Moyle Park College, Convent Rd, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

The Shadow of Sadness

It leaves a void that cannot be filled.
An empty space that no one can ever take the place.
There are no words.
There is no comfort.
“It was his time anyway” or “he was suffering”.
These words might be of comfort later.
However, there must be time to mourn
Things will never be the same.
One minute she was here,
Living, breathing, laughing, joking
Alive, with us,
Now she is gone.
The human mind must be allowed to sit with this reality.
To bathe in each other’s sadness.
Mourning is a part of the human experience.
If it is ignored it will linger
The shadow of sadness
Will hang over the whole family

Alex Forrester

Fitting In

Fitting into a criteria set by teenagers alone.
Of what you wear, or how you have your hair done.
Changing your look into something completely unlike you,
All thanks to a filter on your phone.

Setting expectations on how you should look to ‘fit in’ with the rest.
To get the newest shoes, or the newest do,
All to look like a clone of another person, and not yourself.
When the best version of someone you can be, is you.

Accepting who you are is an important part of life,
And when you do, you’ll realize you’re being yourself.
Whether that be your interests, your hobbies or who you like,
And not leave your personality on the shelf.

Reece Bolger


Our ultimate utopia, our perfect paradise,
She is all of that and beyond.
But her contents, are far, far from divinity
With certainty, morality is present, but the immoral outweighs tenfold
Egregious hate divided, yet multiplied
Egregious hate never subtracted, only added,
Over reasons so trivial, so primitive.
Colour, Religion, Country, Attraction
Fortuitous chance won’t rid this,
Co-Operation will.

Jason Agu

Standing Tall

This is where it all began
This is where I became a man
From the start to the end
Around every corner and every bend
My life started out as a disaster
But now I’m standing tall on the top of the world
I tried to fall because i had no reason
People tried to stop me with treason
My heart beat faster as I started to lean
My mind stopped me as I was keen
Fear jumped into my body
So I stopped and stood still
Somebody told me I was somebody
And told me that I was always the master of life
I told him that this was not my destiny
He said now the future is your destiny
I looked up to the blazing sun
And I began to run for this was my life this was my destiny
The sun blinded me but it felt so good
I was becoming hotter and hotter for I thought it was my destiny
I then saw a golden gate as it opened and let me in
I looked up and there the sun was right in front of me
I then realised that this is where I was meant to be
Welcome home son.

Louis O’Loughlin

Uneducated Community

Some judge others,
No matter who they are.
Some think that,
If you are Straight you’re a God,
If you are Gay you’re not great,
If you are Trans you’re trash,
As they do not care what you feel inside.

If you are white you’re the master,
If you are black you’re a slave,
So they say,
But all of this is lies,
Lies that are burnt into their heads,
Burnt by bad education,
By their parents and peers.

Uneducated people are biased,
They all believe in all sort of Gods,
Yet nobody,
Not a single person out of all of them,
Believe in equality,
No matter what type,
Believe in yourself,
Not them.

Dominik Data


Our differences disappear
When we come to realise,
All our hearts are the same,
Same joy, same tears,
Same love, same pain.

Dylan Fassnidge


A void,
That’s how it starts,
An emptiness, which tears us apart.
A longing for belonging,
A means to an end,
A reason to be livin,
To get out of bed.
No drive to survive,
No desire to want
No need for pain,
No hatred,
Such a thing is hard to describe.
An abyss of darkness,
Which makes you feel heartless.
A shining light,
A silver lining,
Which removes your binning,
It’s hard to find.
But it feels divine.
It makes you feel like the stars have aligned
And connects you back with mankind.
To be an individual you must decide,
Whether or not you will abide.
Follow your dreams
And say at least I tried.

Adam Kelly

Something Else

I used to think that the world was good and full of opportunities
Then I started secondary school and I strayed
And of course my immunity
From the world began to fade
I began to learn the way people are
I began to expand beyond my community while my family stayed
Now I live somewhere between family friendly and socially renovated
I feel changed, I’m not comfortable like I used to be
I feel ashamed, like I’m not innocent like I used to be
The world takes what you are
And it throws something unshakeable
It takes everything that you thought you knew
And it throws it out, replaced by the new “upgraded” version
All I want is my childhood
What I want is my brothers and sisters back
All playing together
Unchanged, like the way it used to be

Ian Stynes

Your Time

This is your time to live
This is your time to accomplish
This is your time to love
This is your life, make it a good one

Darragh Murray

Never One to Care

I was never one to care,
I was never one to help people with their problems,
Not because I wasn’t bothered to help people but,
I have my own problems too,
Problems that though I didn’t care about a lot,
I still cared more about then that person’s.

I was never one to care,
I was never one to step in the way of a fight,
Not because I wasn’t bothered to stop it but,
I didn’t know what started the fight,
And frankly,
I don’t care.

I was never one to care,
I was never one to care about my friends accomplishments,
Not because I wasn’t proud or grateful for said friend but,
Because they know I’m proud and grateful for them,
So why spell it out for them?

I was never one to care,
I was never one to panic about my below average grades,
Not because I was too lazy to fix them but,
I was getting bad grades in History, Geography,
And I didn’t care about those subjects,
Because I had more interesting subjects to care about.

I was never one to care,
I was never one to take insults,
For obvious reasons but,
I wasn’t one to take compliments either,
Not because I didn’t believe that that person had good intentions but,
Because I just wasn’t bothered to respond,
I just,
Was never one to care.

Connor Jewel

A Bully

I really hate a bully
They always think it’s funny
To pick on kids, take their bag
And constantly give them a slag

But it’s not okay
Because they have to go home everyday
And their mam says hey
And they say mam I’m just having a really bad day

But why is that the thing they gotta say
Because bullying puts them in a bad way
And i say we can stop bulling
So people can go home happy every single day

Daniel Devlin

The Moment I Met You

From the moment I first met you
Everything has progressed so soon
Days seem quicker
Life seems shorter
I don’t know how you done it
It’s like a u have fallen into a pit
And you are standing there at the top
Only if I could just hop
Up and join you up there
Nothing would ever compare
Looking at your beauty
It is all ways truly
The sight to see
Well at least for me

Logan Quinn

Never Grow

As the most intense and judgemental years await,
I wait, for others to grow mentally,
To stop judging others because
Of what they wear or where there from,
Maybe we should be judged on our personal income.
While others judge, others grow,
They try hold others back,
While they will be no shows.
Some will leave the past behind you know,
But some will never grow…

Allen Haverty

The System

When I was young,
There was a system
I see kids with adults
Who are always with them
Everywhere they go they were always told,
Yes or no.

And when the bell goes, we’re all called inside
Working alone with a book most times
No creativity, no imagination
No say in what you do
The only words you could say were,
Yes or no.

And now here I stand
With more knowledge in hand
Yet still, sometimes
I tend to find
The only answers to provide,
Are yes and no.

Tristan O’Brien

Life is a Maze

Life is a maze
Sometimes it’s hard
Sometimes it’s simple
Sometimes you find your way
Sometimes you simply lose your way
But everything left per say
The path has to be found
Everyone has to play
Life is truly a maze per say


What you do Best

I like fighting and so do others
I like football so do others
I like golf so do others
Everyone and everything you do
Keep your head up and do what you do best.
And try get somewhere in life
And be doing what you love doing best

Gareth O‘Brien


The Best Fun

Natalie, Dennis and Chad
The best fun they ever had
Being the main characters of the musical
They made the show acoustical
Chad was a roustabout with the song in his soul
His personality burned like coal
Dennis suffers from unrequited love
He prays to the man up above
Natalie was a mechanic with a greasy head
She couldn’t be with Chad so she turned to Ed instead
Everyone in the cast were All Shook Up
It made the audience all stand up

Patrick Dam

He was Fine

It was his first time and he was fine
It was accept or decline
It was perfectly timed and he was fine
He wish he could rewind but he was fine

It was his headline and he was fine
He felt it through his spine and he was fine
He thought about the foul line but it was fine
He reached the front line and he was fine

Adam Byrne

Monday Morning

Woke up on Monday morning
It’s like a warzone in my mind
It a hard day with a dead line
I have no homework done
Walked in to the class like prisoner
Facing the executioner’s gun
No day worse than Monday

Lu Silawong

A Loner

I have always been a loner,
And maybe a bit of a moaner.
My friends call me weak,
Even though I can still stand on my own two feet.
I have a lot of stuff going on,
But I just keep rolling on.
You think you can hold me down,
Well think again cause your wrong.
I met a girl I thought she was great,
But she was playing just so she could get a free date.
I thought she would miss me but I thought wrong,
She just forgot about me so I wrote a song.
I sang her the song thinking she would come back,
But now I’m just back to being a sad sack loner.

Dylan Wall

My Dad’s a Baker

My Dad’s a baker
He brings home all the dough
Lookin’ at the counter-top
Watchin’ the cash flow
Bread countin’
Stacks amountin’
To enhanced female attention
Making my lonely way until my death at pension


I Don’t Know What to Write

I don’t like doing homework,
It makes me feel like a git.
I sit there for hours,
Trying to learn a bit.

After sitting for hours,
Feeling blood clogging up.
I notice at last that I,
Simply don’t give a duck


Saturday Night

It was Saturday night the night was bopping
Kids in the corners are body popping
The boys are dancing and laughing
Billy ray is there in the corner kissing and mashing
The guards come we all run, then we stop we call for war
Heads are smashing blood is dripping
The boys are chanting
More, more, more.
And this is my friends
It is war, war, war

Junior Emakhu

My Dog

I have a dog, a dumb dog,
He doesn’t listen because
My nanny says he’s a Christian.
He wears a diaper
Because he gets too hyper.
He loves to fight,
Thinking he has height.

Luke Garrigan

Diesel C

Young pup named diesel crawls across the ground,
Running to his toy, whilst hearing a distant sound,
He sees the delivery man at the door,
And is ready to devour Chinese go leor,
Out pops the pup’s chicken curry,
And down it goes in an awful hurry,
After finishing he goes for a slodge,
Not to be disturbed, to let it lodge.

Sean Kelly