Patrician Academy, White St, Mallow Road, Mallow, Co. Cork


Not a day past 13 and life kicks into high gear.
New school, new friend, fresh start.
The year’s progress,
Hormones pump, emotions unstable.
The one you love, across the room
You think to speak but odds look bleak,
You take on step, take it back
Stomach knots, thoughts distract
She walks away, chances lost.


“This Knowledge Will Serve You Well”

“This knowledge will serve you well”
Mitochondria’s the powerhouse of the cell
Where will I learn to write a C.V.
Do taxes and U.S.C.
For knowledge we are yearning
Yet the system takes learning
It turns it into hell
“This knowledge will serve you well”

David Duggan and Kyle Murphy


As I take that last pull of the joint.
I sit here thinking, am I missing the point?
The women of my life, slipping through my fingers,
Is this life worth it, just for the quick
Split, never worked a day of my life.
Its looking very tempting, this knife… In my hand,
But then. I thought, what is this life I am living?
This town, these people, these drive-by killings,
The next week, I’m back to school,
Trying to further my education,
Getting a better life for me,
And the future of my family.

Niall O’ Riordan


Why should I get a “normal” job?
To work in an office for a bitch named Bob.

People work, to earn money, to work, to earn money
To work to earn money, I aint about that life hunni,

They wait for 5 o’clock so they can have time to themselves,
Then wake up, get back on the block, to again go work for them elves.

I want a job where I can have fun,
Maybe make friends with Ms. Jourdan Dunn.

I need to look forward to getting up,
Wait ’til I’m done then finish up. Take a sup. Bottoms up. Finish your cup.

John Mullane


Why should I go to school and hate every
Day I’m here
I could be out living my life, instead I’m
Choosing a career
I may not want down the line, after
Putting so much time
In subjects, poems, languages, worrying about points
Grades and averages
I think we need to make a stand,
As memories of our childhood will be bland.

J.P Lombard

Dank Memes

I like memes
Words don’t deliver half much
My reaction can be boiled down
To 500×500 pixels
I’m utterly speechless
It takes no though to post
It takes little wit
To giggle at an in-joke

Mantas Kurstackas

Who Said?

Who said it was fun being on
The dole?
All those years doing nothing
Just sitting on my hole
Why didn’t I listen back in
All that’s left here for me is the sale of hash?
Struggling for cash.

Conor Corbett and Kevin Smith


Snow White

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Savouring every take like it’s your very last breath
These ladies sell their bodies for a hit of some meth
A lady of the night
Tryna make a buck, tryna raise a kid
Struts like never gave damn, but she always kinda did
The bangers at the “bonds” like to call her Snow White
After a line in the night she’ll do anything for a dime

Kevin O’Mahony


Soccer, it’s not for me,
Same thing with P.E.
Stand and watch for most of the class,
Always thinking this sucks.
I wait and wait for class to end
But the hands on the clock just don’t bend.
The class and some players I can’t stand,
So I’d rather not play and seem bland.

Ciarán McDermott


It was yesterday it began,
One lad with one can
Made us all think we were the gang,
Were back
There’s no more craic
The day has come
Waiting to see if we are dumb
Boys delighted with our outcome.

The year has started again,
JC results gone in the bin.
The year is a doss
But still have to obey the boss.
Enjoy the year while we have it
Cause 5th year will test our wit.

Killian O’ Donovan

Down the Yard

Down the yard,
Working hard,
Drowning silage,
Doing awful mileage,
I went spreading slurry,
In a hurry,
To make me cash.

Daniel O Sullivan and Sean Kelly


Fire in the class!
Man try to say he’s better
Tell my man shut down
All I want is noddy
Also named my dog Doddy
Look how many times
We lurked and got perks

Michael and Cathal