St Marys CBS, Mill Park Rd, Killagoley, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


Society exists, survives, relies on law,
Yet it is rife with, filled with human flaws.
Corrupt, biased, broken,
Yet nothing is spoken,
A result of cold hearts without thaw.

As people say “life isn’t fair”,
But in this age should justice be rare.


Electronic Blues

I stare at the blue electronic screen.
It fills my eyes, satiates my soul.
This fake escape
Keeps me awake, away
From this dreary day.
These dreary eyes see no light
This heartbroken fight
Wills me on through my broken life.

Richard O’ Neill

Scream, Cries and Laughter

From the moment I open the door I hear screams, cries and laughter,
I say to myself why I bother coming back to this disaster,
I can hear my father shouting “dinner has been served!”
With a sudden lightness in my feet I fly down the stairs,
In the kitchen is where I take my seat,
That’s when my father asks the age old question,
“What did you do today?” and I think of my whole days congestion,
I start with a grin,
I let the silence linger,
And I respond with “nothin”

Wojciech Gajewicz


The sweetest most amazing woman that ever lived.
But why so soon? Why me?
I don’t get it I don’t deserve this.
Why take the most important person in my life.
So many times I didn’t believe in myself
But you said you can do it.
So many things I wanted to say,
So many things I wanted to do to make you proud.
So many times I look for you but you’re not there.
But I know you’re looking down on me and in my heart.
I never had a guardian angel,
But now I know what it feels like to have one.
I miss coming home to a big dinner in front of me and a hug and kiss.
But he only takes the best.
The best in the world.
I love you mam.

Nathan Bolger

English Class

It’s English class,
There’s a story to be said,
I’m thinking, so nervous, building scenarios in my head,
How will I read properly what has to be read?
I’m sick of this, every single day.
I pray that I’m not chosen to read,
I try my best and I utter and splutter,
But I know no matter how hard I try,
I still can’t get rid of this stutter.

Hasan Berk

Why Her?

Why my mam god?
What did she do to deserve this?
She didn’t do nothing
She’s the best person I have met
I smoked fags to reduce the stress
But it only made it worse
The only thing that got me through it is the friends that I have
My friends got me through it they kept me believing
I thought of suicide but my friends kept me above it
My brother had it too
In fact he had it twice
He kicked its malignant ass twice
Why couldn’t it be the same thing for my mom?

Shane Dixon

By Your Side

I’m always on the side-line,
Supporting from a afar,
But that’s not where it’s meant to be
I’m meant to be on par.

No one ever noticed,
But I’m trying really hard,
I’ve always wanted to be like you,
But that dream seems so far.

I’ll put in much more effort,
And train until I drop,
And when the training is over,
I will come out on top.

I still will support you,
And by this I abide,
But it won’t be on the side-line,
I’ll be right by your side.

Joe Akinyemi

Lucky One

Living my life in the headlights,
Days of blues and blacks
Bruising my soul.
They don’t hurry up
But the brightness of life itself
Catches me from falling,
I’m the lucky one.


I Came From

I came from a loving family that warms the night.
I came from a cloud of green smoke and underage drinking.
I came from a sports community that lights up my world.
I came from a lie that made me depressed.
I came from a light that made me smile.

Matthew Balfe


We are only teenagers.
We are the youth of this world,
Living in a corrupt generation,
Nation after nation,
Dealing with so much
Judgment and discrimination,
So much hate and so little love.
We are only teenagers.

Kacper Jasinski


You think we are Leprechauns,
You think we are all Swans,
You think we are Magical,
I think that’s kind of Tragic,
You think we all drink,
But why don’t you just think,
You think it always rains,
With Green Blood in our Veins,
You’ve embraced Paddy’s Day,
But from the true meaning you are beginning to stray.

So please respect,
Because it’s your own ignorance you have wrecked.

Shane Brauders

We are Ready

We are going to war
We are sick of the critics
We are ready for the battle
We are ready to win once again
We are ready to become champions
We are ready to listen to the roar
We are ready to hear the stars are back

Michael McGrath

Never Been Popular

I’ve never been popular
But everyone says they like me
I’ve never had a lot of people I call friends
But people say I’m kind and funny

I’m no one’s favourite person
But some say they love me
They say they’ll help
But I always be secondary
Compared to someone else


Quiet Guy

I am a quiet guy,
Never to be seen cry,
Always lets things pass by,
Someday maybe I’ll try.

Though I wish I could say love was my destiny,
Someday I know it shall be the end of me,
For a life of burden is well worth it,
If I know at the end it’s you who heard it.

David Ennis

All the Pain

All the pain she goes through,
Look what the friendship has come to,
All the tears that she sheds too,
I wish I was there,
So maybe I could have stopped
What he had done to you,
But now he sits in his chair,
Not a worry, not even a scare,
He denies it all,
Whilst she fears for more.

Stephen Byrne


I ready myself. I see the shot, on its path to reach its target.
I time the jump, hoping, praying.
My arm outstretched, palm open.
I see in the corner of my eye, people raising their arms, cheering.

That’s when I feel the contact, a brush off the top of my fingers.
The ground meets me and as I hit it, momentarily, everything is black.

As I open my eyes, the first thing I see?
The striker’s expression who, in a millisecond,
Has changed from that of rejoice to remorse.
The expressions of joy and heartbreak swap sidelines.
I’ve proved them wrong. I’ve defeated the odds. Again.

Jack Feeney

A School Day

Have to wake up early, barely fell asleep
Go to school in the icy cold morning
Even though it’s mind-numbingly boring
Idiots in school thinking they’re cool,
I just think they’re fools who can’t swim,
Yet are in the deep end of the pool
Robotic teachers give speeches
But it sounds like blah blah blah blended into screeches
Doors fling open when shrill bells ring
School is over and we are free from closure
Can’t wait to be home all alone
Away from pressure to do as I leisure

Ben Geraghty

Through it All

Upset in class, everyone stares
Even then, no one seems to care
They watch me cry, they watch me ball
But even then, I’m left in my own walls
My only light, my parents at home
Only because, they also mourn
The grief I have over my aunt, the way it hit wasn’t fair
My counsellor recommends a therapist,
I go even if I’m not really there
But still i only have one light
That light carries me through thick and thin
And lets me find what’s within
If anyone get trapped in those same walls
I’m ready to help
I’ve been through it all



Football is my life
It can contain a lot of strife
A hit of the shoulder
Can move a boulder
Sending a man flying
And I promise he’ll end up crying
The wild wingers will be kicking swingers
And signing till their throats will be sore

Ronan Byrne

Turning Point

Being called “fat” in third year,
People saying it was a joke,
But little did they know it would make me tear,
So I made a decision in hope,
To change my life in a year,
I tried to lose weight without any haste,
I lost ten pounds in a space of a month,
And to this day I lost three stone,
But damn it was hard to do.

Niall Kenny

The Art of Running

The art of running is not ant freakish ability
To run fast and be genetically superior
It’s about consistent work sweat and tears,
Even ruining your mind to the point of almost stopping
Everything that you love.
It teaches you dedication, commitment, and determination
To become better than what you are before.

Jack Coogan Lowry


Hours and hours Monday work,
That wasn’t worth a scrape of your fingernail dirt.
Loss of people I love, immeasurable pain,
That three year old me, I will never be again.
All for a sheet with random letters that I will never read again,
To do what you’re told by your olders and betters.

Jason Roche

A Cold Saturday

On a cold Saturday its kick off,
An 80 minutes battle is about to commence,
As the oval shaped ball spirals through the sky,
A whole pack of ball hungry players are ready to attack the ball carrier,
The game of rugby is arguably the most physical game on earth,
But is also a gentleman’s game with frequent possession turnovers,
And chances to win the ball back,
The game of rugby is indeed great craic.



Bulling is wrong and bad,
All it does is make the victim sad,
STOP pulling her hair,
That is so unfair.

They can’t sleep at night,
As they are full of fright,
So think about others,
As if they’re your brothers.

Mark Byrne

My Journey

I play this game every single day,
And I won’t put it down no matter what you say.
You can say it’s cool or you can say it’s gay,
So what, I live my life my own way.

As I build my team or begin my own career,
I walk out, feeling like I’m actually here.
The noise, the crowd, create an atmosphere,
I play each and every day, for no souvenir.
This is my journey.

Jack Duggan and Dean Franklin

Three Brave Men

Three brave men,and a mix of potions.
Out on a journey for an eventful night.
Money gone, no worries.

Scarred lips, times threeish.
Visions are fuzzy, “pretty please”.
Spiked and slipper people, almost at the end.

You think my dress is nice but you’re getting no spice.
Then the coppers came to batter so all the lads went scatter.
Man’s not hot.

Ben Roche, Sam Whelan and Joshua Martin


You don’t know you can’t see
Everything that is happening to me
You don’t know it’s complicated
Everything that is implicated
Oh yeah, it’s all breezy
Man, this ain’t easy

Glen Rothwell

One Rugby Game

Saturday I woke up filled with adrenaline, pumped.
I was ready for the match.
In excitement, rage the car left the ground.
Whistle blows, try line close
But the back line disappointed,
We lost all hope.
They barraged us with try after try,
Our heads went down.
We lost the match but our coach
In our sadness frowned.
He cheered us up with a big smile,
Telling us there’s no need to sprint the five miles

Daniel Pong

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

I miss my country
But I don’t want to blow an alcoholometry
About my family I want to hug all of them
Though I’m far, I see my home from here
Only a few days to go home
I’m anxious to sleep at home


War Games

So you’re broken? You must be jokin’
Who’s to blame when your life is a war game?
So you hurt yourself to relieve oneself.
You don’t know real pain, use your brain.
How can you see the stars in a sky full of scars?
People need to think rationally, maybe passionately.
Your life is not a war game.
You have one life remaining.



September, the start of a new year
It is greeted with a cheer
You start up the game
And play it the same
Just like last year

You build up the team
Into “The Dream”
And do it all again next year
This is FIFA Ultimate Team

James Mernagh


I was 5 years old
When I saw that first game
The tackles were crazy
My body felt the pain
I was so into the game
People said I was insane
The sport was just for me



What a great sport it is.
After every game id be in bits.
During the winter it would always rain.
The coaches saying get over it its only pain.
Running down the line, wind behind your spine.
Wind flowing through your hair was so divine.
Feeling sublime,
The feeling of unity with the rest of the team.
We were living the dream.
Winning the final.
Out half as accurate as a rifle.
Rugby,what a great sport it is.


The Cup Final

His leg is on fire
The ball falls straight onto my laces
He can hear opposition players closing in
The sweat dripping off my face as the clock ticks down

The pressure is building and my hearts racing
The cup final is in his hands
The ball is released and the net shakes
Joys fills the scene
He feels like a hero



He was brought up well
Had the world at his fingertips
But he didn’t
Have the common sense
To grab it
He let it slip
Away with his health
He messed it up
Did stuff he didn’t want to do
But he thought he had to do

He changed it
He said damn that
And moved to America
He made it


Sunday League

Sunday morning comes,
No body want to run,

That dodgy bugger
Is no good to the forward.

But in the end,
It was one for all,
When it came to the brawl


A Room

I remember sitting in a room,
That was fairly empty apart from a broom,
I was after being told I was in the front line,
While the general drank some lemon and lime.
Slowly, I put on my gear
Outside, silence is all I could hear.
My weapon felt heavy in my hand
Until I heard the All-Ireland band

Aaron Cummins

First Kick of the Ball

From the first kick of the ball
It all starts to fall
You get high blood pressure
And start breathing like an air compressor
When you break windows, bones
And deafen lads with headphones
The only thing that does compare
Is playing modern warfare
It will reverse your bloodstream
This is FIFA ultimate team

Evan Murphy


Tony Moultons home
Running round a cone
The hurling field
Where soccer players yield
Hurls being snapped
Verses being rapped

Jim Moulton


I live in Wexford
A beautiful place
Near the sea
And loads of trees
Near the Slaney
You can get a lovely cup of tea
In Enniscorthy


The Derby

Red cards are red,
Man City is blue,
Pogba we really need you.