Christian Brothers College, Sidney Hill, Wellington Rd, Montenotte, Co. Cork

The Feeling Of

It started off with a feeling,
Which then grew into a thought,
A thought of being skilled, of being good, of being powerful,
This thought grew into my happiest hello,
And what will be my hardest goodbye.
A flutter of happiness as my hand reached out to stroke
The beautiful creature standing in the stable door.

My heart becomes complete when I ride,
We are a united force of nature.
I find safety in her presence,
She takes the weight of my worries,
And carries me through.
At one with my horse, my guide, my friend,
I have found the feeling of happiness.


This is Where

This is where cries of anguish and pain ring out for help
But I believe some people will not heed their yelps
This is where countries become plagued with xenophobia and fear
But I believe common sense shall appear
This is where world leaders argue and fight over button sizes
But I believe they will form several compromises
This is where society has failed the vulnerable
But I believe it will soon become unacceptable
This is where we have lost sense of reality
But I believe the truth and hope shall be set free


I’m Here

Pushed down yet still moving,
Slapped around yet still breathing,
I share my thoughts yet I’m told to shut up,
I feel these emotions every day
And I’m too afraid to speak
Or I will be mocked.
So I stand here for all you people,
Who don’t have a voice.
I’m here to talk for all,
Who don’t have the strength and confidence,
To show who they are
And what I have to say
Is be who you want to be
Not what you’re told to be.

Paul Morey Stout

The Shackles of Injustice

I always dream where I would be freed from the shackles of injustice,
As free as the birds that fly over the green fields and in the blue skies,
Far and away from the institutional lies.
I’m tempted to drop out,
Punishments here, punishments there,
The pain I cannot share.
However I do nothing to deserve,
The reputation under my name they preserve.

The feelings follow me home,
Through the house they roam.
They hollow my soul,
Sometimes it’s over-whelming,
I manage to keep it in,
Because I dream of the time
Where I will be free from the shackles of injustice.

Patrick Whyte


If anyone knew
What happened after
One’s eyes shut for the last time,
Life would not be worth living.

Each day would be the same,
Preparing for D-Day.

The lack of information about life after death
Helps to live our lives to the full.
We shouldn’t worry about the future,
Live in the moment and enjoy the present.

If D-Day comes early,
One should be able to feel a sense of joy
When reminiscing about their past,
And be excited for the future.

Jack O’Sullivan

Never my Passion

School was never a passion,
Forced to sit and act in an orderly fashion,
Our ability rationed by the subjects forced upon us,
Only measured by an ability to get an A Plus,
A quote I once read said,
You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
The system of education frowns upon a D,
The quote above struck home with me,
As I feel like the fish who must climb a tree.


An Eco Roared

An echo roared across the sky
Came from an electric man with a black tie
Back from work discovered his wife had died
His mind was blank, his soul vacant
The immense relief terrified him
Though he knew it was wrong he felt a glow
Deep inside which he’d not felt before
He left his life which he felt a lie
To give the world another try

Peter Twomey


Defined by the clothes
Defined by the colour of our shoes
Defined by not eating dominos
Defined by who you have a shmooze with
Defined by the hair on your head
Defined by the followers on your page
Defined by the decisions we dread
Defined by the wallflowers we are with



Why can’t they see that this crap just isn’t me?
Working hard, homework, tests and study
I know what I want more than anybody
Just please go away and let me be me

Why do I have to be some kind of standardized person?
Knowing well that the suffering, will only worsen
Why can’t I just go and discover my passion
Has imagination really gone out of fashion?

Cian Walshe


I have a common disease called dyslexia
It doesn’t mean I’m not smart
I just find it hard to read and write

There are many things about dyslexia
And I struggle to get things on paper
But that’s alright, I just need help

Most teachers don’t want me in their English class
But when I tell them my story they take it all back

The thing about spelling is that we may write the
The words the wrong way around
Or spell them wrong

If we never tell anyone that we have it
They’ll never know
But we don’t know if that’s good or bad

Paul McAuliffe


This is where the lads are
But is it fun?
This is where the take my phone
Reason? None.
This is where I can’t wear my hoodie
What’s that about?
This is where our heads are drilled
No noise, don’t shout.
This is where boys become men
Or so they tell us,
So that’s what we believe

Darragh Wallace

Don’t Worship Them

They aren’t better than,
I can’t understand this fuss,
Put themselves above us like their royalty,
Then go around breaking trust,
Sheep put them on a pedestal,
Blind to the real problems,
‘Cause so and so did a certain thing,
When you do that thing it doesn’t matter,
‘Cause it doesn’t matter nor should it,
Don’t worship them.

Seán Kennedy


The large towers of New York stand tall above the people,
The slaves that built them and the slavers which owned them,
They are talked about in history as if slavery ended in the 19th century,
But slavery is a modern curse and a curse felt by many.

No longer here but within the Great Wall of China,
Condoned by the kleptocrats which lead them,
And slaved by who claim they need them,
But we are the ones who feed them.

Apple 2012 is one example,
Let’s make it the last sample,
Buying an iPhone comes with a price,
Making someone work for 70 hours a week with lice.

Joshua Fitzgerald Roberts


The lads at school that call people names,
But they can’t even comprehend,
The lasting impact that they leave,
Bring thoughts to mind can they continue on,
But all in all it shouldn’t matter
Because in the end you will be laughing louder,
With that sweet ass job and raking in the doe,
The people who called you names will be on the dole.


Our Time

Every time we cross that line
We lose all sense of who we were.
Those manners that were hammered into us since we could talk
Disappear without a second thought.
We revert back to our animal ways
The opposite behaviour of our schools name
This is our time

The scream of the crowd as we exit the stand
The bright flash of the iconic flares
The acrid scent of the smoke bombs
The shiver as you realize these hundreds air people are here for you
This is our time

The passion in the dressing room before the game
The tears in the eyes
When you look around at your team mates
Your brothers
And you realize there’s no one else you would rather have at your side
This is our time

When that final whistle blows
And relief floods in
When you realize the years hardworking pays off
And you feel like you’re on cloud 9
When you lift that trophy
Looking out into the crowd
Screaming our names
This is what life is about
And this is our time

Mark McCarthy


Alone in the expanse
Seeking out into the universe
Like a child standing in desert
Crying out for help beside a dim and weak fire
No one
No response
No ‘little green men’
We wonder if we are the only one
Living in this deserted space with no visitors
But it is not only us that believe
‘There is nothing in the desert.’

Tim Wang

One Night

21st century Romeo and Juliet
Just one night it’s all I took
To end a relationship
Rushing down my throat from the number 8
The night was a blur
Back seat of her aunt’s car
Never thought losing her would be this hard
Her parents wouldn’t let us talk anymore
All for a drink I lost the girl of my dreams



Life is a lie
A reason to live and die
The beginning and the end
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad

It’s real and full of mystery
A saving grace and a dieting end
It’s the fun and boring
About growth and decay

About everyone else
Ruled by the hated and despised
Not all but most
But this is the gruesome truth

Eoin O’Sullivan



Controlled aggression! C’mon
The cox said.
Don’t let the doubt creep in. C’mon
I told myself in my head

The doubt began to eat me up
Can I do this? I can’t. I can
Bring the rate up
Less than…..
1000m and my legs burn
It’s agony

It was the last stretch of water
It’s us and Shandon left as we pulled away
It’s getting hotter
As we rowed past the bay

It was getting difficult to bare
250m and I was tiring out
I began gasping for air
This was our chance to pull ahead
As we skimmed across the water
And the distance between us spread

The horn sounded
And was followed by silence.
The blades glide on the water
As the lactic acid built
I lay in the boat my hands throbbing
The pain killed
But I’m at peace
It’s over, and we won

Michael O’Reilly

The Pressure

The pressure of sport school and exams from parents is hard for a teenager
I have recently quit rugby and it was a very hard experience for me
Because I knew my dad was and still is disappointed in me
But I knew it was the right thing for me
This is where I found what I wanted to do
But I knew my parents would not understand
This is where I discovered new things
The things teenagers are expected to do
The feats they have to accomplish
And the feeling of disappointment you get
When you don’t pass your parents expectations
When they set such high bars to pass
When the people before you have made a path so steep you cannot climb
These are the things we have trouble doing
These are the things teenagers are frustrated about
The constant feeling of being undervalued and not good enough
The thought of people not thinking you’re trying your hardest
But you’re putting everything you have into everything you do
And not getting the result


My Battle

Every day I go into battle
Always alone
But always the strap around my neck
With The Mighty Sword in hand, going up and down, up and down.
No matter how loud or distorted
No matter how quiet or soft
No matter if my hand aches with the pain of war
The Guitar will triumph over all.

Ben O’Brien


I’ve been trained to think that I’m always wrong.
That I should always just take it and not make excuses.
Being nice is hard.
Harder than I thought it’d be.
It’s hardest when you have to be nice to someone.
Even though they just upset you.
But you can’t make a fuss.
No, that won’t do.
Just stop being so difficult.
Just grin and bear it.
Just be nice and everything’ll go your way.
When I’m nice to people, I get taken advantage of.
People get angry at me for reasons I don’t understand.
People don’t understand why I’d ever be down.
Just stop being so sad.
Just cheer up.
Just stop putting everyone in a bad mood.
It’s confusing.
I hate thinking thoughts I don’t like.
I’m ashamed of the things I think.


As I Stand

As I stand here with my brothers,
About to commence into battle,
We know we can protect one another,
We will not miss a tackle.

Because for us this is not just a game,
It has to be much more than that,
The ‘game’ is what I have become,
And I will always love the combat.



A car floats through space,
Launched from a rocket base.
With a starman on board,
As mission control roars.
Musk hopes to start a space race,
To travel to outer space.
A new adventure might begin,
While everyone continues to grin.

Peter Brady

The Cold Mornings

The cold mornings freezing your feet
As you meet up with your team
With the beam on your face saying how you can’t wait

Getting ready in the dressing rooms talking
Wondering what the team could be
Then you been chosen to start
So the game goes on your
Dragging your feet along
The manager says cop on.
You see the ball go high
You leap to the sky and attack it.
Well done. Keep this up.

The ball reaches your feet
You look up you see your player
You become the playmaker
You swing the ball to the box
He runs to the ball like a fox

As the game draws to close
Tired legs all over the pitch
You cannot flinch
Time to drag it out
The words coming from your manager’s mouth
Saying cmon boys kick it out

It finally ends
Joy all around
You hear the sound of clapping
And well done boys
You’ve done it
You won

Kalem Cashman


God is always there,
He’s not hiding in a lair,
You don’t have to go and search,
Or spend hours in a church.

So give him some time,
After reading this rhyme,
He’ll be your best friend

Thomas Supplisson

Trying to Figure it Out

I don’t know what to really talk about.
I come to school every day
Pretending to be something I’m not,
Saying I’ll give it another shot.
I look around and see my friends,
Knowing what they want already,
But I’m still here trying to figure out
What’s happening and what I’m doing.
An idea comes to me every day and I plan it out,
But I can’t see it through,
I’m told to stop messing about.
I don’t come from a big background,
I learn more secrets about my family every year,
I feel pressure in this school, I feel fear.
I’m told I have to learn this right
But I don’t know what for,
If I knew what I wanted I think it would help.
I’ve said all this cause it’s true
But I know I have a family that’ll help me come through.



I look up
He’s coming right for me
Everyone is watching
All the years of brainwashing
We’re leading by four
This is it
No backing down, now I can’t quit

The coach is shouting
“Go down low, don’t back down”
I suddenly feel the courage
I hit him low with no fear
Knowing if I take him down
The whole team will buy me a beer
He drops the ball, the final whistle goes
Everyone cheers
To my eyes cam tears


Their Affliction

A small few
One or two of them here and there
You might see them anywhere
They hate, they cry, they want to die
But music gives them false conviction
My Chem, Slipknot and Korn is there addiction
But they struggle through these small few
They struggle with their affliction

Cillian Bracken


Long hours in dark
Long hours in light
In wet, in cold
In heat, in warmth.

Whatever it may be,
Let it be your passion,
Embrace it,
Don’t be afraid,
Don’t be ashamed.

Perfect it,
As perfection goes.

Enjoy it.

Cathal O Floinn

The Cold Air

The cold air stinging my face,
My legs pumping through the pain,
He screams in our ears to “pick up the pace”,
I notice the smell of sick, as I’m panting in the rain.

All that work for the big final,
Our adrenaline through the roof before we walk out,
Then we win against the club rival,
And all the pain was worth it.

PJ O’Regan


My passion
My sport
My favourite
My life,
Something I care about and
Something I love,
More than just a game
More than just my flame,
My passion
My sport
My favourite
My life

James Gillespie

As People Destroy Our Planet

As people eat pork
And people litter plastic
Animals get damaged
Animals are eaten by cannibals

As humans grow food for grazing
And seventy percent of land is used for animals
I ask myself if people will move on from animals

Luke Galligan


Look at my hair
Dancing in the air
Look at the trees
Bowing with the breeze
Look at the flowers
Dancing in the showers
Look all and all around
Up in the sky and down on the ground.


With All my Heart

I want to win the All-Ireland,
With all of my heart.
I want to be the best midfielder in Ireland,
With all my heart.
I never want to lose another game again,
With all my heart.
I can’t wait to enjoy this,
With all my mates.

Niall Hartnett


How is it fair
To pay a hundred grand
To see your child
Just because you’re a man
Why do we always get the blame?
Even if the fault is the same
And it’s abuse to stand up for ourselves
Why do we use “excessive force”
After you feel no remorse
When we treat you equally


Push Yourself

We all do it for something
We race to push ourselves past the pain barrier and be happy about it
Every fibre of our being just trying to stay ahead
Just trying to push our boat out ahead
Just trying to make every hour, every weight lifted, every meter traversed worth it
And coming into those last 250 meters looking back at not just the last 1800 meters of racing,
But looking back at the journey that brought you to that point, fighting for the line
Fighting for those who helped you, to make it all worth it not just for them
But to continue to push yourself not because you have to, but because you want to.

Michael Cronin


There was a sad lad
Who lived with his dad
And his mother never loved him
She took drugs cause they were grim
Filled with the most satisfying whim
When he was at school
Everybody was cruel
But they didn’t have the determination
To rule the political pool.

Colm Kelly


Waking up with the same old feeling
So tired I’m barely realizing
I have slept in again
Don’t know where to begin
And my mother is shouting downstairs

I get dressed and run down
See my mother with a frown
Take my breakfast and school bag
In minutes I’m in town
To realize I’ve forgotten my gear bag


War Zone

This is a war zone
This our home
This is where two Kings fight for a throne.

It is wet and cold
Where red fight for gold
Where thousands chant and scream
Where occasionally I smile and gleam
Giants run, jump and put their bodies on the line
One could easily hear the crunch of a spine
Whether during the day or in the dark, there is always a spark
In our home Thomand Park.

Louis Murphy


I stood in the middle of the pitch freezing
And not able to feel my fingers
Watching the ref blow his whistle
The battle was about to start
Everyone ready to tear each other’s heads off

At the first score everyone leaped in the air and cheered
Our backs were like the all blacks but
Our pack was slacking as they were lying on their backs
The battle was ours with all the casualties on the opposition’s side

Alex Lane

One Game

I once played a game
With contact that whacked my back
But I gave it my all
The maul and the ball
But I did not succeed
So I agreed that that it was over me

Conor McGinn

This is Where

This is where I go for a game of ball
This is where I go from 8:45 to 3:30 everyday
This is where I go to get rest after a hard day
This is where I can socialise with my friends

Patrick McBarron

Cold Friday Morning

Cold Friday morning and the sky is clear
Standing on the field preparing for the battle
Knowing we were going to hunt for deer
The opposition scared like cattle

The whistle is blown and we charge
Knowing there’s no turning back
Getting closer-to the opposition who are large
Realizing we have to be the better pack



From early morning gym sessions
To missing out on drinking sessions
From gruelling fitness
To jersey pulling girls
From getting dropped
To trying to get neatly cropped
The perfect box kick
Oh it’s sceptic
Worries of getting injured
All just to be a winner

Mark O’Connor

The Sound

Wake up at the crack of dawn
To play a serious game of ball
Running on the icy grass
The sound of the crunch under your feet
The full time whistle goes
The sound of dissatisfaction and
The sound of success
Music to my ears

Luke O’Donovan


Rundown buildings,
Businesses closed,
This place used to rock,
It used be chock a block.

Now it’s empty,
Its legacy damaged,
A disgrace to the people,
That once roamed its streets.

Gearoid Mulcahy

A Little Bird

One day there was a bird
Who flew away from the herd
The others flew on
Without a worry
They didn’t realize he was in a hurry
He flew and flew until he got tired
But this little bird was inspired
To become desired
This is a story
About a bird flying away from the herd
Wanting to mean something, to be desired
This little bird was all on his own
But now he has found his true home

Jack Hughes


I hear the crowd
The whistle blows
I catch I run I drop
The boos I hear and no cheer
I stop and feel the fear
Hit after hit after hit I feel no budge
On the line the clock ticks
A minute left and 6 down
Try by the wing
I step for the kick
Dead silence and no faith
I get the kick
I hear the cheers as I won the game

Robert Horgan


Bang to the head
Can’t remember
One more go
Starts next September
30 lads playing on a grass
The pitch is as flat as a sheet of glass


A Wall of Noise

A wall of noise making a rise from the bottom of Sydney Hill.
A dream being fulfilled.
Into the sheds on with the red, final words said.
Up the steps here we go all together in a row.
First whistle blows here we go.
From a scary start to birch in the corner
And red flare goes up acting as our armour.
Before I know the last five minutes are here
And I hear my name beckoned to come off.
Jogging off to the sound of applause handshakes all around.
Job done and onto the next round.

James Morrison