C.B.S. Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Don’t Fit In

When you don’t fit in with the “popular kids”,
They force their ways on you or ridicule you.
They judge you on your appearance rather than personality.
They can’t accept change cause it’s not in their vocabulary.
They are like sheep,
They follow the rest of the herd.
After every single last word,
Constant mocking and teasing.
They are just ignorant
And don’t understand.
Don’t change your ways,
Don’t fit in.

Tristan Norman

The Best Days of your Life

When hobbies turn to addictions
And your likes are different to others
And your problems are judged
By the problems of people whose lives were different to yours
You are told that these are the best days of your life
But all you can think of is things that you are told are non-productive
And soon you start to feel that you cannot think your own thoughts
You can’t create your own unique creations
You eventually believe that imagination is temporary
And is lost at a certain age.
You are told that these are the best days of your life
But you can’t help but to disagree.

David Lenane


Hold on,
Stay up,
Don’t sit there as the pressure builds upon
Some days you could be beaten to a pulp.

Stop that’s wrong,
This is the way it is done,
Some days may seem very long
It’s too late to catch up because
Everyone else has already begun.

Do it how it’s done in the system,
Your punished for having an imagination,
They say it’s about your wisdom
But it does not help with stuff like your communication.

After the day, you come home hours later,
Pressured with extra work,
Some of the days are greater
And remember not everyone is a jerk.

James O’Callaghan


A life cut short,
Much too soon,
Her eyes which shined like the moon,
Her last breath taken just before noon.

Her children, left behind,
Nothing could be done; her fate had been signed.
For years, her condition declined,
The years ahead would be a grind.

Scott Lennon

Teenage Days

Teenage days
Sleeping In
Parents constantly in your face
Giving out about not cleaning
Study seems endless
Teachers are horrendous
Getting rejected
Classmates neglected
Drugs turn into hobbies
Chilling in youth club lobbies
They say these days are the best
But they seem a lot tougher than the rest

Joe Lenane

My Struggle

On a stormy night all was quiet,
Lying in my bed thoughts going through my head,
The thoughts of school at 9 sends shivers down my spine,
Suffering with a condition the teachers have suspicion,
Falling asleep in class wishing I could get a bypass,
The pain is insane insomnia and sleep apnea.

Tristan Loftus


My only regret is being too weak to tell people they were wrong,
They were wrong because I’m not an idiot.
I’m a genius in the eyes of everyone.
But I was too weak.
Too weak that when my grandfather passed it sent me into a place
That i wish i never was; my granddad was everything to me.
He always made me happy but he was no longer hear.
I told myself that I needed to move on.
Soccer became something I used to deal with the pain.
I learned that my weakness was no weakness,
It was strength to stand up to people,
Who would want to knock you down to a place
That nobody should have to go to.
People like that are like savage mongrels,
The only thing they understand is the pain they leave,
With no care about the consequences of their actions.
But I know this pain but I choose to ignore it
And it makes me the better man.

Mark McGuire


Secondary school is horrible,
If you wear glasses, walk funny
Or your teeth aren’t perfectly straight,
You get called names like inbred or freak.
I’ve seen people be called gay
Because they got a part in a play.
If you are from a different background from others,
You get teased for where you came from,
I’ve experienced this from a person i thought was nice,
I grew up with this person and they started at me.
Adults say these years are the best.
Ya right.


My Life

Playing matches every Sunday
Training every Tuesday and Thursday
Practicing every other day
I want to be the best
So I put in the effort
This is what I want to do
I always give 100%
This is my life

Tommy Hyslop

I Wake

I wake and make my bed
And then I eat some food to get fed
I feel tired due to my morning mood

Dinner will be a buffet
I take out my guitar and in my room, I will stay
Before I go to my computer and games all day I will play
While listening to 12 year olds scream that I’m gay

When I get tired I will stop
Before onto my bed I will flop
Into the blankets I will fall deep
Before I finally ended up in sleep.

Tomás McGrath

Ready for Battle

We all sat in the dressing room
Ready for battle
The manager hoping we’d give them a rattle
We were focused on the game
And we dreamt of the fame
For when the time would come
And I’d be the one
To lift the cup in the sky
And ‘up the Deise’ I’d cry

Niall Dalton


Sitting in the dressing room
Thinking of the first tackle
The sound of his leg bending backwards like a crackle
Screaming at the scrum half to pass the ball
Running head first into a maul
It’s a massive brawl for that ball
My teammate gets the ball and goes AWOL
Crashing down into the muck
During the ruck, the scrumhalf passes to the winger
Running as fast as a gunslinger and scores



From Shankly to Rafa we’ve followed our team,
Rome to Istanbul we’ve all lived the dream,
Our journey is long, but our goal stays the same,
To keep for our children, the famous red name.

Wherever we are, wherever we stay,
Be sure the Kop will seize the day.

For this is our destiny, our passion and pride,
Liverpool Football Club,
The world’s greatest side.



I like to play sport.
Last year in football we came in fourth.
I hate playing basketball in the court,
I’d hate to play it if I was short.
Hurling is my favourite sport,
This year we have a good minor team,
Winning the county final is the dream.
Our clubs on the way up,
Hopefully at the end,
We’ll have the cup.

Cian O’Gorman

The Match

15 lads going mads with hurleys
Your heart starts pumping when you put on that jersey
30 men trying to get the ball
All fun and games until the brawl
Training all year for this game
And if we win we have the fame
If we lose this match it’s the end of the year
Then to the pub to get some beer

Seamus Fitzgerald


I like playing sport
Even though I’m short
Especially football
Because there’s always a brawl
And also soccer
Because I’ve a lot in my locker
I play on a tennis court
So ya I like all sports


All my Life

I have been a Liverpool fan all my life,
I have been there through the struggle and the strife,
But we will really shake them up,
When we win the Premier League
Because Liverpool are the greatest football team.

From Salah to Emre Can,
A worldwide famous man
For me I’m very keen,
That we will achieve the dream,
Of being the best club, the world has ever seen.



I love to play soccer
I once scored a half way line shocker
The keeper started crying
He was in the dirt lying
He must have felt like dying
I’m a poet
And I know it

Matthew Walsh


I like all kind of sports
Anything that takes my fancy
Hurling would be my favourite
I’ve been playing since I can remember

Ben Power


I went on my holiday; the sky was grey.
It was a dull Monday on my way to the airport,
Luckily, I did not forget my passport,
But I forgot my suitcase it must have been misplaced.
I had to race to the place where my flight was delayed,
I had a awful fright, my clothes were skin tight.
We got on the plane, I was going insane
Because there was a pain in my brain.
There was a man called Wayne, he was very vain.
He was from Ukraine, he bought a lot of champagne.
He then got a migraine, I was happy when he felt pain.
The food was crude, it tasted like glued seafood that was barbecued.
The flight was over and now I was sober.
I then went to spend all my money on a giant chocolate Easter bunny.

Callum and Sean