Grennan College, Lady’s Well St, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

Have you Ever?

Have you ever tried to?
Have you ever tried to show people your feelings on a sheet of paper?
Have you ever tried to draw only with you deepest emotions?
Have you ever tried to let fly away all you thoughts about your friends and also your haters?
Have you ever tried to let all this feelings float into a deep ocean?
Have you ever tried to get this ocean on a canvas?
Have you ever tried to give your emotions colours?
Have you ever tried to show people your inner blackness?
Have you ever tried to show all this to others?
I have.

Jasmin Scholz


This is where my thoughts are kept,
Some are deep they have some depth.
This is where I see the world in an imaginative creative pearl.
Some are dark, some are twisted but some are peaceful and A listed.
Ruthless, dark and somewhat cruel,
We all know that this is true, that these thoughts generate from school.

Kirsty Grace

We Are One

It was great at the start, we were helplessly in love,
Sure we had our fights, but we just rose above.

Then we spoke less and less, our fights simply unbearable,
It soon became apparent that our love was unrepairable.

I mustered up the courage, to say the words ‘ It’s over ‘,
I’m finally feeling strong enough to regain my composure.

Don’t take his excuses, he’ll only string you along,
I know that it hurts but you need to be strong.

So get up, move on, and show him you’re done,

Girls, when we come together, we all stand as one.

Ciara-Mae Somers


Por esos días que sientes que no vale la pena levantarse
Por esos días que sientes que el mundo se derrumba
Por esos días que quieres aislarte de la humanidad
Por esos días que no te sientes querido
Por todos esos días siempre habrá uno mejor
No te des por vencido
Abra el dia que tu oscuridad encontrará la luz


Get Out of my Head

Get out of my head I do what I know is best for you.
Get out of my head I listened to everything she said to me
Get out of my head before I show you how much I love you.
Get out of my head before I finish writing this poem.

But a poem is never finished, it just stops moving.

Colm Mooney

No Longer be Silent

I will no longer be silent
Or be told what to do
My words should inspire
Many others and you
We haven’t been rude
Disrespectful or mean
But we are still being told
‘Shut up, go clean!’
Women are strong,
Independent and beautiful.
So don’t you dare say we are weak.

Orla Walsh

Anything I Want

I can be anything I want
And not be scared by the demons that haunt
I lie in bed awake
These thoughts just make my body shake
My head is turning
My world is burning
I go for long walks to set me free
And let my emotions take over me
I feel like my world is about to end
But at least I know I’m on the mend

Caoimhe Brennan, Keely Maher, and Nicole Malone

Never in Sync

Before eighteen and drinking,
Making stupid decisions not even thinking,
Filling up glasses only taking time for clinking,
Getting so drunk bouncers carry you out, linking.

But even though you were in such a state,
You’re seen as a hero by all of your mates,
They all really think that you’re great,
But your drunk self is someone you’ve grown to hate.

See the thing is you don’t even like to drink,
You still don’t tell anyone because of what they will think,
It’s almost like being in a circus rink,
Always drunk, never in sync.

Sam Gleeson


Eleven years it has been
Since I began school not so keen
Tears ran down as I bid goodbye
Little did I know the time would fly.

At four years old I ran through the door
Eager to learn more and more.
Laughing and playing in the school yard
Back then, the work not too hard.

Colouring pictures, learning my ‘ABC’s
Everything as easy as 1, 2, 3
Flash forward 10 years, not quite the same
Getting CAO points is the only aim.

Exams and deadlines weighing you down
People mope through the halls wearing a frown.
Books upon books waiting to be learned
Achieving good grades is the main concern.

With all this going on, there’s still fun to be had
The memories you make weighing out the bad.
The experiences we’ve gained won’t be forgotten
In the end, turns out the teachers aren’t all rotten.

Ciara O’ Neill

In a Crowded Classroom

In a crowded classroom
I feel like I’m alone
Everyone jeering and filled with joy
While I am filled with mixed thoughts
Feeling like I don’t exist
But when someone wants something
I am the first they ask
As I’m an easy target
They don’t know about my past

Laura Duggan

I Miss Him

Every night I hide to think about my favourite thing.
And even though I know he’s far away,
Sometimes I can hear him sing,
Only in my mind.
I try not to remind myself that he is gone.
And that’s when I turn my music on,
Hoping there will be some happier thoughts I’ll find.
But that’s when it becomes worse.
I can hear the sound of the rain and I know.
The sky is crying with me because it knows I miss him so…
In tears I pray that he’s in a better place.
While holding a picture and looking at his happy face.

Mateja Baric

In the Morning

I wake up in the morning
My alarm is the final warning
I walk to school passing the trees
Feeling a gush of the winter breeze
All the hard painful work begins
I can feel the nerves from my head to my shins
All I wish is to be back in bed
As going to school is my biggest dread

Chloe Walsh Vaughan


I go to sleep each night
I sometimes lie awake with fright
I spend some time thinking
I have my best dreams
I’m full of happiness and joy
I have nightmares that make me want to die
I think of my life with all its stress
I feel like everything is one big mess
I struggle to get up each day
I think about all my friends and family
And realise everything will be okay!

Roisin O’Keeffe

A Town

I come from a town that is very simple on paper
But have stories that could fill us with every emotion in the book
The look of the town is not all it seems
The winding river and pavement streets
The takeaways where people eat
And a fleet of guys who carelessly roam the streets
The look of the town isn’t all that it seems
With legal and illegal substances stealing peoples dreams
Where people take pity on those who don’t succeed
And expect more from the people
Who haven’t been lured under the influence of weed
Relationships, friendships, they all help us through
Avoiding all negatives that our towns lives through
This town we live in isn’t all that it seems
But it will help us grow and to help us achieve our dreams.

Gordon Whelan


On the day you left
All the memories we had
My heart turned to cement
Not only was I sad, I was mad

Why did you do this?
Until we meet again
I love you sis
And end this pain

Tara O’Neill

The World

My eyes look out
I see the world and all its doubt
And when the world is full of pain
I try to fix it, before I become insane.

Looking for my place to be
Is like looking for a lost boat at sea
Helping people in this world
Is like saying a speech that will not be heard.

My eyes look out
I see the world and all its doubt
Helping people full of pain
Is helping people become strong again.


My Life

I’m writing a poem about my life, when I’m older will I have a house and a wife,
Where will I be in 20 years? will I have kids will I have a career?
Will I still be living at my house like a spoiled teen, or off somewhere else like the Caribbean,
I don’t know what is going to happen to me, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Tom Holden

He Lied

He told you he loved you, and that he cared,
But nothing could ever make you prepared for what he done next,
He wasn’t just yours, he preferred to be shared,
He was only there for the love and the rest.

When he got bored, he broke her heart,
He thought he could come running back, but that’s not part of the rules,
He only done it to get a kickstart, he never intended to break her heart,
He rose his body count, but he proved that lads are just a bunch of tools.

Hazel Devitor and Kaelah Begley

The Night my Junior Cert Finished

We stepped out of the exam with clear heads
We did not know the night would end in shreds
My friends and I we were on a high
We did not know someone would end up with a black eye
We all had to set up the tent
Jack helped he was a real gent
I had a big crate
Which I shared with my mate

We all got a fright
When all of a sudden there was a fight
People were screaming
Tears were streaming
A punch was thrown
And with that she went home
I was still shocked
It had the night rocked

A phone call the next day
She had a lot to say
We did not know what was gonna happen next
All I knew was that I was vexed.

Eva Hynes

This Place

I am from a village called Inistioge
Trust me its fun
Where hearts are broken and tales a spun
I go into the forests
Where I would play
And most of the time I’d be gone all day
The sun is always shining the sky is never grey
I meet with my friends as we discover new places
The weird stuff we find it changes of faces
The things we find it makes us think
Anything from a dead body to a kitchen sink
This place I grew up doesn’t seem so great
In fact it’s a place I began to hate
It has many secrets that may never be told
Like who would leave a body out in the cold.
This place is evil
So I have learned it is a place
I will never return

Cathal O’Neill


Soccer is the greatest sport
That we play when we have a free court
Endless slide tackles, nutmegs and shots
And if we get a chance we stick it in the spot.

We dribble in between the players
While the spectators watch wrapped up in layers
Then the bell rings for class
And there’s disappointment as the final whistle blasts

Cian and Jebin

The Best Years of our Lives

We can do what we want
I live my life as best as I can
I lay awake at night thinking about life
I spent time with the people I care about
We have the best times of our lives

Emily Walsh and Molly Darley

Random Rhymes

The water goes when it rains
Like the blood in my veins
The cows go when they are full of milk
Like the smoothness of silk
The ball goes when it rolls down the hill
As good as Dr. Phil
The sun rises in the morning at 7 am
That’s the beginning of the mayhem
The republic of Ireland team play their home games
I just know a few of their names

Shane Kearney