St Jarlath’s College, Tuam, Co. Galway

Human Existence

Human existence is a miracle
And yet everyday those unfortunate few wake
Up feeling they are unloved and meaningless
When we are all of the same make

This ties us together as one
We have defied the persistence
Of the universes’ development
To annihilate all life
So we have no reasons to be malevolent

Human existence is a miracle

Caimin Keavney

The Sea

Waves bashing against the sides of the boat
Splashing on my face
Nearly reaching the coast
We were moving so fast
As if it was a race
Bombs echoing and rippling the sea

Karl O’Brien

Two Paths

In life there are two paths.
One that everyone wants you to take,
One that no-one wants to take.
You might not always have a chance to choose.
Yet you have to fight hard in both.
Nobody said life was easy,
Nobody said it was difficult,
Life is what life is.

Klaudiusz Blaszczyk


When I’m in school I feel I can’t be seen,
Out on the pitch I’m just part of a team.
At home i just want to get to bed,
But I’ve school work and dinner that has to be made.
Even when it’s time for me to sleep,
I have to clean, mop and sweep.
It’s late in the morning by the time I get rest,
Then I wake up late “Oh crap! I’ve a test!”
I get given out to and then slagged real bad,
But they don’t know the other problems I had.
The cycle goes on repeating, repeating,
And I just want to be permanently sleeping.


The War on a Pitch

Both sides lined up ready for battle,
The whistle blows as the first shot is taken.
After the first five minutes of battling,
The first victim is taken out with a stud in the leg,
The medics run out trying to keep him on the field,
Screaming, crying and slowly losing hope.
The rest of the battle is taken place at the same time,
The battle ends and one side takes over the field,
With a goal difference between the sides.

Luke Fahy


Todos somos iguales dejaros de sexismo
Cansados de la vida y de hacer siempre lo mismo
Os cargais a las mujeres con tanto machismo
Que dentro de poco los hombre seremos partìcipes del terrorismo

Y direis que no, sobrados de actitud
Para vosotros tener una mujer es ternerla bajo esclavitud
Y aun direis que nos parecemos que tenemos similitud
La diferencia es que nosotros luchamos y vosotros os cargais la juventud

Jordi Aragon Arbos

Small Frame, Big Heart

Well, my name is Arron
People say that I’m small
They laugh at me
These fellas cus I’m not 100 feet tall
But there’s a lot to learn from down hear on the ground
As we got the power to turn it around
And little people know
When little people fight
We may look easy pickings
But we’ve got some bite
So never kick a dog
Because he’s just a pup
We will fight like flying columns
And we won’t give up
So you’d better run for cover
When the midge grows up!

Arron Molloy

The New Door

They put a new door in the hallway
And all it does is cause traffic all day
They thought that it would be more convenient
But really it couldn’t be more inconvenient
The hallways are always clogged
And to make it worse one door is always locked
Some people say it is an improvement
But I think those people are losing it


Two Men

Two men.
One in each corner,
Getting ready for a battle.
Spectators in the crowd watching on
For the battle to commence.
Once that bell rings,
All hell breaks loose.
Hitting each other with fists of fury,
Trying to knock each other out.
Spectators cheer in excitement,
While blood is being sprayed across the ring.

Ethan Burke

Granny’s Opinion

I have a small beard now.
My Granny ‘can’t stand’ beards,
Her son Tomas is a missionary out in Pakistan
He is there over 25 years.
He has a fine beard.
When he comes home every few years,
Granny doesn’t say a word about it,
But when he is gone,
She gives out to me for the both of us.

Cathal King


I went out one day
Just out for a look
Until someone gave me a dirty look
I looked over at him and go ‘problem?’
He said ‘ya man I got a problem’
He came over to me and hit me
I stood up and said I’ll be the big man
I walked away and did no harm.