Dunshaughlin Community College, Knocks, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath


“Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you”
A phrase told so often to children, it no longer has a meaning.
Words can hurt you on a way stones can’t
And will hold on to you until you have no feeling.

To others, you seem weak and small
Like you can’t get a joke.
But nobody feels how you do.
How it all builds up inside,
And feels like you’re gonna choke.

You see, words will last longer,
They’ll stick with you until the end.
And it will feel like you’re all alone,
And nobody can help.
Not even a friend.

Not only until you’ve made it through,
Until life seems to peak.
Is when you see,
How happy you are,
And how you’ll never be weak.

Evin Walshe


You feel tired
You try blame society
Because they tell you you’re uninspired
That only gives you anxiety
And you feel like you are trapped
Then everything becomes irony
When you shout it sounds like you just whispered
And you lose perspective of reality
You fade into darkness
Abstract obscurity


A Rant of Sorts

Women don’t have control over their bodies because of a very old and oppressive constitution.
Which was created without women’s contribution.
We are judged for everything we do and everything we don’t.
And none of it will even be written on our headstone.
We have to make life changing decisions at the age of 16.
To do what we’re told and not what we dream.
We are not equal and those with privilege see equality as oppression.
Yet, they shame us for our teenage aggression.
I worry far too much about everything.
Yet I know these thoughts don’t actually change anything.
We spend our lives in worry and are terrified of failure.
This is because we are judged by our results and not our behaviour.


The Sky

I’m in love with the night sky,
Often mistaking the stars for fireflies,
Searching for mars while a comet flies,
Like a rocket in a space race.

The stars hold so much beauty and space grace,
The planets that infinitely orbit our sun,
Life in space could be tremendous fun,
Or terrifying.

No gravity – the floors are walls,
Without this force, nothing can fall,
If there’s a fire, you have no-one to call,
But space is still beautiful, and tremendously big.

In the jungle of space, you are but a twig,
In the darkness of the void,
Where you can’t make a noise,
Nobody knows you exist.

Space is beautifully terrifying,
Like death.

Jake Lacken

The Chains of Faith

In a country where you don’t have a say over your own body
And your government stance at best is quite shoddy
They put on this persona like an act on a stage
Most girls in this situation aren’t even of legal age
Their bodies aren’t ready but they don’t have a choice
Our government says women don’t have a voice
In 2018 all women will throw off the chains of their faith
For bodily autonomy so
Repeal the Eighth

Katelyn O’Brien

The World

The world it is a changing,
Yet somehow still unchanging,
The motives remaining,
Yet circumstances rearranging.

We focus on the specifics,
Yet ignore the terrifying signifies,
People don’t change, for change is invasive
Yet ill morals remain ever pervasive.

People become so much more mysterious,
Persuasion, evasion, intolerable, delirious
Motivation ranging from slipping to sliding
But the basis remains forever abiding.

Rory O’ Mahony

My Blank Page

Staring at my page, blank as can be.
I want words to appear out of nowhere, pop out at me.
But I can’t see.
Thinking what rhythm to use.
Does my rhyme fit into the beat?
Moving my pen through the page, spreading the ink.
Does my poem sink? Or is this all just a useless feat?
What to say, what to do?
Asking others ”How does it sound to you?”
Something, always wrong, never right.
When can I give up this endless fight?
Find a beat, find a tune.
Don’t know what to write.
Perhaps one day I’ll find what I seek.
Though chances of that look very bleak.
Maybe all this is more than I think.
Pushing it all to the very brink.
Hunger poverty, war and peace.
I doubt that my poem will change any of these.
In the end I guess all we can do is appease, appease, appease.

Eoin Hughes

School Life

We learn nothing because none of us listen
And sometimes the words on the page seem to glisten
Shit goes down if you say something bad
And most of the time you are feeling quite glad
We get judged for wearing the out of date clothes
By judgemental people who looks down your nose
People sometimes pull your hair
And sweep you up into the air
People always getting picked on for being really different
But then some people are really ignorant

Rachel Byrne

You Define You

I should be defined by anything
You may think small insults about shortness wouldn’t get to people but,
For people who are insecure and aren’t happy about themselves,
It hurts.
You might not think that it would affect us
Because we put on a strong face and laugh it out.
And people may say shake it out don’t mind them and all,
But no matter what anyone says it still hurt.
Or if your sibling is extremely smart and gets mad grades
And then everyone expects the same,
It can put a massive pressure on you which can crumble your self-confidence.
You may never appreciate yourself but know
That there are plenty of people out there who do and love you for who you are.
Never think that you’re a waste of space your uniqueness can not be replaced.
It’s no who you are that defines you,
It’s the things you do.

Catarina Mendes

A Dance

Walk into my mate’s house on junior cert night,
“Come on have a sup don’t be dry”.
Arrive at the disco, here we go,
To get judged on what you’re wearing, all your clothes,
But what you just went though no one knows.
The up and down looks have been thrown around,
Starting to turn your world upside down.
Your whole night your brain is racing,
Only to see your friend pacing.
Some young one, strapped to her ex shifting
Oh what a night it’s been the drama slowly drifting.
To wake up, new sheets, to meet a steely glance,
Of your disappointed parents all for a bloody dance.

Katie Manning


Look happy
Try harder
Do your best
But your best isn’t enough
Dry your eyes, try again
Don’t give up
You’re not good enough.
We support you,
They smile,
But their teeth tell the truth
They’re sharp and threatening.
Some are honest,
Won’t jeer or jest
Find someone who knows
Your best is the best.

Aedin Smyth

Una Gran Experiencia

Una gran experiencia fue para mi
Cuando por un año decidí venir aquí.
Nuevos amigos, familia, idioma incluso cultura,
pero lo mejor de aquí es la gente, que es una dulzura.

A más de 2000 km de mi hogar,
olver ahí es mucho rogar?
Echo de menos el sol y más todavía, la playa,
Comn lo que me gusta tumbarme en la toalla.

Amigos, familia, os echo de menos,
Aprovechemos el Skype, que es lo único que tenemos.
Verano, estás llegando
Y ansisosa te estoy esperando.

Mamá, papá, pronto os veré
Y con vosotros todo el día estaré.
Irlanda ya me voy,
Y ahora sí familia, con vosotros estoy.

Eva Sarrias Bernal


Sometimes you think it’s good to be on your own
But you would be better off not alone
Stop thinking so negatively
Instead just think positively
Don’t be scared, just stay chill
Even if you need to take a pill
Life will be okay, just count on it
Yes, I know you can get through it
Please don’t be down, it’ll only get worse
Please I’m begging you, it’s a disgusting curse
Many lose a life
Just get help

Emma Flynn


There is so much pressure in school
Between peer pressure and deadlines
Get 8 hours of sleep, go to school, and still have to socialize
Expected to get all a’s but not supposed to stress
Supposed to get through these tests and finesse

They wonder why everyone is depressed
Because none of us feel expressed
Some of you wonder why we are moans
Because education teaches us to become its clones

Muireann Ryan and Catherine Marsden


Fueled by tea,
Unable to study,
A dash of creativity,
A pinch of reality,
A little anxiety,
A few friends, barely,
Not a lotta money,
Some jokes that are quality,
A taste of family,
Usually quite chilly,
Combining these ingredients is key,
It’s not just some pastry,
By the end of this recipe,
You’ll have what is known as me.

Heather Collins


This where I am made to feel insecure and uncomfortable daily.
Although I do feel safe and distracted here maybe
This is where people act overly confident to hide their own uncertainty
They live behind their thoughts and feelings fearfully
This is where I can escape and focus on other people’s problems.
Although my mind is still poisoned with the expectation of models
This is where I can stop dwelling on my own worries and take a break from my thoughts
Before I go home, sit alone and am left at a loss.
This is where I feel pressure to succeed
Forgetting to mention that stress and tension are guaranteed

School is like missing a flight on holiday,
The experience is crazy but it all works out okay.


A Place

School is a place
Where the pressure we create
To look and act a certain way
We are shown by are friends
How to make our vapes look like pens
And with our parents we will later make necessary amends
Attention is what we seek
In these years where we peak
By rebelling against those who try to teach

Ava Mcloughlin

Bad Relationship

I’m in a bad relationship,
Thinks he can treat me like dirt,
I don’t know if I can handle it,
I’m not even understandin’ it,
Believes a girl always spreadin’ lies,
I actually can’t believe my eyes,
But honestly it’s goin’ be okay,
I go through this stuff every single day,
But I know that one day he goin’ wake up,
And realize he the one that messed up,
He goin’ try and get me back,
But he don’t even understand that,
All those nights I spent cryin’,
And all those nights felt like I was dyin’,
Taught me something today,
And he ain’t takin’ that away.

Kathryn Way

Lost Boy

I’m just a lost boy,
Lost in my damn mind,
Why do I have to,
Think about you all the damn time.

When I feel alone,
You always seem to help,
I don’t know why,
I feel lost in myself.

You used to say i love you,
But did you really mean it,
Are snapping back,
Just for the convenience,
To act like you still like me,
Just cause you feel sorry,
I just sit there and pretend,
Like its all hunky dory.

Evan Renehan


Keeper throws the ball,
Hendrick battled,
He wins the tackle,
Leaves the left back rattled.

He darts down the line
All that can heard is the welsh whine,
Arter lets it run,
Welsh defence left undone

It slides across the grass so clean,
All to be smashed in by James McClean,
Runs and celebrates with a crowd,
All eleven did their country proud.

Gary O’Connor


We have to go to school every day to get told were not smart enough,
In a place where people feel like they have to be tough.
People come every morning to sit in rooms like Guinee pigs,
Some people are recovering after the storm and picking up twigs.
Lots of people get judged for just being themselves,
Some people are like dolls too scared to give their opinion and are sitting on shelves.
Most teachers act like they are superior to you in every way,
In a place where it’s risky to be gay.

Liam O’Connor

A Wormhole

Trying to find hope in alcohol,
But really it’s just a wormhole,
Sucking you in,
Leaving you there,
And still your whole world is in despair.

Aaron O’Connor

No Inspiration

I’m asked to write a poem but i feel no inspiration,
I think this is an issue of the teenage generation,
I feel vulnerable and pressurized to write something amazing,
Does this pressure come from me or is it bad child raising.

I’m fidgeting and shuffling with no ideas in my head,
Nothing from the past or events that lie ahead,
I suppose i have written a poem about nothing,
But regardless of that I hope you found it touching.

Róisín Doyle


People are being judged about what other people are saying
It is a place where a lot of mean people are staying
Snapchat and Instagram are the only ways to show how popular you are.
And they do a live-stream all the time when they go to the bar
Teachers expect you to do your homework, study, do sports and get enough sleep in one day
But if you explain that you didn’t have time they say no way
People getting picked on for being different
While they have their own suffering

Amelie Wilmes

My Head

I keep my demon and monster locked in the land that
I go to divide and conquer, upon arrival.
Crap goes down and legends come up.
The people are cut and the lessons are clear-cut from the temple and
People and ambitions go to die inside its walls.
The crowds are loud and suspicions are shroud and
The space between ideas are dark, half a world away.
The people are scared of Korea’s bark.
The fuzz on the T.V. is their best show and
Words of friends are the poison of the known.



I wish more people understood the definition of feminism,
That it’s not some scary female cult, or something to be ashamed of supporting.
I wish more people knew it’s not something that only women are part of,
Feminism is equal rights and believing that each person is their own.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions beliefs.
That women can achieve the same goals and opportunities that men can.
Feminism isn’t about ‘sameness’ or ‘female overpower’,
It’s about women having freedom of speech,
To know that the way they live in today’s society isn’t okay.
To know that fearing for your own safety in most simple situations shouldn’t be.
Every man who walks past, in our minds, has to have the capability to be a rapist.
That maybe it’s our fault because of how we were dressed.
It’s not. I wish more people knew this.

Ciara Hughes

Does Anyone Understand Me?

Sometimes I wonder, if anyone understand how I feel,
When they the people I love, tend scream and shout at me.
I am more sensitive than everyone thinks I am,
Words and names can hurt more than anyone can think.

Whats even worse is that you try and describe how you see things,
But there are people who will understand, but those people are hard to find.
There is always this one person in your life who just a pure pain.
They won’t leave you alone so you
It feels like you are worthless.

There is always ways to fix everything but you can’t find it easily.
Just hang in there and believe in yourself and you will find a way, a key, a solution.
You may think life is useless at times, but there will always be people to help,
These are people you know and love, like your closest friends and family.

These people listen to you, and understand most things you will say,
And I’m sure things will start going your way.

Adam Hagger

Where to Start

Here, I don’t know where to start
Should I write this out to learn off by heart
Or should I really just go for it?
I really don’t have time for this.

Sitting here looking at this blank sheet,
Trying to write about something deep,
To show the world how I feel,
But distracted by an orange peel,
That someone left on this desk,
But sure look, I digress

I hear him shouting, calling my name,
“Do you think this is a game?”
I reply, “I don’t know what to do,
I could really do with some help from you”

“Now here the thing is son,
Just let it flow, it could be a lot of fun,
It’ll be no time before you’re done”.

Sean Corry

Think Outside the Box

Where creativity and being different
Is an endless struggle.
Where thinking going to college
And getting a degree is the only way.
Well this is what I have to say.
Think outside of the box
Learn from your knocks,
Work hard be the wild card,
Don’t be a clone.
Make yourself known,
But most of all
Be true
And your just rewards will come back to you.

Luke Phelan

A Little Mystery

Life would be a dull without a little mystery
A girl so amazing, she is one of a kind
She is so intoxicating
Sometimes I just can’t seem to get her out of my mind

She is so amazing and sweet
I wish she would notice
She doesn’t seem to realise it
But she’s really funny and unique

When I am around her
My mind goes blank
She sits centre stage
With not a fault that I can spot

She makes me stressed and I think too much
She sees me as a friend
Which I hope it would change

When I am with her, I sound so stupid,
I say things that make me look like a fool
But I really hope she doesn’t think
That I’m just some tool

Tobi Balla


This is where everyone acts like a fool,
Trying to be cool.
This is where I started to hate most people,
Where everyone is doing things illegal
This is also where I laugh the most
People being gross,
This is where I met some of my best friends
This is where everyone pretends
This is where my childhood ends.

Hannah Rose Eccles

She Is

She is bad at sports, she would rather have diamonds and quartz
She is a lover of reading, and rather that than be bleeding out her worries
She is emotionally unstable more than a three legged table
She is competitive as she is repetitive with her constant lies
She is blonde but in the sense of being stupid because her thoughts are diluted
This is where she writes about her deepest emotions which amplified by taking her daily potions
This is where people use the power of words to break people
This is where people can take advantage to boost
Or make other people’s lives better by sending a simple love letter
This is where she is her happiest and darkest moments in life followed from strife in her early life

Lauren Cottrell


Dunshaughlin is a village of peace and quiet
Our collage has a great population
All from our great village Dunshaughlin
On Saturday evening we go down to our local Super Valu
Where all our classmates hangout
Dunshaughlin a village that will be in our hearts forever,
As we grow older we will always remember the fun we had
Growing up in our society village of Dunshaughlin.

Patrick Mcloughlin

The Kettle Decants

The kettle decants in a cosy drone
And the young wife looks in her husband’s face
And then at her guests and shows in her own
Her sense that she fills an envied place
And the visiting lady is all abloom
And says there was never so sweet a room

And the happy young housewife does not know,
That the woman besides her was his first choice
Till the faiths ordained i could not be so
Betraying noting in look or voice
The guest sits smiling and sips her tea
And he throws her stay glance beamingly

And the housewife sips her tea
2 sugars, no milk

Lisa Varley

The Origin

Welcome to the origin,
Of this world, a colossal sin.
Of this world which is so old, yeah,
Yet these people are so cold, yeah.
We sit here rotting, waiting for death.
People here just makin war,
Damn man, that stuff shake just shake my core.
Don’t care bout my Onomatopoeia,
But you should give a damn about what I have to say, yeah.
People be always askin me to try,
Yet they never be giving me a reason why.
Those people never got diligence,
They just hurt me with their brittleness.
But even though we can’t delay,
I’m alive, and well, that makes me okay

Jack McDonagh


I’m living outdoors
With the animals on all fours
The birds are flying
While people are dying
I looked behind a tree
They were all running free
I started to scream
So I took out my cream
I put it on my face
And then I tied my lace
I heard a funky beat
As I ran down the street
I opened my door
And collapsed on the floor
The cream made me ill
So I took out a pill.

Claire McEnroe


What to say about my city…
It has everything to be pretty.
Huelva for me is the salt land,
With its blue sea and its soft sand.
What can I tell, the shore of the three caravels.

Inma Venegas

I Like

I like dragons
Red and blue
Sometimes they do
Rainbow poos
And I like unicorns
There so cool
I wish we learned more
About them in school
I like ogres there so tall
There so tall
They make me feel so small me

Alex Bartley

Sleeve of Green

Sleeve of green,
Rain of blue,
Nobody seen,
Only you.

Where is the weather
Where has it gone?
Just like you,
The weather is gone.

Hugo Goodman


My town is where all we do on the weekends is walk to the shops and back constantly.
I wish we could change our philosophy
My school is where we learn about everything we don’t need to know.
Will the benefits of school ever show?
My head is where so much deep unnecessary thinking goes on,
By the next day these all thoughts are gone
My country is where a religion determines a lot of things in the country
And we visit a dolphin called Fungi.


A Skirmish

An old man approached me `he was scary
He was very old and from Kerry
By the way his name was Gary
He offered me some strange looking blueberry
Then tried to take me behind the library
I told him no, that’s inappropriate afterwards he said no it is too late to forfeit
You already took the Blueberry it won’t have you feeling merry
Then I woke up watching Tom and Jerry and realised that it was all my imaginary

Emmanuel Ilunga

High Wire

I’m on a high wire,
Under Pressure with a bit of an adventure,
Trying to write a poem to my professor,
It’s on fire,
Hotter than a campfire,
Most people don’t require skills to make a poem,
But I got skills to make a good one,
I could beat you with a pen and a air gun in a long run,
In the end run my rhymes are more powerful than a shotgun,
I’m done.



I should start being selfish
Helping others left me helpless,
I thought too much thinking they were just like me
Waiting here for hours, thought they would just give me,
There’s too much on their plate pour me another glass
He says it’s just in the past,
Need me or need me not dictates your smile
I just want to get it back in a while
My plate is but a sacred palace
My glass is just a chalice
Now it is but a shared platter
Does my money even matter?
It’s time to go,
He stole my food, no
I shared my food with the dude
I am now all but screwed

Jamie Mcglade


When I was in my childhood years,
I used to go outside with my neighbourhood
And play some games chess football basketball etc.
As I growing up in your years of being a child,
I thought myself how to be myself and not try to be someone who I am not.
During my childhood years,
I used to be everyone’s favourite
Granny use to say look at this adorable child
As I grew older,
I realised that I needed to meet some new friends or else I be very lonely
When I get in to my teenage years.
So I said, okay I am getting older.
When I was sitting around having nice coffee, nibbling tiny bites of my mams homemade biscuits
So as I headed into my 1st years of secondary school
I realised I need to get more mature and I realised that my sister got more attention.
So here I am now all grown up and my parents are like
You need to go out and get a job and make more money to earn your way in the house
So my life has changed I said to myself life is like a box of chocolates
One minute you’re here all fresh
Next minute you’re all grown up.
So you need to take your childhood as fun when you have it.

Patrick Mcloughlin

A Saviour

There is a lad I can see
Who is not free
He does not have a friend
When each day comes to an end
I do not know his name
He looks like he is in pain
I can see from his behaviour
This lad needs a saviour

Jesse Williamson


52 seater
Electric heater
Clutch slipping
Driver speeding
Radio broken
Ticket tokens
Litter the floor
Sound of the
Automatic door
Smell of red cola
Bubble-gum and pine
Faded design
On the seats
Lads at the back
Boys at the front
Grimy windows
Show outside
Flying by
In the blink of an eye.

Andrew Bell


She plays tip the can,
She is a Sam Smith fan,
Wreck It’ in the park,
She plays when it’s dark,
Drinking warm Dutch Gold
At only 16 years old.
She doesn’t go to school,
Because she thinks she’s too cool
Her dad owns a bank
He really is a tank.

Tara Hetherington

The Monkey War

In 1984 the monkeys had a war,
They had no sticks so they used some bricks,
They threw some kicks,
They were protecting their chicks,
When they were called pricks,
One of them was put on a crucifix,
Due to the politics,
While the men bet each other with the yardsticks,
The girls were having a picnic,
When they let out a big roar,
You know that was the end of the war.

Dylan Cranley

Golden Dawn

The president is a four foot leprechaun
A senior member of the Golden Dawn
The students are in tears
Cos the teacher is a howl
Some students are mitchin
Some are on the prowl

Seán O’Connor


Food is the most basic thing ever,
You can eat it when you’re nude
When you look like a complete fool
Or when you have been even called a tool.
But the most delicious food in the world is grapes
Because it goes straight down your nape,
If you dare spit it out
You will lick it off someone’s face,
If you don’t you might as well
Die a disgrace.
You better run to Supervalu
Or your nearest grocery store,
Buy 20 packets or in an hour
You’ll be begging for more.
On your way home give a Euro or 2 to the poor.
When you enter your house don’t rush
Or your grapes might drop on the floor
Some crazy people might say apples or pears
Are better but then I spit in their face
And say I don’t care,
If you look in the bible they say
It everywhere, say that again
I’ll pull out your hair.

Conor Ogedegbe


Rhyming accidentally,
Thinking your my enemy,
Pulling up by 3 points,
Now we up by 3 points,
Love the way you chat trash,
You go up for a layup,
Now you’re in the bin man,
Going around in circles
Thinking you’re a ring man,
Going for the slam dunk
Baptised you once were,
Now you in the changing room,
Bitter like a mushroom,
Now I’m on top
Best guy in the league,
LBJ remember the name.

Henry Benson


This is where I must go and write a poem
For those who just don`t know him
Whereabouts I am losing this war
This is where we must have courage to roar
Where I have nothing else to say
But tell you to strut
Down your own road your own way
This is where I must finish with a sway

James O’Brien


I go to plug in the headphones
YouTube is straight where I go
I go to about is no. 1 on trending
Listening to lyrics and rhyme
Listen to the message behind the music
Listening to all instrumentals, guitar, piano, bass and all


New Pantry

There’s a new pantry and its crap
The flapjacks have been scrapped
Two euro for a scone
That feels like it’s a stone
The prices are too high
You can’t even get by
With a fiver in your purse
This new pantry’s a curse



High in the sky,
Making a high guy pie,
Getting the chocolate for the brownies,
To get rid of the frownies.
If you ever feel like a villain,
Just try yup yup chillin,
Just wait a few minutes,
And bam you’re in business.
You might take too much that you might fall asleep,
But don’t worry it will never make you weep,
It’s distinctive smell you know it in public,
You’re instinct is to get it on tic.
I wish I could delimit,
But I just love chocolate.

Evan Murphy

That Day

The day of your big game
That day you need to play
Your heart out to show off your name

You leave everything out there
Your heart and soul
But you don’t care
Cause you’ve done
You’re on a roll

Sean Kennedy

My Family

I don’t know how to start
So i’ll write just a little part.
I will talk about my family
Which is the best one probably.
My sister has been there from the very start.

Mar Sarrias


Everybody loves football,
They say it’s better than them all.
The objective is to win,
It doesn’t matter if you’re kicked in the shin.
They call it a game,
Every team wants fame.
I think it should be about the fun,
And not all about trying not to be outdone.

Heather Monahan

A Day in the Life

I wake up and eat rotten soggy cornflakes,
I don’t mind it sometimes but not every day.
Walk to school but forget my jacket even though I’m always reminded.
I pretend I have piles of work in my bag that I did.
Get a coffee on the way to school, if I don’t ill fall asleep.
Up all night the night before because an album leaked.
Get away with no homework in school because the teachers like me,
I used to be afraid of dogs cos I was scared they would bite me.
Fall asleep in class until I can go to buy wedges.
I think I’m a legend cos I throw my mates into hedges.
Miss as many classes as I can off doing jobs.
Go to training after school half asleep and hope I don’t get lobbed.
Head back home and stay up all night again.
Hope we’ve gotten some new cereal that aren’t cornflakes cos I’m sick of them.

Paddy Dalton


Wake up, eat cornflakes
What does it even taste like?
Walk to school, windy day,
And birds in the tree
What noise are they making
Lunchtime, eat a 1000th roll
What does it feel like?
Last class, everybody tired, it’s Friday
What did we just learn?

Cormac Curtin


I’m looking forward to Halloween
My costume is gonna look really mean

I’m not the type of guy to go out drinking
But I might have a few when I’m not thinking

A firework or two is good craic
But when the Guards come, we better scrap

Much too old to go trick or treatin’
But that doesn’t mean the sweets won’t be eatin’

I hope I don’t get breathalyzed
Or else my mum will get me sterilized

But these are all thoughts in me head
If any of these happened, I would be dead.

Ciaran McMahon

Two Wheels

Two wheels griping the dirt
Using travel,
Using time,
You can’t stop it,
You can’t start it,
In reality you can only loose it,
Crashing is not an option,
Only winning.

Alex Smyth

A Frog

I saw a little frog,
He was cuter than can be
He was sitting on a log
And i’m sure he croaked at me!

Laura Casillas


Football is change
Maybe for the better
Old men down the pub giving out about the mark
Plastic fan upon the hill
Drinkin cans and slagin Man United fans
Or Liverpool not knowing what’s going on
They turn to the others
“Yous haven’t a hope we got Connolly, yous may go home”
The plastic fan upon cry “out come on you boys in blue”
The fans there are watching, girlfriends too
In the suspense the full forward pulls the ball from the sky
Kicks it through the net
The dubs in shock
They watch the clock
Plastic fan upon the hill
Head to the pub say” me ma better have grub at home”

Luke Mccarthy


I hate school
It’s not cool
It makes me wanna drool
Cause I’m just sitting on a stool
All day long
Until i die
From boredom
Why can’t I fly
Away from this

Andrew Quinn

My City

Dunshaughlin my city
We in same class
We don’t go to mass
The lord aint my savior
We don’t care about the code of behaviour

Josh and Jamie


School is fun
I get my work done
Don`t stop me I want coffee
I will be grouchy in the morn
I’ll be just like a thorn

Adam Brady