1st Years from Coláiste Pobail Osraí, 6-7 Ormonde Rd, Gardens, Co. Kilkenny


We are judged by our age and not who we are
We count all blessings, we hide every scar
We work on regardless like mindless drones
Endless labour that breaks our hearts and our bones
We get overworked and underestimated
We are trod on and spat at, exploited and hated
We disappear in piles of irrelevant books
We are judged for our wealth, what we own
And our looks

Danny Heddon

Our Penance

These hills look like waves in the sea
Like the luscious fruit of a poisonous tree

I waste away playing video games all night and day
Killing viscous beasts by the virtual bay

The skies are now empty of beasts and of birds
Books are all full of spellbinding words

School feels like an endless prison sentence
The rain falls hard as stones this must be our penance

Zak Ó Cinnéide

Death Drowning Spiders

Death drowning spiders
There’s someone in my house
I didn’t know they were stalkers
People look at me sleep
The jagged sleep walkers
People fallow me like whispers
Drug dealers and junkies
Shadows of people
Haunting our country
Shadows of the night
Creeping around
While all the children sleep
So safe and so sound
I hear there whispers
I can hear them all talking
Is it just me or are they all stalking

Ella Hennesy


I dread to go, a condition I never signed,
I’m unaware of what could be lurking behind.
I figure out my standards aren’t high enough,
Everything’s a blur, my memories are fluff.
I see something at the corner of my bloodshot eye,
I have no way to tell if I’m about to die.
I cannot handle losing or things being unclear,
The shadow that stalks me is the shadow of fear.

Iseult Greene

Crackpot Dictators

I’ll spend the rest of my sad little life
Waiting to crawl out the other end of the pipe
No one can escape from because there is no doors
Neighbours fight each other in civil wars
Everything is everywhere and nothing is nowhere
I kneel and mumble a silent prayer
All of the bad things come from
Crackpot dictators that are stupid and dumb
The blood stains the crumbling walls
An old man stumbles then trips and falls

Oisin Conroy

My Life of Perseverance

I spend too much money on Friday’s after school
Breaking the bank like I’m breaking the rules
I get my technological inspiration
From leaving the load of perspiration
I engineer my next big thing the one that’ll either fail or hurt
It’ll end in the stars or maybe the dirt
I get over worked and underestimated to what I’m able to do
I cannot see the difference between what is false and untrue
I dominate the mat roll with the biggest and best
I burn up the distance between and dominate the rest

Liam Conalty

The Lampposts Shine

The lampposts shine
Kids, running, screaming
Broken hearted angels dreaming
I stay to slay the cruel sun beams
But I don’t care for silver streams
The couch is soft, we watch the telly
I talk to much I fill my belly
I rest in restless dreams all night
And wake in shadow when it’s bright

Cormac Ó Cinnéide de Paor

Captain of my Dreams

Cracked memories were made here
The almost good and the not so bad
The ones of foggy joy and forced laughter
Misery and things that drive you mad
The places from your youth when you were happy
Those touch stones from your life
That fill you with boundless joy
A place far away from my strife
I spend the long hours of the winding day
I go there to my dreamscape where I can stay
I could drive or fly, hover or walk
It doesn’t matter either way
This is the best place in the world
The scenery, framed by my imagination
Where I am the hero
Without limitation
This is my console
Where the impossible is possible
And I am the captain of my dreams

Jake Mac Giolla Eóin

Into Dust

Her miserable boring life comes to a wonderful dramatic end
She searches in shadow to find a new friend
I hide from my annoying bugging parents
And think far too hard about my appearance
Where I say how it is and never hold it back
The future looks dark, because the past is so black
I get my luscious pop tarts that burn my tongue
I am told to grow up but I want to stay young
All my negativity goes running to hide
I look happy to you but I’m crying inside
I am dying of boredom, the cold and disgust
I fading before your eyes into dust

Ríona Crowley

Stare at the Clouds

Everybody hates the monotonous subjects, the pointless homework.
My hands starts aching, my brain starts to hurt,
I am bored to death out of my miserable mind.
The future I work for, I’ll one day leave behind.
They tell me I’m lazy for messing around.
I stare at the clouds while my heart drops to the ground.

Tom Green

Light your Hope

When things don’t go your way
It seems as though life a sick kind of game.
Failure is a bad result and effort is to blame.
Your dreams will be crushed like trash in a compactor.
Life is just a horror movie, you’re an underpaid actor.
Put out the flame that lights your hope
Or you will suffer just like the rest.
Sadness is your study and depression the test.


Clear my Mind

I go to clear my head and challenge myself,
It’s good for my wellness and good for my health.
Where my nightmares appear amongst shadows unwound,
I go to escape the demons that haunt the real world.
I feel the need to make new and weird flavours,
Although they’re never quite good enough to savour.
I vanish in a thin air of cigarette smoke.
And no longer want to feel so broke or seem like a joke.
I feel so bored and out of place.
I’m forever running up the staircase,
I’m never getting to the top.
My life as I know it has come to a full stop.

Bo Connery Butler


My small house in the countryside where it belongs
The boring school music classes singing songs
The young innocent boy horrifically died in a car crash
The little girl’s golden necklace went suddenly missing with a dash
I broke my arm last month in the woods
Thinking about all the cobwebs of all our childhoods.

Daria Farrell

My Life

I go to secondary school.
It is the opposite of cool
My imagination comes to life
But I still might
Die in a hole
Like a stress-filled mole
I eat glorious food
When I’m in the mood
I kill my archenemies
When they annoy me

Daniel Butler

I Live

I live in a cool mad place
With an army base
It smells like petrol
And egg rolls
The murder jazz is blasting
Lasting out
The burning sun is shrinking
There’s a track to drive a car
Midnight quick
Without a dream a
I’ll freeze and stick

Patrick Holden

Another Earth

An alien kidnaps me
And takes me to another earth
I sit quietly and think about my birth
I start talking
Then start walking
Jake shows me his work
I try to find a perk
I back away slowly
Then I see the word holy
He smiles an evil grin
Then I shove his stuff in the bin

Ewan Gilsenan


I vanish in daydreams
And sleep all through class
I’m strong as an oak and as fragile as glass
I keep my useless boring books
Stored in dusty old crannies and hooks
I’m bossed around
I feel thrown on the ground
I am alone
And I’m scared of the unknown



The iron fist landed, clenching a strange crystal boulder.
And it lay there through deep October

They brought the crystal. And where they started mutating
It seemed to be caused by emotion ‘cause they were debating

The mutants escaped and spread the disease
Infected by breathing it in or a scrape on the knees

The disease spread to other countries and turned from thousands to millions
Those nightmarish monsters were once civilians

They tried to nuke the monsters and ended up causing a devastating nuclear fallout
No water, no food, no Wi-Fi, a blackout.

Jack Flynn


I suffer in excruciating pain and disorienting agony,
As I begin fainting I feel my mind slipping away into darkness,
I spent my whole life wondering about the end,
But now I know that the victory we search for is death,
So now as I lay here in an ocean of contradiction and war,
I realise that life is just one big shutting door.

Tytus Traherne-Jankiewicz

Red Sun

As the red sun sleep and the grey moon awakens
We pray to god we don’t have a break in
While people on the cold streets go hungry
We walk past them and ignore them bluntly
The old bones of our ancestors are buried
Some died too young to ever be married
An excited child sleeping waiting for the morning
The red sun wakes to the new day dawning

Saoirse Curran


I can never focus on anything that matters
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just want to chatter

I lose my sanity bit by bit
So much to do, no time to do it, I’ll admit

I sometimes wonder why I even try
I want to do it, but my mind just wants to fly

You learn things that might never matter
It doesn’t help me, it just makes my concentration shatter

You make friends you will never forget
I hate school, but that’s the one thing I will never regret