St Benildus College, Kilmacud Rd Upper, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin


Popularity is a joke,
I thought you were my friend,
But now I’ve lost all hope.
We used to joke and laugh,
But now you laugh at me.
It’s the stupid ladder of popularity.
All I want is to break free,
The scheme of popularity is ruining me.



All through primary school I had no friends.
I only got one near the end.
I was hated for my looks and ‘germs’,
And I was hated by boys and girls.

I hated everyone and later got pissed.
So now when someone annoys me I start to hiss.
Everybody hated me so I tried to help myself.
I tried to hide from everyone and sat down by myself
Then later started crying because I was alone.

First two years of Secondary things didn’t change.
Soon I felt as though I was in eternal pain.
No one tried except for 1 or 2.
Then soon kicked in my anger issues.

Stress got the best of me and I kept lashing out
And no one asked what this was about.
Soon I got some help but it was too late,
I got so pissed my stress went to 8.


Maybe I’ll Forget

Maybe I’ll forget you in a few years’ time
But all I really want is for you to be mine
I know you forgot about me
I know I would’ve too.
Don’t know if anyone will feel
The same about you

You’re still stuck in my mind
This love, it makes me blind
I still care too much
Just really miss your touch.

Bloody hell, I’ll just forget it
They say that’s what I should do
I’m simply don’t think I can
I’m still in love with you


Go Your Own Way

You’re told you’re unique,
But treated like everyone else,
18 years of learning boring subjects,
Forced to memorise pointless crap,
1% you actually enjoy,
Then you’re thrown into the world.
40 years you do the same thing every day,
Earning money and live the rest of your life with no duties,
Don’t glide through life without trying to find meaning,
Do what you enjoy money isn’t everything.

Sean Devilly

He Knows

Waking up in the morning
Readying the boots
Blood sweat and tears
There’s no recruits
As he goes down
He’s looked down upon
Willingly he gets up
Knowing he’s just a pawn

Adam Nolan


Pressure from all sides,
Bombardment, I need a refresher.
Teachers, friends and foes all see
You grow, but realise slow, that you
Think in a different way.
But starting today I no longer care
What the onlookers may say.
I won’t think of the thoughts the thoughtless man
I need to focus
On my goals and masterplan
All must work towards understanding
The misunderstood and
Standing against
A thoughtless judge

Luke Kavanagh

Leaving Cert

You have to be the best, they said.
You have to make it, they said.
You have to study loads, they said.
If you do well,
You will never feel unwell, they said.
The Leaving Cert is this, it’s that.
Screw that, its hell.
You can go to college, you can get a degree.
But is that really the best thing for me.

Ronan O’Reilly


I could write about how,
Life is fine and life is easy,
But in my opinion that’s too cheesy,
I’ll write about some real stuff,
That people can relate too,
Like the perfect results,
That people who are close to us are awaiting,
But you know that’s not the result that you’re anticipating.
Life can be really hard at different times,
Like writing a poem and having no rhyme,
You see not everything is like the movies,
Rough start and a good ending
Main character ends up living like a king
But that’s so surreal, it’s insane
When you’re doing really well
And you get told to stay in your lame.
My message is just to get through it,
Sometimes life’s just hard nothing else to it

Hugh Connolly

Shivering and Shaking

Shivering and shaking
I leave my house into the darkness
I walk hunched over
The wind penetrates my skin
On I go to the bus stop
No coat
Could keep you warm
In this cold wintery weather

Cian Dunne

What’s Good for Me

I’m done being told what’s good for me,
I know what’s good for me!
My thoughts are in my head
Because they know what’s good for me.
I dream day in, day out, about what I want.
Building a future that I know is good for me.
I’m done being told “save them thoughts and
Focus on what’s good for me.”
Day in, day out, I speak my thoughts,
But what’s that’s good for?
I’m not an adult and should save my thoughts.
I’m done being told what’s good for me!
I’m going to do what’s good for me!

Nedas Vaitiekunas


The first one went with fury,
The rest followed hopeless.
Earth and sky will be their jury,
The sun would burn, scene would be timeless.

Oh when the last shot is fired,
The hopes would fly away with time.
Generals would watch hopeless,
Tired souls screaming, “Proshay”.

Illia Met


Look at me
I drink and smoke
I do drugs
And I think I’m dope

Lost my virginity
At age sixteen
I’m really cool because
I wear supreme

I give abuse to my peers
And I stay out late
Every week I’m out
On a brand new date

I wear designer
And I look on fire
Why don’t you try
Get with my attire

Walk into school
Flashing my fake Rolex
Lying about what I did this weekend
Such as alcohol and sex

But when all is said and done
I’m not the only one
Spinning lies on my Jenny
About knocking back the Henny

Rory Moran

Tied to a Post

We found him tied to a post,
Whimpering, shivering and yelping
Still today he shivers and
Yelps in a corner when we leave,
He shudders when we touch his back leg and
Snaps at our hand, but he does this gently,
He is kind and loving and always happy to see us,
Friendly with new people, you’d never guess his pain,
Tied to a post, and yelping,
An animal so kind and loving,
Still after his pain.

Sean McCallum

Light Bulb

The universe is full of amazing things.
Half of these things we will never see.
Earth is so small no one can’t comprehend.
It’s like were a light bulb compared to Mercury the planet.
It is truly astounding.

Jamie Burke

“My Room”

A room is like a war shelter, protecting you from explosive problems.
A place where you can shut a door to hide you from emotional goblins.
Life is put on hold for the amount of time you spend there.
But soon you’ll have to go back out and face any problem completely bare.
You can’t hide forever, everybody knows that.
People are scared that their lives will fall flat,
Scared that they’ll end up working for fat cat.
Scared that life will treat them just like a pack rat.

Luke Mattews

A Hurtful Joke

In your first day of your mixed school you got to be careful,
Because if you show that you are gay, straight, A or Bi,
You won’t be respected.

A student in the class, smart kid, cool kid, successful.
But exams came piling up and it led to stress
And that stress led him to be unsuccessful.

Yet he started getting bullied by his class from his backside
So he tried to confront them to collide
But it led to divide them.
This brought him to his low side, low tide, and slowly… suicide.

And yet, it was too late and his class said it was a joke
But a hurtful joke isn’t like a bottle of coke that you can pour down the drain,
A hurtful joke can break a heartbeat and multiple jokes
Can break a heart.

Joshua Juliano

Your Dreams

I was thinking last night about making my dreams a reality
But I feel like what you want in life is only a distant thing
That you can never reach unless you ‘believe’
I don’t think believing is enough.
What if you don’t have the money to fund your ‘dreams’?
Should you give up on them or continue to dream
Until you’re stuck in a job and that dream suddenly goes.
Can you actually work hard enough to achieve your dream
Or are you just going to end up regretting
That you put in all those hours for nothing.
I hope there are people who achieve their dreams.
I hope I’ll be one of those people.

James McClatchie

We Can’t

He sits there, at the back of the class,
Trying to understand and comprehend what the teacher is saying,
But he can’t.
A woman beside him tries to help him cope
And understand reading and writing,
She tries to change his behaviour,
But she can’t.
The children around the class blame him
For all the bad things happening at break time,
Trying to convince the teacher that he is a bad person,
But they can’t,
He walks home to his aunt’s,
Knowing his mother’s house isn’t safe.
He fears the abuse he will get, drugs and alcohol ruining his life bit by bit,
He tries to change his mother,
But he can’t.
His dad was never there, always away
He got into the wrong crowd, forever trying to fit in with society,
But he can’t.
A silent cry for help is all he can muster,
Hoping we hear him and come to his side,
But we can’t.
Now we think back, realising what we didn’t do to help,
Trying to fix are mistakes,
But we can’t.

Adam O’Farrell

Shift our Focus

“You will die alone if you don’t make moves”
What if I don’t want to make moves?
I’m only sixteen
I don’t have to be keen
Instead of shifting girls .We should be shifting our focus
To develop yourself, into the person you want to be
That is the kind of move I prefer
Love will follow soon

Joshua Walsh


We get the exam, sit there and stress.
We think about all we’ve done to get here.
We sit bored out of our minds for hours on end.
We wait all week for the weekend, and wish Monday wouldn’t come.
We do all this for years and years and what do we get?
An A, B, C, D or an F!


This is Where

“You’ve done nothing all year…”
“No work done, as usual…”
“You’re putting zero effort into your work…”
It’s all the same, you’d even get used to it after a while.
Each school day, each class, every teacher rehearsing the same dreary old line:
“This is the most important exam you’ve ever sat.” It’s even reiterated at home.
Day after day, week after week teachers’ ridiculous expectations
Of “at least 4 hours study tonight” on top of that three page essay
You have yet to do. Exams getting closer.
Until one day they eventually begin.
Tossing and turning in bed the night before, getting no sleep.
Turning up to the exam feeling as if you’ll get sick.
But then, all of a sudden, they’re finished.
And summer commences, and time rolls on.
Fourth year begins and results day comes around,
And sure your parents say well done,
No matter how well you did, and friends congratulate you.
But what happened to them being:
“The most important exams you’ve ever sat”?
What was the point in them, because when they’re all over,
In the end no one really cares.


This Soldier

Controlling this soldier,
While she is much bolder,
Transported to these worlds,
These stories are swirled,
Once you are done,
You’ll be coming back for fun,
Now it’s time to go online
And it might be your time to shine.

Ben Connell


The wind is blowing into my face,
He said it’s only a hundred yards,
It was close to the end of the race,
Club choice like a deck of cards.

The nine iron was what he gave me,
I looked at the flag and said,
The grip of the club is key,
Throw what you got go ahead.

The howl of the wind allied with the flag,
It didn’t stop me from striking the ball,
The wind made the ball lag,
The sight of the spin made the crowd call.

A couple more feet from victory,
The rest will always be history.

Kevin McArdle

Modern Day War

A modern day Colosseum
Where two teams go to war,
80,000 people out to watch,
It promises not to bore.
2 11 man teams arrives,
Fighting to win,
A battle of two halves,
After 60 mins the reinforcements come in.
With 5 minutes left,
The 2 still locked at a draw
Then the striker takes it upon his chest,
Then he stuck it into the net,
The crowd erupted.
At the end score,
They flooded the pitch,
This is a modern day war.

Darragh Naylor


Sitting in the changing room putting on my gloves I’m scared.
I’m scared of losing, scared of getting hurt,
Scared of all the training 7 days a week, 5 hours a day,
All going to waste.
All of them, sacrifices being made on my only social life with my teammates.
They are like family to me.
But when I wrap that Irish Flag around my shoulders
And feel my coach’s’ hand on my shoulder,
I walk out to that ring and stare my opponent out of it.
I see him look away look away for a split second,
I know I have him.
When I get into that ring I’m no longer scared,
I’m a god nobody can beat me.

James Renehan


Sitting in school, chewing some gum,
Mind is a whirlpool, wonder what I’ll become.
Will life be cruel? What will be the outcome?
I feel like a fool, hope I won’t succumb

To my fears and desires, I feel every day.
I see ads and fliers, that it’ll be okay,
But they may be liars, I could fall into delay.
Wish I knew what it required, to be old and grey.

Rian Wood

The Battle

The battle commences at 12:00 Sunday morning,
The fog covers the green battle field.
On the shins of your legs are the plastic shields.
The whistle blown and the ball is played.
Flying into tackles like a soldier into war,
If you pull out of one tackle you are doing for.
Every time someone comes out with a win
Usually ending with a ball in top bins.

Pearse Nally


Feel like a prisoner in my own cage
Everybody every student is one big room
Expected to do the same thing every day accepted to get the best life
Every student going through routine day in day out for six years doing
Absolute crap exams that you don’t need in your life
Exams get you nowhere in life what will you gain from
These exams



I like playing rugby
Because you can break people up
And not get arrested.
You don’t need to get fitness tested.
It like a war between two nations.
And after all they shake hands
And show they are a real man.

Adam Skelly


What I have to say is that comedy cannot be controlled by anyone’s emotions,
Any group, race, gender or sexuality has the right to be made fun off
And just because you strongly oppose to it doesn’t mean I can’t joke about it
And another thing keep your sexuality gender or race to yourself
Because personally if you’re gay, black or a feminist
As long you don’t shove your problems and groups idealisms
Into my face then that’s ok but once you start to,
Then my hatred towards you will grow
Because to be honest with everyone
I’m not fine when you want me to appease you,
After I crack a joke and it offends you,
Suddenly the right to harass me
Until I take my joke back and write a formal apology?
Yeah right.

Zygimantas Busminas


I hate it.
I did 1, 2, 3, jobs for adults.
Each and every time they treat me like one of them.
I wanna live my life the way I want.
I don’t need adults pestering me when I do something wrong at a job.
They don’t take into consideration my age but the thing I did.
They assume that if I worked with them, they would have to shoot me down,
If not insult me or the work I do.
I do it for my own enjoyment not for the harassment.
I do it to raise money so I can help my family have an easier life.
We all will have to work at some stage,
But if you don’t start early and build that thick rubber layer
That will make you better at whatever you do, well so what?
Keeping your head down is the way forward.
Do what you want not what everyone else wants!!!!

Cian Sullivan

Homeless Crisis

He sleeps the night away beside a big tree.
I feel nothing but pity.
He begs all day, doesn’t raise enough.
I see him every day,
But it’s not just up to me
To change the homeless crisis in our great city.
It’s a joke how we treat humans like animals
Leaving them in in the street to fend for themselves.
Unemployed, hungry, cold and dehydrated
It’s making me very frustrated.

Sean Carroll

Wasted Time

I look around alone
Hopeful to see a friendly
Face not one
What next do I walk alone or
Go home
Another break wasted
No mates crap taste
Of food I don’t like
In an institution of hate
Why go through more years
Crushing my imagination
Pop it goes wasted
In 2 more years
I’ll be a zombie with
200 others in my class

Isaac McGreevy


I see homeless people every day,
Sometimes there are drugs on lay,
And they have no money to pay,
Or ant place to stray away.

They sit there cold on a street,
Longing for a little heat,
Trying to beg for some meat to eat,
While keeping warmth upon his feet.

He used to be just like me or you
But then he grew
And couldn’t get through
His addiction to glue.



We’ve all been through stuff
And we all experience pain
But I must do my bit
To lead to a brighter class

What I am feeling
I know it will be in the past
Though I know
The others are feeling worse than me
Hiding on the inside
Acting like Robert de Niro
I can’t hide the feeling
You’ll always be our hero

Wed eat granny’s tart
You acted so badly
You stay in our hearts
We remember small harry


This Generation

This generation always on their phones
Saying the internet is a dangerous place
And you don’t know who your friends are
We are not thick, we know what we are doing
You spend more time on your phones
And there is no questions asked, but if I pick it up
I am a typical teenager and I’m not talking to anyone
You can ask what I’m looking at
But when I say it doesn’t matter
you need answers
I ask you and I get completely ignored
It’s important stuff and it doesn’t matter
“You missed the good old days, when we played all day”
Cos you had no ruining electricity

Daragh O’Brien


GAA is my life
I love it so much
People around me love it too
But not as much as I do

I play county minor
That takes up a lot of time
All my friends are out drinking
But I know I must not
It’s hard
But I know it’ll be worth it in the long run



5 months of boring study
3 years spent learning a load of crap
In 10 subjects that are completely useless.
Hundreds of hours spent on doing homework.
Could have done something else
3 years of this work for a 2 and a half hour exam
And all I’ve got is a piece of paper with a few useless letters on it
The whole thing is completely useless
Because in three years I’ll get another sheet
With more letters printed on it
For me to bring down to the dole office

Eoin McEnerney

Walking Home

Walking home,
On my Jack Jone,
Approached by a stranger,
Felt I was in danger.
He wiped out a knife,
I was scared for my life.
He stabbed my chest,
And finally I was at rest.

Josh Davey

War is Here, it’s Time to Go

Leave your troubles at the side of the pitch
Now is the time for you to show
Take your position, forget all the pain
“Your nothing” they scream, “You’ll never do crap”
Other parents glare at you, looks of distain
Eyes black as coal, a hollow pit
But on this pitch we’re all the same
That’s what has saved my life, this game



Life. That’s that
It can go bad or good
Or it can end in a flash

Life. You only have one
You can use it to be good or good
Or spend your life on crack

Life. It’s all good fun
But one day it can go all wrong

Jack O’Reilly

The Chipper

I left my house,
I walked towards the chipper,
I entered the chipper,
I ordered my chips,
I ate my chips,
I binned my chip bag,
I left the chipper,
I went home.

Stephen Callaghan Kane

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger he must go,
His performances blow.
He is cold,
He is old.
He’s past his best,
Has no heart in his chest.
Arsenal please make the right decision,
Get someone who will beat the opposition.

Neil Hudson


Sit there more than half the day on my ass,
While I listen to a droning teacher trying to teach the class.
I don’t pay attention, as I don’t think it concerns me.
But when the teacher sees me, he asks me to learn please,
I reply, ‘’Yeah sorry’’, and go back to what I was doing.
Then he notices me again at states that I should be working.
I sit back in surprise to what he has said,
And in no time,
He sends me to the year head.
I go home in shame,
Trying to assert the blame
And I’m sent to my room,
Surrounded by a cloud of gloom.



In my own pinion school is terrible
My parents are wasting their money
It’s so bad it’s comparable to how bad I am at FIFA
While it’s nice and I’m stuck inside
Learning how to add X and Y
At some point my eyes would start to
Close and I might begin to cry
In conclusion I’d rather die


Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is the best city fans said,
I hate that man with his stupid bald head.
Their past is crap they have no history,
Where did they get all that money it’s a mystery.
Eleven points clear on top of the table,
I hate city my hatred is unbearable.
I hope they don’t win the league this season.
But if they do I’ll kill a fan for a decent reason.

Conor Sullivan


I slam the dart into the board
And release all my anger
When I hit the sixty my confidence grows
And I start to think I’m as good as the pros
I beat all my mates
Cos they are crap
I get really cocky
And then I lose
When some lucky shot
Hit double two

Sean Monahan


I’d rather work than do homework.
You get paid for work
But where’s the pay with homework.
School work is fine
Because we don’t do it in our own time
I need to be training and socialising
Instead of doing work
COD is waiting for me