Presentation Secondary School, Outrath Ct, Loughboy, Co. Kilkenny


Why are standards so high?
Why do people feel the need to pry?
Can’t people be themselves?
Can’t you just focus on yourself?
Just leave others be
So they can live care free



In this world we live in,
One cannot find their place,
We are judged for everything we are
Colour, creed or race.
No one hears a lonely cry,
Or sees a weeping eye
No friends, no support,
Sometimes no reason why

Continuous searching for their path
Like a lost boy in Neverland,
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
One has to walk with broken pride
Be who you are, ignore the shame
Though no one understands the pain
Of walking alone through endless wars
Through these darkening corridors.

Lenka Loksaova


Tapping my freshly painted red nails
On the wooden desk
Hoping to pass the time
Class after class
Learning useless x + y x 2
Dressed like everyone else
Waiting like everyone else

Waiting for what?
For life to start?
Or has it already.

Ami Moran Hegarty


Last week, I walked down the street.
It was late at night but an unknown fated night.
I looked to my left and saw a homeless man
Little did I know, he was a local man

I walked by and I cried.
I think a little part inside me died.
He was sleeping rough on the street
And I went home to soften my silk sheets

Guilty is how I feel
But ignorance is how I deal.

Rachel Petcu


Why should I be good?
When you’re never good to me.
Why should I try?
When your expectations are so high.
Why should I care?
When you never even try.
Why do they say no?
Before I ever even try.



Decisions, decisions, decisions
Everyone wants to know
What will you do?
Who will you be?
Where will you go?
Will your life be a rosy mirror?
Reflecting only happiness and light
A dark novel?
Twisting and turning at every point

You give the decisions a piggyback
Until their weight grows too heavy
You’re forced to put them down
Look them in the eye
But still
What if you’re wrong?
What if you’re right?
Decisions, decisions, decisions
Everyone wants to know

Claire Morrison

Too Weak to Stand

I am hunched over on the ground because I am too weak to stand,
The ground is so cold that it burns my skin,
Seeping through the rags that I am fortunate enough to call clothes.
My stomach growls, I have not eaten in days,
I lost count long ago,
The cramps a painful, taunting reminder.
I can see my breath waft around me in errant clouds,
My fingers trembling, purple, deprived of sensation,
Using what little strength I have to clutch my torso,
Seeking warmth from anything.
I can feel my ribs protruding, I know I won’t have long left.
The street is eerily quiet and desolate but the lights are still glowing,
Reminding me of this time of year.
The town have hurried home, eager to see their families.
Tomorrow is the big day.
But not for me.
I am alone, solitary, I have no company,
No one wants to befriend the homeless woman.
I have no money, food, no warmth or shelter.
It has been almost a year now but it does not get easier.
But maybe someday, I will be shown some love.

Rachel McInerney

Fly High

As I stand and time goes by,
I realise I should not cry,
I’m okay it’s not time to die,
I close my eyes and hope to stay alive.

I remember deep in my heart,
The times we spent were works of art,
Now they’re only memories that I’ll cherish,
I can’t just leave myself sit and perish.

When I hear your name,
I do not grieve, instead I talk to you,
I know you won’t leave.

I look out my window at night,
See that star shining bright,
I know it’s you my guiding light.

You’re gone,
But never forgotten,
A piece of me can’t believe it,
My beautiful angel, fly high.

Dearbhla Doyle

Looking Out

I’ll be coming on Tuesday he said,
As I sat at my window, waiting for his car to arrive,
An hour had passed and there was still no sign,
I started to worry as I said “hurry” “hurry” “hurry”.
The day had turned to night he still hasn’t showed,
I knew his car hadn’t even touched the road.
Mam said “don’t you worry he’ll be here tomorrow, go up
To bed and rest your head”.
It wasn’t the first time he didn’t arrive it’s no shock,
He doesn’t need me to survive.

Leah Williams

Wanted to be Loved

She just wanted to be loved,
And he was the one,
But after 8 years they were done.
Abused and left to bruise,
Marks on her skin that’s not old news.
We thought it’d stop but,
She just dropped,
Left black and blue all from a shoe.
They thought she was zero,
But she will always be my hero.

Aimee Kelly Kavanagh

Government Priorities

You spend money on galleries
When some people can’t afford batteries
People are dying on the streets
Put you politicians are creeps

Why would you give yourself a pay rise
I thought you politicians are wise
People are left on waiting lists
But all you worry about is the morning mists

Citizens of Ireland unite
In order to put up a fight
We know what we deserve
Mind you, your position in the Dail isn’t reserved

You force us to pay bills
To pay for your thrills
When we can’t afford food
You just say we are in a bad mood

Emily Cody

Plea from a Grammar Nerd

I mean, I get that there people starving, dying
Growing up in the midst of war, scared, crying
So please-
Forgive me for what I’m about to say, put down your hammer
Is it too much to ask that you use proper grammar?

‘Their’ instead of ‘there’, wow, it drives me insane
Stop writing ‘would of’ and being a pain
And, for fudge sakes, please-
Don’t get me STARTED on punctuation, of this there’s no doubt
I swear, I’ll hurt you, if you leave it out

‘Its cold outside’, no my friend, IT’S NOT
There’s nothing possessive there, please stop
You’re making me stressed, I’ll go, but please-
How long does it take to put in a full stop?
Two seconds, sure it’s only a dot!

Kate Lawless

Sad Life

I never felt so wrong,
You can ask
But I don’t do whatever you want,

I’m not shy,
I like be alone
And look to the sky
To remember people
That god took out of my life
I don’t know why

But now is not a surprise
Because I’ve lost
The most important people
My brother, my grandfather,
My uncle, and my aunt

And it’s so hard
To think about the people
You will not see more
You are in dark
It’s like a closed door
You can’t open
So just don’t look to the floor

If a person died
You need lift your head
If you don’t do that
You are going to stay sad

This is a feeling that I do not want for anyone
Because it’s a feeling like your life is done

Erica Lopes


Schools are to help with our education,
But all it does is fill us with frustration
Teachers there to help us learn,
What we look like is what they concern
Tie not right and skirt too short,
Our education seems like their last resort
More rules about looks then learning itself,
No time to study when I’ve to look respectful myself.


Why Me?

Why am I being mistreated?
The one that my family are taking their anger out on.
Have I done something to upset you?
I’m sorry if I did.

Why am I being brought to an unfamiliar place?
A place that I have never seen before.
Left abandoned, shivering ceaselessly in the cold.
What have I done wrong?

A human has approached me now,
I can’t trust them, I’m too afraid.
It looks like they are trying to help me
Should I go or should I stay?

I’m in a moving object again,
Which is only crawling down the road.
I don’t know where they are taking me,
Maybe they will take me home.

I’ve arrived at a place now,
It’s surrounded with dogs like me.
It’s not like the home that I have come from,
It looks nice, maybe I’ll be happy.

It’s great here, they feed me too!
I have a blanket, that’s a clue!
I think I’ll be alright here, safe and sound,
With people that will look after me, in this dog pound.

Keri Whelan


To the people who think popularity is key, that’s only for ye.
Life moves on, people move on, things change and people change.
The ones who never change are the ones who never gain,
And the ones who are strong are the ones who burn on.
To the people who think popularity is wrong, that’s being strong.

Abigail O’Dwyer


When I unlocked my smartphone,
A world of creativity and self-expression greeted me,
I wanted to explore it.
I could hear the ping of Facebook and Snapchat notifications,
The typing and sending of stickers.
Thousands of people walking the streets with their heads in their phones,
It may be a blessing but also a curse.
Our world is obsessed with technology and each other’s lives
And sadly we are too.

Casi Morrisroe

Broken Mirror

When I looked at the broken mirror
Resting on the wall.
I wanted to know what would happen if I
Touched it,
I could hear the shouting of my name
Coming from somewhere.
I could hear the squawking of a creature
In the distance,
But I could not see anything.
All I saw was black.
I took a step forward
Only to find myself sliding down,
Towards an opening where the squawking
Became clearer.
Suddenly a bright light shone brightly,
After my eyes adjusted to the light
I saw a creature like something
From Alice and Wonderland…

Then I awoke!

Tara O’Leary

Worlds Apart

I move my feet to the music,
They move in unison.

The crowd watch in awe,
I’m in a different world.

Then I open my eyes,
And realize that I have to live in a nightmare.
All the loud noises my greatest fear in the world
And I just want that feeling on stage in real life.

I just want to live my dream in my own world
And not have any expectations of the world around me.

I think of the girls in other places that have very contrasting worlds
I take every chance I get and twirl with it.

Because we live in worlds apart.

Sophie Galvin

Somewhere Else

Sometimes all I want to do is leave,
Leave and go somewhere else,
Somewhere better, brighter, happier.
All I wanted was to be loved,
Loved like no other.
For someone to care for me,
To look out for me,
And just to be me…

Cliodhna Kenny

Every Morning

I wake up early every morning
To the sound of my phone,
It is the first thing I hear in the morning
And the last thing I see at night.
They are taking over our world,
Destroying our nation,
Isolating the human race,
Every hand holds one,
Put it down,
Help save our world!

Amy Keane

We Need a Change

School teaches us about Maths equations, Shakespeare plays and Irish grammar.
We learn about irrelevant stuff that won’t benefit in the future
We need to learn about raising a family, buying a house
And resolving problems that may occur in relationships.
And people wonder why there are so much problems in today’s young people.
The fault is in the education system.
Not the young people of today
Something needs to be done about this.

Aoife Hardy Petit Demange

The Wardrobe

When I stepped into the wardrobe,
In strange place outside my car,
I wanted to get out of here.
I could feel the winter air,
I could smell the fire burning,
I could hear voices from far away.
I started to walk backwards,
I tripped and fell onto a soft carpet.
Then I lifted my head just to find a boy staring down.
I stood up wondering where I was,
But suddenly I saw a bright light.
The next thing I knew
My friend was pulling me out,
I never got to meet the boy in the wardrobe.

Cliona Byrne

I Dream

There’s a place I dream of with sun, sand and crystal blue water
When I wake up I’m still stuck here in the small rural place
With stuck up people
I want to make my dreams come true
I highly doubt I’ll miss this place
There’s a big wide world out there
I want to explore
I know I’ll be happy there

Ciara Dowling


Life is difficult sometimes
Because we feel bad,
But it doesn’t matter
You don’t have to be sad,
You have to be happy
Because you have your family
And also have your friends
And the people who really love you
Will love you until the end.
And always remember
People will be by your side
Every family member,
And every real friend
Will try to help.

Lucia Candel


As I watched the men cut at the trees,
Outside my house.
I saw a hallow tree nearby,
It was different the other trees.
I could hear the little insects calling me,
Scratching at the ruff back with their tiny feet.
Rushing around not worrying about anything,
I could hear the soft sway of the branches,
The leaves gently falling of the tree in the autumn wind,
As I walked towards the tree,
The more beautiful it looked,
As I walked closer and closer,
The ruffing of the branches got louder and louder.
Hearing the insects talking to each other,
In their own language.
I knew there was something mysterious
About the hollow in the tree.
There was something pulling me towards the tree.
Something enchanting.
I push the bark of the tree,
My eyes squinting with the brightness
I stood in amazement.
I hear a sudden noise,
Like an alarm clock,
I open my eyes,
Taking a deep breath.
While I glanced around the room,
I was in bed,
It was all just a dream.

Saoirse Byrne


I walk inside ready for fun
But the shaming has just begun
They look at my dress
But they’re not impressed
I’m struggling to walk
While they all talk
The bouncer didn’t realise
I’ve a naggin strapped to my thighs
I walk outside and have a puff
And take a sip while no one looks
Inside the door my friend didn’t see
Because her dress wasn’t passed her knee
He smoked a fag
I took a drag
We went to the couch
I screamed ouch
The next thing I knew the bouncer was there
Pulling my hair
So I went back to my friends
The night was coming to an end
We had a slice of pizza
Then I said “I have to leave ya”
Walking out the door
I slipped and fell on the floor
When I went out
I heard a shout
My mother was yelling
She kept dwelling
On the fact that I wasn’t sober
Even though the night was over
When I went home I had to deal with my father
It made me think about how much I’d rather
Be back at the Fusion ball
With them all
I wasn’t looking forward to the next day
But that’s a story for another day

Shannon Fogarty, Shauna Coady and Ciara Dowling