Scoil Mhuire, Prosperous Rd, Crockaun Commons, Clane, Co. Kildare


Alone she walks
Their eyes follow
Air through lips
‘’slag’’ they spit

Alone she stands
They shout
About a test
That spouted sputum

Alone she cries
Cries out for help
But no one hears

For years she yearns
Fingers on lips
She sits quiet until
Air through lips,
‘’Slag’’ they spit

‘’Hush’’ she says
In a rush full of words
But it doesn’t work

Alone she cries


I Am

Eight years old
You hit like a girl
What does that mean
I leave head down, feeling less bold

Ten years old
That’s not lady like
I’m used to it
Again they have me in their hold

Sixteen years old
Shouts and whistles
She fakes a smile
At home she sits and cries alone

Twenty years old
She’s sick of this crap
She walks with pride


I Feel

I know what I know, yet I don’t know what I know
I hear what I hear, yet I don’t know what I hear
I feel what I feel, and that surprises me

I see what I see, yet I don’t know what I see
I love what I love, yet I don’t know what I love
I feel what I feel, it still surprises me

This world is full of those who know
It’s full of those who see
It’s empty of those who feel

Listen to me, reach out and feel

Jack Rowland

The Magic of Words

I pass through a portal every time I enter a story
To place myself in the shoes of another
I’m able to escape and fade away
But when those final lines arrive the magic ends
Reality bursts into motion
And I think I can make it through another day’



You can’t undo
What you have said
Crying at home alone in your bed
Don’t try come back and apologise
Because I’ve seen it all with my own eyes
Who will you turn too now that I’ve won
The naggins are empty the friendship is done…



This is where women are slut-shamed for wearing clothes that show “too” much skin,
This is where men and women alike are prosecuted for loving the same gender,
This is where men can’t be raped but women can,
This is where men build up walls so they aren’t called gay,
This is where women can’t be career focused because then who would have the children.
This is where gender equality doesn’t exist.
This is where being smart is being made fun of.
This is where being dumb means not getting anywhere in life
This is where women can’t be breadwinners and men can’t be househusbands.
This is where girls are pressured to be skinny,
This is where men are pressured to be like celebrities with fake six packs and too white smiles.
This is where being feminist is seen as being women overreacting.
This is the generation we live in.
This is the generation where being transgender is a bad thing.
This is the generation where being prosecuted because you love the same gender is the norm.
This is the generation where people are fleeing from their homes cause they are in fear of their lives.
This is the generation where somebody shooting up a school is in the news every other week.
This is the generation where people can make a change.
This is the generation where people who love the same gender can marry.
This is the generation where people who are fleeing their homes can find refuge.
This is the generation where women can make more money than men but sadly don’t.
This is the generation where people are questioning their parents and defying all the odds.
This is the generation where people commit suicide because no one believes in them
This is the generation where people hurt more from words then from stones.
This is the generation where men can be victims of domestic violence.
This is the generation we live in.

Rebecca Carolan

Take a Minute

Take a minute
Listen, explore, breath
Life it is steep as if still water runs deep
It can give a time of regret
A feeling of life as sharp as a knife
Like a scalpel a medical knife
On the corner waiting for drugs
The mother leaves me alone with no good night hugs
She’s on the floor locked no money in the pocket
I’m fuming a thick like a launching rocket
I’m going to school
Thick, annoyed, no thought of survival
Trying to live life like an ordinary 16 year old teen
Sitting in school trying to learn,
Progress, staring mindless at the projector screen
People give up
I’m thinking and breathing
Just think and breathe is all I can


Back Wall

It started with a crack
Then appeared in the back wall
Of a family home
A crack that grew in silence
A mother and son
Who never spoke
A broken down boy
With the shadow of a clown
Pushed around the school corridors
Til the light broke through
And he learned who he could really be.



You hurt,
You’re in pain,
You feel alone,
But you aren’t alone,
Everyone in society feels the same as you,
They’re hurt and in pain in this screwed up world,
But they don’t speak up,
They don’t talk,
Nobody does.


You Define You

You go through life being judged
For what you wear, what you look like everything
No matter what you do you are always being judged
You could donate 1 million to charity
And they’ll question why you aren’t donating 2 million
One big accomplishment you could ever do is stop caring
Stop wondering or thinking about what people are thinking of you
And start thinking about what you think of yourself


The System

As the teachers roam the hall feeling like their 10 feet tall
And look down on the students making you feel small
Pointing out to do questions A B and C
But the system is so screwed up I can’t be me
Feeling like I’m trapped in a box 6 hours a day
Do I think it will ever change I really can’t say
Everyone is a number like a manufactured drone
Trying to break from the system when I do I’ll stand alone



Why do teen relationships have a deadline?
“You’ve been together 3 weeks and you haven’t kissed”
Like wtf, it seems like the longer you’ve been together
The more you have to do this.


Twisted Dream

I had a twisted dream I was flying high
I stole a car and took it for a mental drive
I crashed it though but I didn’t die
Then I ran home on broken glass
And went to sleep in a shady nightmare
And I woke up to realise the nightmare was my life.


Our Friend Hannah

We have a friend called Hannah
Sometimes she’s a little bananas
She lives in Coilbh Dubh
A place she really loves
She really likes to act
Mostly as a cat
Hannah is quite funny
And I have to lend her money
As you can see from this poem
Hannah has no one
No she’s all alone
Nowhere to call home


Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, the cold came out to say hello
Big, mean, looking lads, their teeth all yellow
Blow of a whistle the match is on
The other manager is shouting at his son
“Keep your eye on the ball
Or you won’t get a lift home tonight”
The striker pushed all game but we are ahead by one
I punch, 4 teeth, a pint of blood, stretched off, job done

Peter Hegarty, Eoin Whelan, and Aidan Quinn