St Dominic’s College, Chapelizod, Ballyfermot, Co. Dublin


It started with a blank page
With no expression
And it took a seed
A seed of inspiration
To set our minds free
A seed
That made colours sprout from our minds
Shapes formed at our finger tips

That page was blank no more
As branches crowded the page
And leaves sprouted from the edges
That inspiration was a big bright flower
Begging to grow even more

Saoirse Dunne

Words can Hurt

Words can hurt,
Drive me around the loop,
But let me tell you something,
I don’t like you or your group…
I hate when girls make you feel low,
But sometimes it’s just to put on a show.
Bullying makes you have low self esteem,
It almost feels like a horrible dream.

Niamh Redmond

Pick N’ Mix

Life is like a Pick n’ Mix,
You can get sweet, you can get bitter,
Like yearning for diamonds and getting cheap glitter,
People feel hurt,
People inflict it,
Everyone’s broken and no one can fix it.

Everyone’s happy but nobody sees,
The cracks in the mirror, the birds in the trees.
Because everyone feels, some more than others,
Life is diverse sisters and brothers,
Because even though we are all different,
We all stand together, like a huge human Pick n’ Mix.

Caitlin Redmond

The Worlds and I

One day I sat down beside the world and it told me who didn’t matter,
The black man who got shot because he was scared of the police,
The woman who wears a veil over her head,
The young girl who was raped because of what she wore,
The victim of bullying whose mother still cries at night,
The scared girl on the Ryanair flight who didn’t want a child,
The baby boy with blue eyes who won’t get love who he wants,
The seven year old child who got thrown out of his country who never stood a chance.

One day I sat down beside the world and I asked why these people don’t matter.
The world replied,
“Because that’s the way I work.

Ayla Lancaster

My Life

My life is rainy days and scratchy uniforms,
My life is arguments and crossed opinions,
My life is ruining after kids people swear are mine.
My life is my friends and family,
My life is filled with hate and love,
My life is flickering like a candle in the wind,
My life is filled with regret for things I wish I did.
My life is mine.
My life is wanted.
My life is worth something.

Lauren Dorrington

Don’t be Defined

I come from a nice family background
But I am not perfect
We all have problems
And don’t want to share
People gang up on you
You feel you are the problem
You ask for help
You get told you have a huge problem
They make you speak to somebody else
They put you on pills
And now you think you are sick
But really you aren’t
You don’t need pills to solve your mental illness
They are just putting a label on you



Books are page with words that tell us stories,
Books are adventures we go on but not alone,
Books are the love that some don’t feel,
Books are ways we say what we’re feeling,
Books are ways we escape from life,
Books are stories and stories we love stay with us forever.


I Come From

I come from scumbags hanging around corners.
I come from houses being broke into and families destroyed.
I come from the rough part of Dublin.
I come from a place where smoking joints and drinking naggins is a thing.
I come from a place where my children will not see

Chloe Higgins

I am Me

I came from,
A ma, a da and a little brother.
I came from,
Two nannys, a granda that cares and one that doesn’t.
I came from,
A place that gets called scruffy.
I came from,
A family that is religious even though I am not.
I am me,
And I’m ok with that.

Megan Cummins


Rally cars
They try spit bars
Bonfires every night
A new day another fight
Robbed shops
Melted ice pops
Helicopter above
All the men in the pub
Where mental health does not exist
And if you don’t fit it
You are just dismissed

Katie Mcmahon

What’s the Story?

What’s the story in Ballyfermot
Would yeah like to know?
Drug dealing car stealing
Everywhere yeah go