St. Fergals College, Rathdowney, Co. Laois

Unfolding Memories

Slow and bitter days drag passed
Each day seemed longer than the last
Unfolding memories of a twisted past
Of a darker life she used to live
All the tainted love she used to give
To those who just don’t understand
Her longing for undiscovered land

Now the twisted days seem better
Each day unfolds a new love letter
From those who chose to understand
That what comes to pass
Is seldom planned

Samantha Kelly and Rachel Delaney


You were a colourful sunrise,
When I was a dull night sky.
You held your hand in mine,
Forever our souls entwined.

You had those sad eyes,
Dressed in disguise.
Igniting my fire,
For your desire.

Not all what it appeared.
You were ripped at the seam,
An everlasting bad dream.

Tear stained cheeks
Lasting for weeks
Seeing me in pain
Was your only gain.

You were a nasty creature,
No more am I –
Fooled by your feature.

A million sighs
No bidden goodbyes.
Irises finally dry.
I shall no longer cry.

Rebecca Wall

How Come?

Last night while I lay thinking here,
Some “how comes” crawled inside my ear,
And pranced and partied all night long,
And sang their same old “how come” song,

How come I had to get ill?
How come I couldn’t get cured by a pill?
How come our summers are wind and rain?
How come it’s not sunny? such a pain.
How come school is such a bore?
How come we have to stay till near four?
How come loved one’s pass away?
How come we always need them to stay?
How come we live in a world with so many guns?
How come we live in a world with Kim Jong Un?
How come when I look at my phone I feel bitter?
How come Donald Trump is allowed on Twitter?
How come when we play camogie there’s always a hitch?
How come girls never get to play on O’Moore Park pitch?
How come some people don’t have a home?
How come some people are always on their own?

Everything seems well, and then,
The night time “how come” strike again!

Ava and Niamh


In the summer a blistering heat hits,
It curls into your pores and makes you fell sticky,
Gross in your own skin.

It is not unlike the feeling of only you truly knowing you,
Because subtle glances need to be hidden,
Because only you know the truth,
And the truth must always be forgotten

In the summer a blistering heat hits,
It curls into your pores and makes you feel sticky,
Gross in your own skin.

In the summer however you can be yourself,
And the blistering heat,
As it hits your skin,
Is almost like a welcome home.


Our Journey

We awoke blissfully unaware of our destination.
Unanimously, we decided to venture somewhere new and exciting.
The screeching of metal against metal gave us only seconds to decide,
Risk going to the capital or play it safe and spend yet another day in Newbridge.
Of course we took the risk!

What a day, shopping, food, adventures,
The city was beautiful; all it was made out to be.
With the ding of a message, the day turned sour.
To be caught would be the abrupt end of our freedom.
To this day, our journey remains a secret,
One of our fondest memories.



Every mile makes me smile
Because it gets me outside and makes me feel alive
The impossible hills are just like my pills
Because every kilometer counts
The wind in my face always tells my pace
And every hill I go down makes my helmet feels like a crown
Because cycling is my life it’s my ride or die

Jamie Coss


Banks or credit unions.
Who needs it?
People who want to buy flashy cars
Or buy expensive houses
Or just to show off.
So others can be jealous of their power.
Money can’t buy you happiness.


Gun Shots

The sounds of the gun shots blazing,
My heart beat was racing,
As I crawled through the grass,
Seeing dead bodies as I pass,

It was a frightening amount,
To many bodies to count,
There was gun smoke in the sky,
I thought I was going to die,



What is the deal with school?
‘Tis only a place for the cruel.
Doesn’t teach you how to survive in the real word,
Only teaches you how not to be skilled.

No place for the sick,
Nor for a broomstick.
No place for the love,
Nor a place for a man
That wants to wear a baseball glove.

If only school ended when I was a lad,
Then a lot more women I would of had,
School doesn’t even teach me how to pay a loan,
But it does teach me about my own backbone.



I don’t like going to school
Everyone looks like a ghoul
Some people try to be cool
I’d hate to be going to Blackpool
I always feel like a hand tool
It’s like sitting on a piano stool
But most people forget the golden rule
Most people would say its bold in
But I had to get told in
I think it’s all a joke
But then I met a sound bloke
He was some man to smoke
Next thing I know he got a stroke
He was a gas aul yoke
He used to love the town folk
They were mostly brown folk
With an exception of a few clowns
He then had a mental breakdown
He saw a brown with a frown


A War

A war between two teams
The throw in is like a funeral
hurls break with one clatter.
People utter passion comes out
As they roar on their team from the sideline.
The sideline a place that can be like a riot on a street.
A referee can be attack by a shower hooligans
After 60 minutes, peoples’ lives return back to normal


Gun Smoke

As the gun smoke flew over my head
Down dropped Michael, he was dead
My blood was boiling I pumped the man with lead
I slept that night in a hay shed
Thoughts bouncing around my head
Michael couldn’t be dead
In the morning the attack had to go ahead
By evening the streets ran red

Niall Coss and Keilan Kelly

Freshly Cut Grass

The smell of freshly cut grass
On a warm summers day
The team ready to go
The dream is a reality
700 bales later
The sun goes down
20 thousand later
The winter is in
Fuck this game
Never a break
What a year
The bulls soak it in

Denis Meade


There was a dramatic Leinster semi going on
11 minutes 6 points I thought to myself
Can we do it?
Not a thing went our way
But we got a goal
Now 3 down 5 to go
We were on a roll
Got 3 frees draw game
A sending off
A free
We won

Kevin Mulhall