St. Peter’s College, Station Rd, Bracetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

Something More

In this current period, life is just so bland
We just exist, survive, insignificant like a grain of sand.
We do the same thing every single day,
There is no change in routine from September to May.

I’m just tired of nothing changing
Just the same old, same old
School life never changes
We need something new and bold.

I need something, something exciting, something new,
Something fun, something different, something crazy to name a few.

They say these are the best years,
Of your entire life
I feel like it’s all the same
I think I’m in a strife.

I want to get out and do things
I want to go and explore.
I need some new memories,
I just need something more.

Faye Keehan

Entirely your Own

You live in a world
Entirely your own;
A quiet place
That you call home.

Most don’t belong here
Only those that are dear;
They call you names and pull your hair;
Swear and say your prayer.

Feel you don’t belong
Though you are wrong;
They are all the same
Don’t follow along.

Your life is precious
And one of a kind;
Don’t listen to others
As they are blind.


Double Standards

People say “boys will be boys”
And it acts as “get out of jail free”
But girls have all these restrictions:
“Sit up straight”, “cross your legs”
“Wear a dress”, “be polite”.
How is this fair?
Is this a joke?
How can we have an equal world?
When only half are welcome.

Caitriona Boyd

A Perfect Life?

They say you have a perfect life,
Family, food, clothes and friends,
But do they know you’ve considered the knife,
You’ve faced a cracked wall, a dead end.

You sit and stare
In loneliness and despair
The panic and the pain
Leaves you looking in vain.

You have people poking around in your brain,
While others complain about their hardships in life
And how yours is just a phase of adolescence pain.


I Am

I am not her,
I am not the girl with the ideal figure, smile, hair and more.
I am not the one who everyone likes or adores.
I am not the most feminine icon.
I am not her, I do not want to be her.
I am the girl who fends and defends for herself.
I am the girl who has her own way and look and doesn’t want go by the book.
I am the girl who likes herself for being herself and no one else,
Because at the end of the day that’s all you got and all you have.

Cloie O’Reilly

Irish Dancing

The world of Irish Dancing is a stressful place,
Beside the stage people nervously pace,
Shoes are retied so you can’t feel your feet,
The steps are rickety and steep
Dancers walk on in their €2000 euro dresses
Parents give their children their blesses.
Teachers watch for every little mistake,
The competitors do not flinch for their own sake,
They finish their routine with a deep breath,
And walk to the back with a quick step.
They go off the stage with a bow,
They sit in their seats wiping their brow,
They wait for the results to come up on the projector,
And hope they pleased the adjudicator.



I am sick and tired of people questioning me about things that I do.
Why should my gender matter to anyone else and why should it hold me back
I am a girl who loves to play sport but also doesn’t want to be defined by it.
Every day I have to deal with people saying,
‘Oh do u even understand football because you’re a girl?’
Or ‘but you are a girl, girls aren’t supposed to play football’.
Just because I am girl does not mean that I shouldn’t be able to pick up a hurl or a football
And express myself, I should be free to be who I want to be.
Who makes these stupid rules that we seem to conform to
We need to be proud of who we are.
Forget about what others say about you, and you do you.

Róisín Gorey


Genders are quite different.
Boys will always be boys.
Girls will always be girls.
Gays will receive hate.
Transgender will receive hate.
But these are the people who understand both genders!
They understand both women and men.
How can we live in a world,
Where no one can accept the people who understand us?



Stereotypes have always been a thing
This thing you know you can’t and won’t live up to
Yet you try and try to get the image that is ‘you’
You’ll be paranoid by this little thing
This image
That just isn’t you


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts, a door of light and a resting place where souls make their marks
With such power, it holds endless wisdom,
Many people died trying to take its power, not in the name of heroism.
The first victim was Ansem the seeker of darkness,
The man who took his master’s name and is known as Xehanort’s heartless
Ansem opened the door and he shown an expression of fright,
He regretted his request, as he was vanquished by the door filled with light.
The next was Xemnas, Xehanort’s nobody,
Honestly his name would make you lose at a spelling bee.
He was the leader and the first member of organisation XIII,
His power was just like Ansem’s, except it was times nineteen.
His plan to absorb kingdom hearts and retrieve his soul was almost successful,
But then a fifteen year old boy with a giant key sword, squandered his potential.
Xemnas fell and soon began to fade, he spoke a few words, even if his death won’t be delayed
The young teenager told him “A heart is more than anger and hatred, don’t you understand?”
It seemed like in this argument, he had the upper hand.
Xemnas looked at the boy and said “Unfortunately I do not.”
And then he disappeared, leaving no spot.
It shows that no matter how powerful or how much you try,
The achievement of attaining the power of Kingdom hearts, is no short of a lie.

Konrad Siecinski

School was made for Factory Workers

How can we prosper as innovators
In this graveyard of our creativity?
How can we thrive as individuals
Being told what to think, wear, write and read?
How can we be entrepreneurs
When we’re taught to obey rules?
How can we be ready for the future
Living in the past; school?



This is where mental illness is ignored
And you become very bored.
Society teaches us how to act against our will
And you don’t ever learn on how to pay the bills.
You learn not to trust,
And you feel as worthy as a piece of dust.
A best friend will become a stranger
And your health is in danger.
You’re forced to follow the rules of an adult without becoming who you truly are,
Everything in this life seems to be taken way too far.
Popularity is the only thing that matters
And all of your self-confidence shatters.
Schools is place full of sorrow
And everyone is hoping that it will end up closed tomorrow.

Molly Reilly


This is where we are judged
By others for staying true
To ourselves.
Where they get in trouble
For sticking up for themselves.
This is our own personal hell
Just waiting for the bell.



Afraid of being different,
Being judged,
Being alone.
Never having anyone to walk you home.
You are special,
You are unique,
In your own beautiful way.
Being afraid won’t help you,
In any sort of way.

Sarah Bacon


The problem I have is being problem free
I’ve never felt pain.
I’ve never had a bad day
I’ve never been able to relate
I’ve never been able to help
The pain I feel is stolen from others
I only hurt when watching others get hurt.
My problems are not real.
My struggles are false.
My drama is borrowed from yours.

Philip Thornton

What did I Ever do to You?

What did I ever do to you?
To witness this daily torment in school
Even though I’m never a mere operator to its still
Something that needs to be addressed
“Why me?”
The unfortunate few plead
For the beast to have some sort of sympathy
Does it work?
“What a jerk”
They screech, a simple insult that could skip the beat
Of one’s heart or have the potential to start
A series of events so deadly and dark
Pain is the only way to make it stop.

Katie Birmingham

Into the Woods

One sense lost, others heightened.
Restless in the undergrowth,
The moon shines bright.
No need to be frightened
Into the woods
A small moonlit path,
The crunch of leaves and twigs,
After every footstep.
Into the wood,
An extra pair of footsteps
I’m not alone
I start to run, I’m almost home
Out of the woods
I’m still not safe,
Heart pounding, breath quickening.
The moon is out of sight,
No light to guide me through,
This dark night.
Far away from the woods,
Safe and sound,
Or so I thought.
I turn to the door
A fist starts to pound.




I took one step at a time,
Sixty steps, what a crime.
My eyes blood shot from the chlorine filled water.
As I stood at the edge of the board,
My heart pounded in my chest.
Every muscle in my body was tense,
And my fears were put to rest.

I jumped from the board into the air.
Three summersaults and kicked out with flair
I glided through the icy water head first,
And plunged to the bottom of the pool,
Five meters’ deep

Erica McCloskey


Everyone has them in some shape or form.
Some big some small,
Some drilled into the mind.
So let’s talk about these fears,
The ones that are weird and some that are fine.
Up high in the air.



20th century moving picture
Out of reach, full of light.

21st century,
Another sequel, plot is fuller.
Industry full of blight.

Olden days the golden age of film.
Nowadays blockbusters pay the bills.



They snigger.
All five of them at the
Back of the class
Why do you ask?
People think they don’t care.
They do.
They do care about things
Things that don’t go on in the back of the class
Things that aren’t visible
Things that people don’t notice
But they matter
They are problems
Big problems

Ella Ni Mhaile


Love is something you can’t push away
You have to believe what they say
The person you think of all day is thinking of you in the same way.
Sometimes love can be complicated you can end up alone and isolated
But in the end you will find love
And even if they die they will always be above and that’s what I like about love

Kerri-Ann McQuaid


I’ve been told I shouldn’t spend all day on my PC
But what else can I do really?
So far I’ve met more people online
Than I have walking around doing nothing
I now know people from many different lands
Such as Korea, Israel and Denmark, and other parts of Ireland
But I suppose it’s better to be outside in the cold
Than online with my friends



Different is good
Different is great
Different is something that shouldn’t be full of shame
Read your books
Sing your songs
Be who you are
And stay different and strong
Different is special
Different is new
Different is not always knowing what to do
Wear your clothes
Walk with pride
And never once question your life

Lorna Corcoran


To sit and stare,
To pretend to care,
Is something that is not a given.
For I to be there,
Quiet and aware
Against boredom which can’t be beaten.
For them to say no talk or no play,
They surely are mistaken.
To tell children not to act their way,
It is their childhood that is taken.

Adam Mcinerney

The Game

As the ball is smashed up the pitch
The people wonder who is which
As the fog is thick and covers all
You couldn’t even see them fall
They start to wonder who will win
As the game starts to din
The crowd cheers in disarray
As they ready the trophy display
The captain lifts the cup in disbelief
As he couldn’t believe what he had achieved.

Gavin O’Sullivan

You do not Know Me

I am a daughter, I am yours
I am the youngest, sweetest, smallest but meanest
I am rebellious
I am more
Because I am yours doesn’t mean I should listen
I have my own mind I can make my own decision
Have your ideas, but please do not share
I will always know your care, but will not show fear
You do not know me
And I will serve the army

Claire Mehan


A 30 by 20 foot classroom
Without 25 students inside
Each one with a different story
Different triumphs
Different struggles
Some are smart
Some are challenged
There’s those that wear real
And those that wear fake
But within that 30 by 20 classroom
All 25 are seen as one

Aoife Mc Cormack


Football is my life,
It can be dangerous like a knife,
But when you’re having fun
Anything can be done.
Every minute of the game
Is worth the fame.
Every touch of the ball
Makes me recall
That one goal,
That made football my soul.

Sean O’Beirne

My First Ireland Game

At my first Ireland game wondering,
Will they ever make it to fame?
We passed through Sandymount,
Went around the roundabout.
We got to Lansdowne,
Hoping we wouldn’t go down.
80 minutes later their grand slam was gone,
We made it to fame.

Megan McCluskey


These companies,
Colgate, Oral B,
Sensodyne, Aqufresh,
Convince us, The People of Ireland,
They sell their paste labelled “toothpaste”,
When in reality, it is TEETHPASTE,
As it is used for your teeth not your “tooth”,
Unbeknownst to us, The General Populous,
They have brain washed us, into siding with them,
Wretched, Writhing, Screaming, Frothing,
I am,
Fuelled by a burning hatred towards these governmental institutions,
Speaking up,
For Ireland,
For Me,
For You,
For Us.
*mic drop*

Conor McNally


I don’t want your opinion,
Who the hell asked you?
You call us the same names,
But are we all the same,
Is that what we are to you?
A world full of robots,
Is that really what you want?
The worlds full of people
Who are meant to be different.

Matthew Galvin

Be Nice

Be nice to girls
Why not

They’re not that bad
If we be mean to them they will be sad

Feminism isn’t that crap
They just don’t know what they’re talking about

Sexism is shite

Joseph Anderson


Chocolate is great
It’s my best mate
It was meant to be fate
But I get loads of hate
It’s not fair
When they ask me to share
But I don’t really care
Coz lads it’s my last square

Molly Mahon


I am fed up with school
Why can’t I just sit by the pool?
Why do I have to do subjects I hate?
Why can’t I just chill with my mate
Why do I have to take notes?
I just want to chill on a boat
Why do I have to wake up early?
I am not even awake, well barely

Liam Coyne


I don’t believe in a God
People say it kinda say it’s odd
I make master pieces
Like the 95 theses
I don’t like to rhyme
It takes up my time
That’s the end of my poem
Now I’m going home

Garvan Keane


I like pie
I wish I could fly with a pie
Cause it would be cool I’m no fool
I also like swimming pools
Cause I like to be wet
I also have a few pets
Called Hat, Mat and Pat
We all live in a flat
I love food and food loves me
And that’s how it should be
You might have guessed my favourite is pie
Cause it doesn’t lie to me
My pie is a savage
But I can manage
Cause I am also a savage

Jack Keehan

Thots on this D

Man, Got these thots tryna’ get on this D,
Ya feel me? Ya get me?
Man these thots drivin’ me crazy,
Ya feel me? Ya get me?

Young spirte ain’t got nuthin’ on me,
He ain’t got no thots tryna get on his D,
These thots told me a little story,
They say his D small as a flea.

The rap is not ready for me,
I’m coming in eating some brie
With my mate, his name is Lee,
Coming up with Ali the G.

Got all these thots tryna get on this D,
Man they crazy, they crazy,
Just got accepted to Yale,
Dropped out just tryna drink pale ale.

Lil M and M

The Cat

The cat jumped over de wall,
To get the ball,
From the fella named Paul,
Paul was quite small,
Yet he was chunky,
He was funky.