Glenstal Abbey School, Murroe, Co. Limerick

The Darkness Strikes

My cracked skull explodes with mechanical thoughts

Formless music conjures the beast in me.
It strikes and makes its mark but fades when the music stops

The slagging cuts sharp as razor blades
It strikes dark and deep into your soul

Plastic men are made from the fragile future
And old men are made from the lonely past

Dark dreams come to harvest here in the shadows.
We are born in the deep and drown in the shallows

William Lacy


This is where the pressure pushes me down like I’m nothing
This is where the fear makes me run faster than light
This is where school is the only important thing in life
This is where everyone wants you to be the best
This is where you can tell friend all you want to tell
This is where you can be the best you are

Benedikt Wintzheimer

My Dream

My dream is to be sitting on countryside porch,
Nothing but my old age, a cigar and a dimly lit torch,
Looking back at the past with a crusty lipped smile,
That I did what I hoped and I did it with style,
Soon i’ll return to my family of course,
When I’m done looking back on this countryside porch.

Cormac Fallon

This is Where

This is where…
I can think whatever I want
I can find my whole knowledge
I feel good
I feel always home
I can imagine everything
I have not an enemy
I am free
I am the creator

Nico Hesener

Los Niños

A los niños las palabras les dan igual,
No les afectan,
Vimos en un mundo animal,
Solo el más fuerte o guapo ganará.
Los niños son crueles,
De lo que séa se reirán,
Pero si eres “de los que molan” te alabarán.
Pero ellos son los más tontos,
Viven esclavizados de la opinión,
De lo que piensen los demás.