St Brigid’s College, 3 Flaggy Ln, Callan North, Callan, Co. Kilkenny


The serpent sand golden, warm
An echo of a gathering storm
The water crystal clear and deep
The woeful wind can softly weep
The monstrous waves crash to shore
You hear the gods of thunder roar
The sun breaks through beaming bright
A brand new day, a brand new fight
Shimmering memories forged are made
Whispers echo, memories fade

Chloe Glennon

The Head I Live In

The head I live in
I think of funny stupid thoughts
I dream these stupid dreams
My most amazing memories are kept here
With all my impossible schemes
I am controlled by the voices
They echo on and on
Sometime I feel weak in here
Sometimes I am strong.


Green Grass

Green grass blows softly.
Memories are enjoyed calmly
Fresh springs flow smoothly.
A warm breeze will softly soothe me.
Bright flowers stand tall and proud.
The wilting daffodils have bowed.
The world is happy for just once.
I could stand here still for months and months.

Hanna Murphy

My Present, My Future

I met my closest, and most beautiful friends,
I go to learn new information every day,
I have fun with my best friends.
My thoughts, my hopes,
My dreams are processed for the future they fade.
They come and go but they will always be there if I fall.
I can be who I want to be.

Sarah Doheny

This is Where

This is where people kill people and there are a lot of sins.
This is where nobody respects the environment and many people pollute a lot.
This is where in my mind I think it could be a better world,
With peace, no sins, no wars, no poverty, a world with love.
This is where everybody could be happy, could have humans rights.
This is where a perfect world could exist.

Ana Casero Romero

The Beat of my Heart

My dream and hopes are kept safely day by day.
All of my fears are shut away.
I laugh and live life to the beat of my heart.
I can be who I want. I can make a new start
I remember my past and dream of my future.
Sing a new song every day.
Motivate myself to be the best I can be
And dream the stress away

Ciara Treacy

The Society I Live In

This is where I met all the amazing people in my life,
This is where I go to be educated,
This is where I laugh and have fun,
This is where my goals are achieved,
This is where I’m stressed beyond belief,
This is where I make friends and lose them,
This is where I work hard,
This is where I express my talents and discover new ones,
This is me

Jane Quigley

Song Lyrics

Lean on me, when you’re not strong I’ll be your friend
Follow the sun, and which way the wind blows
And follow the blackbird home, through the early winter now
River and roads, rivers till I meet you
When I was younger o much younger than today

The road to hell is paved with good intentions
People who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do
Friends buy you a lunch but best friends eat your lunch
No one will ever be as entertained by us as us

My first memories:
My brother putting me in a washing basket ( I loved it )
Me and my best friend were chasing someone with stinging nettles
Picking berries with my best friend in the woods by ourselves
A ladder fell on my head
Playing in the sandpit with a dress I got for a wedding I was a mud princess
My brothers putting earphones on me when I was sleeping

People I love:

Sofija – you‘re my best friend and we know each other all our lives
We’ve been through everything together, you made me who I am now,
I love you so much and we are so close and will never fade apart
No matter how far way we are from each other.
And all the fights we had now we just laugh at them now.
Ana – you made me a lot more confident in being myself in school.
You always are happy and bring the best out of me at all times.
I trust you and I can tell you anything.
You won’t judge and I just love you so much and I’m gonna miss u so much
Vanessa – you are always happy and you also bring the best out of me
And you are amazing to have during school you make me enjoy school much more
Meriel – you are the one who I see the rarest but when we meet again
We are connected straight away. We are basically sisters.
Someday we are gonna go around in a van roaming the around the world.
My family – you are the one who looks after me my whole life.

This is where:
My path unfolds for the beginning of the next chapter

I can show my true self and make my dreams become reality
I can express my thoughts and feelings to the world
I live in the present, living my life
The earth is being destroyed by the people who don’t understand the life of other people

Hannah Nouvion

This is Where

I silently express my thoughts and opinions to people without the fear of being judge.
I store my hopes and dreams as they come and go.
My darkest secrets lurk.

I wonder what’s in the minds of those around me.
Are they feeling confident or self-conscious, are they happy or sad.
I see things that nobody else sees.

Amiee O’Brien


Song lyrics
I woke up with a fear this morning
Follow, follow the sun, and which way the wind blows.
I’m bigger than the night sky
You can be my guiding light, keep me
I’m dancing in the dark
STRANGERS think I’m quiet
MY FRIENDS think I’m outgoing
MY BEST FRIENDS think I’m completely insane!
Stars can’t shine without darkness
Friends are like stars you can’t always see them but you know they are always there
Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best
Don’t judge a book by its cover

Early memories
My brother got stuck in a bucket
Make a den in a cupboard
My brother threw a hurley at my head and I got a hole in my head.
I had a big circle in my forehead that blood was coming out.
It was weird though because it did not hurt, I did not cry, and I was not scared.
My first sleepover at my friend’s house.
We stayed up until 7:00a.m. We had a really good time.

People I love
My family-
Liam. You are dad. You are part of my family that I love a lot. You are an inspiration.
Caterina. You are my mam. You are part of my family I love a lot. You are a really good mam.
Keith. You are my brother. You are part of my family that I love a lot.
You are a really good brother even though you are annoying sometimes.
Sophie. You were one of my best friends and you still are even though you are not in the country.
You are really nice and funny. You are really pretty. You are so much more outgoing now.

Orange. You are a really wonderful friend. You are one of my Irish friends.
You make me so happy. You make me show my true self. You are such a kind person.
You make me see the true world’s scenery and what’s around us that we
Tom Kearney. Don’t notice. You are so pretty. You make me laugh so much.
You are a really funny person. You are one of my best friends.
I don’t know what I could do without you.
Green. You are good friend. You are my Spanish friend. You make me so happy.
You make me show my true self. You are really pretty. You are one of my best friends.
You are a kind person. You are a really funny person. You make me laugh so much.
I am going to miss you when you go back to Spain. I will never forget you.

This is where
This is where nature is born in beautiful scenery.

This is where my family and friends make a difference.

This is where dreams fade and dead and then come back and then come true.

This is where I can show my true self to you, the world, everything and everyone.

This is where I live in the present life and, not the future life.

Things you fear
Being alone with no friends, family.
Being poor.

Vanessa Lanigan