Gort Community School, Gortstuckanagh, Gort, Co. Galway

We Define Ourselves

One person in my family finds it difficult to communicate.
He has Asperger’s syndrome.
He is smart,
He is loving,
He is funny,
We hear a noise,
He hears it ten times louder.
It rings in his head for three times longer,
Then he breaks.
He can’t handle the noise in his head anymore.
He runs away,
Sits in a corner, rocks and cries for hours on end
Complaining about how no one understands.
People stop, stare, laugh and judge our family
For an uncontrollable meltdown.
But that doesn’t define him,
We define ourselves.

Orla Downes


What is anything? Such a peculiar word.
Anything is everything you want it to be.
The sound of the morning bell penetrating your thoughts,
Telling you that it’s time to wake up
And put the trembles of your ego death to one side and conscious mind to sleep.
Anything is a word living in an existential crisis with no alternative exit.

Aoife Flaherty

Strange Creatures

The rescue of my limited life is the feeling to fly forever
You give me the illusion to live boundaries
I don’t have to fear my death
Everything has meaning
In the moment in which I live
Humans are strange creatures
But madness is the best
It sets me free it makes me feel alive


People like You

It’s people like you who give me hope.
When I feel down and begin to mope,
You re-opened my eyes to imagination
And helped me to forget about discrimination.


Boys and Girls

At the age of 12 I already knew
Boys got praises and girls got shamed.
While these boys got high fives and other boys got jealous.
Girls got called sluts and used like necklaces.
Different chains every day.
None of meaning, none of fame.


Rinse and Repeat

My life is like every teenagers,
School, home, school, home, school…
And then it repeats and repeats.
But when I get home, I like to spend a while on social media.
It like a treat for my brain.
After that I usually go for a run.
Running is fun.
When I’m running, I feel alive.
After that its night and after night its day again.
Then, the same thing repeats and repeats…



I obsess over small things
I freak out when somethings wrong
I double check everything
Or I won’t settle at all.
I wake up a billion times each night
To make sure the door is locked
I have to restack the bookshelf
Or I won’t settle at all.



Every day I go home from school,
Worried about what people think.
Am I too tall?
Is my hair too frizzy?
Should I look like other girls?
Pressure, the horror of teenage years,
Pressure, what we all experience,



At the age of 16 we have to prove ourselves
To the world and to our peers,
We have had to drink at a young age
To make it into the popular group
And do things you don’t want to do so your name goes around
But no one actually understands how hard it is
Being teenage to keep parents, boys and others happy



When everybody sees it, they think you’re okay,
But really deep down you’ve got some stuff to say.
Everyone says you shouldn’t bottle it up,
When all they’re really thinking is shut the hell up.
The silence is scary but don’t be afraid
Because in the end you’ve got to be brave.

Caoimhe Stanford and Samara Morais Ferreira

She Hated Drinking

She hated drinking
But she necked it back
As she looked around
Everyone was having a laugh
She could feel her head spinning
But it was all worth while
Just for the thrill.
She hated drinking
She necked it back
Time to regret
That time to kill


Run Rings

After a long and tiring day,
She fires her bag across the room,
She’s mentally and physically drained,
From being bossed around all day.

Staring blindly at the wall, she contemplates the day.
The words “do this, don’t do that” are wrong!
They run rings around her head.



There are pictures of me when I was three
Roaring at the telly when United were playing.
I love football, the thrill, the buzz,
But people don’t care.
“It’s a sport for wimps”,
Just because hurling is faster and harder and uses a stick,
Doesn’t mean you can bring down what I love
And just because I’m a girl
Doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s about,
I know, the stats, I watch the games,
I wear my jersey with pride.
You may think that because I wear makeup,
“I don’t get it”
Well i’ll tell you what
I’ll wear my makeup
I’ll wear my skinny jeans,
I’ll wear my jersey and roar at the TV.
I didn’t care when I was three,
And guess what?
I still don’t care now.

Laura Cafferky


I sat at my desk staring at the clock,
Thinking that time had stopped.
Wondering will I ever escape from this place
To experience what the real world is like.
Six years of my life I will have to spend here,
It already feels like twelve
School is the best days of my life,

Amy Shearer

The Titantic

The Titanic was a mighty boat
It found it awful hard to float
It sailed once and then it sank
The cost alone it broke the bank
Sinking on its maiden trip
Down it went that might ship

Colm Moloney


Walking on the street
Bouncing to the beat
Song was pretty lit
Soaking in the heat
Sitting on the seat
She looks kinda neat

Edison Cai


I’ve had a love of makeup for about 2 years now.
I hadn’t really and interest in it until my friends had started to wear it.
I liked the way there was so much you could do you could do with it
Like structuring features on your face just using contour powder
Or making your eyes appear a different shape just by applying eyeshadow and liner.
The more I began to wear makeup the better I got at it and the more techniques I learned.
I feel that I can express myself and be creative by wearing makeup.
I wore makeup to my first disco and it was shockingly bad.
I remember getting so many looks from people and I felt really embarrassed.
But looking back and comparing then to now,
I see how much I’ve progressed and I am so happy I kept trying and trying until I got better.



When I write
About light
About joy
About love
And no fight
A peaceful night
The stars shine bright
You might know already
I’m writing about Christmas

It is near
The best time of year
Gentle music
Cosy home
A time without fears
A time without tears
All sadness disappears
Everyone just loves this time
Where peace is currently dominant


Mumbling, Fumbling

Mumbling, fumbling
I’m in a rush.
Trying to write a poem,
So I can have lunch.
Everyone’s leaving,
I’m anxious.
I really tried my best,
But I can’t write poems.


The Game

The game will give you a thrill
In summer heat or autumn chill
Scoring points and pounding feet
Will lead your opponents defeat


Woke up this Morning

I woke up this morning
The shower was pouring
I ate my pudding
And then my stuffing
What a morning.


Wintery Mornings

Cold, wintery school mornings,
Why are these classes so boring?
I wish I could stay in bed snoring,
I would prefer if it was summer,
Wearing light little clothes,
Letting light linger in through the window,
Sun seeping onto the beach.