Portumna Community School, St Brigids Rd, Fairyhill, Portumna, Co. Galway


‘It was a joke’
‘You’ll be fine’
Society’s excuse every time
Someone left hurt
Broken, sad
Only to be told
‘It’s not even that bad’

Social Media has taken over
Turned everything around
Teenagers growing up
Their real self to be found
It’s not their fault,
For this, nobody asked
That our generation is walking around
With their personality

By the technology they use,
The clothes they wear
We all know
That this is just unfair

Fiona Daly

Our Escape

Only when all the others were fast asleep
Would we dare try to escape?
As quiet as mice, we dipped and dodged
Between the landmines that were the creaking
Floorboards and slippery tiles.
Down the daunting black stairs and through the
Double doors which brought us to the safe zone
Of the glowing fire and heated kitchen.

Timidly, we opened the door and our gateway
To freedom.
I went first and she followed before we filled up
Our lungs with the cold air of the night.
We glanced at each other in harmony and disbelief
As if to say, ‘What now?’


My Life

The thoughts in my head go round and round,
Until I wish that my feet didn’t touch the ground.
One thought leads to another until
Everything turns into a huge muddle.
Nobody cares or knows the real me,
I’m just a person that nobody can see.
But the real question is do I fight or give up,
I think that my life has gotten too tough.

Then my head snaps back to reality,
When I realise I’m living this life for me.
Not for you or her or for my mother,
I’m not living this life for the joy of another.

I am proud of what I have become,
After everything that I have overcome.

Julia Boons

What to do with a Spillage?

People say not to cry over spilt milk.
But, what happens when
That tiny spillage goes unnoticed.
Developing from just that tiny drop,
To a trickle.
From a trickle to a stream.
A stream to a river.
A river to an ocean.

Do we stay quiet, pretending everything’s ok
Drowning in that ocean?
Or do we talk and come up for air?
Letting it out,
Talking it through.
Cleaning up that spillage.
One drop at a time.

Ava Downey-O’Mahoney

The Love of my Life

I don’t care what everyone thinks,
They may all call me soft,
But trough every day and night,
You keep my mind alight,
You are the angel of my life,
You truly are my loving light,
Julia you are the love of my life.

Oisin Larkin

My Life

Pulling pints since I was nine,
Listening to ‘Slug’ and ‘Cabbage’ whine.
Sweeping and mopping,
Selling and stocking,
I worked all day without stopping.

Down to the restaurant I was sent at 11,
To me it was known as heaven.
Washing and cleaning,
Chopping and cutting,
All day until we were ready for shutting.

At 15,
I’m well prepared,
No longer scared,
I won’t act the fool,
In life after school.

Marian Duffy

The Lake

It’s freezing.
The wind biting and the rain frigid,
You stand there your body completely rigid

It’s obscene.
To leave your bundle of warmth
And leap into the icy cold depth,
It’ll take away your breath

But it’s worth it.
There in the freezing cold,
Time slows right down,
Those bad thoughts are left to drown

Eric Duane

This Life

This life treats little girls and boys,
As if they were little toys.
I try to keep a good impression
By hiding all this depression.
With my earphones in,
Never letting you win.
When you tell me what to do,
But I’m never listening to you.
It’s an uphill battle from here,
When in reality,
All we fear is fear.

Aoife Mahony

Ode to Munchies

Munchies or sweets, whatever you like,
Supervalu or Aldi, day or night.
They’re always there on a rainy day,
Taytos, Crunchies, whatever you say.

They cheer you up,
When you’re feeling down,
Without them,
I could have a nervous breakdown.

They are my vitals, my wonders, the lights of my life,
Only problem is, they give me chubby thighs.

Sarah Jane Foley


Never ending boredom,
Simply torture,
An opportunity for education for a better future,
Skills for life,
So boring, pointless, useless
Important, useful,
A chance to learn
All words to describe to school
But all have to go, have no option,
But does school give more options
So what I’m meant to do if I hate school
Question that I have no answer
Can you can’t answer it too?


My Generation

If I think about us, teenagers at their best,
I realise it’s just a popularity contest.
Who can get the most attention, a scene for the story
A viral pic, or who can drink more than me.

Adults’ shame and discus and share
How this is disgraceful, disgusting, how were still under age,
They discuss between themselves how it’s all wrong
But do they talk to us on how we could stop.

We do this because it’s a trend, it’s fun and we can,
Like who doesn’t like going for a few cans with the lads
It’s the only thing we have that brings us together
We have nothing else we have to do better.

It may be a popularity contest, a post for the snap,
But what else would we be doing on a Saturday night,
It’s all joke it’s all a lie,
It’s a generation of cans.


Layers of Pain

My eyes are full of tears
They’re streaming down my face
It’s one of my many fears
That I cannot seem to replace

The pain is just too much
It’s getting easy for others to see
It’s just too hard to touch
I wish you were here
To peel these onions for me

Niamh Costello and Alanna Williams

The Wedding

Fiona’s sister’s wedding is coming up soon,
We will be dancing from dusk till noon.
We will eat hot soup and crusty rolls,
And we will dress like ballroom trolls.
We’ll drink like fish, we’ll dance like maggots
The bride and groom will be like two rabbits
We will be on the sesh both night and day
Vodka, Smirnoff ice, and a few cups a tae.
She will look fab in her white dress,
The congregation will be a right mess.
The best man’s friends are all god’s gift
Oh me and Chloe wouldn’t mind the shift.

Courtney Duane and Chloe Madden


It was the morning,
Time to get up,
Places to go,
People to see.

Work needs to be done,
Things to do,
Animals to be fed,
Slurry to be spread.

The evening comes,
Work is done,
In we go,
Life is well.

Rose Dolphin

My Mid-Term Trip

I took off for Spain
I heard them calling my name.
Strolled to the theme park
The night was eerie and dark.
The rollercoasters soared
One things for sure we were never bored.
You could hear the screams
As the sun beamed.

Shauna Smyth


My favourite time of year
I just wanna get up and cheer
Waiting for Santa to appear.
Snow and frost
Hoping Santa didn’t get lost
Hot chocolate and movies
Are my favourite thing
Hoping spring will never come.

Grace Hackett


Sleep is important
Sleep is lying down
Sleep is snuggling up with a blanket
Sleep is relaxing
Sleep is peaceful
Sleep is needed
Sleeping is closing your eyes and dreaming
Sleep can be a nap
Sleep can be 8 hours
Less or more
Sleep can be dreams
Or nightmares

Aoife Woods


Getting out of bed
The war between teenager and parent
That causes the house to shake
But the teen still doesn’t wake

It’s one in the day
Time is slipping away
The child could care less
But the mom has stress

If one could realise
The teen needs 12 hours of sleep a day
To focus and try and make headway


Ode the Stephen Ward

Oh Sean Dyche said
We shouldn’t play him in centre mid
He didn’t want to get the sack
So he stuck him in left back
Oh he is sublime
He gets assists all the time
Oh we always knew
How good he is in the claret and blue
His hairs not blonde
His left foot is a wand
He has a massive shlong
So for Stephen Ward we sing this song

Daniel Hynes


Zlatan Ibrahimović,
Is a Swedish hero,
On a free from PSG,
He cost United zero
6 foot 5, hard as nails,
He gets the fans excited,
Stick your City
cause we are Man United.

Oran Lyons

Scott Sinclair

Oh he’s Scotty Sinclair
Oh he is so wonderful,
When he scores a goal
Oh it is beautiful
It’s magical

When he runs down your wing
He is fast as lightening,
It’s frightening and
It makes all the Bhoys sing.

Eoghan Lynch