Bandon Grammar School, Clancool More, Bandon, Co. Cork

Judge and Talk

When people judge and talk
About what’s on the outside
A person’s appearance
Or the way that they walk
Without looking closely
At themselves first
They don’t think about consequence
And what makes it worse
Is that someone always suffers
Not everyone is strong
Not everyone can fight
Those who are wrong
When people are selfish
And do not think in others
They do not realize
We are all sisters and brothers


Create and Destroy

What creates life can also destroy it.
We drink.
We speak.
Water is life.
Words are life.
Water is powerful.
Words are powerful.
People drown in water.
As with water,
You can drown in words.
I have.
I felt the words hit me,
A tidal wave of abuse and torture,
Filling my lungs, my soul.
I wanted to scream,
But the words where engulfing me.
Water washes people away,
Their life taken with it.
I won’t let words take mine.



My soul enclosed in each key,
My heart singing out each note,
I am held captive
Fighting against my own unfolding self
Fighting against my own will
Fighting overpowers me
I become trapped in a dark world
Where the light burns brightest
At the crescendo of each thought


For Months

For months, I watched your silver hairs fall from your head
One by one onto the broad shoulders I looked up to.
For months, I watched your skin turn dull and waxen
After syringes and bags full of colourful poison were pumped into your body,
Killing what was killing you.
For months, I watched the man who taught me to tie my shoelaces
Lose hope as he grew fragile and lifeless.
Until one night I left your bed side, not knowing that that was the last goodbye.
Cancer had taken enough.
And now for endless months I live with the regret that
I never said one last ‘I love you’.
Grandad, I love you.


My Irresolution

What are you expected to do when every step taken
Is in both the right and wrong directions?
I find that in every situation I’m in,
My mind will never settle either way.
It’s not that I’m trying to be special,
I’m trying to be someone I can recognise.
My head has room enough for two
And they have never seemed to get along.

Everything I’ve ever created or destroyed
Has been a dice throw.
I despise AND love everything
I’ve grown to be and yet,
All I can talk about is how I feel
And how things will always change
Because as a sine-wave of emotions
Sometimes I just need things to stay the same.

This piece is dedicated to you.
Someone I have thrown myself into
In hopes that one day,
You can see me bud into the flower
You always knew I would be.
However, every flower has its thorns.
I have to start with me.


How Bad Things Are

If only you knew how bad things are,
Leaders with no sanity
A population divided, some shout about “the colonization”
Others are offended by nothing
It’s looking like 1984
And here we are innocents caught in the crossfire
If only you knew how bad things are

Luc Beltoise


Here I sit in this class surrounded by four white walls
A few posters and a board to copy from
Surrounded by blank faces who I call my friends
Next to a girl that means the world to me
Then an adult comes in
To feed me with more crap
And tell me how my life should be lived
And how I should do things even though I never asked
But it was not what I had expected
This person talked to me on my level
He liked my taste of music talked about my sexuality
He spoke what was true to me and made me feel


Between Peace

You are at peace
You are floating through space
Your brain nonchalant
Your body numb
You are completely, blissfully peaceful
And then
Beep beep, beep beep
That sound pierces everything
Like glass violently penetrating
You become aware of the world around
Smells, feelings, from everywhere, sound
You know it is time
You must open your eyes
But this time is your time
And your eyes are a disguise
While they are closed
You are asleep
And while you are asleep
Your life is closed
As soon as there open
You’re admitting defeat
You’ll have start your day
With things to say and people to meet
But you do it
You open your eyes
Together you pull it
And you perform your life
Your life so full of anguish and strife
Then fifteen hours later
You get into bed
You just lived a whole day of your life
You just want to sleep
To sleep
You are at peace
You are floating through space
Your brain nonchalant
Your body numb
You are completely, blissfully peaceful
And then
Beep beep, beep beep


Special Memories

Those special memories of you will always make me smile,
Laughing, smiling, and staring,
With your harsh tone of voice,
You always made everyone feel welcome.

The day you left us,
There was no warning,
Just a silent thought and five weeks of mourning.

I know deep down you are always there,
To keep us safe.
I know you’re in a better place
And there’s no need for me to worry.

I’ll love you always



Some bite their nails
Down through the cuticle,
Until there is nothing left
To worry about.

Some smoke,
Ashes falling on their shoes,
Burn marks on their skin,
Until the stress melts away.

Some drink excessively,
The strong substance
Aching their throats,
Until the world disappears.

But I,
I let myself love you,
Even when you taught me
Not to love myself.

Hannah Ryan


Life is like a set of stairs,
It will have its ups and downs.
You may on the top,
Or you can hit the ground.
But it doesn’t matter how far you go,
Or if you’re slow or fast,
Always try your best,
And life will be a blast.



Why are we pressured into getting good grades?
Why do we compare and nearly always feel worse?
Why can’t we do our best
And just do it for ourselves
Why is there so much stress?
Shouldn’t our happiness be enough
Sometimes it gets all too tough
Next, we start to give up
We won’t care enough
Who is left to pick us up?



You are happy if you can leave home
No annoying siblings, that want always something from you
No parents, that also want something from you,
But a totally different thing – who should remember all that
No reproaches if you don’t do it or do it wrong
Are you gonna miss that when you are away?
Relief – do what you want
Or not
Because they call you – Did you do that? Did you think of those?
Not a chance for freedom, peace, relaxation
But if we are honest:
We miss it after a time
And then you can’t wait to go back
Back to the younger annoying brother
Back to your parents, even if the always demand something
Back to your friends, even if they behave stupid sometimes
Because this is a part of you and your life would not be as great as without them
Because that is HOME.

Juliane Franke

Time Moves too Quick

One minute I was at her house,
Happy, laughing, not a care in the world.
She handed me these slippers,
Matching the teddy she had got me not long before,
I had no idea why, but took them gratefully.
I said goodbye as normal,
With a brief kiss on the cheek and a loving hug,
And without a second thought I left her house.

The next minute I was at my other grandparents’ house without explanation.
Hours passed and mom and dad arrived,
With tears streaming down their face they told me Gran had died.
Shock and sadness overtook me,
Tears began to flow.

It all happened so quick,
Not giving me any time to think.
Days passed,
I went on wishing, hoping it was fake.

To this day I let out my tears,
Because I find it so unfair that,
One minute she was there,
And the next she was gone.

In loving memory of Mary Crowley.

Katie Galvin


I want to scream
Out my bedroom window
But my neighbours might hear
And I don’t want to bother them

I want to scream
Into a pillow
But my mum gave me that
And I don’t want to bother her

I want to scream
At people around me
But I like these people
And I don’t want to bother them

I want to scream
Alone in the woods
But the birds seem so peaceful
And I don’t want to bother them

I want to scream
Into the abyss
But there might be a monster
And I don’t want to bother them

I want to scream
I want to scream
I want to scream
And I don’t want to bother them

I don’t want to bother them

Screaming will bother them

I can’t scream
I won’t scream
I want to scream
I’ll bother them

The people around me
Don’t like it when I scream
Neither do the animals or
The monster in the abyss

My screaming upsets them
Bothers them
Annoys them

It makes them want to scream

I’m not allowed to scream
Because then they should be allowed to
But they aren’t allowed to scream
Because it bothers them

Well they bother me
So I will scream
Do you want to scream with me?


Live Long

Starting off your given nothing
You have to look around
Gain experiences
If you decide against this
Then not long you shall last
If, however you gain the experience
Live long you will
And die happy

Alex Elliott

Unending Cycle of Problems

If all the world’s country were developed
Product prices would increase
Businesses would go out of business
Economies will fail
Government revenue decreases
Redundancy numbers quickly add up
The job seekers benefit list gets longer
Taxes go up as a result
The cost of living would go up
The care for the environment is put aside
This leads to global warming
The standards of living would fall
A balanced diet would no longer a priority
And heat would now be a luxury
There would be an Increase of the homeless
Begging on the streets
There is a division between rich and poor
The country begins to become undeveloped

Shen Lester


The sound of critical voice
They get a choice
But don’t know
Humanity is a privilege, we can’t give in
When they build walls, we’ll build bridges
This is resistance, we’re resilient
When they spread hate, we shine brilliant


Blank Page

I’m a blank page,
I go to school, meet with friends, train
I have problems every week but most are solved
Depression is a word often used but I think its overrated
My problems are big to me but small and pointless to others
Girls are always a problem as they’re often complicated
But life goes on
And I’ll learn on the way



Seen by many,
Spoken by more,
Known by less,
My name spoken without contest.

For good or for bad,
It still drives me mad,
And kinda makes me sad.

But it’s not just me being judged.

Christopher Coomey

Repeat and Repeat

Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat
We are trapped in a ceaseless routine
Deadlines, reports, good grades, bad grades;
But what does it all mean

We already have to deal with all the crap
Life violently throws at us
Appearance, bullying, peer-pressure, not-fitting in,
Does anyone ever fit in?

Mary Linzel and Tom Newcombe


The pressure of commitment is it all just a lie
I push myself, I work so hard but should I even try
“You must work hard to get what you want”
Maybe an age-old lie
But I know no other way so all I can do is try

“There’s only one way to achieve” many people say
“Just work hard”, “push yourself”, there’s no time to play
Maybe the pressure is a must
I want to make it, be the best so all I can do is push

Nick Greene

Idiots at Sea

Waves bashing against the side of the boat
Swinging the crew around the place
The sea pushes them near the coast, near the jagged rocks
We`re moving so fast that we couldn’t stop
We didn’t want to stop
We were home at last

Rob McGarvey

Everything’s Alright?

When the grownups say everything will be alright.
That you’ll grow up and graduate, get a job and a wife
But the planet is screwed up everything is not all right
We live in a world that cares more about what the Kardashians do
While global temperature goes up.
People starve and freeze,
Animals die out
But our next holiday is taking more importance.
How can they look me in the face and tell me
Everything’s alright when clearly, it’s not.

Jack Lynch

Girls and Boys

If girls thought like boys I could understand them
That’s the reason I can’t be romantic.

If girls talked like boys I couldn’t even have peace,
That’s why it is good everyone to have their own personality.

If girls were like boys they would basically be travesties,
That’s why there is sexual orientation in the world.

If girls were boys nobody would exist,
Because there is no reproduction.



A game in which two teams play against each other
By trying to manoeuvre a ball
Into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick.
After a long day’s drudge,
Nothing beats the feeling of
Breathing in the crisp air of the battle field.


The Perfect Place

Cool winds slapping her face
The pure white threads dance in front and behind
The horse’s slick coat gliding across the dusty land
Carrying her through her dreams
Of pure joy and happiness
The calming beat of hooves
The cool sea air
If only it could last forever


The Game

It’s cold
It’s wet
My legs look like mould
We need to win or I will lose my bet
I have just been steam rolled
My house is going up for let
The ref is being very bold
I haven’t been subbed on yet

Jack Walsh