Colaiste Mhuire, Church St, Askeaton, Co. Limerick

All Her Life

All her life she had been surrounded by violence, depression and alcoholism.
She did not suffer from any of these herself,
But the people who surrounded her did.
They had no one to vent to, so they leaned on her.
She felt like she was carrying them on her back
She felt like she suffered from all these things
When really she did not.
She was strong and had her own opinion.
She knew right from wrong.
She knew how she wanted to live her life,
But they were holding her back.
The memories she had of her life haunted her every now and again,
Of what she witnessed.
But she looks over that now,
She is who she wants to be.

Alannah Russell

Live It

No imagination, or inspiration
Just pointless perspiration
Frustration at this obsolete system
Of education.
It’s all we have.
Pressure to push ourselves
To do better.
Press pause, fast-forward
Delete, eject.
Life is too short.
Make the most of it.
Live it.
Do not endure it.

Ben Seawright


Life these days is a massive competition
Everybody is on a mission
To look the same in every condition
Girls like to have the same composition
Boys don’t need permission
To get the opposition

Everybody is under pressure
You just need to be fresher
Just do what you pleasure
Whenever, where ever what so ever
Let’s just get together and all be an individual



Boys have no feelings
They want you to be revealing
They eat and sleep whilst you weep
And take advantage
When you’ve a few naggins in ya boy



This is why I love education,
But hate school.
Every scientist will tell you that no two brains are the same,
But yet every student is tested by the same means.
Although kids are only 30% our population,
They are 100% our future.
The school system not only brain washes kids,
It demolishes every bit of creativity that it is supposed to give.
It’s crazy how 6 letters can determine how smart a kid is,
Whether it’s an A, B or C
None of it really matters cause
All you need is creativity.

Adam Moroney


When I first met her I froze, she smells like a sweet rose,
But that’s when I knew, a feeling I could not undo but now everyone knows.

When she smiles I smile, when she laughs I laugh,
But when she is sad, she can do no bad, and we stop to talk for a while.

I like the way she talks, I love the way she walks,
When she flicks her hair, I can’t help but stop and stare because I know she’s all mine.

Colm Meany


If I am blue, then I hope that maybe you could be too.
I know I’m not that cool but I think that I could rule.
Maybe we could all rule.

Nobody thinks of the colours I think,
Even when I’m at the bathroom sink.
It might be grey to you, but to me I feel it’s blue.
Maybe in dreams I think, of bathroom sinks and friends who blink,
Do you think I have a purpose? It might seem worthless.
They say there’s no gain without pain but if I’m the one feeling the pain, then what gain do you gain?

I hear names but I feel in colour.
You don’t think about whether,
I feel the weather. Cause it’s blue. And you could be too.
If your heart beats in red, but I don’t see that in my head. Then maybe that’s ok.
Cause our colours are different. But when you go to think, and I’m at the bathroom sink.
It might be grey to you, but to me I feel its blue,
And that’s cool.

I’d still crawl through hell for you, even when all I did was fell for you,
Sometimes I feel like silence is the only device that will suffice to keep my mind and,
I would do anything for you all, if it meant that I would crawl through fire.
Even through the pain, the gain of your lives are much better,
I know our colours are different, and maybe you aren’t that considerate.
But our colours are different. Like the bathroom sink and you should think,
That it might be grey to you, but to me I feel it’s blue.
And that’s cool.

Ellen O Sullivan


There is so much pressure put on teens,
You have to do good but not too good.
You have to have loads of friends and act a certain way,
But if you act that way your fake and trying to be someone else.
You can’t be different cause that’s weird,
But you have to show off your talents.
You have pressure from school, students, home and society,
But adults don’t see anything wrong.
Is that not the worst part of it?
You can’t say anything cause you’re either,
Attention seeking or lazy- not prepared for the real world.
These are the problems teens go through,
These are the things we have to change.

Lorna Conway

What to Do

I’m tired but I don’t want to give up,
I’ve started something so I have to finish it,
But I’m doing too much,
Mam and Dad are giving out because they have to drive me everywhere,
But if I give up something I’m letting someone down
I’ll hurt people’s feelings and they’ll get annoyed with me,
But if I don’t give something up my body will give up,
Really I don’t even have the time to try and decide what to do
I’m too busy but I don’t know what to do.

Seranne Gallagher

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle twinkle giant star,
Up in cosmic you are so far,
You seem alone just, shining bright,
Giving us all your light.

The one you love is so far away,
The moon is her name,
In darkness she stays,
You show her your flame.

Trevor Ezenduka


School is like an asylum
Because they don’t seem to listen
It’s like an impossible mission
Overload us with information
Like mind-numbing medication
It’s like never ending circles
Perhaps it’s the beginning
Of lifetime of never ending circles.



All do is they complain
They complain that all kids are the same
When in fact we are all different in so many ways
We try and prove our point but they say go away…
You wouldn’t understand

They say all kids are immature
But yet elect people like Donald who will make the country poor
If I lived in America he would be a disgrace to me.
I don’t want my country run by someone
Who was made on the Nintendo Wii

Adults are hypocrites for telling us to be more mature,
But then act like drunk teens at night but in the morning their pure?
“You are the reason the world is falling apart”, what did we do?
After all we’re about to go to war because of “adults” with bad hair do.

Chris Barrett


I don’t know how to start something like this
So here it goes.
I’m 15 years of age right now
I’m in TY and it’s been the most stressful time for me
With projects and the stress of finding a job
And to choose what kind of career path
I want to take in the future
All these questions that need to be answered
And I don’t know how to answer them
The most stressful day was the day of my Junior Cert results
I was shaking before I got the results
And when I got the results
I was happy with what I got
So I decided to go to a Junior Cert results party
And i got really drunk
And came home with a huge hickey on my neck
Which I didn’t hide enough
And had to go to work experience with it
And at school it didn’t fade for about a week and a half
But it was worth it cos I wasn’t stressed out all of that night


A Small Girl

She started school a small girl with blond hair and blue eyes,
Who was terrified of change and Halloween made her cry.
As the time went on so did the tears,
Not from Halloween but from fear.
She cried herself to sleep at night for several years,
Still has those nightmares still has those dreams,
Hoping one day they’ll all disappear,
And forget those fears and wipe up those tears.

Muireann Donovan


Life in school is not all easy
Some of the subjects are hard but some are easy
We do sports as a way to express our abilities
But we are all smart in different ways
We all do things hundreds of different ways
But anyways what I’m trying to say is
We might be called lazy but in the end of the day
Lets just say we are individuals

Denise Moran

In Life

In life, the only thing you are in control of, is yourself
In life, you control your actions and your words
But you can’t control everything in life
You can’t always control who comes into your life
Some come in for the better, some for the worse
But the one thing you can control in that situation
Is which window you throw them out of

Aaron Thompson

A Kid

Kid from Nigeria aborted at 16
He can’t live his life with his low self-esteem
Has no money to put in pockets of his jeans
And he can’t even afford his new Nikes
The only job he can get is working on a farm
So he works for money and to keep his kids outa harm
He was gonna do away with himself and gonna use a knife
But he then remembered everyone has a tough life

Adam Nash


School full of teachers
Bag full of books
Head full of garbage it’s never any use
We write exams only to fail

Aishling O Carroll

What a Sight

13th of September I can still remember.
3 months waiting for this one night
Mother said I couldn’t go,
But i wasn’t giving up without a fight.
9 pm we were at our height,
Just waiting for the queue to get quiet.
Entered inferno and it wasn’t very quiet.
Fight to your left fight to your right
Oh what a sight.


A Lot of Fun

We just had this really cool talk
He’s really funny
And makes a lot of sense
He made lots of connections
And was lots of fun
He was really interesting
And talked about topical stuff
I would highly recommend this talk

Robyn O’Neill

Not a Poet

I am not a poet
I don’t want to show
I am going to blow it
I cannot stay focused
This is as hard at wood on a locust
I have no idea what I am doing at the moment
When I put soap in the bath it starts foaming


What to Write

I don’t know what to write about
But I’m going to write about it anyway
So here I sit at this computer
On this Thursday
With absolutely no idea
Where this is going
Maybe this can be the story of Maria
Anyway this is going somewhere
The destination is still unknown
It’s all up in the air
And there it shall stay
Because we’ve run out of time

Caoimhe Dolan

Royal Guards

Royal Guards are red
The Jedi tell lies
Have you ever heard the tragedy
Of Darth Plageuis the wise?

Patrick O’Sullivan

Trying to get Out

Trying to get out of the school
Some lads always acting the tool
Lads always getting suspended
Next thing they knew they were getting blended
People always giving them stick
Cause maybe there just not as slick
Then they get home to get another earful of pain
Can nearly here the scream of pain from there brain
They run out the door
To avoid being head sore

Eddie Murphy

The Weekend

My friend turned 16 at the weekend
We had a laugh and drank till we couldn’t stand
We danced and we sang with all our might
Until we laid down we were out for the night
The next mornin i woke my mam was outside
She was waiting in the car with my sister by her side
I got in the car with my eyes all bloodshot and glossy
Cheers to the weekend hanging with my possy

Bethan Tucker

What I Hate

School: what I hate about it?
I hate the way the teachers are strict.
There’s too much writing it’s too much effort.
Some of them can’t take a joke.
It’s like prison.
The takes so long to by.
Getting in trouble for such little things.
Overload us with information.
Most of we don’t need.

Eli O’Connell


The more you grow up the smaller you feel



Bag of cans with the lads,
On Saturday was had
I slipped in cider
But ended up wiser.
With a bruise on my knee
My mother was nay happy
When she arrived home a little bit early.

Eva Bourke

Rhyme or Reason

I can’t rhyme
I`m not a poet
I don`t have the time
To make a poem and show it

Inferno tomorrow
I’m buzzing
To go clubbing

Chloe O’Leary


I do not like school
They are filled with fools
Teachers are cruel
And the food is gruel
Id love to walk out
Take a deep breath and shout
I hate school

Shawn Offor