in should be as big as a continent
You deserve all of the compliments
You deserve all the acknowledgements.


This is Where

This is where I had given my all
This is where I had fought for the last ball
This is where I was left broken
This is where I asked myself where did it all go wrong
This is where I saw what i so badly wanted taken away from me
This is where I had my dreams once granted to being smashed
This is where the only good thing that happened was the warm embrace of my father
This is where I had lost my 16A hurling medal

Cillian Casey


School to me is a waste of time,
Some people finish school and don’t make a dime,
It’s like prison but i haven’t done a crime,
Oh why oh why is school a thing?
If I had a choice I wouldn’t come in,
School is trash just like a bin and annoys me like an annoying twin,
Oh how happy I would be if school wasn’t a thing.

Stephen Yeboah

I Dream

As we come ever so closer to our Leaving Cert year,
Our parents only want us to do stuff that they want to hear.
They don’t want to know about our trouble or pain,
‘Go to your room and study’ it’s always the same,
But I always seem to go and stare at the wall.
The dreams that our parents had for us come crashing down ever so small,
But as an adult I dream of a life with money and fame,
I now fully believe that I only had myself to blame.

Oisin Brennan

Lights Camera Action

Another day another hour
Another smile another frown
Day after day
Tick after tock
Tear after tear
All lights on you

James McNamara

Give it a Blast

We’re overwhelmed by our thoughts, our feelings,
Our body but everyone sees us as a person who’s just acting funny.
Everyone has gone through what you’re going through now,
But they pretend that you are just different and ignore your vow.
You’re feelings have a knock on effect which leads to depression and anti-depressants,
You first fall in love with someone you don’t know,
Then you get confident and ask them out,
You get shut down and your heart falls apart,
Your heart remains this way for a couple of weeks,
Before someone else walks in and gives you the freaks,
So don’t feel bad and live in the past,
But instead look to the future and give it a blast.

Aaron Forde

This is the One

Getting on that pitch with that butterfly stitch
Wondering which person your gonna hit
Playing right back is the only place you can go
Looking at the stands looking for your mum
Everything going through your head thinking
‘I have to play good, this is the one’
That final whistle goes and you know you’ve screwed up
All you want to do is go to bed and think about it no more.

Dylan Coughlan Sheridan

The Gym

I have to go to the gym
Push me to the brim
So I feel good about myself
Put my insecurities on the shelf
I love to play video games
Must improve my aim
Sit there until I feel like I have depression
Always makes me forget about my progression
Must go gym more must work out
Won’t talk to my friends for days on end no doubt

Kenneth Higgins


I get up, I grow up,
I learn so I can get a job,
I feel my life is getting robbed,
It’s like my life’s getting clogged,
With all this useless crap,
They say we’ll need,
So when we start read,
Should we stop, indeed.



Welcome to the apocalypse. Welcome to school.
To animated corpses ambling the corridors and regimental ways.
From Sir to Miss to yes and of course,
To bells and yells and discoveries of a source.
This is the world in which we grow up in,
One with toxic wastelands of you are failing and you will get nowhere.
One where order must never be broken and fun is a word from the Middle East.
One where those who are meant to help us, make us want to give up,
To feel like this is it.
We will not succeed, that the world will be over
And we will be in the apocalypse.

Samuel Marks

Walk Around

I hate the lads with a bounce
Probably walking to an ounce
Walk around like they own the town
They do like to make you look down
They think they are dictators
But they are just haters



I come from a place where your grades
Determine how smart you are or your ability to achieve
Where everyone is judged by how they look or how they act
Where people don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration
I come from a place where people are constantly being put down
Where people walk around as if they own the town
And make you look down because you are scared of what they just might say or do

Eniola Ladigbolu


I miss you voice
I miss your smile,
Everyday I rejoice
To make the right choice,
I feel empty without your smile,
Everyday I’m told it will take a while
But I know it isn’t worthwhile

I know I can’t dial
Or look at your smile
But I know you are there
Breathing the same air

I miss your hair
I miss your name
I miss your face
But I know there is a trace

Grandad you were one of a kind
Who had some mind
That made me feel like I was twined
To your mind

I cry most nights
Have those good
And have those bad days
But never will I ever forget you

I know you are at peace now
Free of all pain
All cancer
And all strain

But I know you belong to god now
But remember grandad

I will never forget you
Or your smile
But you belong to heaven now
But I know how empty
Heaven would be without that smile

Zara Fitzpatrick


I’ve dug two graves for us my dear
Can’t pretend that I was perfect leaving you in fear
Oh what a world the things I hear

If I could act on my revenge, then oh, would I
Never got this can’t understand why
I’ll never ever say goodbye

Jamie Fitzpatrick

Not the Answer

My mind was turning
Once I saw his cigarrete burning
His wife had cancer
Smoking around her wasn’t a good answer
It filled her with anger
But his love filled her with devotion

Cian Mcnulty


Felling sad
Fill a bag
Buy your worth
In things that hurt
Stack your shelves
When you overwhelm
You’ll be happy
When you buy new nappy
One day you’ll rot
And you’ll see the cost