Hazelwood College, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick

The Leaving Cert

She wakes at seven every morning.
Tired and worn out because she stayed up studying all night.
The biggest Exam of her life is today. The Leaving Cert!
The pressure put on her to succeed is immense.
Every person she sees is competition.
She knows everyone won’t get what they want.
When did she become like this, scared, lonely, frightened.
Years of work went into today but none of that matters.
Nothing matters now except her grade.
She will always be her grade.
Anger builds inside her.
“We are individuals”, she says.
We are unique, one grade should not define me, and yet it does.



It’s early, too early.
The alarm won’t ring for another hour.
Still she gets up, practising, again
And again hoping this time she will play it right.
It’s the nerves she tells herself.
With shaky fingers she presses the keys again
Playing beautiful music finishing on a perfect cadence
But frowns.
It’s not perfect, again and again she plays
Her frustration builds, tears sting her eyes.
A calm sea quickly turned into a raging thunderstorm.
Pounding the piano letting out her anger.
A call from her mother awakes her from her fury.
Its time
“Good luck” and “you’ll be fine” fill her ears.
It’s not helping.
Arriving at the exam she is like a leaf
On the verge of falling from a tree.
Nerves and fear conquer her body
This means everything to her.
She plays.
The examiner smiles
It’s over, but it’s not.
Replaying the moment over and over again.
She knew she messed up.
“So how did it go?”
She bursts into tears, a raging thunderstorm.


Different and the Same

Why do you treat us different?
Are we not just the same?
You say I have no voice
But yet, I cry out every day.

You say I cannot feel pain
But yet I have a nervous system
Rich blood pumps through my veins
My heart beats in rhythm
Am I different or the same.

Why can’t you let me be?
A rapist, a murderer, a terrorist
They are all treated better than me.
Its cruelty can’t you see
My crime? I was born an animal.

Sarah Enright


Sisters are crazy they pull your hair and you fight
But you know that when it’s over you’ll be best friends by the end of the night,
Sisters hurt your feelings and you hurts theirs too,
But no matter what you’ll always know that they’re going to be there for you
You grow up together, your whole life you’ve laughed and played
You’ve gone to the park when it was sunny and made up games when it has rained
As you get older when you’re about twelve
You can’t wait for your sister to leave, you say living with her is like hell
People tell you the older you get the more you’ll get along
But you don’t believe them no matter what you tell them that they’re wrong
You spend so many years arguing and taking their stuff
You can’t believe that you’re related you say you hate them you’ve had enough
But then as time goes on and you have turned fifteen
You look at your sister differently and you realise she’s not so mean
Ye talk about makeup and the stuff that ye both like
And you remember when you were children back before all the fights
You start to realise that she’s the best thing you have ever had
And she also starts to notice that you’re not half bad
But then the sad time comes and your sister has gone
And u regret the fighting because you know you’ve been doing it all wrong
You wish you spent more timing painting nails and doings hair
And dancing around and singing not really having a care
Sisters are amazing the best thing you could think of
So always keep them close and let them know that they are loved

Orla O’Brien

Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget. Right?
But why me?
Was it the way I looked,
Or how I dressed – maybe something I said?
How was I to know?
I didn’t understand.
I was young.
I should have felt light-hearted and care-free,
But although I was young I would be the bigger person
Forgive and forget



Sweat was dropping from her forehead,
Shivers down her back
As she walked up the hall.
Fingers pointed,
People laughing,
She didn’t know what was wrong with her.
You could
See from her eyes,
The tears dropping down her eyes.


Behind this Wall

Behind this wall, no one knows,
She has a personality like no other,
She express it through her clothes,
Sings and dances like no one’s watching.

Although she is this way,
She seems to look shy and frail,
Head in a book all day,
Dreaming of things far away.



Behind the mask that’s on her face
No one knows the problems she faces
The struggles at home, the problems in school
Wishing that she could just fit in
Even with all the problems
No friends, no skills
She hides it deep down
Under that big fake smile


Learning for the Future

Early morning, every morning.
Travelling, working, learning.
Preparing for the future,
For going forward. Learning.
Stays at home, alone.
Because of how he is made,
How he was born.
Unable to change this.
Learning, so he can change things.
In the future.
So no-one else has to go through what he did.
Learning, for the future.

Ronan Buckley


I am different,
Because of one of my interests.
I was scared,
As I was unprepared,
Thinking what they would say,
Like “is he gay?”
As I glared down on my phone,
I thought of my Nana Joan.
I posted it on the Internet,
Which made me sweat.
I started to realise that
People liked me no matter what.



Sometimes times in life
You need
Heavy tears
To clean your tough eyes
To see
What is and is not
Need in your life
To let you be you

Jack Walmsley

Junior Cert

On the 13 of September JC results came out
I was told if I didn’t do well it would be bad
Crap hit the fan I was called into the office
When I came out I was over the moon
I rang the mother told her
Went home drank can with the lads
And had some good night

Aaron Buckley


She trains just as hard
But her ability is barred
When she gets the score
There is no uproar
She longs to hear the crowd
And she thinks no one is proud
She might be better
But she thinks they think he is better
They say sport is cruel
But they should see both sides



Sometimes I stop and think,
What it is all about.
If you just pause for a moment and blink
You would miss out and be in doubt.

Life’s too short, take it on my behalf
To be proud of what you already have.
What you have is worth way more than you think
And each life is distinct

Sinead Wright


They are there when you need them
They encourage you to do well
They laugh uncontrollably
At the jokes that make no sense
The endless chats
And singings songs and shouting ‘wildcats’
Shows that there everything
That’s what friendship is



At the window of my house I stand
Looking out to my left a few acres of green grass land.
It is the pitch of dreams they say,
The place that I train night and day.
I am the captain of the under seventeens,
On the left wing I play like James McClean.
One Friday night was special for me,
As I got called up to the Senior Team.
The intensity is a different level,
But it all paid off when
I was presented with my league medal.

Jack Pierce


Camogie is…
Camogie is my passion.
I’d rather it to fashion.
It relieves all my stress and
Worries with one puck of a
Ball off a wall.

I feel relaxed on the pitch,
Like it’s my second

Katie O’Carroll

The Cert

Collected the cert,
My results didn’t hurt,
I’m compared to a saint
They don’t know I ain’t,
I felt so free,
I stung like a bee,
School tomorrow morning,
Lads I wish I got a warning.

Shauna Cunningham

Texting a Boy

You start texting a boy,
Who has a record to lie,
He tells you this but then does that,
Therefore he is known as a brat,
And then he looks like a rat.


Night Out

Curl my hair, paint my nails,
Touch up my lip-gloss, it’s all about the details.
Put away the various tubes and compacts
Take off my glasses and slide in my contacts.
Slip into my velvet dress, spray my perfume “coast”
Pop on my shoes, fill my class and have a toast


A Day in the Life

Getting up at down on a cold windy morning to start a day’s work.
First stop of the list check to see are there any cows near calving
Then go and check the new born calves.
Next stop of the day get to the milking parlour,
Ready then tear down the fields in the 165.
Drive the cows in and milk them,
Then feed the calves give then fresh bedding.
Then potter around the yard and do some jobs.

James Patrick Ryan


We go out for results,
Go absolutely nuts.
Come home that same night,
Not feeling quite right.
Wake up the next morning,
With no tactical warning.



When I’m on the sesh with the lads
All I think about is which one of us is the dad
From girls to hurls
I’m an innocent schoolgirl
Two plus two is four
Minus one that’s three quick maths
Hurling is love
Hurling is life

Jamie O’Connor

Sit Still

I can’t sit still
I need a pill
Right now or
Else ill spill my milk
And if it spills
I won’t be a happy man
With my can
In a van

Brian Ahern


Ran down the stairs,
Fired up the PlayStation.
Put in FIFA, this wasn’t rare.
Checked my coins in the account,
New packs were out and I had 5K,
I knew I just had the right amount.
I opened the pack and I couldn’t believe my luck,
The player I got was as rare as a holiday to Colorado,
It was team of the year RONALDO.

Darragh Ryan


What are exams?
Only causing stress,
To try get the ace,
Why do you need the ace?
It seems like a race.

Late nights, early mornings,
Bright lights, school bells roaring,


A Lorry

I was cycling to school
And I forgot about the rules
A lorry came at me
And I nearly hit a tree
I swerved to avoid it
But hit it anyway
I started crying
But I kept on driving

Kieran O’Flynn

Like Juice

It taste like juice
And then you’re gone
I eat chocolate moose
My name is Con

Conor Stack