St. Declan’s College, Nephin Rd, Cabra West, Co. Dublin


He’s wearing a mask
I know because he showed me
I used to wear a mask
I took it off ’cause this is me.

Some people need their mask
I understand that it takes time
But you can’t use your face with a mask in the way,
That is where he made his mistake, and now i know

People talk,
But people talk less when you talk too
I know because i used to be him,
But he likes his mask too much

Masks are temporary,
I hope you soon find out
Spread the word fast,
Before the word gets out


Demons, Angels and Humans

Demons understand what they are,
They don’t hide behind lies, propaganda, and camera angels.
They are brave enough to face the threats ahead,
And have the intelligence to trick those
Stupid enough to fall for them.

Angels do all this,
But yet they hide upon a moral high ground.
Behind the power of a God
They destroy homes,
And any lifestyles they judge as improper.
They justify killing anything they do not understand.

Humans, now humans are different.
But are they?
We enslave populations,
And torture those we do not understand.
All while hiding behind a moral high ground
We stole from the heavens.

Mark Keegan

Fall in Line

A society that teaches you to fall in line,
Being different attracts unwanted attention,
Always being fine but being in a detention of your own mind.
Trapped in a box with one door for all,
No windows just the floor in which you fall.
Being born into the wrong gender to hold emotions,
You cannot be tender just a pretender.
Living in a world were a smile means happiness,
A frown means sadness, a tear means weakness.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself they say,
You must not lay down in the clay among the dead,
Get out of bed today is the day.
Forget the past tomorrow will be a blast,
Everything you hold in your hands this is your land,
Plant the seeds for your future.

Gavin Lenihan

Best Years of your Life, So they Say

Best years of your life, so they say,
Second level education,
You start off full of optimism, full of hope,
Full of fresh starts and fresh faces,
You lace up your laces

Best years of your life, so they say,
You get to know some people, fit into new groups,
All of different backgrounds, different races, different creeds,
Different religions, different names,
But the situation is more of the same

Best years of your life, so they say
Then it all starts to go downhill,
Someone new, says words,
Some bad words, which are closer to you than your shirt,

Best years of your life, so they say,
You then just scrape along,
Same routine, same day,
Same bore,
It’s really all a huge chore

Best years of your life, so they say,
You reach the end, just about,
You look back, at the dull few years you’ve spent,
But smile, even after all the strain,
Because you are now released from those chains

Conor Hanley

Drifting Through Life

Life is Complicated
It’s never easy
It costs you a lot
When you’re learning, you spin out a lot
You get a lot of bumps and scratches
Sometimes you crash
But it’s repairable

Once you’re finished learning
You always have fun
You dance with danger
On the edge of control
You still spin out,
Crash and have many accidents
But you just have to keep going
Keep pushing your limits
Always striving for better

Liam Walsh

‘Getting Through’

What is the point?
What is the point in doing something we hate to do?
Like being told do you something you really don’t want to do,
Because you have to?
But why do you keep doing it?
Because you are forced to?
Because no matter how bad your situation is
Just keep going things will get better!
Patience is key to everything in life!
Never give up on what believe in!
No matter how bad your luck my seem just keep going
Get through it!
You’ve hit a stage where you’re driving on a road
And you’ve come to a turn
And the turn keeps going!
And you don’t know where this turn will bring
If you’ll lose people you never thought you’d lose
And eventually you could hit rock bottom
And when you do you feel like giving up
But then things start to lighten up
And you realize that you’ve turned that corner
That you’ve gotten through the bad
You’ve gotten through a time where you wanted to give up
But you’ve gotten through
And your nearly and the end of this road
You’re on the home straight
You just have to keep going!

David Dunne


I was a shy child,
Reserved and of manners mild.
I couldn’t talk to girls or the staff,
That gave them quite the laugh.
But one day I woke up,
It was like lightning struck.
I had confidence in buckets,
Which is something everyone covets.
Now I can talk to staff and to a girl,
I’m usually the first to give it a whirl.
Now I’m the life of the party,
And give people a laugh most hearty.
I’m a full person now,
I only wish to show the others how.


You Think

You think you’re powerful
You think you’re strong
But underneath the mask
You’re as weak as a twig
Your dad beats you
You cry in bed
You want to tell someone
But you’re too scared
That people won’t see you
As a strong person no more
You can’t take it anymore
You buy a gun
And shoot your dad
You feel free but somethings not right
You’re in jail now
You just want to die
So you take whatever drug you can
To try and overdose
But you can’t seem to die



I’m still only 15 and there’s a lot I don’t know.
There’s things I want to do and places I want to go.
I am myself and I don’t go with the crowd,
I am myself and I am proud. I’m not going to waste my life,
And I just sit and think,
What will my life be like when I’m sixty or seventy?
Like will I get married and will I be a Dad?
If my life is like I hope it will be that won’t be too bad.
Will I grow up and make someone my wife?
And will we be together for the rest of our lives?
If something goes wrong, would anyone blame us?
Will we live a quiet life or will we become famous?
Will we be singers or will we join a football team?
Will we do what we’ve always wanted, will we follow our dreams?
We could live a normal life or something strange could happen
I could be a rich man or I could do rapping.
I’ve got my whole life ahead of me, I can do anything, and that’s not bad.
But as long as my dreams come true, of my life I’ll be glad.

Aaron Walker


Just before the battle everyone embraces,
Wishing they were back home by their fireplaces.
Everyone nervous, weary if they’ll start,
Going home and telling they’re family they did not take part.
That gut quenching feeling as the names get called out,
It feels as if you just need to shout.
You hear your name not knowing whether to be happy or sad,
Feeling like your gonna go out and make the team mad.
All the doubt filled up in your head,
But then you end up playing well.

Callum Moyles

Music and Depression

Music is a talent,
It’s something that you have,
A sudden feeling of excitement,
When you make a thrilling performance.

It’s something you like,
When you sing about life,
Expressing your emotions,
To fix your problems.

Louis Macaspac


When one of us go to war we all go to war,
80 minutes of battle all for the glory.
One day you will tell your grandkids this famous story,
When the whistle blew you heard a big roar.
You got to get your head in the game,
Keep the tactics the same.
In the dying moments of the game
Everybody was shouting my name.
I was over the line,
That play looked very fine.
The whistle blew and the crowd were cheering,
The losing team starting sneering.
When I lifted the cup,
I knew it would make the other team shut up.


My Passion

This is my passion, my antidepressant, my rite of passage.
This is what I live for, as i thrive to become the best.
As I take all adversity on my chest, as I want to be the best,
As I step onto the moody bloody battlefield
With pride clenched in my fist, I will conquer every foe,
I am here to bestow my passion, grit and desire to transpire as the best,
The best midfielder the world to witness,
I will tear down any foe or friend, who gets in my way,
Limb from limb,
Without a single flinch.

DJ Byrne


To me I have a pretty good life.
I have great friends, an amazing family, and a loving girlfriend
And in general I’m very fortunate to have a roof over my head,
Food in my belly, clothes that fit
But I think most people don’t realize how lucky they are
To have the things they have.
When I’m walking around town
I see homeless people everywhere,
And it just makes me sad seeing them begging for money,
Using cardboard boxes for warmth,
Going to hostels, looking for a place to rest their heads
And to get out of the freezing cold temperatures
But there’s no rooms.
The homeless population is rising now,
There’s families be left on the street
Struggling to get to school and work
All because the landlord asked for more money
That the parents couldn’t give.
Sometimes I stop and think what
Would I do in that situation?
How would I cope?
Where would I go?
How will I survive?

Darragh Lynch

Season’s Over

I am passionate about sports but my season is over i hate to report.
So I resulted to playing PlayStation but that would always end in frustration.
For some reason I sit there all day but I can’t look away,
From that screen that burns my eyes.
They’ll soon start struggling to read to font size.
There’s nothing else to do because if I go outside I might get the flu.
It is cold and dark outside I’d rather just stay inside,
Until my season resumes.



Welcome everybody who is welcome here? You all.
We don’t discriminate tall fat weak or small,
If you aren’t very smart that isn’t a problem at all,
We have one rule here that is to be friendly to all
But wait… You don’t do higher maths? Well you must be stupid
You want to be unique well in this place that’s not allowed,
You aren’t great at football? Don’t worry nobody wanted you to play, just hop in goal
You don’t have any friends well let’s just make sure you cannot get any,
You need some help learning let’s segregate you from the best
But if you wear the wrong shoes or forget your shoes be ready for trouble
But enjoy school.



Waiting too long for something
Knowing it’s their but cannot have or touch
Counting time going by but gets slower as you try
At times it can feel longer than being in an exam
But the time comes you’ll give it a try


The Good News

It was a day during July.
There was no clouds in the sky
It was so warm I felt like an ice-scream
Melting under the sun. I opened my computer
And got a text. “I like you” it was so happy
That my joy could not be expressed in words
I was shaking like a leaf. I said the same thing back
And still felt like I’m living under a rock.
Not knowing if it’s just a laugh.


The Education System

The education system is ever so wrong,
We are graded on what we have accomplished,
But not on what we can accomplish
Oh how the education is so wrong.


The Battle for Justice

I fought for my life
When I was in strife
Since I was a little tike
I learned how to strike
I had to fight
When victory was within sight
I battle in the night
For justice I use my might
To strike those down who stop the light
To overcome fright
To fight in the war
And to those who soar
I’ll bring you down to the floor
I’ll tear you to pieces
As your stamina decreases
I’ll win the battle
And the war
For justice

Joshua Tiernan Treacy

Life Itself

Let’s talk about life and the kids who want to cut themselves with a knife
A young boy who has a dream and wishes to play for a fantastic team
But all he can picture is him being dead and tries to forget it all in bed
But he can’t sleep because all in his head is really deep
And he can’t dream because he can’t let go of his steam
All in his head are his problems and no one can solve them
His dad left when he was two and when he went to school everyone would scream boo
His best friend left and his other friends are associating with drugs and theft
Taking eez which is just a drug and he realizes oh damn
He feels alone feels as strong as an ice cream cone
Had a fear of coming in cause he got bullied till third year
His crush says she likes someone else and he’s heartbroken
And all he has in his pocket is a dart token
Now he feels depressed because all he has is a mom and a team crest
Keep his mind this boy is a teen and he feels like getting addicted to lean
This is another drug and tries to act like a thug

Martin Matsekh



Liverpool and the fab four go
For the 3 points against Everton
But disappoints to stop the top 3 hop.
Tension in the possession
80% does not present the 3 points
But only a big disappointment.
The diver shouldn’t be paid a fiver
A disgrace to the league
And everyone who stands with it.
Rooney, the ugly looney
Went down the middle
What a bleedin fiddle t
Takes two points
What a way to disappoint.

Cian Hendrick


School, I can’t stand the pressure of it
Being told if you don’t study you won’t get anywhere in life
I disagree
Being told if you have to look a certain way to fit in
I disagree
Being told if you haven’t met a girl you’re weird
I disagree
Being a teenager is a load of crap
But it’s not all doom and gloom
You will meet some people who are really great
Mates, Family it doesn’t matter
As long as you keep these people close
You’re going to be all right



I came to Ireland after 5 years
And I went to school for the first time
I was in 4th class and I couldn’t speak English
I lied to people into saying that I’m fine

I got my first piece of homework
Which I didn’t understand
I gave up my homework the next day
And I knew I was damned

It was break time and we could finally eat
I was eating my sandwich in the back of the class
I was not making any friends whatsoever
I felt like I was stabbed with a piece of glass

10 months later, the last day of school
The summer holidays was finally here

Alex Marcu

13 Years

13 years ago you met,
You didn’t know it yet,
But you’d become the best of friends.
I wish it was still like that for you in the end
But sadly not.
You ran, played and depended on each other,
Now you’re back biting the other.
You never stop to realise what you had now,
You’re alone and i bet you feel bad.
You had the most trusting, loyal and overall best friend,
Yet you lost him in the end

Ran, ran, ran away
You’ll realise what you’re missing someday.
And that goes to you all who threw him away
Now you’ll realise you need him some day

He stuck by me and me by him.
We’d both go out on a limb for each other
We always look out for one another.
10 years, 10 years is all I’ve known him a
And I’d still give up a bone for him.
No matter what I’ll stick by you.
And I hope to be the friend you can come cry to.

Lee Dixon

This is Where

This is where the die hard fans come from their unknown clubs,
To join their counties in battle.
This is where champions and undying memories are made,
For players and spectators alike.
This is where the special ones
Who sacrifice cold winter evenings and Saturday mornings,
Earn their glory and fulfill boyhood dreams.
This is where laughs and tears are shared all season long,
And where counties truly unite.
This is where you can’t hear yourself think,
In an unmissable moment that happens once in a generation.
This is where the small things like perfectly cut grass,
And the sound of the Artane Boys Band can ignite excitement like no other.
This is where the grassroots choose heroes,
And where players become heroes forever in their counties eyes.
This is where my best memories are made,
And where I always dreamed I could have played
To get my name engraved in history with legends

Marc O’Regan

My Heart

Started from the core
Take it as a beat
2 3 4
That girl was sweet

Continued as love
Took it as a lead
Things went rough
It went so deep

Ended from the core
Take it as a beat
2 3 4
My heart went sleet

Edward Criste

Greatest Rivals

The ball goes up in the air,
You’re looking in despair
Wondering if you’ll catch it or them
You’re running with the ball
Get hit with a big shoulder and fall,
Thinking I’ll get him back next time
The time comes,
Running along the side you hit him and he lands on hid bum
Everyone is laughing including yourself
Until you realize he is running at you with a closed fist
He swings and hits you in the face and you fall, fall again!
Everyone runs in
It’s a free for all
Everyone is punching and kicking and forget to play the ball
The match is called off and you have to go home
And then you realize you’ll never walk alone
The people on the pitch with the same jersey
Have your back until the end
This is what it is about
Blood, sweat and tears
All so you can beat your greatest rivals again

Gavin Broughan

Derby Day

It’s the biggest day of the year
For the winning side there’s always a big cheer and lots of beer
For the losers there’s nothing but tears and jeer
You can feel the tension in the air
Glenn and Jam with their beautiful long hair
Big Jody in the stand with a red flare
Big TimTam with his chin strap he’s always up for a scrap
When Willie sees him he needs to have a crap
There’s always a chance for a special goal by Peep
When Haroldinho comes in for a challenge he better leap

Sean Gilmore

My Teenager Life

Who am I?
A good guy trying to do things right. A guy who is an ordinary man.
Who am I?
A referee doing a game linesman waving a flag
Who am I?
A knot master who loves scouts.
Who am I?
A Half back breaking tackles doing things right.
Who am I?
A man who is able to have a good time everywhere
On/off the pitch with mainly everybody
Who am I?
A teenager who has been called a legend by good people.
Who am I?
A lover of where I’m from. My home land
Who am I?
A Dublin GAA maniac who would go to hell and back for tickets for the big games.
Who am I?
A man who can help people feeling down
Who can help them no matter what cause.
Who am I?
A man looking for love….but is too shy to ask but I know it will come.
Who am I?
A man who is not afraid to say what’s on my mind every single time.
Who am I?
A quizmaster entertaining schools right here and over there everywhere
Who am I?
A music man with Damien Dempsey and Christy Moore,
Luke Kelly and Led Zeppelin. Shania Twain and sorry Miss Jackson
Who am I?
Sometimes a moan or a bit of a cheap who loves a bargain and maybe even a peck
Who am I?
A proud republic man who is proud of his coming from.
Who am I?
A hard worker who cleans and collect but also can get dough
Who am I?
A leaflet dropper?
But finally who are they?
The ma and the da nanny and Grandad who created me who I love very well
So what will I do now… I don’t know maybe I’ll read them this poem.

Jack Naughton

No Life

I have no hope for this poem
But this poem is my very own
Its quarter to four
All I wanna do is hit the floor
I wanna sleep, eat, game repeat
But I won’t be on my feet.
I’m close to the end
I think it’s time to say goodbye my friend!

Andrew Fan

The Championship

It was as cold as ice.
But this court was my paradise.
The Championship was in my sights.
There was only one thing that’s standing before me.
It was a quiet voice in my head telling me to flee.
There was only one thing I could do to win.
I had to dig deep within.
And if I did that.
There would be nothing to stop me
From wining against those aristocrats.

William Fok Chak


Adriana has a big yellow banana
She ate it in the capital of Ghana
In the capital of Indiana
I owned a cabana
It was then in Atlanta
I realized I hated banana
I love propaganda
Of big giant bananas
So I sold it to the state of

Sean Tormey