Ramsgrange Community School, Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co. Wexford


You weren’t going to be there,
Is what you told everyone?
Somehow I was met with a glare,
I elbowed my friend she told me have fun.

I sat there and waited,
While she climbed on your lap.
I knew it was complicated,
That was until you gave me a tap.

My friend started crying,
I couldn’t just leave.
But instead you went prying,
I knew what you wanted to achieve.

By the warmth of the fire,
We sat and we talked.
I looked at you closer with a desire,
You told me you felt something, why was i shocked.

My face slipped into the hands you own.
We left the party and walked forever.
I was so happy I wasn’t alone,
Kept asking if it would end, hopefully never.

We saw the look of the headlights nearing,
You dragged me into the ditch.
Soon the light was gone, disappearing
This is the moment my head went to a switch.

It was then when your cheek brushed mine,
How did you feel in my favourite memory?
Cause I had cold shivers up my spine,
Maybe you’d feel the same this century.

You looked me in the eye,
Said see you later.
When it was time to say goodbye,
Never thought of you as a traitor.


Pillar Made of Stone

Here before me sits a book,
Made of calfskin and well bound,
From the monastery island of Iona it was took,
By the Vikings who were scavenging the battleground.

In the monastery of Kells, the book laid to rest.
Against the battle of time it passed the test,
It was brought to Dublin in 1653
After the destruction of Kells Monastery

Evangelists each with wings, now six, now four, now two;
Here the eagle, there the calf,
Here the man and there the lion, and other forms too,
You will make out intricacies, so delicate and so subtle,
So full of knots and links, with colours so fresh and vivid,
That you might say that all this were the work of an angel.

Who were they?
The monks who made this book,
The scribes and artists, once fishermen and farmers,
This son or that a father had given as tithe

The inscription on this book looks like pure gold,
Amazing for a book twelve hundred years old,
A book that has lasted through history,
A book that won’t ever be destroyed

Here I am in Trinity College,
Sitting on a slanted ledge,
Not surrounded in an empty zone,
On a pillar made of stone.


The bullets, bombs, running and the silence of death,
The sound of my comrades’ final breath,
Cold tears on my cheek,
Through the sights of the sniper the future looked bleak.

I looked up expecting to see clouds but only allied planes,
The sound from the propellers like a hurricane stirring,
More sounds began to ring in my ears,
All of a sudden the ringing stopped and I heard cheers.

The ground team found me later that day,
Still by my friend like an eagle and its prey,
I was sent back home to recover from my loss,
I travelled home in my uniform still stained from the moss.

Weeks later I heard D-Day was a success,
Finally news to relieve some of my stress,
I realised my friend died a hero
This helped to soften everyone’s sorrow.


Round and Round

People say that being down means not being able to get up everyday
Instead, all I want to do is to go to school
Where I wish I could stay.
Not for academic reasons, or for the boy that I like
But for the people that listen to me
The ones that give me life

I get up in the morning and for a while I’m moody
Inside I am buzzing for the day ahead
But the buzz only goes as far as 4pm
Because going home is nine times out of ten, complete dread.

However it’s not just my friends that make my life worth living,
Of course there’s my passion for sports and my family
Who I assume to be quite unforgiving.
It seems like no matter how hard I try, how fast I learn,
There are always the mistakes I have made, ready to stab me in the back
Ready to make my life a misery for the characteristics that I lack.

I don’t trust myself in situations that get heated
As they result in me getting angry and frustrated
Which then develops into a row and shouting non-stop
And I get scolded again for going into a familiar strop.

All I want to have is a life without severe limits,
One that I can make my own without the control of others.
To be able to be equal to others, regardless of what they tell me
But it seems to be my family that are the ones that don’t agree.
They can’t see my maturity or that our generation isn’t babyish.
Or that I’m not some sort of out-of-control freak
To be ashamed of calling part of their family.

Some will say I’m exaggerating, but it’s just the way I feel.
I can’t help the fact that every thought I have
Just keeps going round and round
My head like a Ferris wheel.


The Choirs Fade Melodies

I want when I die, like the light ones
Blinding stars quickly and unconsciously,
I would like to stop being killed,
How Tell Us About Pindaros.

I do not want to be in life or poetry
Reach the great unreachable,
I would like, my friend, to resemble him only in death;
But now listen to the most beautiful of the stories!

He was sitting in a drama, moved by singing,
And had, who was tired, cheeks
Laying on his favourite beautiful knee

As the choirs fade melodies,
Will wake him up, who keeps him so gentle,
But he had gone home to the gods.


God Looked Down

God looked down at his garden
And saw he had an empty space
He looked down at the Earth
And saw your tired face

He laid his arms upon you
And although it hurts in my chest
He took you up to heaven
He only takes the best

I may not have said it
But I appreciated everything that you did
And anyone would be lucky
To have a grandmother like I did


True Love

Every night when you tell me how much you love me
You always say “I love you more, you have no idea how much I love you”
But I do
Because I love you with my whole soul
My whole heart
My whole being
I hear your name and my heart sings
I hear your voice and suddenly the whole world is clear
The truth is you’re the most important person in the whole world to me
And i want to hold you in my arms, and fall asleep next to you
Every single day for the rest of my life
I want to grow old with you and have children with you
I want to travel the world with you by my side every step of the way
To feel your lips pressed so tenderly against mine
And your arms wrapped firmly around my waist
Would be the greatest thing of all
And the greatest words we would ever say to each other is
“I do”


Junior Cert

There is a lot of study involved in the state exams,
Let’s hope I find a buddy to do it with,
When the time comes and I walk into the exam hall
I hope that my mind won’t go blank,
Staring down at the blank pages right in front of me,
Maths i stare and wonder when I am ever going to use this in my life,
I hope that my mom thinks I am clever when she looks at the results,
I never got the hang of studying,
I find it hard to sit there and stare at a book nothing going in,
I have way better things to do,
However, my mom doesn’t feel the same way,
I’ll wait until the real thing the Leaving Cert…
Cannot wait…


Beautiful Terror

When I talk to you
Nothing else matters
It’s like I’ve been cut off from the outside world
I don’t care about anything else
Only about what you have to say
Every second I talk to you
I cherish with all my heart
If I could I’d be there with you every second
Of every day
But I’m not and I’m sorry
But if I was
I’d hold on to you
More than I’ve held to anyone else ever
I wouldn’t let go until the very second that I’d have to leave
I’ve been waiting too long to see you
And I’d make the most of every minute that I’m with you
I’d never want to let go of you
Nothing else would matter as long as I’m with you
And until that day comes I’ll be longing for it
I love you


“On a Summer’s Monday”

Roses are made of gold,
Where the old wood is made of pure mould,
I walk by a glistening river,
On a Monday morning of Summer.

I spot a bird, as it glided across the sky,
Where the small butterflies fly,
The flowers bloomed in the meadow,
Where I spot a black widow.

I look at the sun,
As I start nibbling at my bun,
I sit down on the grass,
Where I look at the fish in the lake,
Together as if praying in a mass.

I stumble up, to walk back home,
As I reach my porch, I’m greeted by a gnome,
As if guarding my precious property,
Of my own philosophy,
On a Summers Monday.


The True Life of a Teenager

The life of a teenager,
One day you’re the talk of the class,
The next, they chew you up and spit you out.
School is war if you’re too smart you get mutinied upon,
Not smart enough you get left behind,
Left in a grave with scavengers constantly pecking at you.
Until every scrap, every last piece of dignity is gone.
And what’s left you ask,
I’ll tell you a dent in your soul, a disease trying,
Breaking into your heart… Then it SNAPS.
You ask yourself what is the reason for living.
Some find that there is no reason,
But others find a way and get through it.
In the darkness you find Hope…
And in Hope you find Friends.

P.J. Cronin

Broken Down

Here we’re broken down,
Forced to be liked robots by the leaders,
But some societies need rebels.
The war now just began,
It seems impossible and
That we can’t fight, but we can!
This is where the people are thought,
Not even God knows what
And your brothers in arms tell you not to get caught.
Here we’re the shadows of night.
The ghosts of the forest and we’ll never stop the fight.
We don’t care if half of us are dead,
But we won’t stop,
Until the people are not lead by teachers.

Dean Egan

The Grind

Dragging the trolley from aisle to aisle
The workers don’t show as much as a smile
I feel like I’m walking 20 miles
Aisle to aisle
Aisle by aisle
Another aisle
Another mile



School is a battleground
And day after wretched day
Class becomes war
Homework is the bullets
Shot into your chest.
It gets harder and harder
Every single day
But I am like a tree
If you don’t see me fall
Am I even there?

Glen Stafford

Each Army

It starts with a big noise and each army comes
Running in, jumps up and gets the ball and
All of a sudden crash, crushed to the ground the next
Person gets passed the pacey ball and the next
Person from the other team comes crashing in and gets
Sidestepped now he’s through to the try line now no
One can stop him when he gets to the try line,
He gets tackled into touch the ref decided to go to the
TMO the TMO decided to give a 5 metre line to the opposing team
It was a foul throw and a 5 metre scrum to the other
Team the team got a push and forced a maul
Which ended in a try to them the kicker was getting
Ready he kicks the ball the time is red and he’s
One point behind the flags go up and
His team has won

Adam Noel


We stood there waiting to charge,
Ready to play, ready for everything
That was thrown at us.
We stood there and waited.
Waiting to win the battle.
We kicked and shoved, pushed and ran.
Ran until we have done it.
Achieved what we wanted,
To win the battle.
It was shot after shot.
Then everyone screamed,
Shouted and bowed,
But it didn’t matter.
We had won the battle, it was over.

Charlie Hickey

They Fire – We Fire,

Every once in a while, we fire hard enough
That the lag breaks through the clouds
So the world beyond the game glimmers,
The war is the game and the game is the war
But behind every gunsight is a random person
We are those people,
We are the jaded, we are the naive.
We are the honourable and the criminal
We are the bound-for-levelling,
And the lost-to-battle field
We are the pros in the sky,
The campers in the desert,
And the newbies in the mud.
These are our stories.

Gary Mernagh

Driving my Car

I was driving my car
And I was going to fast by far
So I ran over a superstar
Then I had a cigar
Then I heard the sirens
Then dropped her a gear
And I disappeared
So I engineered a way to get away.