Davitt College, 9 Lawn Park, Gorteendrunagh, Castlebar, Co. Mayo


Expectations held so high
Better to go with the flow than die
Better than bottle up than cry
For the time to grow up is nigh

And why must I inherit
This land without merit
Infertile land of limestone
Without a word of my own

For I come from a world
Of the lost and the damned
Forced to live for one word
A word called: Man

Michael Fleming

Society’s Mutation

Anger, sadness, a need for validation
She’s becoming society’s mutation
Her soul weeps the tears her eyes cannot,
All her troubles interlaced like a Celtic knot,
She has a loving family who never expect any more,
That she was a beautiful daughter they swore.
But she felt it was a title wrongfully bestowed,
In the end with love fears they erode.



School is a place where we’re supposed to find ourselves,
Find out what we want to do with our lives.
People think they can read us like the open books on the shelves,
But the truth of the matter is that it’s not always emphasized.

How much it confuses a person to find out that what they want to be isn’t what they should,
It makes us wonder if they’re right and know better when they don’t.
Pupil are separated into different groups and are expected to stay there,
But how can we stay in a group that doesn’t define us?

Categorized is the word I’d use,
Because when trying to get out of this invisible box of lies,
You get pushed back while trying to identify,
What purpose you have, what you want to do but no one around wants to listen to you.

They think they know your strengths and weaknesses,
And it makes you wonder how they know.
We’re like the sand on a beach being caressed by a wave of emotion
And that wave also has the ability to change our perspective on life.
Change how we in vison ourselves.

How people in vision you should be completely irrelevant,
But we let they’re words seep into our heads, playing like a mantra.
Don’t let the opinions of others effect you and ask yourself this,
How do I see myself?

Destiny Agboerha

My Greatest Enemy

My greatest enemy,
Always underestimates me.
Says I can never be graced with wealth;
Ironic, the same can be said for himself.

To add on,
He should never be looked upon.
He has no right to insult,
Yet, I cry, as a result.

The worst person I ever met,
Does he even feel regret?
Can I listen to another?
We hate each other,

My greatest enemy is myself.

Cathal Derrig


I sit in class every day
You think I’m the same as you
If only you knew what I went through
The pain and the frustration
Like I was trapped in a cage
The scars I have speak a thousand words
But you never see them
I hide the scars so you won’t judge me
Many teens have the same struggle
But we get called attention seekers
To us it’s the only thing we know
Now those days are far from my memory
And my body is healing
Please help those who are still struggling
Don’t be mad for what they have done


Par for the Course

It’s all in my mind,
To others it’s blind,
“You worry too much” they say
Please help me I pray
Scared of the future
Stalked by the past
History too heavy
Times moving too fast
I laugh on the outside
But die on the inside
I guess that’s the downside
It’s nothing too serious
It ain’t nothing major,
It’s just par for the course
Of being a teenager.



Can you tell me
What is death?
A lonely word,
That’s out of breath.
The dark that falls,
Upon the day,
A distance voice that fades away.
A soundless sound,
That digs deep within,
Yet so loud,
You couldn’t hear a pin.
Death is a word,
That for you weep,
Do enjoy your internal sleep?

Rachel Hunt

Our Demons

Our demons crave their pounds of flesh
Basking in their victories
Crushing our hopes
Gnawing away at our insecurities
Chaining our minds to failure
Allowing ourselves to be engulfed
Our demons dream our darkest hours
A void to a dark comfort
Our minds trapped
Slashing, biting, scratching
When will then leave us be?

Emma Mullahy


Yesterday, heartache and heartbreak
Screaming, crying out for god’s sake
But still, all you ask is “what’s wrong?”
Do you need me to spell it out? To sing a song?

Today, I went home cold, not from the temperature
But because there was something weird and irregular
About the way I sleep crying and wake smiling
I go to school, laugh and joke, hiding and lying

Tomorrow, I’ll shake my head as if it would rid the memories
Of the day before. Slip on my mask, hid the cracks you can see
All is forgotten, for now. I’ll think of the times I didn’t fake it
And I’ll grin and know that one day, one day, I’ll make it.

Roadhan McKenna

Fitting In

What am I doing wrong?
Why can’t I belong?
Does no one see?
I’m not carefree
I don’t have friends
It’s always cul-de-sacs
It will eventually be a win
If I can only work out
How to fit in

Sadhbh Reddington

In School

In school you’re thought that you’re fuel for the economy
That everything must be done in formality
Unfortunately this is the actuality
For those there now are the future of the world
But instead there being taught to follow orders and not use their words
School claims to teach yet detaches creativity
Suffocating all forms of individuality
This is where are cloned.

Joey Ralph

This is Where

There is a place I go to escape the rush
Far away from the crowd, the cries and the crush
Where I create my own expand my knowledge and create
It’s how I learnt to stop taking the bait
This is where I live through memories and make them
It’s also where the nightmares are that I try to get away from
This is where I go when I don’t know what to do anymore
To trap myself in and block out the outdoor
This is where I go to fight and shout
To calm down and stop messing about
This is where I go to be me
The best me that I can be

Abi Kilbane

Love that Lies

After 12 years of smiles, hugs
Love that lies
Hours spent together
2am chats
Deep as silence
Love that lies
Then tried to buy us back
Christmas, birthdays
30 pieces of silver
An x at the end of a five second text
A Botox smile
And all the while
A media’s finger held high
To the sky
When backs are turned

Love that lies


My Winter Storm

My winter storm will go
And there will be no hail or driven snow
The sun will shine and start to show
Thunder will still rain below
For my winter storm
Blows cold and hard
And washes away what’s true
My winter storm
Is raging wild
Raining down for you

Bethany Doocey

Evolution’s End

We are nothing but a spec
The universe is unlimited and compared to it
We are nothing stop worrying about the petty things in life
Just live because that is truly our only purpose as a human
We have evolved negatively not efficiently
Just survive and then you will truly experience life
Not this sad media evolved world
Where you care more about the Kardashians than yourself

Kevin Cristea

Tengo Poco

Tengo poco, y eso es lo major que tengo.
Porque es poco pero es tan esensial.
No me me hace falta ni dinero ni joyas para ser feliz.
Ojala nunca te abrazen por ultima vez,
Ojala siempre te haceztasen por primera vez
Y entiendes que todos merecemos bien.
Ya que somos circunstancias que no pudos elegir.

Lilo Andres

All in the Life

I’m sick of trying, outlining and rhyming
To find the “perfect timing”.
For what I say,
To explode my thoughts
And fire the gunshots
All for it to happen again.

My patience is rising,
My friends are down sizing
And it’s truly mesmerising
How fast people can change.

Whether its boys, toys “you’re making too much noise”,
It must be pretty hard,
Bitching, mitching and sometimes ditching
It’s all in the life of a young teen.



Once upon a time there where happy smiles yet tears seemed to scar their faces.
They smiled yet inside they were dying
Because they were so tired of trying and lying
About being okay while they continue to struggle each and every day.
Why do we lie?
Why do we deceive?
When all we really want is to believe that maybe we do mean something,
Maybe we are here for a reason,
It’s just that we can’t seem to see why.
Why do we hide that we’re dyeing inside?
Is it because that maybe we’re just hoping that along the way
Our hopes, dreams and our lives will be modified in such a way
That we won’t feel this way anymore?
Maybe that is why but who knows
Because our feeling and lives change just like the tides
Why can’t we just accept that it’s human to not be okay all of the time
And that it’s our vulnerability that truly makes us strong?

Shannon Crouch

Same Old News

Locked away with all these fears
Locked away with all these tear
Locked away with cut off ears
Locked away from all my peers

Torn apart by rape mistake
Torn apart by anorexic ache
Torn apart by drug abuse
Torn apart I’ve lost my muse
Torn apart on the booze
Torn apart that’s the same old news

Annabelle and Ruairí

She Dances

She dances because she loves ballet
But every time she is on her way
She thinks about the problems she has to face
And the hard work and all the ace
The only thing that keeps her in the race
Are the feelings she gets when she is on the stage
Her biggest dream is to make it to the first place
In the whole world where so many people
Have the same grace

Paula Volkmer

Every Day

I go to school
I go to work
Every day my body hurts
I try to smile
I try to laugh
Every day I dig through dirt
Why do we do what you tell us to
You destroy what’s mine
It truly IS the world’s worst crime

Shane Dyra


Her eyes like shining stars, full of hope,
That smile that makes any problem fade away,
That voice that makes you feel okay.
Even in the worst of times,
But she’s a poem,
And you’re just a thought.

Wioletta Pachela

To Escape

This is where I go to escape,
No longer hiding behind a cape.
Watching up at the summer sky,
Watching the birds as they fly.
Thinking about how life will be,
When one day I will be free.

Rachel Callaghan


Life is bright but also dark,
Like the story of Noah’s ark.
There’s a beginning but also an end,
And it’s a journey through every bend.
Some bends might be treacherous,
Made that way by people that mess with us.
Even though obstacles stand in your way,
Life will give you another day.
You have to keep fighting along the track,
Until the end when things fade to black.

Thomas Talbot

What I Hate about Girls

They have two faces
And travel in packs
They gossips in bathrooms
Behind our backs
They huddle in corners
In shadows at school
Make friends into enemies
Just to be cool
This is where I get an education

Aireann Ginnelly


Music is a way of life
A language and a map
To wonder into other worlds
The minute you plug in your earphones
And play your first song
When the lights go out
And your mind switches off
You let yourself go
Some dance, some walk
And some just sit
Music lets you feel in control
You are one with the song
You feel it come to life
It breathes
It has a pulse
Music is a way of life

Tara Walkin

The World

People are blind
But they think they’re refined
One little comment
Can make a world shatter
But to them
Opinions don’t matter
If the world could be free
And people agree
Everyone’s friends
And they make amends
Then the world would be free
In time for tea

Sadhbh Reddington


Travel to the place where we can breathe
Fill our desire we wish to aspire
The world we live in is like a book
And those who do not travel read only one page
You cannot travel to escape yourself
As you always travel with yourself
But remember to travel to the place
Where we have enough space
Work without race
With no tension on that pretty face
Never let a coward hold you back
Because life is way too short for eejits like that
And those who try will live nothing
But a sad life crying bout yours
And never getting enough of feedback

Ciara McManamon


One’s family can be the precious thing of all time,
Brothers and Sisters are partner in crime,
Mothers and Fathers protect their child,
Reminiscing on old time, then smiled.

Arguments break out,
And then they’re in doubt,
About ones loyalty to one another,
When problems resolve
It’s rarely forever.

Saylawla Say

New Barbed Challenges

Each day covered with new barbed challenges
Each new subject gets harder and harder
Trouble happens time after time
Conflict and rows, arguments spiral
Friendships drown after time.
Sometimes the world keep turning without you
In the meanwhile you are having tough times
You feel alone in this big world
With no one that can help you
Because you are just an small part
Of an amazing puzzle that is called world.
You are always trying to fixed
Between all that pieces that you
Think they are perfect because
The way they are or how they look
But no one is the same or perfect.
Just forget all that people and think
How to go over all that challenges
By don’t making the same errors again
Solve that problems with that person
Or just be a better person
The most important thing is that
The people around and you are happy
And having smiles on their faces

Alejandro De La Flor


How can we know before we go
The whistling, the slagging and the bragging about a hoe,
What can she do when she is just pressured and afraid
She is teased and shouted at
Her eyes weep and skin fades
Her beauty is all becoming a phase
But what can we do for her
When she is not brave

Katie Dowling

The End Nearby

Global warming;
Plastic warnings
No one heeds;
Continue misdeeds.
Government’s fussing
They’re doing nothing.
Its insanity;
There’s no planet b.
The end nearby,
The last goodbye.

Enda Harrigan


You will see mum I changed a lot
I fixed lots of my faults
I learned that sometimes the best answer is silence
And that the guy that helps you one day the next day runs away

I always have had a lot of dreams
But they are difficult to achieve
They remind me of the moon
Because I see them close but they are far away

There also were a lot of things I was afraid of
But I passed them
When I realised all of them things were on my brain
I am quiet confused nowadays
Because I don’t know if I can trust my friends


The Morning’s Gone

The morning’s gone, no man knows
Is so lovely that it sets to right
One morning through a lake,
When life was sweet
Every time I was on it I always feel I am on my own
Every day I go home I feel so not myself
As when a sleeper there but to do and die
Then he looked at the host that had halted he knew not why

Kne Lee

7 Days

1 life 1 day 1 hope 1 love
2 chances 2 pairs 2 dreams one couple
3 musketeers 3 edges on a triangle 3 truths yours his and reality
4 years in a college course 4 Days till Monday 4 questions to be answered that never will be
5 eyes 5 deaths 5 chances for anew 5 hearts IPhone 5s and yet no one has a clue
6 years in a prison many call school.
7 days that is compiled by all this craz

Ana Mchale


School makes me tired,
So much effort required,
I rather be at home,
And spend time on my phone.

I hate it so much,
It’s like double Dutch,
Can I go home?
And just be alone.

Jonathan Quinn


Them two faced stabbers are always there
Only talk when they want something
Them two faced back stabbers always up for a rant
Always a shoulder to cry on
Them two faced back stabbers always giving each other outfits
Those two faced back stabbers aren’t so bad

Maeve Jennings

Boy or Girl

Whether you’re a girl or boy it doesn’t make a difference
We will sometime travel in a distance
Some can be tall, small but always give it your all
Cause you only got one life so live it while you can
Go out enjoy it meet a girl maybe even a man
Embrace your true self
See your true beauty
Go out in the world
And shake that bootie

Michelle Kearns

Deep Down Inside

I am cocky,
I am brave,
I get all the girls,
That’s what they say,
A big boy they would say,
But deep down inside,
I have no friends,
No real friends.


Here I Stand

Here I stand, ready to battle.
Our defenders ready to block and tackle.
Our strikers yearning of swerving the ball in the net.
Here I stand with my eleven brothers looking at the other eleven suckers.
They do not know how we got here the pain and strife
That we had to endear.
We overhear there eleven say
“Sure are we playing the under 10s today.”
Clearly a reference to my height though it did not fill me with fear or fright
It made me want to work that much more just so I could see us win this war.
And In the end we prevailed and the other team failed.



Didn’t want a battle,
Yet you declared war,
Each knock you gave me made me stronger than before,
I will not give up…



Why the cake?
Why the crumb?
Why the deaf?
Why the dumb?
Why not speak out and change the way,
Just go and seize the day.

Keith Mulchrone


I woke up this morning feeling fine,
I’ve got absolutely nothing on my mind,
I went to school where the teachers rule
And I thought about anything but the history of Blackpool.
All I am doing is dreaming of being the best,
While others are so stressed that it’s hurting their chest.
My report card is full of fails,
Which is why in school I’m called a dummy.
But in my heart all I care about
Is what they call the beautiful game.

Luke Conway

We Battle

They toss me the ball
The extremely long hours
To make the opposition topple like towers

We jump in the line
We call the call
Hoping the pack pings out the ball

The backs play now
Time for the speed
For all that hard work
For now our teams in the lead

Harry Foy

Soccer Star

The goal was gaping
The ball was waiting
If I was a foot taller would the ball be smaller
Could I earn the dollar and drive a super car
But that is the dream of the ultimate superstar
Could I be better than all
And earn a recall
If I score this goal with all my control
Could I become a superstar
It would be bizarre to be the superstar