Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont Rd, Beaumont, Co. Dublin

Speak Out

When we’re vulnerable,
We seek for affection,
To feel a little better.
But yet the ones who speak out,
Are claimed to want attention

Why do we stay in hiding?
Afraid they’ll deny our feelings,
“No you’re just sad, get over it,” they said,
But you have no clue
What I see to get through the day.


4 Years

It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen your face,
Or since I felt your warmth and laugh,
But I can still feel you around,
Are you proud of me at all?
Or am I just a disgrace?
But every day is longer
A rough and slower pace.
I just want to know you’re happy,
No longer in agony and pain
Is it weird I still feel you around
Or am I just going insane?
So wherever you are or whatever you’re doing,
I just want to know you’re here
Even though it’s been so long,
Even though it’s been 4 years.

Chloe Smyth

You Sit There

You sit there, complaining about your
“First world problems”
At night, just like insects and goblins
Trying to still be livin this life
Children, husbands, and wives
Livin in the wildlife
Hustlin and bustlin to survive
One small change, one voice
With a million ears
Can make the right choice
Don’t be afraid
It’s not too late
One small change
Can save the world

Karylle Cabreza


You don’t have to be nervous
Nothing bad will happen
You won’t mess up or stutter when you read
They just want to listen
They won’t make fun of you
Because of your opinion or questions
They only care about what you have to say
Express yourself through whatever you want
You don’t need to prove to them that you’re good at it
That you can do it
If it’s what you want to do, do it.
The only thing stopping you – is yourself
Show them who you want to be
Who you really are

Emily Gorman


If you could feel what you make us feel, you would stop.
If you could hear the sound of our anxiety, you would stop, and also be deaf.
If you could feel the burning we feel when eyes are on us, you would stop.
If you knew anything at all, other than what you think is funny,
You would hate yourself as much as we hate you.


Damn Trump

Everything that I am, you attack.
Maybe you are afraid,
Maybe you are so dense
That basic human rights offend your existence
So much you’d help walk with us to our ropes, guns, blades,
Than show some compassion.



One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead men get up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other.
Drew their swords and shot each other,
Two dead men I’ll tell you no lies,
A scar for a mouth and two sockets for eyes.


Walking no Talking

Walking down the road at night,
Getting a feeling of fright,
Looking back and no one is there,
That feeling on your back of an evil stare.

Quickening your speed,
Knowing you’re still in the lead,
The feeling of unfair,
Because you know no one is there.

Nearing your destination,
There are no sounds of conversation,
You whisper to yourself you’ll be home soon,
“No, you won’t,” snapped back the moon.

Megan Roddy

Telling You

So they’re telling you that you’re gay
You can’t pray
So you can’t devote your life to God
Because it’s flawed
What’s wrong with two girls holding hands?
Would it affect the plans you had for them?
Did everyone go to pride
Or were you just passing by?
There’s nothing to hide
It’s a protest but we’ll fight for your rights



We’re not “too sensitive”,
We’re sick of the wold treating people like crap.
I’m sick of more people relating to depression
Than the stories we read in school.
I’m sick of people telling me who I am,
What I can or can’t do,
And who I can or can’t love.



Summer days at the beacon consisted of multiple things,
Sun burn, fun, sand in places it shouldn’t, lectures from my mother.
A repeated phrase when I tried to leave with my little bucket of seashells
“Take nothing away but good times and leave nothing behind but footprints.”

But who’d have thought that would mean the very same when you left.
Taking the daily cheers, sniggered laughs,
Perry lectures and amazing times when it ended.
But left the life lesson, aspiring female outlook
And the missing thoughts imprinted on my mind and heart.
But not like sand,
Because it’ll take a lot more than a reckless wave to wash all of that away.

Alannah Egan


Nations divided by the tick of a ballot card,
Putting power in the hands of a reckless man
Who lives to please the minority not the majority.
Making America great again,
Through fear and oppression,
Leading the world through the force of aggression.

Women still marching the streets,
For the rights that have been denied by the men in our government,
Singing for equality and being answered with a cruel silence.

Nicole and Sophie

My Life

My life isn’t perfect,
But I don’t want to be called names like runt, slut or vanny.
I’m a girl, but I’m not a slut.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and I fall in love too easily.
My mom is raising me by herself along with my brother.
I praise her every day for her hard journey through life.
At the age of 19 she gave birth to me.
The only name people called me was the flee or accident.
Her belly grew as did her love.
All alone with a baby in her arms, her mother died.
Cancer being her killer found its way to her husband.
A year later she thought she found the one.
After her second child, her father died and her lover finding another.
Alone with 2 children the world fell upon her weighing a ton.
Living with her sister her heart strengthened.
Moving out the family of 3 had gotten through
People coming through like a stampede,
But unlike Mufasa,
We fell but got back up.


Grim School

Teaches you maths,
You’re never going to use,
X+3 does not equal life,
It won’t get me a job,
Money or buy me a house.
The system is messed up,
Don’t talk about your feelings,
Talk about the setting of a story,
In Irish learn a chemical equation.
Why doesn’t school teach me
How to deal with depression, grief, anxiety?
The teachers say the Junior Cert prepares you for the Leaving Cert,
And the leaving cert gets you the points
To do a course in college.
Then there’s college,
Staying up late to finish an assignment,
So I can leave college and get a job,
But how do I go to an interview,
What should I wear?
School never taught me that.
Maybe I should talk about Martin Luther
Because that’s what I learned in school,
And it’s not my fault the system is messed up.



I always play ball,
And always fall.
If I hurt my knee,
My mam would flee.
I want to get new boots,
To help me shoot.
When I win, I lift
Up my chin.



Starlight star bright,
First star I see tonight,
Wish I may wish I might,
Wishing on that,
Star in flight.



I was 13
Two days sick to stomach the night before
How would it be?
Drink, parties, what? pubs every night?
But my phone?
Seriously When was it gonna stop…
I changed my password 3 times,
Told me you were calling Emma
Tried getting a flight myself,
I wanted to leave,
You said you were sorry,
But only when you were drunk
I finally made it home, safe
But the aftermath, so much crap.
Court, passports
Your number blocked
Out of my life.


The Mother

Demon at night
Angel in the light
Whenever I got in a fight
She would always be there to bite
In the morning she gives me a warning
“Gerrup n gerrout”
I rolled over bed
Feeling quite dead
From the night before
When I fell to the floor
Heavy night.
I always remember the night
Cos of the fight
The swinging of her jaw
Got us in trouble with the law
She came up the stairs booming
Cos she was fuming
Although we had a fight
Everything’s alright
The mother.

Cara Beggs, Ciara Reilly, and Hannah Walsh