Loreto Abbey, Loreto Avenue, Harbour Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin


As the waves crash upon the shore
A deathly feeling fills my core
Sun light glistens across my skin
While my whole soul fills with sin
As the darkness covers the sky above
I realise I’ll never understand the feeling of love
As the wind whispers along the moonlit sky
I slowly begin to shed away and die
As I fall into a new beginning
I realise there is no winning

The monsters inside my head scream
They trap me, cage me
I feel like an animal trapped, caged away in some cell
No way to escape my suffering
Unable to identify the problem.
My life is a nightmare
One that should never be lived
No way to escape, no way to be free
I was trapped in my own mind, with my own monsters
I was controlling myself
I was the creator of this problem and I am the ruler
And I don’t know how to change this

I was running, running away
Running from life
Running from this world.
I needed to escape my suffering
But how?
Suffering was my life
I was trapped for eternity

Alicia Reid

No Goodbye

Sometimes when I get lonely,
I sit down with a sigh,
And think of all the people,
That never said goodbye.

These people were acting,
Trying not to fall apart,
Pretending to be happy,
While carrying a heavy heart.

Broken on the inside,
A new mask every day,
Feelings trapped inside them,
Not knowing what to say.

Numb to all emotions.
In need of a way out.
Blind to support and help,
Life full of doubt.

Gone in an instant,
With a choice they chose to make,
Little did they ever know,
They’d cause complete heartache.

Tainted memories,
Never knowing why.
Always filled with wonder,
Of why there was no goodbye.

Saoirse King


Time for some fun, time to be me
Time to let go of all of my insecurities,

I should not be who everyone wants me to be,
I should be the teenage girl who I want to be.

To play sports, to build a fort
I have time now to do what I want

To go to a restaurant, to eat when I want
Time is on my side, so I can do what I want.

Bells chime to signal time,
I rhyme to express if I’m feeling fine.

Time is my friend,
Time for this poem to end.

Annie Byrne


We are constantly judged for our decisions and action
Yet we still feel compassion
We get knocked down over and over again
Trying to pick up the pieces
But still our confidence decreases
Words, words they say will never hurt you
They can still make you feel so blue
So hold your head up high
Take a big leap and fly

Ciara Pryce

Surrounded by Darkness

Surrounded by darkness
Breath is quickening
My back against the wall
Sliding down till I form a ball
Face streaked with tears
Walls collapsing in on me
Footsteps stir my anxious thought
Crushing feeling that I’ll get caught
My head is swarming with negative images
How can this happen, I’m always cheery
The beat of my heart hurts my chest
Steadying my breathing I’m trying my best
My panic is paralysing, I fear I’m broken
This can`t be normal, I’m just crazy
If I only knew that I wasn’t alone.
If I only knew I wasn’t alone

Ellen O`Hara

The Sea Parted and Froze

When I saw him, it was as if the sea parted and froze;
My own little devil dressed in formal clothes.
He looked at me with glassy eyes like a wintery fresh kill
And suddenly it felt as if the galaxy had stood still.
Black curls fall gently over his face, like the touch of snow
My heart aches to be with his but I can never let him know.
It’s just his green eyes that I can’t shake from my head
They haunt me like a beautiful spectre when I lie awake in bed.
His laugh sounds like my future, but I’m scared to love him so
What if this swan that I so dearly covet; is secretly a crow.
But I can’t stop my feet from edging towards the sea,
I want to give him every single molecule of me.
I know this destruction I have to earn;
So come what may my love – and let me burn.

Hana Tuite

Trials and Tribulations

All trials and tribulations take root in my questioning brain
All of my confused self-doubt, questioning in vain
I go there when I’m drowning in an ocean of stress,
That swirls and builds which I have to repress
I find myself, in my safe haven, my demonic hell.
I’m bursting with secrets with no one to tell
I shout, scream and think words i can’t utter
Red-hot anger poking through their backs
This is my brain where the panic attacks.



Shoulder. Spine. Vertebrae against vertebrae against the wall of a tunnel
A tunnel falling south tipping horizontal while you fall slowly, quietly, unwillingly
Walls imprisoning your thoughts
Unable to penetrate the walls before finally,
An energy rumbling up from your stomach,
Lifting slowly, faster and faster,
Words, truth, mind breaking the walls.
Shattering the enclosure that suffocated you previously,
Free at last to fill your lungs with real air, replacing the pollution

Síofra Byrne

The Real You

Young girls acting stupid when they know it’s not right
But they are too afraid to show people their light

They try so hard to fit in
But they know they’ll never win

They are afraid to speak their mind
They can’t let themselves be defined

As someone who is different
As someone who doesn’t mind

They are afraid to show what’s real
Because they don’t know how people will feel

Any maybe one day they’ll break through
But will always ask themselves ‘does anyone know the real you?’



17 lives in Florida were lost,
17 families were broken but at what cost
17 people lives were taken by guns
17 reasons why we need to take action
17 reasons why we need gun protection

Aisling Round

The World isn’t Fair

The world isn’t fair and nobody seems to care
Women are payed less than men
Yet we all breathe the same air
Rich ladies in America are worried about their skin care
While little kids in Africa don’t even have footwear
Women are taught to only focus on childcare
While their husband is out somewhere having an affair
Tragedies happen and people just stare
And simply say a quiet prayer
This is why the world isn’t fair

Sarah Dempsey

This is Where

This is where…
I can express myself
I can do what I want and not get in trouble
I can take risks and have fun and be me
I feel too anxious to walk down this street
I can dance like no one is watching
It all begins, everything starts here right at this spot.
I can feel comfortable and know who I am
This is where I feel alive
I can take all my anger and stress out in the boxing ring
I ain’t afraid of anything.

Sophia Guiomard

Blood Rains Down

Gunslingers are afraid to roam and spurs ring out like bells
A secret held for centuries that no one ever tells.
Blood rains down over towering mountains and snow melts before it hits the ground,
A dusty little pauper girl snatched from life – her body never found.
It happens right here – the end of the world,
In this quiet, shadow town where it all unfurled.
She died, but only tired, wilting lilies occupy the spot now
Once these ghosts knew how to live but they’ve forgotten how.
She was left alone and broken on the altar, with no husband to spend the rest of her life with
Angry tears dripping like tar from her eyes; she damns romance a myth.
He cheated on her and broke her heart, scattering it into a million pieces across the constellations,
She was paraded through the lightning town with a crown of red carnations.
He proposed to her, on one knee; the old fashioned way that so many had forgotten,
But now she’s a fish in a bilge water barrel, in the net that she was caught in.
Two lovers were found buried for thousands of years with interlocked fingers and timeless hearts,
Proving their solemn wedding vows: till death do us part.

Hana Tuite


Why yes I have red hair
Well done though I hadn’t noticed that before
You use it as an insult which makes no sense
I don’t refer to you as brunette
So why call me just on what you see through your lens
Have I got a soul? I mean are you really that dense
But that that’s all you can say
Little comments on how I’m related to the devil, oh yay
Stop being over sensitive I’m told
They don’t understand how this makes me feel cold
The word ginger doesn’t bother me
But the tone used is a completely different story

Molly Hogan


Why is it that when we fall, we always seem to close a door
Mistakes are nothing but proof we are trying
Yet I feel it in my core, empty, sad and tore
When I close my eyes I feel it
Deep, deep down
When I close my eyes I see them
If I tried, maybe I could be them

Saoirse Moloney


The girl’s whispers make you constantly insecure,
Yet everyday they tell us to be more mature.
The boys fight days on end to prove who’s more of a man,
Funny how proving that is who can drink the most cans.
Makeup and expensive clothes are the only way you can feel good,
Because it’s not like we don’t already feel like crap, everyone does.
Trying your hardest is sometimes never good enough,
Nobody told us our teenage years would ever be this rough.
People have to die for something to be changed and recognized,
It’s only after they die that the problem is advertised.

Abby Hudson Maguire


There are days when i thought this is the end
But then the fights would start again
I keep thinking of how I could help
Because every time I try I hurt someone else
One day I think I`ll let my feelings known
But until then I`m frozen like snow

Laura Nagle


We learn to be ourselves
We’ve been learning this since we were twelve
We use our phones more than are voices
This is our mistake as it made by our choices
Girls talk about their friends behind their backs
Only because their friends dated the guy named jack
We fall deep in love
As deep as your hand fits into a glove
I feel loved and protected
With our strong bond that makes us connected

Amelia Madden

I Think

I do countless pieces of homework that won’t ever be checked
I think this is a lack of respect
I try to stay awake during the most boring classes
Even when I have to study the noble gasses
I walk up hundreds of flights of stairs every day
I cannot wait for the school holidays
I swing on my chair just so I have something to do
I also look out at the lovely sea view
I use paper from hundreds of trees
That were cut down for us to use
I think this use is a bit obtuse

Thea McLoughlin

I Sit Here

I sit here not bothered in a haze
Because I really I have nothing to say
They say that I’m the blame
That I have to up my game
But all I do is dream about summer
And about how I’m not allowed go longitude
And say ‘ugh what a bummer’.
But then I say screw it what the hell
I’m not here to conform
I’m here to rebel.

Jenny Marshall

I Dive

I dive into the sea at the harbour
It’s like my own world there
My glorious surroundings are blurry
Nobody can see me
There are no worries, no cares, no pressures.
But the one building in my lungs
If I stay I drown
I come back up for air
I climb onto the harbour
I am greeted by your arms
I dive into them
But I will eventually drown there too


My Insecurities

My insecurities hide, bubbling, boiling, and burning inside
I hide and try to believe that I’m okay
Every day I’m told that I’m okay
I go to sleep and can’t wait for a different day
I lay in bed hoping my fears will go away
I tell myself I’ll never be enough
All I want is to try Marshmallow Fluff


Family and Friends

Over time feelings build up
There is so much inside me I feel like I’m going to blow up
But when I see the ones who will never judge
I can let it all out without grudge
After these times I feel nothing but free
I prance around with all my glee
I realize this time will come again
But I have my friends and family for then

Shauna Connolly

This is Where

Young and old girls fear for their lives when walking home at night
They hear older men shouting ‘your clothes are too tight!’
Young boys are cheered as they bare knuckle box outside the local pub
The common belief is that if you don’t box you’re not a true Dub
Children grow up being taught that stealing is the only source of income
They forget about prison and don’t realise that soon they will be in one
A lone horse stands in an empty field, starved almost to death
Without care and love it may soon take its last breath
Young women feel ashamed for wanting to continue their education past age ten
They will soon remember those good old days the ‘I remember when’

Eva Rose Melvin

I Wonder

I sit here wondering what to do
But I might sit here for a few…
I wonder what we’re doing with our miserable lives
And attack one another with our sharpened knives
I wonder whether I’m dyslexic or not
And if not will I be put on the spot?
I wonder why I’m not at home right now asleep
But I am here now and ready to weep
I wonder why I eat so much when I’m at home
Only because I am alone
I wish the school will close when it snows
And then I would like to write a prose
I laugh whilst spending time with my friends
The snow starts to fall and then the day ends…

Charley Kavanagh


Why don’t you love me?
Why can’t you see?
Why can’t you feel the same?
Why are you making me go insane?
Why can’t I be good enough for you?
Why can’t I be pretty like her too?
Why don’t you love me?
Why not?



We have somehow turned this into a negative word.
It used to be used showing our emotions, our expressions, our desires.
Now it is used to say we are too sensitive.
We have feelings.
Things hurt our feelings
We are not sensitive in this world we are actually not sensitive enough.
Things hurt.
Things hurt physically emotionally and mentally
Mental feelings will be the death of most people
Mental feelings in someone’s mind is like a cage
They feel they can’t get out of that cage
Unless they make the problem go away
Which in their messed up mind they think is themselves.
Physical feelings represent an image of a person.
A bruise shows you’re weak, that you are damaged goods,
Not viable for this world we live in today,
Which at the moment in time is the most corrupt place you can think of in this universe.
Emotional feelings.
This is the deep part of us where no one can see or touch.
Only destroy
Destroy the part of us we control
Destroy what we decide we want to feel for other people and things.
Gone in a blink of an eye,
When we allow someone else to dictate how emotional we will be.
We give them all this power by thinking we are not right,
By thinking we are wrong, we aren’t normal.
Who’s to say what normal is
Maybe the person who decided what normal wasn’t normal themselves.
Normal is a word that describes something
And if you use that word to describe yourself
You are allowing you’re individuality and uniqueness to be stripped away from you
Like we are stripping the life from this beautiful planet we live on.
Decide who you want to become, who you want to love,
And who you want to be loved by
It is your choice alone
It is your mind.

Naoise Hussey

The Wedding Ceremony

We accept the love we deserve and become one.
Thousands of preparations to make it fun.
She walks down the aisle in a white dress leaving all insecurities behind her.
The blush peonies on the altar remind her.
We celebrate the love of two people while others feel lonelier than ever.
A bond that ties them together forever
People are full of happiness or lost; there is no in-between.
It’s the same old wedding routine
Thousands of euros go down the drain, all for one everlasting day.
Hoping their love doesn’t go astray.


Lucky Lady

The people I used call family
Pass each other on the street
Without even nodding heads to indicate a greet
My father taught me how to ride my bike
And now the only action I see there is teenage boys
Fighting over half empty beer cans and heartbroken girls
Telling them to take a hike
The sun shines so bright it burns a hole in my body
Like a never ending lobby
I go to school alongside the seaside
With birds flying ahead
And I not even taking in to consideration
How I am such a lucky lady
I went when I needed somebody the most
But nobody ever came
Where I felt like a nobody

Caoimhe Cummins

Her Choice

“Yeah, like, if she got raped then maybe it’s ok”
Says a man, who this does not affect

“Oh, so you agree with killing a baby”
Says a woman who is actively not standing by her allies

You do not understand, and you do not realise the fact
That unsafe abortions are happening every day
That women feel so trapped by the laws they must travel abroad
Keep it a secret for fear of judgement
By a 50 year old man sitting in his reclining chair in Leitrim

Maybe you don’t want to realise,
Maybe you don’t want to listen,
Maybe you don’t want to understand

Because, to you,
A woman can use 5 different types of contraception
And it’s still “her own fault for getting pregnant.”

How do you have such little respect
For choice?

Alannah Hughes

A Brighter Life

I pull the split ends of my hair apart, wondering if this class has caused my bleeding heart
I pick the chipped nail polish off my fingernails
Wishing I could get on a boat and release the sails
I meet the people who will have the biggest impact on my life,
But wondering whether they’ll soon stab me in the back with words sharp as a knife.
I swing on my chair waiting for the lunch bell to ring
Jumping out of my seat as fast as a spring.
This is where I stare at the shiny reflection of the computer
Hoping to see a brighter life for young girls
And guarding their destinies as their future unfurls.

Hannah Joyce

I’m Here

I sit her not bothered in a haze
Because I really I have nothing to say
They say that I’m the blame
That I have to up my game
But all I do is dream about summer
And about how I’m not allowed go longitude
And say ‘ugh what a bummer’
But then I say screw it what the hell
I’m not here to conform
I’m here to rebel

Jenny Marshall

When Life Gives you Lemons

I run though I’m not being chased
Exercise completely snotfaced
I jump because my friends do
The sea hitting me as I disappear into the dark blue
I relax, wind in my face
In a boat I can think of no better place
Water splashes up on me with each passing wave
I could count on one hand the amount of shits I gave
No need to overthink every word, everything I see
Away from the place where my lemons are handed to me

Mia Byrne

This isn’t Serious

Every day I wake up, the same old routine
Hoping that the girls in school won’t be mean
Is my hair too high, too frizzy, too big
Will they criticize me? Say I eat like a pig

I walk into school with my head held low
Praying and praying that no one will know
That I don’t have much longer to go
The end of the day is coming near
It could be my last, I’ll try last the year

Ella Kenefick and Isobel Kearns


Sometimes your world is falling apart
And you can’t repair it on your own
Because your strength got drowned on a stone
They’ll tell you there’s always time for a new start.
But why should you try from the beginning
You can’t be always winning.
You must be crawling and lying on the ground
So you can find the strength to heal your own wound.


Loreto Dalkey

Loreto Dalkey is the place to be
The classrooms look out right on the sea
The halls may be narrow
But at least you don’t have to be pro
About other girls staring
Because all Dalkey girls are caring
Our shirts are white and our jumpers are green
We get in trouble if we don’t look tidy and clean
The teachers care more about how we look
Than if we even pick up a book
The schools priorities are all jumbled
But I couldn’t say that unless I mumbled
But it’s still a great school all the same
And I’m so happy that I came

Kristina O’Connor


All the lies are tied up with twine,
I would love a bit of vine.
I scream, but no matter how loud still no one hears,
With the bois, i’ll open some beers.
I need to stop bitching in front of people’s faces,
My mind takes me to all these different places.
I give no crap.
So I like to look at ducks.
I cover it all up,
But for what? So I don’t get weird looks.
Like this if you cry every time.



The ice cream melts as the sun splits the rocks,
All I can think about is wearing sun block.
I go on holidays and eat exquisite food,
And in each passing moment it brightens my mood.
I watch funny movies when it’s raining cats and dogs,
Sometimes when I’m bored I even watch people’s vlogs.
School will be cancelled because of the beast from the east,
Hopefully we’ll be snowed in and we can have a big feast.
I broke my leg while heroically saving my cat,
And I can’t wait for Sunday to come around.
As I am going over to my granny’s house just to have a chat.

Lily Hartnett

My Dogs

I love my dogs very much,
They mean a lot to me.
And cheer me up when I’m unhappy,
They are always there whenever I need a cuddle.
I have a special place in my heart for them,
I love the joy of spending time with them.
And throwing a ball in the park.
I don’t know what I’d do without them,
They are a part of my life.



I love summer it’s the best time of year
You get the sun the beaches everything
My favourite part is that you go away
I love going somewhere fun
Summer only lasts three months
So why don’t you have fun and spend it with family
Summer is great but the bad part about summer is
That you end up getting hay fever