Loreto Secondary School, Saint Michael’s, Athlumney, Navan, Co. Meath

My Mind

My mind is a war
Between both sides of my brain
One side’s shining white, clean and ambitious,
Full of scientific hopes and secure job opportunities
Lab coats, microscopes, no room for dopes
Pages and pages of black and white text
At the end of the month a guaranteed cheque

Other side’s crazy
Technicolour dreams and acid house music
Metal-studded leather vests
Ox-blood Docs, ready to kick
My pen is a weapon and a blessing
Heroes and villains spill from the nib
Vibrant panels and 2 page spreads
The shred of a guitar, scratch of a pencil
Experiment results and 4 year degrees
My mind is a war, but which side will win?

Ellen Lee


The clenched jaw
That trapped words
Like butterflies
And bit their wings
And spat them out
To fall lamely at your feet.
The flickering eyes
That passed loving figures in a crowd
And saw faceless demons
With their razor teeth, hollow bodies
Eyes that closed and shed tears
And shot daggers at the mirror.
The hands that shook
With clammy palms
And clawing nails
Gripped thumb and finger
Dragging metal
Pulling hair, scraping back beauty.
The mind polluted
A sadness, a parasite
Draining out the body and the being
Of a now-shell-girl.

Muireann Hegarty

This Life

This life we live in is filled with
Boys, girls, men, women
Trying to seem perfect
This society we’re put in
We pass each other by
Not giving them a chance
When they could have been one
That was worth a second glance
We put each other down
Instead of lifting each other up,
Cliques, groups and expectations so high
Because of us.
But if only for a minute
We could try and warm a soul
By giving a smile or a helping heart
Society would be in control

Sophie Dempsey


I run through the door,
Cold walls, concrete halls
She tells me to go left
I run to him, my saviour,
My ordained behaviour.
Told to find her, to run to her.
Like bats in caves,
Slaves to rhythmic darkness.
I must find her
She crouched, sobbing, cruel hobbling.


Famine – Through the Eyes of Markimoo

I hear the cold beeps of machines, these oppressive shackles.
Pipes my skin feeding me the essence of life
But trapping me. I am alone.
The debilitating pain in my chest, not emotional but physical
The coldness of the metal is no more, my body gives it warmth
I can’t let them take it.
The bullet.
They warned me. Begged me. Don’t go to Los Angeles.
But I was deaf.
I heard the shot, I saw it coming.
But not soon enough.
Stay safe.


One Life

One life is all I got,
But, yet, I am still here sitting in school,
The place where all useless information is thought.
A place where our grades define us,
But no one knows us for who we really are.
Everything could end in one split second,
Everything could go black.
In that moment grades won’t matter,
Money won’t matter.
We will only have our good memories,
Our stories from life.
But, yet, I am still sitting here,
While I could be travelling the world,
We’re surrounded by the fear
Of people who are too afraid to chase their dreams.



I come from a society where…
Getting in trouble is considered cool.

I come from a society where…
Putting effort into your appearance gets you slut shamed

I come from a society where…
Social standards are more important than academic results

I come from a society where…
Getting disrespected and mocked has become acceptable

I come from a society where…
Getting disrespected and mocked has become acceptable

I come from a society where…
You are made to grow up quickly yet get undermined

I come from a screwed up society.

Sinead Hannon

Too Young

They say I’m too young,
Too young to make my mind up.
They say I’m too young,
Too young to do anything.

Yet they say I’m too old,
To act like I do.
What do they expect?
I’m stuck in the middle.

I’m too young and too old
At the same time.
No matter what I do,
I do it wrong.
So I choose to do nothing,
Nothing at all.



I guess you could say it was a promise, some kind of act.
She’d give me everything I wanted and all the things I lacked.
It started off so simple, she was like my new best friend.
But now my skin is paper thin and it won’t come to an end.
I wrote another letter to you today,
I’m not sure if you’ll get it
But please let me know when you do.
I left roses pressed against the paper,
So you’d think of me,
And if you don’t that is okay, I’ve got daytime TV
And tea bags to make me feel a little less lonely.
I guess I’m a bit melancholic.
My best friends charged with theft.
She’s stolen you and left,
But if you want to leave I won’t make you stay.



Why did we even come here?
I didn’t ask for this
It’s so unfair
But they don’t care
I have cried so many times
I am sick of those bedtimes
I feel like I live in a cage
Slowly going mad with fits of rage
Every time i get asked by my friends
To go make memories at weekends
I wanna burst into tears
Cause we all know what’s gonna happen when i get home
I sit for ages trying to get the courage to ask
But in the end I fail cause I already know the answer
I feel like it’s limiting me
Why can no one see?
I wanna enjoy my childhood
I don’t wanna waste my youth hood
All I ever needed
Was my freedom…


The School

This is the school that loves individuality
Where looks are irrelevant and what matters is personality.

But before you get excited, just be aware
Life in this school isn’t always that fair

Get rid of those piercings and dont even dare
To wear some mascara or change the colour of your hair

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Free education
£100 for adults, an abomination.


Like it’s your Last

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
We all were born to live a life.
To leave a mark,
To start a spark.
Any day could be your last,
So live your life and have a blast.
Try new things, explore the wild,
Full of spice, not boring and mild.
Do what you love,
Do what makes you happy,
Don’t do stuff to please others,
Be yourself, go absolute nutters.

Orlagh Lally


What is normality?
Is it girls being called pretty?
Is it the sportiest boy in the class?
Is it having the biggest ass?
Is it the girl who is so smart?
Or the boy who has no heart?
Is it the ones who have boyfriends?
I guess it just depends.

Laoise Tobin and Rachel Ward


Sweet sixteen and never been kissed,
First years of your life not to be missed.
Sixteen years in, things starting to look grim.
The false nails and tan,
Out looking for a man.
Late night chats, all about Pats.
‘Ew no’ the words would have you pissed.
Sweet sixteen and never been kissed.



People are pressuring me
Roaring in my ear
Evil is what I call them
Stupid people everywhere
Sure what can you do
Regressive idiots



School is crap
We are forced to remember loads
Of stuff we don’t care about
We are forced to look the same as everyone else
We can’t express ourselves
We are judged by how many facts
We can remember



As girls we put on our tight dress
Only for our night to become a mess
It starts off with drinking, our first vodka shot
Oh the sesh was great, hashtag not.

Halfway there on the bus, pulled over and stopped
Everyone sank in their seats as they were so shocked

Go home, we we’re told, sit down and be quiet
Put your seatbelts on, this isnt a riot

When we got there at last
The queue was so slow

Heels are hard to walk in
All girls know

“Will you meet my friend” is a common question
Thinking I’ll say yes is a misconception

The music is blaring, popping and loud
Oh shit I can’t find my friend anywhere in the crowd

Instagram posts, looking for likes
It was a good night,
Let’s go back to Wrights



I drowned under that boat,
I leaned back and banged on the surface
I could see the light but couldn’t reach it
Then I went under again
I bent over to escape but stopped
I put my arms to the side
And waited.


The Luas

There will be a row
A kickbox pow
If you don’t pay the fare
Be ready for an ugly stare
You may be in danger
If you sit near a stranger
But better than standing
Where you would be in for a crash landing
You may witness fights
Lads as high as kites
Forty winks, really stinks
When you miss your stop
And you’re in for the chop
With your ma has to come for a lift
She’ll be fairly miffed
The dirty floors
The sliding doors
A cheap ride around Dublin
It must be the Luas


Results Nights

The day has come
Makeup is done

Boys are looking fresh
Everyone’s on the sesh

The tunes be playin’
On the dancefloor, we be swayin’

He teaches me how to dougie
We go further than a huggie

That night in September
We’ll never remember

Lauren Burns , Yvonne Kearney, Ailish Lenehan, and Aoife Farrell


I want pugs
It better than drugs
Only thugs
I really like dogs

Nicer than frogs
Japan has smog

I want a spice bag
Not having one is a drag
And a partridge in a pear tree