St. Angela’s College, St Patrick’s Hill, Shandon, Co. Cork


Behind these masquerade masks
We are tearing at the seams.
Dainty, porcelain faces cracking into shards,
Perfect lives, perfect friends, perfect relationships.
Awkward acrobats in an inflatable circus,
Each death-defying jump a risk, all of our vulnerability on show.
One slip,
And we fall.
Deeper into the reality of our nightmarish lives,
The things we hide, but screaming to be let out.
Anxiety, Peer-pressure, Depression.
Each mental breakdown a step closer to madness.
Freak, Weirdo, Sick.
Pretending that only sticks and stones can hurt.
Stupid, Ugly, Loner.
Our own minds turning against us,
Fighting every second for the voices to stop,
The pressure to stop,
Time to stop.
And stand still.
And just breathe.
Realizing we were never acrobats
In the first place,
As the clowns walk in.

Ali FitzGerald


The idiotic reasoning behind what they’re doing
The hate and ideas slowly brewing.
In their minds you find nothing but slush
Whenever they talk you want to say ‘hush’
No consideration for women at all
They just can over the feeling over being small
Our bodies, our decision
Their “masculinity” blocking their vision
We decide what we want to do
Stop covering our lives with blue
Fog and hate and
Confiscate our rights
We stand as one.
Our lives aren’t fun.
You can’t understand us.
When all you want to do is control us.


We are the Future

We are the change you see in the world
We are the future generation
Our parents and teachers like to remind us about this so often that yes
We are the laying the future’s foundation
What we do and how we act
We are shaping the people of tomorrow
We need acceptance, difference and abundance to make a change
But feelings should not be shown; no sadness, pain or sorrow
The pressure we carry on our shoulders
The pressure of responsibility to carry on tradition
The teenagers of today are the future
Our legacy will be used for new acquisition,
How good we are at sport,
The company we keep,
Down to the very grades we get,
Even the food we eat
We are the future
We cannot take it lightly
Yet we are told that with the grades we get
Success is not likely
How do they expect us to learn?
If making mistakes are looked down upon
Oh you got a D in your maths test
You better hold on
So all I have to say is work hard, try your best and stay strong
Because you are the future
And no change you make will ever be wrong

Alissa O’Hehir


I sleep in a sleepless town at nine
To where I dream crossing the line
The line where I leave my thoughts behind

I think of a new beginning
A life that I can have as a being
Tranquil, lively two different things at once

Then I wake to find myself
Lying, thinking of what life would be.
Stop, I realise

Me, myself and I change
May it be for the better or worse

Niamh Roussel

In a World

In a world where you’re either pretty or irrelevant,
Everyone tries to be the illusion,
Girls degrade themselves to fit a boy’s ideal,
What you look like comes before who you are,
Mountains of problems end up in empty bottles,
Leading to more mistakes,

Anna and Karen

In Heaven

High up in heaven, with golden wings,
An angel lifts her trumpet as a choir sings.
On a seat in the local park,
People sit and stare,
The sound of soft strings,
Fills the spring air.
The fish in the water may take the bait,
But for the fish on top of Shandon,
It’s much too late.
At a stall in the market,
You can get started,
Eating sausages and cheeses,
And everything that pleases.
Here it’s a tradition,
For a summer expedition,
To cross friends and others you know,
Spectacular views wherever you go.
Beautiful world, so close to me,
You’ll be in my heart til’ eternity.

Aisling Cantwell


Sitting by myself thinking ‘what did I do wrong?’
How can one person have the power to make me feel so useless?
I tell myself that I have to forget.
How can I when all I have is regret?
I wasted nearly a whole four years trying to get her attention.
I can’t tell my mates what would they think?
I have to do this alone.
Nobody would understand what this is like.
Her captivating eye would burn with life.
But knowing she won’t love me, leaves me weak and hopeless.
The tears start threatening and I can’t help it.
I have to get over it.
I know I have to stay away.
It’s for my own sane sake.




A drop of water
Onto the cardboard,
Which lies on the cold concrete.
A bed, a border.
They live isolated,
With nothing to give,
But their lives to live.
Completely and utterly

Hannah Roche

The Cat Companion

Purring and pouncing, lively as ever
Clawing and pinching a mouse as it tremors
Strolling inside with a glint in his eye
Stretching and yawning, sleep is nigh
Sipping on milk, chomping on meat
He lays next to his owner, his day complete
A long day of hurt, the owner is glum,
Cuddling with their companion, love had won



Growing up,
Life was filled with possibilities.
Teachers told her,
You can be whatever you want to be.
She didn’t know, they were lying.
‘Follow your dreams’ they said.
It only works if your dream is law, medicine or business.
The fear of being different,
The fear of failure,
The fear of taking a risk,
Creeps into her mind day by day.
It is supposed to be her life.
But it is not just hers,
It’s her mom’s, her dad’s, her sisters, her teachers.
When will she realise,
The decision is hers to make.


Double Standards

When boys do it they’re legends.
When girls do it they’re sluts,
They hang their heads in shame
As they pass them shameless mutts.

So why does this happen?
Why the double standard?
What is the world we live in?
These questions need to be answered.



The book lays open in my lap
The black stark words trailing across the page beckons me
When I read the words envelop me
Take me to another place, another world
Giving a feeling of escape and calm
Where all my problems disappear,
Like a movie in my mind
Every thought flits away
Leaving only peace



Pressured, panicked.
Trapped, manic.
Cannot breathe,
Cannot speak.
People think,
Nothing’s wrong with me.
I shouldn’t care,
I never did.
What happened to that girl?
The one who twirled.
The one who dreamed,
Now needs to scream.
Can’t be heard,
Not a sound.



I cannot express
How I feel right now
How could he do this to me?
Angry, so angry
I wish that he will
Go and die in
A deep dark



Words mean more than you think,
Bitch, slag and whore,
Confidence swirling down the sink,
An necessity to be thin,
The sight of a bullies grin,
I’m struggling to find the light.


No More

I hate those cocky full-of-it boys
Who treat us like their used-up toys
With kiss-and-tell cheap one-night-stands
And downing dirty Aldi cans
I am worth the sum of so much more
I’m no one’s toy, I’m no one’s whore
I’ll show your nasty heart the door
And put up with guys like you no more

Katie Saunders and Alex Butler

In a World

I stand in a world where I can’t be who I am.
A double sided knife held to my chest.
You’re either a slut or a prude.
You’re either too attention seeking or a bore.
There’s nothing right you can do.
No way to please you.
You say you don’t want to be judged but yet you do it too.
There’s no way to impress you.


My World

In years to come
I hope to see
A world that offers a lot to me
A generation different to now
That the public will allow
A judgemental free
World for me.

Mollie Barrett and Ellen Murphy


The walls were crumbling,
The roof blown off.
The light shone through the broken glass
The empty room
Once filled with life.
This ruin once stood tall
Everything scattered
Shadows fell
Song birds screaming in the trees.
The frost-lined the grass
It came to pass
Then all was calm again…

Nataliya Cronin

A Haiku: Mental Health

Is the way to happiness
Always remember.


Repeal Article 40.3.3

We live in a world without choice
Its 2017 and we still do not have a choice
This feeling is repealing
Yet this catholic grudge
Is holding our mistake
Someone else’s mistake
Against us
Where’s the choice
Let’s speak up for our rights
Repeal the 8th amendment 2017

Roisin McGrath

I Can’t

I can’t say it,
It’s trivial as I’m almost too open,
But with certain things I just can’t,
I’ve always been perceived as “one of them”
I’m not.
I can’t keep pretending to be.
I just can’t say it,
I can’t do it.
I can’t say something that I’ve been preparing for a year,
Although I’ve come close.
Everyone just tries to see past the differences,
They remain oblivious to something eating me up inside,
What can I do but pretend to be something I’m not.
To wear the mask each day and pretend that I’m comfortable.
It’s one of those instances,
Where it’s impossible to speak,
But it’s vital to explain.


Millor Amiga

T’envàs, sense donar resposta.
Crido. Ploro. Trec tota la ràbia.
Erets tu.
Tu erets la que hi has estat sempre.
I ara, tot s’ha acabat.
Res serà el que era.
Ho donaria tot per poder-te mirar com avans.
Ho donaria tot per tonar-te estimar.
Ho donaria tot perquè tornessis a ser la d’avans.
Per’o ja has escollit el teu camí.
I està definitivament, molt lluny de mi.
Tant lluny, que ja no ser el que és estar amb tu.
Riure amb tu.
Plorar amb tu.
Només desitho que tot et vaji molt i molt bé.
Que la vida tot tu torn-hi.
Ens veiem quan tornis a mi.
Millor amiga.



Missing home
But not wanting to go
Not sure what home is anymore
But I know it’s more than one place
Home is where the heart is
And I lost mine in different places
Heimweh will go but wanderlust will return
And in the next place
I will lose another piece of my heart
And make a new home out of it

Sarah Freudenberg

Teenage Years

Your teenage years,
You either love them,
Or hate them.
For most of us the stress
Becomes overpowering;
You isolate yourself because you
Don’t believe you deserve to have fun,
Or like you for you but…
You can and you should
Because at the end of the day the only person
You know to how to be and the best person
You can be is…

Katelyn O’Sullivan

In Tragedy

This young cancer patient who suffers through
To pass away after Christmas she is due
With so few years, how can it be fair?
That she will no longer be in her family’s care

I remember me and my mum in a fight
When my father told us, showed us the light
Sometimes it takes something as final as death
A shortening of days, a taking of breath
To remind us of just how blessed we are
That we have even got to come this far

We forget don’t we to be grateful
Isn’t it so easy to be spiteful, hateful
I now understand, I have made the exception
That in tragedy we gain perception

Aisling Ryan


É tutto nuovo, intorno a me.
Ho preso coraggio.
Sono partita.
Lontano da tutto.
Lontano da tutti.
Contro la volontá di tutti.
Pensavano non fossi fronta.
Pensavano non fossi abbastanza indipendente.
Pensavano fossi debole e che avrei mollato dopo poco.
Ma sono qui.
Li sto facendo capire chi sono.
E sono piú forte di prima.

Margherita Riva

They Can’t Sleep

Listening, waiting…
For the sun to rise…
Listening to the sound of my heartbeat.
Getting louder, and louder…
My head hurts…
The pain won’t go away…
I don’t want to get out of bed.
I don’t want to have to face these people yet again.
I can’t sleep.

Muireann McDermott

A Short Dress

A short dress, shorter than the rest.
An opportunity not to be missed.
Defined by a risky, bold appearance, her social status decided.
For every glimpse of flesh showing, invitations to the crowd, growing.
Never sleeping, always dreaming,
For a chance to break the opinions of those misinformed.
Why should her dress be an opening for the eager?
Stop this discrimination,
Let her be her.

Lisa O’ Sullivan

Behind Closed Doors

You never know what goes on behind closed doors.
Just because there’s no scars or bruises,
Doesn’t mean they’re not hurting.
Each individual has their own unique and important problem.
Each as bad as the next.
For one problem they’re many solutions,
You just have to choose the right one.
So choose wisely.

Robyn Burke


Be humble
No matter…
How much money
How big the house
How recent the car
How successful the job
So people are so poor all they have is money
Be humble

Ellen Murphy


For years you live in the shadows
Blinded from what everyone else sees
Yet everything you hear
You never manage to believe
Until one moment
One moment that changes your entire life
Your perspective is changed
And you look back realizing years had gone by
Yet it was all just a lie

Lucy Sheehy


Satan’s little pods of disappointment,
Eating them just seems so pointless.

Chocolate wrapped in colourful promises,
Leaves you with an after taste that is somewhat ominous.

Which only leads to a disappointing crunch,
On my own arm I’d rather munch.

No matter the colour or the amount,
A pack of smarties I could live without.

I just don’t know why anyone would even bother,
We all know they’re just M&Ms disappointing brother.



She lies awake staring at the light
Sitting in her bed in the dark of the night
Ignoring the hours as they pass away
She promises to be early the next day

It’s draining her more as the night goes on
Soon enough it’s almost dawn
Her smiles today will all be fake
The last thing she should be is awake

Sarah Lisson


No words for the light that I grazed
The shining faces fade again
On the pillow next to me



Life is like a wheel,
Spins round and around till you feel.
Feel like you can’t take anymore,
Moving floor by floor.
When life is good it leaves you wanting more,
But can also make you feel torn.
Life is like a wheel.


Struggle of a Student

My hair is different, judged
I wear glasses, mocked
I have braces, people complain
I eat too much people notice
I eat too little people notice



You changed me,
You made me stronger,
You made me bolder,
You showed me that no one really cares,
Only for themselves,
You taught me to really care,
Only for myself,
So thanks for that,
For changing me.



Confidence oh confidence
Where did you go?
You were there when I was younger
But disappear as I grow

Everyone is judging me
Something only I can see
Stopping me from being something
That I want to be

I need to let go
Away of my fear
I’m starting my new life
It begins here.


One Life

You only have one life,
But sometimes you’re just seen as a housewife.
Things you do are taken for granted,
Work is demanded.
Raising children single-handed,
You just wish the good times lasted.
Your teenager years are what were impacted,
Doing bad, stupid things and being reprimanded.
People are around you but you still feel abandoned,
But it is these years that you cannot take for granted.
Because you only have one life,
So don’t worry you will be happy in time.

Shauna Ruddy


Built for communication,
Yet it causes such isolation
Over us it has such domination
For which we have no explanation
Over time it has caused such manipulation
It fools us into thinking we have friends when we are really in isolation
This automation has caused such isolation
It is clear of what has come of our imagination

Alison Walsh


You mean so much to me,
When I think of a friend,
It is you that I see,
All the good times that we had,
You were always there
Whether I was happy or sad,
You are the best I think you know it,
I hope and pray that the lamp of friendship will
Always remain lit.


Our Generation

Everything is different with our generation
But slowly we are going into a dark abyss
Deep dark
Dark abyss
But if we change now
It may not be perfect
But it will better than the state we are in now

Kailee Casey

Happy Days

Sitting with my friends
Having a laugh
I wish I could capture this emotion with a photograph
Sun shining down
Dark rain clouds over our town
As much as i hate to admit
But this is it
The end of happy days



Someone else sitting at the bit of table I just cleaned for myself
Saying we’re leaving at 8 and giving out at 7:55
Asking for tea after I’ve already made it not before
Like why?
Putting your dirty knife into the butter
Giving out to me ’cause I asked what time dinner is
When people don’t use table maths or coasters
Like why?


Mystery Girl

She calls us rude
She says we gossip
But what she doesn’t know is that we don’t have a home to go home to
We don’t have a place to make dinner
And while you laugh to your parents about us dossing
Maybe you should just consider
That we leave because that’s all we have ever done
Leave our problems behind
Because that’s all we were ever thought to do…


The Best Years of your Life

These are the best years of your life they say
Ah yes I agree, while I dread school every day.

Constantly worrying about what people think of you as an amazing 10/10,
What I live for, a creative mind being labelled as dumb is what I adore.

Nothing compares to the fabulous feeling of teachers comparing maths tests
Being told to stop with that artsy crap and do something worthwhile is what I detest.

These are the best years of your life they spat,
Nah screw that


Hate Around the World

The world is full of hate
If we don’t do anything about it the world could come to an end
We need to stop it before we will be dead
We have to help each other before we are smashed
Do something about it before we are ashamed of us
Help the people around the world
And make some peace and leave the war behind

Claudia Zaldumbide


From Killarney to Cork
A husband, four children, two dogs
The years go on for him working with the trains…
No husband, four children, two dogs
The trips back home seemed to make her feel less alone
As time goes on she loses her son,
But carries on fighting for her three children
In a home, she can only recall what has happened ever so long ago
Now she is eighty-six, with nine grandchildren,
Who lover her to the counting and back,
And that’s all we want her to know.


Colour Blind

My friends I have to remind,
That I am colour blind.
“Does this colour go with this?” they say,
I don’t know, go away.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I wouldn’t know,
I don’t see the same colours as you.



He leaves me shook
His brown hair is luscious
It often makes me blushes
Leading his band through thick and thin
Impressing his fans with a cheeky grin
Basically what I’m saying is that he is a lovely guy
And if you don’t agree you can die

Lauren Fitzgerald


As I sit here in psychology
And I wanna cry
As the school days pass us by
We’ve geography next
As we read this text
And we all dread
When we’ve done the text we read
And class is over
I wish on the clover
That we don’t have to go to the next class
Actually it’s a funny teacher she’s gas!
We haven’t got homework this year
But we’re ready for fifth year in top gear
We only have a few weeks left of school before Christmas
As we deal with all this snitchness
I need to get away
But I have to stay



I am not something you can use
I’m not going to send you nudes
You broke my heart in two
You can go find someone new
You made me cry many tears
Now I know how you feel,

Debbie McDermott

Who I Am?

I heard the house door open,
I knew something was wrong.
He wasn’t acting the same as he always does,
He opened up my cage,
He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder,
He said that if you love something enough you have to let it go,
He open up the window and threw me away,
Because I’m a parrot.


This Christmas

Christmas time is near
Except it won’t be the same this year
Different place, different people, different time
My mind races as if it’s a crime
Not the trip or the adventure
It’s the fact that you won’t be here this December
I’ll miss your smile, I’ll miss your presence
I never got to hear your last sentence


Conspiracy Theories

Bush did 9/11
That’s all I hear 24/7
Avril Lavigne is supposedly dead
What’s going through these conspirator’s heads
The Mandela effect is meant to be true,
“Luke, I am your father.”
This is the one line we all spew
“No, I am your father”
What! My whole life has been a lie
Is the government a secret spy
Beyonce is a part of the Illuminati
Well, isn’t that very naughty


I Have a Little Frog

I have a little frog
His name is tiny tim,
I put him in the bathtub
To see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water
And gobbled up the soap,
When he tried to talk,
He had a bubble in his throat


My Cat

My cat is so cute
My cat is so sweet
My cat is so pure
And my cat is petite
My cat is loyal
And my cat is cuddly
But when she is hungry
She really gets ugly