Our Lady’s Secondary School, Kiltillane, Templemore, Co. Tipperary


Anger fills my heart,
The feelings surpass me.
Painful feelings,
Bad feelings.

The heart asks me to hurt,
The mind and soul say no.
I have to control myself,
I cannot afford it.

The desire to hurt,
The one who once hurt me,
Is superior to me,
“Do not do it” I think.

Sad, hurt, defenceless.
Across my mind,
The things they said
Take control of me.

Angry because of them,
Because of what they said;
Words with no importance
That caused an unthinkable pain.

Pain that made me hate
The person that I was,
The one I had always been,
But this is over.

I have learnt about love,
I have learnt about me,
I will start to love
The one I have grown to be.

Laia Puig

Boys and Girls

Lads full of buckets of confidence
While girls have none
Get over it love, go for a run
Plaster foundation over all your insecurities
Put on a brave face don’t mind your anxieties
You really don’t matter if you’re not in sport
The lessons you’ll learn
Won’t be what you’re taught


We Soar

Prepare, prepare the iron helm of war,
Bring forth the lots, cast in the spacious orb.
We bring our guns to towards the hill we soar.
And fight for tonight because we will win the war.
We marched in as one upon the hill
And do what we must to get the final kill

Ali Aissou

We Sit

We sit, pretending to listen to the voices
Of people who look down on us,
Does everyone else feel like this?
It feels as if they don’t.
A society so invested in how we look
Not how we think.
A change in this world is necessary,
For the good of everyone.


Me Myself and I

I’ll move as lively as a snail or as slow as a race horse
Think of me what you want but I’ll give it all I got
Fragile legs and shaky arms won’t even make me stop
On I plough ”smile, keep going”, the pain never showing
Music is my freedom, music is my life
The soundtrack to my life would be soft and loud
I won’t miss a beat and I will be proud

Claire Maher

False Fronts

We still care about people’s pointless opinion on us
We feel so pressurized into being someone who we’re not
That we have to act differently
Just to change someone’s mind on us
As if their opinion matters
In this world where people care about
What a person looks like instead of what they are like
Where someone can put someone down so much
That they learn to hate themselves
Instead of focusing on being whom they truly are
Where people don’t look at you as an item
And as an actual person that have feelings
People need to learn how to love themselves

Emma Kelly

The Click

The click we never got to pick,
You’re always put into a click
That you never get to pick.
If my skin isn’t clear,
Going to school was always my biggest fear.
I was never skinny, never mini.
Never a first choice, never even a choice.
I once liked a guy, he wanted to do things,
But I was too shy so I then got labelled dry.
I was never the pretty one,
Never the sporty one,
Never the skinny one,
Never the one anyone wanted.
My skin was bad which made me sad.
Being chubby always made it harder for me to find a buddy.
I was put into a click I didn’t get to pick…
We weren’t the prettiest weren’t the smartest we weren’t the sportiest
We were all put into this click that we didn’t get to pick.
But for once we were happy and accepted for who we were.

Sophie Keane

How we Look

It’s how we look and what we wear,
The corridor is a cat walk,
Cruel eyes they stare.
They get quicker and quicker,
Harder and sharp,
They look at your figure,
While breaking your heart.



“Why?” I say to myself on a cold January night.
Why do I do this to myself every year I think?
As I catch my breath after ten laps of the pitch.
Sprints next. I think I’m going to get sick.
Sprint to the 21 yard line and shoot, black spot. No hops.
The spring starts to roll in and with that, challenge matches.
Match after match, injury after injury, physio after physio.
Everyone pushing, willing each other on, wanting your jersey.
And when you see that trophy, you would give up you mother for that feeling.
That pain that hurt from the years before it’s all worth it, that feeling.

Bronagh Bergin

A Broken Soul

Just an average girl
She always wore a smile
Her friends made her happy and smile for a time
Then one day things took a turn for a worst
Kids started laughing pushing and stealing her purse.
Things became constant and she couldn’t handle it
She went home tried to tell her mother
But her mother is an alcoholic that doesn’t care
So she took her father’s rope from the shed
Went to home her room and wrote a note
“Look at me now, look at me now, look at your precious child”
But she knew her mother wasn’t the one to blame
She grabbed the chair, put the rope around her neck
Took one last look out at the moonlight and said
“Goodbye World”
She jumped and her broken soul left her body
That was it she was gone

Ben Simmons


We are judged on each and every little thing we do,
The person that said it hadn’t a clue.
Things that are said, they hurt too.
Makeup is worn as a mask, it’s true.
Because no one is confident,
Everybody acts,
We put on a show,
So we won’t face the facts.

Colleen Giles

Not the Answer

This is where feminism is the answer
Where anything you say is racialism
Where activism for rights for men is equal to fascism
In this world
Heroism is now just an attempt to get a date according to misogyny
This is the time where we should get along
And not to tear down the walls
Of social construct in order to not offend anyone
This the where feminism is the answer
But the answer there pushing is incorrect
And incorrect answers can be hurtful to everyone

Caolan Walker

Every Week

It’s the same every week
Sick of listening to the cheek
Picking on the not as sporty, not as good
He praises the ones whose parents he knows
Making the rest of us feel bad about things we were trying our best in
Pointing out our mistakes in front of everyone
Reminding us were not as good as the rest
Shouting constantly
I don’t want to be there
People don’t believe how bad it is for the 3 or 4 of us
The rest think its great and turn against us when we complain
Over and over again

Tara Maher


We all find relief in a certain thing.
Whether that’s a person, a place, an item.
In some cases, it’s music.
There’s something about the melody,
The way the words go,
Or the meaning it brings across.
It can give you a sort of feeling
That nothing else can.


Behind my Back

People say things about us all the time
I think especially for girls we are so self-conscious about others thoughts
I was one of these girls
I felt that everything I did someone had to comment
I felt alone
I met people that made this a bit better
But I still felt conscious about people talking behind my back

One day I had enough
People do think and say stuff about me
I couldn’t let it hinder me,
I couldn’t let the words keep me back

We need to get over these issues
People are cowards to say it to your face
Or they are just stupid to say those bad things
About the great person you are


We are Different

People lie
And people cheat
That’s just the way we are in the world
But we can’t help change who we are in this world
In this day and age we are expected to be the perfect girl or boy
But yet we are different
And people find that hard to accept that everyone is different
Just because we are different doesn’t mean we are freaks
Except people who are different because at the end of the day we are equal
The different ones are the best ones


Lined out for Battle

The teams were lined out to battle and fend
And we were expected to rattle again
Against a team who were supposedly superior
But our defence was built like a barrier
The full forward line was strong and talented
While our midfield was ready for challenges
Our team is strong and ready for war
As all the supporters looked on in awe

Cathal Kelleher


Play like never before.
Stand up and be counted,
Like your father before you.
A legend.
A hero to me.
I’m thankful for that the memories
He left will never leave.
I’m doing this for him,
We’re winning the league.
To penalties it went,
Mine was the last,
To score and win,
The pressure was on.
I said a prayer
And hoped to god the ball would go in.
As captain of the team,
I said a word or two to him up there,
Just to say thank you.

Lorcan Roche

Work Hard, Box Easy

Stepping into that ring waiting for that bell to go ding ding,
1st round over that’s it now,
My names Scully bang pow pow
The opponent was a sow.
You’re told one step at a time
One round at a time
One punch at a time
But everything you dreamed of
Worked for
Stuffed into these 3, 2 minute rounds
Show them what you’re made of
Give them socks
When everyone else says no
You gotta say yes
You gotta bark bark bark
But make sure you could bite bigger
Hands of rock
Hands of steel
Gotta go to work
Gotta run this field

Kyah Scully


To play rugby, it’s all about muscle and power.
Standing tall with walls and towers,
But what if you weigh ten stone,
Nothing but skin and bone.
Playing under eighteen
Since fifteen,
Your teammates are going to college
But you have the knowledge,
That you are gonna get destroyed
And all you do is try to avoid.
You gotta believe
That you will survive,
But all you do is heave,
Thinking that you aren’t getting out of this alive,
But you try anyway to prove a point
And also not to disappoint,
But I don’t need all the power.
All I need is to tackle
And that’s all that matters.

Eoghan Kelly

A Dream

Everyone has a dream of living the perfect life.
Having a big house,
Marrying your prince.
But really,
We all know that the dream we dream,
Won’t come true until we work for it.
A famous YouTube once said,
“You Gotta Want It, No One is Gonna Want It For You”.

We all dream about being rich.
It’s the life we all want.



I sometimes wonder
Why are people like this?
Why do we need to live up to expectations?
If someone in your family went and did a major college course
And has a great job and life.
Are you expected to live up to that?
Should I look as beautiful as other people ?
Should I be the smartest in my class?
Should I always set an example?
But people seem to forget about the reality of life
We can’t live in a fantasy world,
Where everything is all grand and fine,
But it’s really not all grand and fine.
We don’t live in an ideal world.
Life is all trial and error,
We will make mistakes,
We will screw things up.
We will more than likely mess up along the way,
But we are human.

Katelyn Mcgrath


Its starts every Tuesday,
Over and over again.
From time to time,
It gets to me,
All the nagging for nothing.
Picking on girls who aren’t as good,
Who try their best but isn’t good enough.

Katie Fennell

Too Edgy

Death would be nice
Cover me in ice

I’d like to die
Please do not cry

When can I go?
See yeah later bro

This poems too edgy
But you’d never take it serious anyway


My Mission

My name is Colm,
I have always wanted to become a U.K. police man.
I feel like there is a fire within me,
To do just that, to be a man.
I have been told that I am mean,
I have been told that I am mad,
I will prove them BAD!

Colm Lawlor


I like cheese,
On white bread please,
Not a day goes by,
That I don’t sit and cry
About cheese.

Lorna Hayes


I like girls,
Not as much as I like my hurls,
Give me a grapefruit,
Or you’ll get a boot in the tooth.

Shane Lowe