Crescent College, Dooradoyle Rd, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick

Look Around

I take look around and see
Giants of purpose looking down at me
They give me air to breath, food to eat
I go to them in times of need

I take a look into concrete sky
Wondering will I go there if I die
But the only purpose I can see
Is the light the rain brings down on me

I go to the sink to wash my face
It traps my demons
Flushes them away
I take a look back, look at the stream
Its purpose isn’t just to sparkle and gleam
It quenches my thirst
Boils my blood
My riddled head about to burst

I walk to the field to clear my mind
I listen to the worlds beautiful chime
The birds, the breeze in harmony
Their purpose only to sing to me

So i fight the wind to find its source
Without a thought it changes course
Are these the currents God blows at me
Or are these the stories I’m told to believe

So what if heaven is really a dream
And this life is all i got
Should I really be worried about my purpose
Or should I not

Eoghan Cantillon-Mann


I used to smile everyday
Laugh the pain away cause
I was twelve years old when you passed away
I never used to cry or sit around and whine
But everyone used to tell me ”she’s in a better place she’s fine”

But if I could swap places I’d do it a flash
Cause that day I put myself through a car crash
And everything is what I wanted to smash

And I thought why I am doing this
I still have a family
And right now, I’m living, I’m doing it happily
Because I’ve got the rest of my family
It was a tragedy, now I’m living my fantasy


I’m Fine

Every day is a new day,
You wake up feeling great and that the world is at your feet,
But that’s of course before you reach the gates.
Inside there are people like me who find it hard,
Fellow classmates judging your appearance and asking if I’m alright.
To answer their question I say ‘I’m fine’,
But in fact I’m not fine.
I’m not fine ’cause the pressure my “friends” put me under
Could one day result in catastrophic decisions that I make, all just to impress them.
I’m not fine ’cause everywhere I go there are certain expectations of me,
Even ones I could never live by,
I get judged for just wearing clothes I like or even eating food I want to eat,
But nobody else notices the silent “harassment” that people like me have to endure.
I’m not fine because coaches and teachers alike expect great things
From just a normal, average girl like me.
I see everyday people doing certain things that they normally never do,
But only do them to impress their “friends” of a higher standard than they are.
Why can’t I just do the things that I want to do and live the life I wanna live?
It’s rare to find people like me that notice this BS that walks the corridors 5 days a week.
Its 4 o’clock and the bell rings.
Most of my “friends” talking crap about their unrealistic plans for the night
And what “cool” things they will get up to.
Walking out of the gate and to the car and for the first time in that day I can say the truth,
That I’m fine.


The Good Life

We want to go out and have a good time
Without having maths and poems to rhyme
We want to have memories, fun, love and laughter
Without thinking about the tests we’ll have after,
In 20 years’ time when telling our kids,
The times that we shared, the fun stuff we did
To make these stories
You’d have to bold,
”You’re grounded, give me your phone”
That’s what we got told
We will not remember
What we scored on that test
All we can say is we did try our best
So leave us alone, let us be who we are
Don’t give out or change us
Or try to contain us
We’ll drink with our friends
We’ll go out when dark,
We will get some bruises, we will get some marks
But that’s what I’m saying,
Just live the good life and be who you are


Education System

The school system is crap
We learn about the history of Henry the 8th
When all we want to know is what to do when our tax is late
I don’t give 2 craps about simultaneous equations

I give a crap about how to apply for my college application
Weirdly enough I don’t know my human rights
Apparently we have 60 something?
But I do know about the causes of potato blight
So that’s better I guess
When will I need to know why x=y
Surely not during my interview for a new chef position

Our system hasn’t changed in decades
We sit in straight lines, hands up when we want to speak
Just like robots
They are preparing us to all be the same
When that’s just not realistic

This school system is shocking for this day and age
Not everyone has the same hopes and dreams
Some of us will be better at maths
Some will be better at art
And others better at sport
The education system is generalised too much
People shouldn’t have to put up with 14 years
Of not preparing for the rest of your life
It just doesn’t make sense


Cruel Joke

People call me a freak for having red hair
Even though we share the same air
I used to call myself Strawberry blonde
To get away from the pain it caused
All of the teasing and names that made me afraid
To come into school the following day
I wasn’t known for who I was or for the context of my character
All they had time for, was my red hair to register
They all went, “come on, it’s a joke”
Even though every time my spirit felt like it had broke
I remember the first time people pointed it out
I was having fun in the playground
When I was called “gingerbread” and it felt like I had drowned
I went home crying to my Mother
Asking why I was different from the others
My Mother told me, “don’t listen to them”
Words that I have betrayed until the very end



This is where death lingers in every house
And people lay without their spouse.
This is where broken hearts try to mend
And where criminals sleep around the bend.
This is where cigarette butts line the pavement,
And children give in to their parent’s enslavement.
This is where I go to sleep and rest,
And where I get ready to do my best.

Jamie Cross


I try my hardest, I try my best.
Nobody is putting this on me but myself.
This pressure I feel makes me feel compressed,
I look like me but inside I’m different.
I’ve changed, I’ve morphed, and I’m no longer the same.
I feel like I’m no longer at home, I’m now an immigrant.
When can I go back to the way I was?
When I question ‘why?’ the answer I get is “just because”.
But that’s not good enough I need more,
These feelings I feel how long will it hurt for?

Patrick Dwane

Individuality is Taken

This is where we are told to go for the gold
Don’t we need money to last ‘til we’re old?
Aspirations are silenced and our dreams are shunned
Because we need something realistic, and to start a fund
In this system our individuality is taken
Our dreams are gone while hearts are breaking
Would you rather be happy or would you rather be stable
Cause In the end food needs to go on the table

Siobhán Mulcahy


Girls are given a body image that is impossible to reach.
We stay up all night watching Netflix and go to school wrecked.
There’s orange fake tan and short black skirts.
The boys are inappropriate and have no respect.
Everything is done on a screen and not face to face.
Everybody is judged no matter the race.


Thoughts and Stuff

Those thoughts in your head,
The ones that make you dread,
That make you really think.

Those thoughts that make you shrink,
And don’t let you get a wink,
Of sleep.

That stuff that’s really deep,
The ones that creep,
Into your mind.

It’s as if we are blind,
Swimming in the deep ocean we struggle to find,

What’s the point of this crap
Will we ever know a small bit?
Just something?

Nah we are all just bumping,
And stuttering,
In this mad world we know nothing about.

All I know is we know nothing,
And we should never back out.

Joshua Skehan Fitzgerald

Be Different

There’s no more worse feeling
Than the feeling of not being able to be you,
Of being scared to be you.
Who told them they’re the ones to tell us what we can and can’t do,
Wear and can’t wear,
Look a certain way, feel a certain way.

God forbid anyone stray away from normality,
Try to stand out or be different.
Insignificant is what we feel when trying to ask for help
They make our problems small and like they don’t matter


Judge You

People judge you
Whatever you do

You can’t be you
Everyone has a view

You can never do anything
Without people thinking and saying

You can’t stand out or be original
Cause everyone is unoriginal

Everyone follows suit
And everyone is a snoot

Just be yourself and don’t care
Cause everyone has air



I sit in a classroom playing with my hair and flicking my pen
Waiting for the bell to ring
Until I think, when will I ever get a voice a choice?
Sitting being told I have to be smart to achieve to believe.
When will it be ok to express your personality and express your sexuality?
Being a teen is not easy,
Saying how you feel and you still get called cheesy

I still sit there in class, biting my nails and interrupted
By a piece of paper slapped down on my desk saying fail
Why do results on a page apparently define my life, future and what I want to do?
Express your talents even if it’s weird,
I’d different and different is cool,
So don’t let school and test results define what you do.


Who am I?

I’m not a good man, I’m not a bad man
I’m not a hero nor villain,
I’m not the law or a criminal
So why am I here today, right now?
What am?

Did God put me on this Earth for a reason? Maybe.
Did I come from cells and monkeys?
Who knows.
Did a higher being come to the ground and set our lives out.
Why am I here, I’ll tell you why.

I am here now to live life as it goes passing
Though seeing the wonders it throws at me
Watching things rise and watching them fall.
I don’t interfere, I won’t judge

You’ll find someone, or they’ll find you
Always caring, always there for them
Because “love isn’t an emotion, it’s a promise.

I bet you wondering, just who I am,
My name is Life and this is my story.

Darragh Stakelum

Smiles, Hi’s and Sneers

Smiles, hi’s and sneers
All things that come from so called peers
Tears that tear through
Eyelids shuddered as deep heavy breaths rip through
Your chest no tells of sorrow no talks at all of verbal warfare
Flies over head I scream at them to stop but it never ends and through
It all the smiles, hi’s and sneers come at me from my peers.

Soifra Gleeson


So much pressure
Between life and leisure
You should know your future
Before you become a Junior

For popularity
There is no variety
Be a boozer
Or else you’re a looser

To not have the right shape of body
And try to be somebody
You get shamed for being who you are
And get called names that leave a scar

Be who you are
The brightest shining star
Leave all the others follow a bully
And be yourself truly


This is Where

This is where we are defined by an examination grade
And we go by the people’s recommendations made
This is where we come to sit and learn bullshit I will never ever need
This is where we are judged for our beauty and our greed
This is where we show very little of our wild imagination
This is certainly not just a mild exaggeration
This is where everyone’s mind is trained to be the exact same
Where not everyone leaves school with a wanted aim


Stay Silent

Stay silent. It’s not happening.
Sometimes silence is blackening.
Ignore it, won’t it go away?
Ignore it, leave it to another day.
Another day, more destruction,
A few more hours, start construction.
We build and build but still don’t fix.
We pour gallons of concrete, they build with sticks.
Split like divide signs, split like sins.

Ava McCoy

The Town

One of my biggest fears
Is that when I’m grey and old,
That I’ll still live here,

When we were young we were told ,
“Dream big” and “reach for the stars”
But what if I can’t reach them
Or even know where they are,
Or if I can’t even see them,

What if I asspire to be a star
And sell out concert halls.
But, exam results like mine won’t get me far
Or get me anywhere at all,

So I’ll sing everyday,
I’ll really knuckle down
And I dream that one day
I’ll get out of this town.

Óran Curran


Why? Why? Why?
We ask ourselves
What is are purpose in life
Why am I not as good as I want to be?
Why always me in this day and age?
We are judged on the things we aren’t good at
And not the things we are good at
Where everyone dreams to live big
At the end of the day you’re in it for yourself
And everyone’s there for the good times
But no one’s there for the bad times
Besides your family

Darragh Fenton

Judged all Day

This is where we sit around getting judged all day
Shiny stuff leads us astray
This is where we make the choice of our lives
You never know who will survive
This is where we go not to be lonely
But if only…
This is where I don’t know if I’m happy or not
Why am I here smoking some pot?
This is where everything can change
I might need to rearrange
This is where life is a game
Why do I always get the blame?

Aoife Hickey

They Remember

They have no words to speak for themselves,
Yet they have gone through so much
And now they may been gone all together.

Due to a stupid man and his ideas,
Children may hear of them, as we hear of mammoths,
Never truly knowing what they are, seeing them in a museum.

Their love is so strong, they care so much.
Even stronger than some humans do
And yet to this day they still go through as much.

Maria Toomey

In a World

We live in a world where you are judged for everything.
For what you look like
For what you sound like
We live in a world where people suffer from anxiety, depression, you name it
Where when people leave their house every day
They are constantly worrying about something
Where they are constantly checking themselves in the mirror
Just to make sure they look half decent
We live in world where there is so much evil
Where there are thousands of people killed and people don’t even care
We live in a world where there is so much poverty
Where people have to worry about where their food is going to come from the next day
Where people have to walk hours just to get some water
The world is messed up
Let’s try and change it.

Cliona Roche

Walk the Streets

We walk the streets heels hurting our feet
Approaching working expecting to feast like a king
Looking for my friends trying to make amends
From words that were thrown before I was on my own
My mates nowhere to be seen, trust me I searched the scene
The amount of cans consumed, I could not walk as one may have presumed
Imagine if I arrived home like this “oh Sorcha are you taking the piss?”
To arrive home I must catch the bus, the events of this night we will not discuss

Sorcha Ryan


Pressure to do well
To not be a clone
Pressure to play sports
To not be alone
Pressure to socialise
For my life not to be blown

DJ O’Malley


Do this, do that.
Be like her, be like him.
Why can’t you be like all of them?
The answer: I’m not them, I’m me.

Be skinny, thin, don’t have excess skin,
Be lean, not mean.

If you’re smart, you’re a swot,
If you’re not sporty, you’re lazy,
If you’re not funny, you’re a bore,
What do you want me to be? A whore
And if I am a whore, you’ll talk crap about me more.

I’m not perfect and don’t tell me there’s such a thing.


I Know Better

I know better.
But why did I do it?
I know better.
Why did the thought enter my head?
I know better.
Why did I act on impulse?
Oh what have I done?
I know better.

I’m just another victim of teenage foolishness.
Another victim of teenage curiosity.
That is what happens when items of interest,
Are locked away behind hushed voices.

I know better.
But why did I do it?




Society can be deceiving,
Keep your head up like your nose is bleeding,
The rumours can be misleading,
Spread by messages everyone is reading.

Only say it to your face when their friends are around,
But see them on their own and they’ll look at the ground,
They think they know you but it’s themselves they haven’t found,
Getting off easy now but karma is surely bound.



Being a teenager can be so tough
Sometimes life can be so rough
School days are such a drag
Most days you just want to go home
And drop your bag
Parents and teachers are so cross
It really would make you want to doss


Peer Pressure

Peer pressure in today’s world is huge.
Pressured to go out,
Pressured to drink,
Pressured to smoke,
Pressured for everything.

Scared of being seen as dry or boring
You do these things.
You may not want to,
You may just want to fit in.

Wanting to be seen as cool,
As fun,
As someone that everyone wants to hang out with.
What if someone was to say no?
Would it change anything?
Would it help us see that
Whatever small thing you do now to be cool
Won’t matter in years to come.
Because it won’t.

Ailish O’ Neill

My Love

My love for Theodore is so great,
My heart melts for him ’til the dusk of day.
The night Lies when he’s away,
Skips, gallops ’til day’s dawn.

His beauty is great,
Wondering mind ’til he sees,
Tiptoeing is all I do,
While waiting for the moment
For him to say ‘yurt’


Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder,
Like a couple of Boulders.
Out in the field,
With no sort of Shield.
No sort of Defence,
Just sitting tense.
Coming at us Left, Right and Centre,
Like we were the epicentre.
Time to depart,
Straight through the heart.

Tommy Lyons

New Gloves

New gloves white as a dove
Never worn, hopefully these do not get torn.
So fresh and so clean, no they’re not green.

Blue, Blue ,Mom knew the blue would do
Royal Blue, Achoo bless you
“They’ll fit like glove my dear.” “Cheers mother dear”

Running around the pitch, hopefully I do not get a stitch
Hockey you’ve been good, stick made of Beachwood.

See you on a Tuesday afternoon,
Finished just before the Blue Moon.

Fumi Ezomo


I can’t think of anything to write
So I’ll keep on typing
Random words to make it look like I’m trying
I’m bored of writing this poem
All I can think about is going home,
When I’m done this poem you will see
I’m a great poet when I want to be,
I’m trying to make this poem rhyme
But I’m really running out of time
So I’ll send this off and head away
And people can read this every day



Your teenage years are
The best years of your life.’
How is leaving childhood and
Starting a journey of being
Humiliated and intimidated
‘The Best?’
The schooling system is absolutely
Rubbish as you are drilled with pointless
Information and are told you aren’t good
Enough if you didn’t pass your exams.


Self – Explanatory Poem

This is a poem about a poem
Coincidentally written at home (Not)
I was gonna write this in my room
but needed to clean it with a broom

So this, this is the second verse
So deadly you’ll need a hearse
Deadly how? Haunted by a curse
Now, you’ve been graced with what?
My Second verse

Brían Kenihan


All lined up in order of name,
Waiting nervously for this long awaited day
One by one, class by class,
Receiving that simple white envelope.

Opened it nervously with shaking hands,
As I see my “hard earned results”,
A day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Ciara Cotter

Friday Night

Its Friday night
I’ve got a match
We are playing Clements
My best friend’s team

My gear is on
Its only 5:30
Dad says we leave
7 o clock on the dot

Tonight’s our first championship game
I’m fast with my new boots
My gum shields are ready
Being ready for weeks

I’m still nervous
But not about playing
Wondering which girls be there
And what I’m going to be saying

Dean O’Grady


Friday night, the bants are low,
The boys need a place to go,
Ah how about the disco.

Smile, take the photo,
Publish to vsco,
The lights shine down like a rainbow.

The nights almost over whoa,
Off we go to get a chicken combo,
Mother pulls up, ‘hello’.

You step inside her Volvo,
She noticed her missing chateau,
In big trouble oh no.

Kevin O’Brien

I Asked to Go

My dad began to shout
I said why
He said please don’t cry
It’s always a no
I’ve gotten used to the flow
Because it’s a no go
But then I said please
And he said yes with ease
I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said see ya later
I saw him later alright….
In the hospital getting my stomach pumper
That was the moment I realised
I was never going out on the sesh again!


On Stage

Standing still waiting for a thought to come your head
Feel the hotness starting to spread
Standing, looking for someone to help you mend
On stage alone guess who… Malone

You have no help well not in sight.
Everyone’s looking, but you know you’re not alone
Because there’s hundreds of eyes staring at your soul

There’s no way out it’s been 5 seconds
But feels like an hour of just being Malone
I wish I could be Home Malone

Kyle Thompson


Christmas is my favourite time of year.
Everyone is filled with so much cheer.
I always go out with my Da for a beer,
Even if my mates think it’s queer.

On Christmas Eve the whole fam goes out for dinner,
I really feel like a winner.
You’d think Santa is my fave man
But you really haven’t met my friend Dan

Georgia Keane


Dreading the date,
13th of September,
3 months of nerves building inside
Memories pour in
As we gathered in our class of 3 years

Opening the white envelope
Looking at the results from “months of work”
Did it pay off?

Ciara, Aisling and Joe


Only comes once a year
When it comes its memorable
You wait happily the day before
You wake up the next day and see all your presents
Then dinner comes and you eat your weight
You finish off with a sandwich



I look left I look right all I see is black insight
I’m ready to race to go as fast as I can
Vroom vroom I’m in me mom’s car
There’s a monkey on the car

Dara Spillane


16th September, surrounded by green,
Sitting in a row of girls I still don’t really know.
Getting called one by one down the steps
For a picture.
It’s alphabetical so,
I’m last, I’ll have to sit on my own, awkward.
My name is called, click.
Its all over.



It is the most wonderful time of the year, for me anyway.
I just love it!
When the ads start coming on TV and the fairy lights appear in shop windows,
Christmas songs on the radio and shop catalogues arrive at the door.
Then comes Black Friday,
Where there is a mad rush of early Christmas shoppers
Fighting away to get the perfect present.
I think the fact that my birthday is two days after Christmas Day may be a reason for my love for it.
It’s so funny my family actually give out to me at Christmas time because I get WAY to excited!
Like I play Christmas music in September sometimes…
My favourite time is Christmas Morning when my whole family runs downstairs and throws the kitchen door open and we see the presents and there’s almost a sense of relief.
Christmas is here.

Eimear Delaney

The Night

The nights we don’t remember
Peer pressure with all,
Due to alcohol.

Out for the night,
Feeling delight,
Hoping not to get in a fight.

Keeping your cool,
Trying not to be a fool,
Having no regrets at the end of the night.

Ava Johnston

Bic Mac

Hard day at school
Just about to start to drool
My mind can’t be moved
All I can think is that mac
That big mac
Why oh why do I have to wait
My mind can’t wait
Comfort like a warm hug
Wrapping around my taste buds
20cented is need for a large meal please
Why should I wait

Eamonn Walsh


I love sports
I play soccer, hockey, camoige
I do love them
And that’s why I play them
I think they are great because
They are so in date and
I make new mates
It makes me feel good
So that’s why you probably should
Its fun
You do a lot of run
And you play in the sun
And that’s why it’s fun
Then the day is done
And that’s me



Put bee in the freezie room.
It get cold and make sleep.
Put bee in mouth.
Let sit.
It warm.
Now bee in mouth.


All the Ducks

All the ducks are swimming in the water
Swimming in the water
Swimming In the water

All the ducks are swimming in the water
Swimming in the water
Swimming In the water

All day long