St Joseph’s Secondary School, Tulla, Co. Clare

Escape from Reality

Here I find peace and quiet at the end of a long day,
Where dreams are created and the dark fades away.
I can be wholly alone, yet completely myself;
Memories gather like dust upon my mind’s shelf.
No judgmental eyes can tap into my soul;
My thoughts spiral down an infinite hole.
My galloping mind chased by self-discovery,
I abolish those shadowy thoughts of skulduggery.
I execute the commands of my personal philosophy;
And escape from these chambers of concrete reality.

Aisling Clarke

“The World we Leave”

Plastic people judge,
Your repetition smudge,
Gender matters,
We outcast the mad hatters,
Violence exists,
We’ll soon use our fists,
There is a hierarchy,
We fear matriarchy,
Not a place i want to live,
But this is the world that you will give


People don’t judge,
Your repetition can’t smudge,
Gender doesn’t matter,
I can be mad as a hatter,
Violence doesn’t exist,
We don’t use our fists,
There is no hierarchy,
We don’t fear matriarchy,
Because i want to live,
This is the world you should give.

Saoirse Boyce

This is Where

Men are superior to women
They control the world and sometimes hit them
Children die from hunger and neglect
The people they grow up with don’t love or protect
Rich kids take drugs and get away with it
But take food like bread and you’re in deep shit
Women are killed for shaking hands with a man who’s not their husband
And when someone tries to stop it the rest of us are reluctant
A mass shooting or bombing could take place any time
No one writes poems figuring out how to rhyme
I hate to say it but this is our world
Where so many innocent people have heartlessly been hurled


No Sympathy

A woman who harassed at work is told
“In my day it was a daily event, no reason for tears”
No sympathy, not even from her peers
Someone who is racist is told “now see here”
“Don’t cloud your vision with such horrible smears”
Someone who is homophobic is told “not cool”
“There is no reason to be so cruel”
People of religious differences are accepted in and outside of school
“That attitude isn’t accepted anywhere, forget school”
But when a woman complains of misogyny, sexism or assault,
She’s told “it’s happened for years”
As if that’s going to be a way to calm her fears

Keeva Banting

Nomadic Soul

Everyone knows everything about everyone’s business,
Never to commit a crime yet there is always a witness,
A constant hum of rumours.
People comments sit and spin,
I try relentlessly not to let them in,
Thinking my thoughts over and over.
We can’t go out without some sort of drama taking place,
Never truly left alone, never left to explore our sense of place,
Forever hopelessly wondering.
We can’t escape no matter how hard we try,
We will always be trouble in their eyes,
All painted with the same brush.
This is where i discovered who i was,
No congratulations, no recognition, no applause,
Just the echo of surviving as an underdog.
I’m told this lifeless town is my home,
Yet there will never be a place to far for me to roam,
Attempting to full fill a nomadic soul.

Aisling Dooley

Beautiful Brains

Why is it necessary to belittle the ones with the brains
In the end they are the ones who will gain.
Every answer, every test just creates more stress,
Nothing I do is right these words don’t begin to express.
Parents smile at the thought of straight A’s,
But with students apparently it’s not the norm nowadays.
‘You swat, you nerd, you four-eyed geek,
Didn’t you hear the bus for Dorkville left last week?’
The slagging is ongoing, my emotions I will start showing.
But only now can I know I am bigger than them.
My parents I cry to, they say ‘you’re one of a kind Roo’,
But only so much so teasing is okay to go through.
They’re just jealous, they wish they were like you,
If they had a chance they would start anew.
So just be proud of yourself, beliefs, brains and skin,
You’re the most beautiful you there ever has-been.


Double Standards

This is where girls aren’t given the same chances as boys
Because they “don’t want us to lose our poise”
“Just stay at home and play with your toys”

How we dress is more important than our education
But this doesn’t really reflect our true nation.

The boys train in football
While us girls wear a shawl.

Boys are more celebrated
While girls are discriminated
This is not fair
We both breathe the same air.

Dearbhla Creaven

Streetlight Night

Regular people are always scared
It’s constantly getting harder to breathe
Hope is lost and money is scarce
The most ruthless gangsters blindly lead
People have no choice but to hide
No goodness can possibly strive

The darkness envelopes
They feel so alone
Alliances develop
Hearts turn to stone

Aoibh O’Reilly


5 sentences starting with this is where…
My school.
I get judged the most.
I judged by the cruel the mean and the gross.
Here in the darkness I make the most friends.
I follow the shadow and not the new trends.
I walk around like the waking dead.
I want to be in bed.
I am always, always hungry.
I see all the mean become ugly.
I learn to live, laugh and love.
I feel so below those above.

Alex O’Sullivan

The Melting Pot

People of many nationalities can come together to do what they love
A world they would never dream of getting rid of
You can meet many friends or make enemies
Even if you don’t know their real identities
People can help each other out to learn
And stop them from going to the point of no return
I spend most of my free time when I have any
I count down the days and count every penny
I was shaped into the person I am today
And if I could change my life I wouldn’t alter it in any way.

Arnas Magilevicius

No-one Knows

The shady past catches up with me,
The future becomes much harder see,
Insane thoughts race through my mind,
Rational ideas and chaos aligned
Exploding inside, molten emotion
Hollow as bone and blind as devotion,
Entangles of shadow and riddles of guilt,
The pain and the suffering, beginning to wilt,
All I can do is crouch in the black darkness and hide;
Waiting in a bottomless pit of fear
For the worlds imminent demise.

Gemma Godber


This is where my mind is most at ease
The drama outside the four walls doesn’t matter.
This is where I can do and say as I please
If I want to, I can be as mad as a hatter.
This is where most of my memories were made
Which I’ve shared with all my family
This is where my memories shall fade
But all will be remembered happily
This is where I’ve loved, hated, and cried,
But I never feel safer than when I am inside.

Emma Cooper

Not Me

Who sees the ‘real you’?
For some people, they would say friends and family.
Not me.
The only person that sees the ‘real me,’ is me.
People constantly put up a persona.
Afraid of the opinions of others.
We hide behind a mask because we’re afraid to show emotions.
But why do we care?
Yes, society is more judgemental than ever,
But why let it get to us?
Set yourself free.
Stop caring about what other people think.
Because who wants to live their whole life behind a fake smile?
Not me.

Aisling Clarke

Young Minds

We are raised in a world where science tells us if can’t be seen, heard, or smelled it doesn’t exist,
Does this mean that what we believe in should just be dismissed?

The future of the world is in the minds of children,
What would be the world’s fate if these thoughts were hidden?

A child’s imagination is what keeps the next generation alive,
Without children’s thoughts and beliefs, it would just purely be a fight to survive.

So to all you dream breakers and non-believers out there,
Without these children we would be living in an unimaginable nightmare.

Shane Regan

The World

I see the world we live in
Full of beauty and life
But those ideas meet the bin
When I look at its strife

The world is like a play
With members poorly cast
Who continue causing problems
And can’t learn from the past

Scars left on innocence
That can never recover
And we all damage fragile life
And slowly cause another

Jokes become problems
Problems become jokes
And when you think these things will change
Those thoughts turn out a hoax

Christopher Healy

A Big Deal

I’m fifteen going on sixteen, but I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff.
I just don’t understand why people are so presumptuous,
They think they know what happened, or what you did.

The only one that truly knows is you.
Rumours spread like wild fire, twist like Chinese whispers
People start spit judgement; you don’t know what to do.

The problem stands, your real truth is never real,
You’re left hurt, you could’ve been left untouched
When it was never even a big deal.

Emma Cooper


Secrets can’t be told without being shared,
The thought of people knowing causes worry and being scared.

Nothing is told, no one can be trusted,
If only they knew the truth, they’d be left disgusted.

Everything is judged from the outside to within,
Overthinking everything leaves your head in a spin.

Naggins are downed and regrets are made,
Decided by men, women are judged by their grade.

Nothing is forgotten, everything is remembered,
Shallow people are nothing but self-centred.

Nothing is forever, everything is temporary,
Disgraced actions are made involuntary.

Friends are made and friendships begin,
Memories are made through whiskey and gin.

Leah Molloy and Liam Moloney

Burning Ambitions

We live in a world where everything is possible
Where even the most improbable becomes plausible

Where men have gone to the moon and explored the deepest depths of the oceans
And all of this was done with devotion

Yet when I say what I want to do as a job
People scoff, they doubt me but what they don’t realise is

It fuels me

It motivates me to prove them wrong, not just for myself
But for all people who are told that they can’t achieve their dreams

Trust me when i say you can be whatever you want to be
And you don’t need good grades and a degree

All you need is determination and the ability
To block out all of the negativity

We live in a world where everything is possible
And I’m telling you that you can hurdle over any obstacle

Arnas Magilevicius

For You

I would love to wake up to you each morning
For you to make me laugh
I wish you would lift my spirits each day
I love to meet you
It really makes me smile
I hope you like me too
I think I make you smile
I love you but will never be able to tell you

Orna Mulconroy

Those Girls

She walks around fully conscious of those girls,
Staring, whispering to their friends
About her new spot on her cheek
And she should cover it with concealer,
But she doesn’t wear makeup,
It’s just not her thing,
Those girls are just jealous because she only has that one spot,
And all the lads like her even though she doesn’t try,
But those girls do.



You don’t know what it’s like to sit there,
Too scared to breathe.
The eerie silence followed by the drum
Ringing in my ear, as I hold my hands in theirs.
Tears streaming like a waterfall at night.
Life, Death.
What’s to follow for us couple dozen souls?

Gemma Godber


The Mask

Roses aren’t always red,
And violets aren’t quite blue,
In this world we’ve created nothings really true,
‘I’m fine’ means the opposite
And a smile hides the tears.
And the truth can be the mask
Behind which we hide our fears.

Saoirse Boyce


To all those who care
I wouldn’t waste your time
I don’t care what you think
Your selfish and have no friends
If you bother to bully me
You must be a sad an ignorant person with no life
To be trying to control mine
You have taken away some of the best moments of my life
Not anymore though
I am stronger I am braver and I have friends
All things you don’t have

Orna Mulconroy


Pressure to cover up,
Pressure to look perfect,
Pressure to be smart,
Pressure to eat right,
Pressure to stay healthy,
Pressure not to disappoint,
Pressure to stay in sport.

Ellen Lenihan


I am who I am you can’t take that away,
I have a heart I have feelings,
No matter what you say.

I walk with pride and I may appear confident,
But I am hurt inside and feel a dagger,
Piercing through my heart.

I can’t let you in, in case you turn once again,
Last time you left you shattered my heart.
I am hurt. I am weak.

I will never be same,
Afraid of what you may say.
I have built a wall to keep you away.

Alex O’Sullivan


I am a teenager,
Every now and then I down a Jager.

In my eyes I’m only having fun,
Realistically there’s no harm done.

Tell my parents they beg to differ,
They think I’m out destroying my liver.

In our town, were known as trouble,
Rumour by rumour their bursting our bubble.

Drink, smoke, party and vape,
Little do they know it’s our only escape.

Being a teenager is quite hard,
Were all the same, ending in a graveyard.

Leah Molloy and Liam Moloney

In Life

In life we learn what we have not learned
Where the gears of the mind are turned
As time goes on our lives begin to change
Where future plans are arranged
We have times when our minds are worked and tested
Where we all at some point are bested
From birth onwards we start to grow and mature
Where we are taught how to be pure
I have learned and I am writing this now.
This is where being below your best is not allowed

Christopher Healy

Obsolete System

People are too shy to be themselves
Sleeping through class
Waiting for bells
We sit in class rattling our brains
For something to say
Day after day
Dreams come true and lives are changed
Ambitions, goals all rearranged
So every swat learns their pointless information
Because of the obsolete system of education

Orna Mulconroy, Katelyn baker, and Ellen Lenihan

Role Plays

I come most days.
Role plays,
I learn many different things.
Many differenced people attend,
My friends are,
Trends are,
People often get judged,
The silence is budged,
Rumours are spread,
Tudors teach.

Rebecca Moroney

My Home

I spend most of my unspent time,
At the bottom of ladders, I’m meant to climb,
Though I am relaxed and have no worries,
Sometimes the stress comes in flurries,
I can be myself, who I am meant to be.
Spend time with my friends or family,
I can learn to love and laugh and dance
In my shoes and silver disco pants.

Orla O’Brien

School Years

Kids roll their eyes as they walk through the doors,
Another day they say, how many more?
We sit in history taking about war,
And the teacher rambles on about El Salvador.
Teachers are hypocrites saying ‘spit out that gum’,
But where do they put theirs when they are done.
We were answering questions, almost done,
Can’t wait till I finish so I can have some fun.
Kids laugh and cry,
Change their mood at the blink of an eye.
Stress is created worrying about exams that are so outdated.
Being a surgeon must be so overrated.
We all make friends,
People they say will be there till the end.
We help one another,
Solving problems that we would tell our mothers.
We make our choice,
Of want we want to do for the rest of our life.
We continue to mature and
Teachers are there to support and reassure.
We spend 6 years,
Shedding just a couple of tears.
We socialise with our peers,
With the lads letting out unnecessary cheers.
Within a few years we will look back,
At the memories made and all of the craic.

Cara Close


Where life had been a breeze.
We had no one to appease.
Where we learned our first life lessons.
Time to ourselves is now considered a blessing.
Where we were picked up after our falls.
But now, around ourselves, we’ve built walls.
Where life had begun for us.
We can’t be who we want without causing fuss.
Where we had no worries.
But life changed for us all in a hurry.

Luke Molloy

This is Where

This is where boys are given more credit for their sporting achievements
Yet we had made the agreement
For equal treatment

This is where girls aren’t given the same chances as boys
Where they are told not to make any noise
To forget the joys
Only play with the toys

This is where people are judged for what they do and wear
They get the stare
And the under breath swear
It’s just not fair


Panic and Fear

They run for their lives in panic, in fear,
From bombs or guns away from here
From each new terror of each new day
The first whisper of carnage or social decay.

We research fact, we research strangers
Social media presents new dangers.
In our society that forgot how to interact
Communication worsens, matter of fact.

Children of a society that rejects natural beauty.
Money will buy you the right to be choosy.
Life is as cheap as the values it’s killing.
For each innocent soul lost the world should start healing.
Concealed in the shadows, children of night
Lost in the darkness, deprived of the light
Without a safe place that they can call home.
Whose parents have vanished, are left all alone.

Caoimhe Kelly

Everyone Knows

Everyone knows everything about everyone,
We stand in the rain and pray for the sun.
I was brought up and raised,
However never praised…
I discovered who I am,
However no one really gave a damn,
I call it my home
Even though it’s not like Rome,
This is the place I love with all my heart,
It’s like something made of art.
Where is the beauty in this green world?
Reality is that it is curled up and hurled.


Holy Grail

Everyone seeks the Holy Grail of knowledge
And they are leading us off like sheep to college
Sometimes we change
But some more than others
Teachers are strict but most of all
It’s the students causing chaos and conflict
We live, laugh and learn
And we live life without concern

Aly Troy

Judged and Teased

You are judged for your figure, your fashion, your looks,
You are teased for your brains your worth and your books
The honest are scorned and the prejudice lie
You learn how to think but not how to fly
The town is shallow a tombstone grey
And hardly ever time to play
Sadness an unfortunate norm
Happiness dies in all shapes or form
My feelings get all bunched up inside
Your friends turn your back and leave your side
But in the end all is clear
You must get rid of this irreplaceable fear
The good the honest the trusting the brave
And the bad who are constantly saved

Ron and Minnie

The Cage

I hope to build a bloody career,
A path that ordinary people fear,
Where my anger is violently addressed,
My opponents face is broken and messed,
My rage an expression of my every move,
A fire of which you might disapprove,
Where my opponent feels my pain and anger,
When he drops to the deck like a ship drops an anchor,
My past erupts in the exploding moment
So get out my way and don’t be my opponent.

Shane Regan


Teachers who think they are preachers
Out on a power run
Tryna get featured
All of the teenagers treated like creatures
From another world is it just cause I’m a dreamer

I act like an adult why not treat me like one
Don’t act is if I’m 3 or i swear that I’m done
Losing patience with the school system
It’s so outdated and we’re the only victim
Why can’t you listen?

This world, we’re the ones growing up in it
We need to learn to pay taxes enough of the BS.

Aoibh O’Reilly

This is Where

This is where girls are slut shamed for going off with more than one lad,
Someone probably called Brad.
This is where I live
And where I learned to forgive.
This is where underage drinking happens
And people lose their balance.
This is where I have grown and will grow up
And where I will learn the art of makeup.
This is where people judge others
And where women become mothers.
This is where people can’t be themselves,
Afraid if they’re not in a friend group of twelve.
This is where children are going hungry for days
And youngsters blaze.
This is where I began my life
And this is where I will die.

Rebeca Keane


This is where I live, Broadford
This is where I chill, in air
This is where I go when I need bare
This is where I started of middle droole
This is where I made all my benz
This is where I am when I’m bet
This is where I am when I dry
This is where I learnt the most brit
This is where all the drama capping
This is where I’m going to end my caption
This is where underage drinking happens

Elsa Vaughan


I am a hurler
Through and through
I like what I like
And not what you do

I have dark hair
But I don’t really care
I have blue eyes
So keep your eyes on the prize

Cormac Murphy

Junior C

Pulling hard whipping balls,
Short puck outs and dodgy calls,
Working hard with mighty skill,
In the end set for a thrill.

Little keeper cheeky sweeper,
Bear in the square, quick as a hare,
Nippy in the corners,
Bench packed with foreigners.

Scoring points smoking joints,
Beer bellies wearing wellies,
Last second we score the free,
That finally bags us Junior C.

Cian Mulqueen and Leah Molloy