St Kilian’s Community School, Schools Rd, Ballywaltrim, Bray, Co. Wicklow


Gripped between three fingers my pencil lays sharp,
But my page always seems bordered.
My mind can’t flow with beauty like harp,
It’s a small square box with everything locked out.
And my struggles are always there,
Getting the best to stay in without sadness or doubt.
It’s an unfair battle, when I can never rest.
They put me in a cage to try make me the best.
I just can’t take it anymore, creativity shouldn’t be the least.
If they would just let me out, they would soon see,
That everyone get a chance to be what they can be.


In the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
I learned this whilst getting older,
It is much more than skin deep,
Everyone I do meet,
Is beautiful beneath

Beauty is in curves,
There is no need to blur,
Likes and followers
Always onto her,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Katie and Cody

Behind The Smile

I go into school
With a smile on my face
People think I’m happy
But sometimes it’s not the case

If you look sad
I’ll go over and say “Hey”
But just because I have a
Smile on my face doesn’t mean I’m okay

If only people knew
What I was feeling inside
I’ll always have a smile
But the sad face I’ll hide

Dylan O’Toole

I Love and I’ll Love

I love and I’ll love
I met him one winter, when everything in me
Been freezing of sadness
He gave me his hand when I was on the edge of my power

He had blonde long hair, and eyes the colour of the sea,
Beside that he loved to walk.
Lips in cherry colour, his favourite fruit.
Big hands in which he held my whole world.
He read my mind, as his favourite book ”Ana Karenina”
And I was listening to his every word
As he was listening to every song of his Pink Floyd.
He was born in spring,
When the sun warmed everything
And the sun in him forever warmed me.

He loved to watch the town,
That grey surface full of people rushing somewhere
And to look at every sunset from the roof of his house.
He loved me, as he told me once, but not near as much as I loved him.
He had blonde long hair and his name was Vlado.

Tamara Vuletic


Music is not just words
Music is a way of life that connects the rich and the poor
The healthy and the sick, the popular and unpopular
Music is my way of life
Music makes me feel alive and alike
It connects my physical and spiritual being
Music is a nervous system, a web of harmony and peace
Music is love, music is like a pond
That a drop will turn in a ripple effect that one word will change people’s souls
From darkness and loneliness into light and peace
Music is life,
Music are feelings that artists make song that empathizes with others
Music inspires people to act and feel the way they want
Music is the freedom of speech
Music is not just word
Music is a way of life

Akram Ogunseye


Basketball, the pressure to get the shot.
Art, trying to make it look hot.
School, don’t fail, and be smart,
Only success, it’s not that hard.
Friends, be cool, don’t let you’re not in show.
Don’t talk about guy, they’ll say ”you hoe”.
You’re always fine just go with the flow.
Academic talent, the only one they see.
Music is stupid, don’t waste your time with that.
Let it be.
You cry, they stare,
Can’t hold that in any longer,
Pressure when you’re older.
I wish I was younger.

Weronika Rozcak

Being Me

They tell me I’m not,
They don’t listen to what I have to say,
They say I’m too young to know,
They say it’s just a phase,
They believe in what they think is right,
And believe what I do is wrong,
But I know what is right,
And I know that they’re wrong,
I like girls too
And there’s nothing wrong with that.


No Scars

When I was one my mam and dad split
I don’t really care though I’ll admit,
They still get on,
His not gone.
I’m quite happy with how things are,
It didn’t leave a scar,
It didn’t cancel the moon
Or snuff out the stars.

Katelyn Moloney

Copy and Pasted

They tell us what to do
Instead of letting dreams come true
They put us in a cirque
Tell us to do well in school and find work

One thing in this world that is really funny
Is that they care more about the grades than making money
A lot of talent wasted
In this place where everything is copied and pasted

David Zukrovsk


I didn’t realise how lucky I was before today,
You didn’t think about the things that go on just down the way.

Education, a family, a roof over my head,
And yet some people don’t even have their own bed.

Poverty isn’t funny and it’s certainly not a laugh,
And yet the government don’t even have the decency to ask,
“What can we do to help?”
Cause they seem to think everyone will find a house on Yelp.

Kayleigh Howick

Never-ending Cycle

I wake up to the bitter noise of an alarm or mother.
It was a new day just like any other.
I continue with the same thing I always do.
I then go to the place I always go to.
I then willow my way through the day
Just like I would do any other day.
I then walk the long journey home,
Only to be asked the same question
“How was your day?”
But I always reply with “it was okay”.
But in my head it’s not okay
And I am tired of doing the same things
Again and again.
But this does not help
As I have to do the same things tomorrow again.

Anthony Harte

Learn Early

Starting straight out of Deerpark petrol bombs,
Pipe bombs going through neighbours’ windows.
You have junkies, crack heads,
Everywhere you go.
When looking out your window,
You see thugs dealing and doing drugs.
With people doing drugs it’s not a good community
For kids because they will turn into thugs,
The community around is full of drugs
So while you’re young learn early to not be a thug.

Kyle O’Connor


Bray might be bad
Enniskerry is worse
There’s a few things to do
Playing GAA and drinking in fields
We find places for warmth
No matter how matter scummy they work
My estate is the worst in
Enniskerry 4 or more
Dealing families
Gardaí drive in and out we
Never hear the end
A bus to Dundrum
To try get away from
The local drug dealers
Who walk up
And ask for their money that
You don’t even owe them

Sam Brown

My Life

I like my life a lot,
It might not be the best,
I’m not rich or partying all weekend,
But a lot of people are really nice to me,
Even people who I used to not get along with.

Gavin Gallagher

Another Day

I live in Bray
Today is just another day
Today I go to school
School is not cool
Then I leave
I get home in the eve
I go to bed
This is every day until I’m dead

Jason Stynes

Where I’m From

On the bog hall that’s where I’m from
Got Centra up the road that’s a load of scum
Spend most my life on the owl PS4
And bought a pair of expensive head phones
Just to show I’m not poor, my ma’s a class cook
Makes some chicken wrap
So that’s my poem done so thanks for the clap

Luke McGlone