Cross and Passion College, Kilcullenbridge, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare



I let them push me into the ground
I am a seed
I will blossom

I watch them
Sharpen up their canines
Ready to tear into my flesh

I am my mother’s only daughter
I am the lotus in swampy waters
I am a flower in the night
I am always closed absorbing no light

When I open up my petals
I will let the world in
I will not let myself be punished
For another man’s sin.

I am at the end of my tether
And I am starting to fray
With every last petal
I am starting to pray

Will every new wilt
I fill more with guilt
But with some time
My life will be rebuilt

Tia Burke


Walking forward, gaze averted
No time to think, no time to see, no time to care
Each and every one ensnared by the faults of the past
Or the possibilities of the future
Every path is the same and yet so different
Defined only by failure or success
But in the end they all continue
Towards a destination growing ever nearer

Ella Duane

What Whispers Look Like

Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
No, but I can see your lips move though
Can you listen? Can you speak?
Cause somethings clearly not right
Deaf isn’t something to be happy or proud of
It’s a disability that really no one loves
It’s a burden, it’s expensive
It’s just downright unfortunate
To be cursed with this disability
To be categorized or labelled
Not quite right or completely able
I speak the truth, I’m really not messing
I’m faced with the challenges, hearing people wouldn’t consider
Like sleepovers, classrooms and hateful whispers
But honestly, I wouldn’t want it to change a thing
No operation or surgery could make me the same
As everyone else
Just normal and plain

Sydney Sheridan

Everything Changed

Life before twenty seventeen,
I was the average teen,
Mam, brother and a dad.
The fun and the love started to go bad.
Dad got sick,
Things escalated real quick.
The family was slowly going to disappear.
At home, in school,
There was no longer a happy atmosphere.
The 3rd of August, everything changed.
We weren’t the family we used to be,
We weren’t the same,
Dad passed away.

Finnlay Mallardo

Stolen Glances

Stolen glances, snapchat notifications
Turned to late night chats and favourite movies
Until feelings were built over simple conversations
But then came the first downslope in our friendship
Too intense to handle in school halls and complicated relations
Up and down, close and distant, trying to guess where we went next
I let you go
And you came back and turned my life upside down
Months past of finally being content
Although she ruined it with one simple text
Cheat, liar, broken heart
But after that I finally was able to breathe
I thought you used to take my breath away,
Until I realised I was choking on the smell of your lies

Katie Steed

War from the Comfort of Home

This is war!
Two sides meet in combat,
Fighting to the death,
No remorse for those they’ve slain.

Endless waves of body flung at each other,
Fighting for control
Time grows short the battle is desperate,
Soldiers call out desperate to communicate

The end grows near,
Each side gives all they’ve got
But in the end only one stands tall,
The winners celebrate and the losers console

But the day is not yet won
Seats and headphones are adjusted,
“‘Cmon guys this ones ours!”
“Let’s go! It’s time for round two! ”

Eoghan McGrath


In the beginning they told me it was just a fling
Little did i know it would turn into a long term thing
Too scared to tell my friends in case they didn’t approve
Hiding it from them in case i would lose them
One month on and i knew i really liked him
Trying to find ways to tell them eventually it all came out
Showing them pictures for us to goss about
I was told “you’re gorgeous, why get with him?”
Because he has a beautiful mind and an amazing personality
Then came the day when they met him and realized him for him
Now there the best of friends and i wouldn’t have it any other way
Those girls are my best friends
And I’m glad I didn’t listen to them that day
Because we all wouldn’t have the good group of friends we have now
And I wouldn’t have him.

Niamh Harris


When I found out I was dyslexic my world stood still,
My mam cried.
All those years of being called stupid,
Struggling with spellings, tables, and basic learning,
Finally became clear.
Starting Secondary made it harder,
The feeling of not being good enough, putting pressure on myself to do well.
My classmates saying oh she’ll do well without trying,
Little do they know the pressure I forced on myself to learn,
To study, the dreading of test results coming back.
The feeling of stupidity with every word underlined in bright red pen,
A big fat F written on the page.
Come the Junior Cert the pressure was too much,
The pressure consumed me.
When the results came through everyone said “oh she didn’t even try”,
Little do they know the work, the tears, the stress, the energy,
The effort that went in to every exam sat.
Dyslexia doesn’t define me,
It’s the work and effort each person gives that defines them.


His Whole Life

His whole life he’s been picked on
By anyone and everyone in school
Being slagged for his hair, his name
Or for the stut, stut, stutter
He’s socially anxious
He grew up his whole life hating going to school everyday
Surviving the slagging till school ends
But when he finally gets home
The slagging didn’t stop it never did
He now wakes up every day feeling like
Everyone in the world hates him and there is no way out
He’s seen counsellor after counsellor
None of their advice helps as he’s too weak to use it
He has felt like this for that long happiness is a rare feeling
And this new low feeling has become a natural one
But his still surviving hanging in there
By a thread but close to letting go

Dylan O’Driscoll


He looked across the room to see
Something more beautiful than a honeybee
The beautiful girl looked back at him
And began smiling making him grin

But then he thought about life at home
And realised that he would always be alone
He stopped smiling and looked at the ground
He closed his eyes and wished of a way out

Anne Tyrrell

I’m Tired

I’m tired of having to live up to this standard.
My work has to vary in quality
Or else inspiration would be indistinguishable from forced bored labour.
I will have better and worse days, weeks, and phases.
I’ll focus on work one time and at a video game another time.
And now it’s not only me that’s wrecked, my friends, my brother, my classmates,
We all have to reach the standard of someone willing to put more time
And talent into work that just happens to be their favourite.
Someone could rhyme this, give it a rhythm, sing it,
Dance it or even paint it into a picture.
That’s not my calling, and I believe that someday that may change,
But at the same time, it might not.

Jan Fraszczyk

Days are like People

Monday is dreary, abrupt and cruel
Tuesday is filled with
Wednesday is hopeful as the school week is almost through
Thursday is exciting as the weekend is coming fast
Friday is a day to relax as you begin the weekend
Saturday is the best, you wish it would stay
Sunday is consumed with the dread of school
People are like days, which one are you?


Constant Music

There’s this constant music inside.
No matter how hard I try to let it out it’s always there.
I find myself dancing when no music is playing.
I feel lighter when I sing.
I feel free, like I’m doing what I was born to do and when I’m silenced.
When I can’t sing, I feel myself get heavy and low,
Like the unheard music is weighing me down
And sometimes I feel all I need to feel content is the perfect song
That fills up everything in me,
That I myself cant.
When I find the perfect song I play it in my head till I can’t stand it anymore
Till I turn to myself and wonder why I can’t sing that perfect song.
Why I can’t write that.
Why I can’t think like that.
Then I think to myself maybe someday I can sing a song
I could write that song and to someone it’s something that they love or envy
Or that makes them sad
Because I feel anything that invokes something in someone is worthwhile.
When my jealousy of the song fades.
I just learn to enjoy the bliss of it when I sing it relaxes me.
Makes me happy and if I sing a song
And can hit a high note reach that low note I feel pride.
Fulfilment and that’s what pushes me to a better happiness then a song sung well.

Caitlin Smith

Off to the Cinema

You just texted your ma to say we just arrived at the cinema,
You get a text back “ok love be back soon”
You arrive surrounded in glass, cans, bottles and mattresses,
The amps vibrate the ground so much the shards of glass shake with the rhythm of the song,
The crowd gets bigger,
People get louder,
You sit on the broken table throat burning
After the so called 7-up you drank out of that old flask you store under your bed,
You feel happier, more confident, more loved,
The glass ends up in the people who have fallen because they can no longer stand up,
The cans, all drinking to the point you see that girl you came with on the floor
With some lad on top of her,
You know she had too many to drink,
The mattresses were moved into private rooms
And the doors blocked with chairs or whatever they could find,
Your vision gets blurry, you tilt side by side bumping into many walls and people,
You then feel a quick blow to the head,
You wake up on the side of the road, stained head and bruised ribs,
You look down at your phone, 16 missed calls,
“Where are you love?”, “please call your dad”, “we are worried”,
“Your friend is in the hospital they think she was raped”, “please answer, we love you”,
You now feel a sick feeling in your stomach, and say this will never happen again,
You get a lift of the nearest person you know,
They feed you, give you water and a bed to sleep on,
They let you cry for a bit then call your parents,
You promise this will never happen again,
Yet you still go to the cinema.

Hannah Dowling


They say it’s okay, They say it gets better.
They tell “you need to don’t worry, you’ll get over it.”
As if it’s nothing, as If It doesn’t matter.
It’s just a phase. It’s nothing.

They think they know but they don’t.
They say they get it but they don’t.
Nobody understands, nobody believes you.
Time to understand, time to believe in you.



Kids alone and feeling cold
No one to hold, afraid to let go
Fear makes them shake, knowing they can’t break
Trying not to cry, to cover up the lie
Those tears that fall won’t stop the brawl
That they have when they speak because there to weak
Labelled as freak but really she’s unique

Megan Fanning


Friends come and go
But the best ones stay no matter what,
They help you when you are in need,
They cheer you up when you are sad,
They give you advice when you need it,
They stop you from making bad decisions,
But most importantly,
They don’t judge you and love you.



When people laugh
When people smile
It makes the cruel world
Seem kind for a while

It doesn’t take any thinking
It doesn’t cost a cent
You’ll feel it spread across your face
Happy, overjoyed, content

So take a moment to be happy
And share a smile with the earth
Until their last dying day
From the moment of their birth

So from students, parents, teachers
And every person reading this poem
Please don’t forget to bring your smile
Where ever you are going.

Kaytlyn Walsh

Girls and Boys

Girls have to sit pretty in pink
Boys have to stand out and not give a crap about what people think
A girl loves shopping and getting her nails done
A boy loves football and talking about your mum
A girl gets slut shamed for getting with more than 2 lads
A boy gets called a legend for getting with 7 slags
Even though were different and act so apart
All boys and girls are the same at heart.

Tara Murphy

Someone Else

Suicide doesn’t end the pain
It passes it on to someone else
And my heart just melts

You’re looking as if you had your wish
You’d be somewhere else…

Rory Conway


It was a warm Friday afternoon,
As the sweat dripped off my face,
I heard the enemies’ screeches,
As they ran through that empty space,
Our men jumped up and took several shots,
Only to be greeted with some grenades,
Our men were screaming lots and lots,
Until i popped up with my slick shades,
I sniped a grenade when in mid-flight,
And killed all around me,
Until there were no enemies left in sight.

Shane Nolan


School is lifeless and boring,
All we do is writing, typing and overthinking.
It is so much stress,
It turns many of us into a mess,
I would much rather be sleeping.

Sean O’Connell


A flower is flower
Whether big or small
It can grow or shrink
Or not do anything at all
So why if you were given a flower
Would you cut it and make it hurt
Cover it and hide it curse it and try to fight it
How something so beautiful you could think to change
When really it’s not the flower
It’s the brain


Generational Shift

People from this generation are different to people in the older generation,
We can walk to school, they had to walk 10 miles,
We have mobile phones with touch screens, they had Nokia blokias,
We have flat screen televisions, they had televisions that were in black and white,
We have the internet we can know something in 0.01 seconds,
They had books it could take hours to find the right one,
We have everything at our fingertips.

Georgia Bermudez

The Senior Cup

It was a cold Sunday morning in the bitter heart of November,
The ground was coffin nail solid and covered in a dusting of frost.
Both teams faced off in preparation for the immense tasked that followed,
It was Senior Cup final day and the ground was filled with colour.
The whistle blew and the game began.
Next thing I saw was a man twice my size running at me full tilt
And I seen my life flash before my eyes.
I connected with my shoulder, his gum shield flew,
He was on the ground.
A big roar filled the stadium and that moment won the game for my team,
There best player was gone,
The final whistle blew and we were champions.
We had won the Senior Cup.

Ruairi Clarke

Electric Eel

I am who I am
Who else would I be
I like to be me
I like to be free
I don’t change for anyone
But you better change for me
I’m as thick as bricks
And as strong as steel
I’m an electric eel



Teenagers nowadays have a lot of pressure,
To make their life better,
But too much pressure turns into stress,
Which results in regrets.
One night stands,
Abusing drugs and alcohol,
Refusing help,
Causing a problem worldwide,
It’s called suicide.

Sophie Byrne


We are chefs
We cook clean till there’s nothing left
When noodles were being made by Robby Shapiro
You were being my culinary hero
There are chefs that cook food
Then there are people like you
Carl Casper
The make time go faster
Has anyone seen the movie Chef?
Creature of beauty
Your everlasting presence leaves me
Like my father left my mother
I always knew they didn’t love each other



I’m scared of things, that is true,
What people think of me, is the worst of a few
I’m terrified of judgement, it stays in my head.
It repeats over and over as I go to bed.
It ruins my mind and it makes me nervous,
My mind is my own personal circus


Schwarzchild Radius

The Schwarzchild radius of a human is
0.000000000000000000000000103819222 meters
Compress me
I don’t wanna feel

Give me a gravitational pull
So strong
Light can’t escape
Maybe then
I will pull

Already passed
Your event horizon
Can’t escape
It’s so dark in here
I’m all stringy
Like spaghetti

Jen Pearson

As I Tried to Sleep

As I tried to sleep
Shifting under the itchy blanket on the fold out couch
I heard my mam
As the music I’d shown her earlier creep in from the veranda,
Then came my realization that yet again
She would not be sleeping that night
I realised in that moment
That it could be the start of another descent
And it might spell the return of the fags
It was hard for me to comprehend how we would return
With no money and not speaking the language and now nowhere to stay.

As we waited in the hospital
Trying to comfort my sister and calm my mam
I thought how this must be how refugees must feel.
And how it’s all just a scam.


My Passion

I am tired of people discouraging me from doing what I love.
I love computers, it is the biggest passion I have.
And the fact that it is dis encouraged is ridiculous.
I have fought my parents and teachers
And after nine years of fighting,
It has finally set into my teachers and parent’s heads.
That this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life.
I have spent over 3000 hours on a single game called League of Legends.
The fact that it is a video game makes it bad for everyone looking at me play,
But because I play this game I have learned so much more
Than I would have ever learned myself.
It has thought me how to teach myself and it has found my interests.

Sulo Siigur

The Way of Life

My very first memory of her
Was in my car I was four years old
It was like holding a big ball of fur
When we rolled up to the house i got out and played with her in the cold
Eleven years it was probably the worst day, a day of strife
It was like being stabbed with the world’s sharpest knife
After days of crying I realized that is the way of life

Chris and Jamie

That Person

The deepest emotion a human being can feel
Like the waves of the ocean bringing you in
Everything in this world relies on it
Wars are fought on its battlefield
Lives are lost for it.
It is those moments in the dark
When you cannot think of anyone else
But that one person
When you cannot eat
Cannot sleep
Cannot concentrate on anything else
But that person
When you feel like you would do anything for them
Then you are in love my friend

Elizabeth Meehan

What a Life to Live/ If Only

The first week, nothing.
The second week you start feeling weird.
A month later you find a little bump,
You’re scared what people will think, you tell nobody.
Over the months the bump starts growing,
You feel anxious that someone will notice life growing inside you,
Almost every morning you’re ill enough to almost collapse, you vomit.
You continue on with your life pretending it’s a stomach bug,
“It’s nothing” you convince your parents and your friends.
One day you go to the bathroom on a day out with your best friends,
An hour passes and you’re still gone, they’re worried.
They find you on the ground in a stall covered in vomit,
They rush you to a hospital.
You are diagnosed with cancer.
It has spread to your bones and…
It’s too late, if only you had told someone,
You had noticed the changes but didn’t say anything
And you were scared that society would judge you because you were ill.
“I didn’t have a chance” you thought,
“they would have torn me apart” you contemplated for a while.
You were scared what society would think of you
Because of the destructive language and attitude our society uses.
Everyone’s a snake, bitch, what an asshole.
If only we were more understanding, more forgiving If only we could save a life.


My First Football Match

The day had finally come,
The wait was over,
My first match; finally,
10 year old me, ran downstairs, swallowed some breakfast,
Out to the taxi and onto the airport,
The two hour flight was impossibly long, the bus journey longer,
Until finally the stadium loomed above us,
A sea of red below us, buzzing,
We all filed into the stadium, chanting the names of our heroes,
Until one goal followed, then 2 and 3,
An emphatic victory and great day,
A day to be cherished for a lifetime.

James McLaughlin


I hate when they’re pricks
When they seem like they’re bricks
When they tease for the kicks
When they always look for conflicts
When they’re really not nice
When they have lice
And they’re not Conor Price.



You start to forget…
The things you should remember
And you can’t stop remembering
The things you should forget


My Cousin

My cousin is one of the top athletes in Ireland
And here I am having started two months ago.
For some reason I want to be better than her,
But she has four years of experience.
I feel like I’ll never catch up.
Like I’m running a race that I’ll never finish.

Leah Morris

Cool Man

I sat on couch,
I live in a house,
Some call me cool,
When I swim in a pool.

I enjoy food,
I’m a pretty cool dude,
I have a hoover,
I don’t come from Vancouver.

I wear socks,
I don’t wear frilly frocks,
If you need some help,
Don’t fear, don’t whelp.

I might be Catholic,
I don’t know
I’m still fantastic,
Don’t doubt it, yo!

E D Rogerson

Brawl after Brawl

They said we’ll all be happier, home will be a better place.
Guess they forgot the fact there was nothing to embrace.

They said they’ll get along, better for us all,
But all there is, is brawl after brawl.

Then a replacement came to try and be your new mom
But all you could see was an atomic bomb.


My Name Is

My name is Jamie
How dare you betray me?
You tried to slay me
Now you obey me
You can’t blame me
For liking salami

Jamie Hayden


I am working in a job
And I knew I was getting underpaid
I told my parents that I was not being paid right
And they told me to talk to your boss
So the next day I was working
I got the courage to talk to him
And I asked nicely if I was getting paid right
Or was it just a mistake
He said to me that there was nothing wrong with your pay
And you are getting paid what you are owed
I decided to leave it at that
Because I felt if I went farther he would fire me.
The following week I was getting my wedges of my boss
And I got paid what I was owed and was very happy about it.
I went home and told my parents that I got paid right
And they said to me don’t be afraid to speak up.

Evan Swan

Writing a Poem

I can’t even write a poem about writing a poem
I have been sitting here for an hour
Using all my willpower.
Why don’t I write about that girl I once saw?
The one that left me in awe
Actually no,
The guy beside me might think I’m a weirdo

I can’t even write a poem about writing a poem…

Aaron O Connor


I went into foster care when i was six
The most horrible day of my life
Being told that I’m not going to live my parents anymore.
Being put into a stranger’s house
Not knowing who they are or where they live.
Then I’m being told that I’m going back to my mam and dad in a week
And then they keep changing when I’m going home
Until they change it to eighteen
I hated it when they told me that
I just wanted to go home and live with them again
Then at twelve my foster parent told me my mam passed away
And now knowing that I will never see her again
Never get phone calls off her
Never go on visits to see her again
After my mam passed away I started having visits with my dad
I was so happy that I still had him
After a few visits he stopped showing up
I was really worried I thought he just walked out on me and my sister
I didn’t see him for five years
A few days after my Junior Cert
I got told my dad had cancer but he was recovering
I had my first visit with him after five years I was so happy.
A few days after the first visit he rang and told us he was in hospital
Because the cancer came back and that they won’t be able to treat it
I was so upset saying that I cant lose another parent
I guess I was wrong
In September my social worker came and visited me and my sister
And said that my dad passed away
It was the worst day of my life
It sucked that i only got four visits with him before he passed away


Me, myself and I

I’m as thin as a twig
As light as a fig
I eat pure tripe
And that’s about it
I am as sturdy as steel
But that’s how I feel
You may disagree
But it’s all about me

Sarah Polcer

Poem Poem

Poetry is really hard to write
I Jazz all day I Jazz all night
When I get scared I get a fright
Will I play tonight?
I don’t know I might

Don’t get in a fight
That isn’t right
Piranhas bite
This is utter tripe

Play on my sax
Jazzing to the max
Don’t go to the jacks
Put my coat on the racks

The clock isn’t moving
But I’m still grooving
Never losing
Never boozing
Always musing
Never amusing

Éanna Lane

I Don’t Care

I don’t even care if you cry
On the real you should’ve never lied
Should’ve saw the way she looked me in the eyes
I said “baby I’m not afraid to die”
Toast me to the edge
All my friends are bread

Billy Cronin


Freezing toes and a running nose
That’s how you know it’s Christmas
Fir trees turned to Christmas trees
That’s how you know it’s Christmas
Bright lights and return flights home
That’s how you know it’s Christmas
Stockings hanging and reindeer prancing
That’s how you know it’s Christmas
Carrot sticks and cookie mix
That’s how you know it’s Christmas
Waking bright and early to find your presents
See your family and give love and presents
That’s when you know it’s Christmas
Turkey dinner and sherry trifle that’s when it’s Christmas
A day of happiness and love comes to an end
That’s how you know the day of Christmas comes to an end
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Shannon Dempsey

Busting Rhymes

Coming on in and I’m coming on down
This bad boy gonna make a few pound
Up on the mic with the lyrical flow
I know a lad that will break beats
No I don’t give a damn
See me around town in my transit van

Fionn Hegarty


My name is Jamie
I like running
Can you blame me?
I’m 16 and I’m also
Very lean.
I will go to the gym
With my friend.



My time at Barbados.
I went to Barbados when I was in 5th class for 3 months.
During my time there I had to go to school and I was nervous.
On the first day I was introduced to boys called Ethan and Nick.
They were my friends.
At lunchtime we chased lizards and played football.
I was sad when I had to leave.

Jamie Delaney


The more you take the better you feel
The more you take the more the people around you feel
The feeling of it can be good and bad
But the fun you had is now gone and sad
No job, no money, nowhere to go



Why do I have to go to school?
I feel like a mule.
I feel like a useless tool
And more than just a fool.


A Rhyme

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
There is a shark in the water,
What are you gonna do,
He is as fat as the sun,
As dumb as the moon,
Don’t go near him,
He is really just a goon.