Virginia College, Rahardrum, Virginia, Co. Cavan

Vicious Cycle

She’s stuck in a world where everyone is better than her,
Smarter than her, prettier than her, braver than her,
Funnier, kinder, superior.
She cries every night, hoping and praying that she would be like them.
The cuts and scars on her wrists, hidden by her long sleeves are deserved,
They are physical and mental proof that she is just not good enough for today’s society.
This world she is trapped in is her brain – the most spectacular thing,
Yet the most dangerous thing when it’s let wander.
She thinks like this because all around her people are photoshopped
To perfection in the media, caked with makeup,
Hiding behind a mask of “perfection”.
Fake. Everyone is fake.
Behind that picture is a lonely girl looking at the picture of herself
She just spent two hours making worthy of posting,
Trying not to make herself look like a goddess, but to just look presentable.
It’s no longer okay to leave the house, interact with anyone
Without a layer of protection to hide ourselves from the world.
What she doesn’t realise is that those girls hiding behind those masks,
Those girls too afraid to truly be them are inspired by her,
They can only wish that they were as confident, pretty, funny, smart, important as her.
Society is a vicious circle where nobody is happy.
The sooner that people realise that
The sooner people can experience true happiness.

Hannah Cooney

Blinded by You

I’ve seen you in the hallways,
I’ve seen you in the parking lots,
Holding hands with someone new, she has her arms around you.
You smile and you laugh, while you’re taking pictures with her,
I have to act like I’m not jealous but you know that it hurts.

My girls tell me to ignore you, but you’re always on my mind.
I put my make up on in the morning, and pray you’ll come say hi,
But you don’t see me because your love has you blind.
I guess I move on, but I’m so lost and alone
But I have later realised. I don’t need your affection,
I just wished I had always known.

Ava Lynch

No Definition

Take me as I am,
Or don’t take me at all.
Turn around, walk out the door
And don’t expect a call.

Not beauty and not the beast,
I won’t be your early morning tea.
If it’s stability you’re looking for,
Look at anyone but me.

I’m not one thing or the other,
I cannot be defined,
Be prepared ‘cause with me you’ll get
Happiness and sadness combined.

Eva Osborne

My School Life

The insight into my school life
That most parents and teachers don’t understand.
The different image you need for school to meet expectations
Is higher than any teenager can achieve.
The girls have little freedom with their appearance,
Their hair and make-up all neat and natural,
The limit on piercings clearly visible.
Except that one person who was just known as weird.
The self-consciousness and vulnerability about fitting in.
I realize at the end of my journey,
That being myself is all I’ll ever need

Aimee and Kacey

Those Were the Days

Back in 2005 when all was easy,
I would walk into school with a smile and all was breezy,
I was greeted by the teacher and she put me in my seat
Then we played games with our friends and I thought life was neat.
Fast forward fifteen years when I wish this was easy
Books and essays and every girl was called sleazy
The pressure to be perfect, the pressure on our grades
I felt like my life was slipping down the drain.
Tell your parents that I’m struggling but I’m the one to blame.
Those were the days.

Shannon Barkey

My Dad

When I was born, he was there
He chose my name and stroked my hair
All throughout my childhood years
Things were getting worse, but then came the beers
He was gone by the time I was six
I was confused because there was no conflicts
He left us alone, me my mum and my brother
He came to visit and after three months there was another
He would come four times a year
And i would pretend that I hadn’t spent nights with my eyes full of tears
He has forgotten how to be a father
But it’s not really his fault that he just didn’t bother
I don’t know how to talk to him
And all I want is to learn to swim
In the pool of my own heartache



I think about in when I’m in bed
Anxiety eating away at my head
Insomnia taking away my ability to sleep
And I try to count sheep.
I’m still awake the next morning and it all gets a lot
I stop and I freeze mid thought
And I can’t breathe, I wheeze, please
But nobody can hear me in my unease,
My heart is beating loud
And I can hear
In my ear, a crowd
Laughing and crying and there’s a ringing now,
I’m on the floor now, I don’t know how
And I’m crying but I can hear a knocking
And suddenly mum is there and she’s talking
And I can breathe and everything is bright
But its okay, everything is alright.



Back in the day,
Outside we would play,
Not a care in the world,
Unlike today,
Grades, looks
Always studying from books,
Never have a chance
Constantly at mass,
Endless nights in the park,
Afraid of the future,
Afraid of the dark.

Kyla Henry and Holly Bradshaw

She Cried

She cried.
I could do nothing but try,
She told me her story
I could say nothing but sorry

She told me about her bruises
I was so confused
She was normal to me
How could this be?

He drank
Their bank account was blank
She had nothing
I had everything

I wanted to share
No one else cared
She was scarred for life
While her mother and father
Were as high as a kite



Sixteen, time of mislead, misunderstood
She’s quiet, reserved wish someone could
Listen, just listen is that a crime
Or is she just taking up someone else’s time

Caught up in gossip is every girl ever
Anything and everything like they have nothing better
Boys and dresses
Makeup and guesses
This is the life of a teenage girl

Megan Sheridan


More Than

More than six feet tall
I’m more than six feet tall
But sometimes I fall
And all I can do is get back up,
Always runner up
Fight or flight
While people lose they’re right
Thinking it will never get better
Nothing more than a settler
This divides us
Making us cautious
I’m more than six feet tall
There’s always another wall
It never gets easy
Always feel uneasy
What’s the difference between us and them?
People dying just touching ten
For other people’s personal gain
That’s just life
Don’t even get that knife
Cause it causes pain
Like a hurricane
It just sucks you up
And it screws you up
It’s not effective
That’s just my perspective

James Ahearn

The Game

A cold morning and a roar of a crowd
The huddle for our war cry on this battleground
The 15 v 15 stand proud and tall
Building nerves hear a whistle and a kick of a ball
The familiar sounds of an 80-minute brawl
When it comes to an end of blood sweat and tears
A strange and beautiful sight appears
The two become one and friendships become clear
Friends who are opposition, together, laugh and cheer

Jack Vaughan


Nine people in a gaff,
Always good to have a laugh
Scrounging for cash to pay for lunch,
Realities of life pack a hard punch.
Sharing a room, no privacy.
Parents trying to get a degree.
Paying for trips and the newest fad,
To give me the life they never had.

Kaitlin Seavers

Always the Same

Animal testing,
Cruelty and pain,
Rush hour traffic,
It’s always the same,
Terrorism and violence,
Division and hate,
Pointless delays,
Fake free state.

James Wilson

In the Zone

I stand there on the football pitch, awaiting the game to start.
I am nervous, afraid, I feel the harsh pumping of my heart.
The whistle blows, the ball is thrown,
Everyone is in the zone.
The ball falls between my arms,
I hear the coach shout, I try not to feel alarmed.
I run and run, but I am surrounded,
I feel a push and a shove, I try to stay grounded.
I feel the adrenaline rush through my blood,
All at once it comes like a flood.
I look up, kick and I score,
The crowd erupts like a lion’s roar!

Clodagh Smyth

I Wake Up

I wake up tired
Hungry and uninspired
The bus windows are frozen over
And my head is heavy on my shoulders
I can’t stop my eyes from closing
Self-conscious of my dozing
The school is sleepy and bleak
My body feels slow and weak

Aine O’Reilly

What I do Best

Football is what I do best
I was born out in the north west
I show what I can do on the pitch
It’s like someone has flicked a switch
I play to win
I make my opponents spin
The aim is to score goals
You need to get the ball between the two poles


My Hun

The one I let go
Been through a lot
But thought about the not
Then I found the one
Who became my hun
Always on my mind
She was so kind
We would chill all day`
Sitting with my bae
She was everything to me
And always will be
She was my city girl
I was her fake Dub
Even though I lost the one
She will always be my hun

Craig Finnegan


Gaelic is life
I’ll be playing it in the afterlife
Gaelic is what I do best
To go out and represent the Ramor crest
To defend the goal
Beside my best friend
To win championships
And go get a bag of chips



Virginia R.F.C is the place to be
But it is no cup of tea
Hard work and dedication
Aspiring to play for the nation
Carrickfergus and Enniskillen
They are the real villains
End of year cup final
And a kick to win it
With a beautiful spiral



Killinkere is the place
No matter what your race
Black or white green or yellow
It’s the place to chill and mellow
Full of grass
It’s really class
It has all you need
And it’s close to Meath
Two pitches and a chapel
It’s even better than an apple
Some fat weird old men
And a chubby guy called ben.



My name is Kieran,
All I do is free run,
Jumping from building to building,
Going through the air like I’m gliding
Running from the police,
Doing it like it’s a breeze,
Or a walk in the park,
Police want to come at me?
Don’t even start.

Kieran Finnegan


I got you stuck off the realness
We be the infamous, you heard of us
Official Queens’s murderers
The Mob comes equipped with warfare

Shane Lynch


There’s a cold dark corner
In the back of my room,
It speaks to me
And says I’m coming for you.



My name is billy
And my area is hilly
This poem is silly
I can’t rhyme
It takes a lot of time

William Burke

The Place

Cuchulainns is the place
No matter what the race
When we loose
We go on the booze
When we raise the cup
The crowd goes yupppp