Borrisokane Community College, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary


We come to ‘learn’ but
Our imagination is pulled away from us
Thrown in storage
We never get it back
We look for the light
That fades into black
All our hopes and dreams
All come to depend
On the useless facts
Our memories amend
Stereotypes reinforce our minds
We are meant to flourish
But instead die inside
We forget everything
Because more stupid information
Is shoved down our throat
Every single day
We are falling down down down
Into a deep dark hole of nothingness
They treat us like children
Expect us to behave like adults
All the stress adds up and up
Until you just want to lie down
And not feel a thing
Then possible is impossible
We are expected to do the impossible
And not only pass but achieve.
We try only
To be beaten down
So we don’t try again
We smile through the pain
And people believe we are ok
But we are not
We will never be

Grainne Treacy

Blades of Grass

Ordinary people detest their presidents
Their lives all battered and covered in dents
We are pre-judged by accent, appearance or race
We just want to escape to a happier place
These jerseys as green as the sharp blades of grass
Insults and whispers cut sharper than glass

You must follow the music that all the sheep do
The decisions is not yours, it’s not up to you.


Left Alone

Were judged by everyone around us everyday
Every moment, every way
Girls plaster themselves in makeup to make themselves pretty
We miss the point and every ditty
We’re forced to memorise pointless facts
We don’t need in life, we cannot act
The rain never stops hammering
We left alone with our fear

Jude Burriss

Souls Wither

We all come to let our souls wither and die
We wait for the day that we will finally be free from the pressure
But it won’t ever come
We don’t even want to try in case we fail
Our imaginations dissolve
In the horrible unending glass of acid that is the school system
Impossible expectations are set and expected to be achieved
Our lives are wasted away on things that don’t matter
We starve ourselves to be good enough
Put on so much make up that they can’t see the sadness inside

Eve Speiser

Hands are Racing

Hands are racing over the keys,
Freezing to death in the icy cold breeze,
Rebellious teenagers up to no good,
Even though it’s not something they should,
Students’ brains are fried from taking in all that is said,
They’re just wishing to hit their bed,
Hands are worn out from taking down hours of notes,
Regretting they should have eaten their porridge oats,
Teachers expecting high marks from every student they teach,
And wondering if their targets could actually reach.



We play hurling in this school
We break bones like we’re breaking rules

The rain never stops during winter
The hurls give us a terrible splinter

The cows get milked everyday
Mad old cows come out to play

The birds make their terrible nests
We fail all our English test

We make our hurls from sturdy ash
The rest of Ireland on the lash

Declan Moroney


Students’ brains are rattled and battered
Like all this work really matters
We are forced to memorize pointless facts
With all the stress and strain on our backs
No matter what we do we will judged
But it doesn’t matter people’s opinions never budge
Young people come to start their journey that just began
Now is their time to start their game plan

Hannah Austin

The Rain Keeps Falling

These battle hurls are made of ash
We got to war where raindrops lash
We play soccer badly here in school
Most of them try to be cool
The new Hollands are the best
The John Deere’s fail the test
The rain keeps coming it never stops
In snapchat heaven we all rock



The rain never stops hammering down
The fields of green and shades of brown

New Hollands go 90 over the muddy hills
We look for love we look for thrills

This is where your life depends on paper
Any old iron any old caper

This is where you learn pointless facts taking hours of your time
Sadio Mane shoots down the line

Dreams are made and left unspoken
Take what you can as a token

Jake Adler