St Brigid’s College, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

My Demons Lie

My demons lie
In-between my heart and head.
In the winter’s morning dread.
When sadness creeps upon the world
And whispers are out to get me.
Taboos and scars tattoo the stars,
Tell these endless tales behind these bars.
Exhale. Inhale.

Erin Marsh


This is where I learn, where I dream
While teenagers moan of their imperfections and flaws
While I’m still dreaming of the food that lie in my fridge
And the potential flavours that it could give.
This is where society labels and puts a blame on race and beliefs
And thinks the worst of anyone with an opinion
While all they’re trying to do is change the world.
This is where electricity and technology take over our minds
And lives and we forget to take a breath and smell the fresh air
And look at the beauty mother nature gifted us
But instead we need to keep up with other people’s lives
But we forget to appreciate the one we were given.
During earthquakes we worry about the power going off
Not about keeping warm or saving food,
No we worry about having no internet or not watching TV for a day.

Katie Gander

In Forests

In forests
My mind comes to rest
Wandering in the sylvan depths
The song of swallows in my head
The silver birches, the riverbed
Sun rays spellbound on the water
This is my story
And I am the author

Selma Hoffmann


Waves roll slowly over the silent beach
Reflection of the sun in her eyes orange peach
Birds rise to serenade the cloudy sky
A red rose grows
Another dies

I cannot escape from these chains
Every second, one new thought
Sometimes I want to make it stop
To cut out my darkest fears
A little branch of hope appears
It keeps me alive and drags me down
To where flowers are blooming on the ground

Clara Crohns

The World Spun

The world spun on its axis a little bit faster
Spellbound in space by a celestial master

The choirs of birds sang a little bit louder
Her full pouting lips like dark chocolate powder

His confidence emboldened, he grew a little bit greater
A hero transformed from a lowly paid waiter

Swans spread their wings and launched into flight
Irremovable lips and the shadows of night

The next morning, the dawn shone a little bit brighter
And in that moment he knew that he liked her.

Shauna Kealy


Isn’t it weird how you can be breathing one minute and not the next,
How it can just stop.
You never know when you last breath is going to be,
It could happen any minute.
How you use your last breath, that’s what’s weird,
Do you use it to say goodbye?
Do you use it to laugh or cry?
But then again you may not know it’s your last breath,
You may use it wrongly, then what?
You can’t get it back.
There’s no replay or restart button,
No rewind or pause.
Be careful how you use your breath,
Who knows when it will be your last.

Niamh Bambrick

A Place

It’s a place I’ve felt at home in since I was young.
A magical world,
A chestnut tree, with a seat carved into it by a god,
Fit for a queen.
An old wooden swing set,
Falling apart now,
Tacked together with rusty childhood memories.
It connects to the farm, and my granny’s house,
My safe place, from the troubles I thought I had at home.
My dogs would follow me in and out,
Lead the way, when it was dark.
When the shadows of trees grew large around me.
When the wolves growled in my head.
A path lead the way from field to field.
Always felt more special than just a stone path,
It was my yellow brick road,
I was Dorothy.

Katie Dunne

No One is Like Me

I became me in this place
Where everyone is, but no one is like me.
Everyone has a face but not like me.
Everyone has a smile but not like me.
Everyone has dreams but not like me.
Everyone one has a song, a scar, a story
But not like me.
No one is like me.

Emily Hughes


A man realised he needed flowers for his girlfriend.
Who was close to her end.
A woman realised she needed to apologise to her ex.
But it would not be meaningful over text
Elderly couples remembered their young adventures.
They hope there will be no more hospital misadventures
A person on their own get the confidence to tell their crush how they feel.
She feels the same she’s so excited she could do a cartwheel
A toddler giggles and falls over her own feet.
She hit cold hard concrete
A young couple sees an elderly couple and can’t wait till they grow old together.
While their skin is soft and clear soon it will be wrinkled and hair as white as a goose feather
And one man standing alone wished his wife was still in the world.
And the wind tossed and turned and uncurled

A girl hero who would’ve thought
The young maiden bowed her head.
The old witch threw back her head,
As she cast a spell too last a century.
The maiden cried with tears aplenty.
The maiden, rose stopped crying at once
She cried I will not die a dunce
Rose clambered to her feet,
And by god the witch was beat.
The witch was enraged and snarled with hate
‘I’ll get you pretty just you wait’
The witch disappeared and in rushed a prince
The girl didn’t need him she’s been a hero ever since.

Abby Keane


This is where I saw your sad, lonely eyes for the first time,
And in that unfolding second, they were all mine.
In a heartbeat I fell in love with them,
And since that day you’re all I dreamt.
I couldn’t stop listening to the sound of your voice,
You were different to all the other boys.
I thought of things that could never happen,
I spent all my time trying to imagine.
Then I found out you were no longer here,
Fate had interfered, you disappeared, my worst fear.

Niamh Bambrick

Three Simple Rules

The world cries
For those that are gone
For those that lie
And for those that sin

We can’t change their minds
But we can change ours
There are there simple rules
Be kind, be kind, and be kind

Kindness is the key
To end all poverty
To end all war
To end all mockery

That’s all we can do
I really hope this comes true

Sara Gleeson



He pushed her body against the wall,
Cracking bones down her spine.

Latching his hands around her fragile neck,
Making her scream and screech and whine.

The dark night sky filled with whispering stars
His love was the shadow that crept behind bars.

Louise Lawlor

In the Woods

Stuck in the woods
In the middle of the night
My shadows there to give me a fright

The angels leading me towards the lake
Millions of routes I can take
Little whispers in my ear
I feel something lurking near.

They tell me to go
As I walk slow
I think I am alone
Until I get a shiver up my backbone

The crystal water is in view
Surrounded by all the dew
I look into the lake
And see my reflection suddenly awake

I stare down at the figure
Whose fingers start to linger
Her hands emerge from the water
Dragging me down under

I can remember nothing else
Not even my old self
Blackness and darkness is all I see
Blackness and darkness is all I see

Aoibhe Mac Domhnaill

The Final Curtain

The moment ended, their story began
Oh the sweet the boy, who darkly sang
So little time brought so much fun
But still he looked between her and a gun
Screaming siren, flickering light
The boy of shadows hides from night
‘I love you’ she said, the boy just stared
His broken heart couldn’t believe she cared
He lived a whole life like an unsung song
Disaster struck, his wife was gone
Death came to claim them, now they rest
A bloodied knife struck in his chest
He falls to shadow and ends it all
In death he hears his lady call

Emily Keane

The Creative Struggle

“Write a poem, about anything, no rules just write”,
How could this exercise be anything except black and white?
I tried my best,
As if it were a test,
But I still couldn’t get it to rhyme,
It was frazzling my mind.
Running out of time
The others dazzling, about to shine.

Everything seemed crazy or clueless or “cringy”
Everything always was, slowly I was backed into a corner of my mind,
Dark and dull and dingy,
No difference, no dreams, no creativity.

Until at last any comment passed
To the side – it’s cast, surpassed, so fast
And nothing is good,
Nothing is respected,
Nothing is accepted.

So now I have everything to say
But nothing to write,
Cringy right?
Just like everything I like.

Fern Kealy

Head in a Cage

This is where I knew it was time for a change,
When the thoughts in my head were getting too strange.
This is where I wanted live really free,
This is where I wanted to live in glee.
This is where I decided that nothing can bring me down,
Not one negative word or a single frown.
This is where I finally took the chance,
This is where I stopped living like in trance.
This is where I made the decision the finally cease,
And take the step to find my inner peace.

Flora Bauer

Love so Strong

As they kissed snow started to fall
In the morning they heard the birds call
As they kissed angels started to sing
Then the man gave the women an engagement ring
He then placed her under his wing
When they were both nice and warm
Slowly started to come was a snowstorm
But their love so strong was just like a land form

Emma Holland


This is where we talked for hours,
Over the tablecloth of bright coloured flowers.
This is where my love of tea began,
The third pot was never the plan.
This is where I learned to bake,
But I could never compete when it came to sponge cake.
This is where your stubbornness became mine,
You always said it was in our bloodline.
They say you can’t be a saint until you are gone,
This is where my granny proved them wrong.

Grace Hogan

This is Where

This is where
I can’t begin to bear
The love I had for you
If ever gods gifts was true
The amount of pain
Whenever I would refrain
If I could I would go back
And never return to the pitch black
Finally get you out of my life forever
And then I can be safe and not have to surrender
I was never able to be a defender
You were always the clever one
Today is the day that I won

Shannon Bush

Love Enclosed

Their cheeks started flushing a bright colour crimson
Love enclosed and wrapped them, with a bow as soft as ribbon
All destructive world conflict came to a peaceful end
Could love be the new next trend?
Time graciously stopped for a mere 10 seconds
The world almost felt like heaven
Sparks ignite through the bones of the two people.
Cupid’s arrow hit through them like a needle.
Cold hearts around started to melt
Love is what the couple felt.

Erin Marsh


New Life

As they kissed
The moon was shining
White birds were flying
And a love was starting

As they kissed
They felt like angels
Flying back to the sky
After saving another life

As they kissed
The world stopped
And nothing cared more
Than the both of them starting a new love.

As they kissed
They realised it was only the start
The start of a new love,
The start of a new life.

Sara Geara


Angles are forgotten,
They seem to disappear,
All that’s left is demons,
Screaming in your head,
You cry yourself to sleep,
How long can this keep going?
Darkness all around you,
Darkness in your head,
People keep on judging,
Make you fake your smiles,

If you think you’re all alone,
Why don’t you open up your eyes?
Someone stands beside you,
Shining light on your life
So, please don’t cry,
Because there’s no reason why.

Guste Jakubauskaite

My Happy Place

My happy place
It puts a smile on my face
I go to relax
And listen to the sound the rain
Makes as is smacks against the leaves
I feel the most secure
My love for this place is so pure
I can dance without anyone watching
While I’m prancing among the trees
I hide away from all my problems
As a bird glides through the sky

Michelle Mahony and Amanda Morris

They Kissed

As they kissed…
The sun was setting behind them
They didn’t bear in mind that
People could see them from the side,
The birds were singing
Everything was such a blur
It started to rain gently
As they parted from each other
The cloud begun to cover the sun
She felt like he was the only one

Shannon Bush

Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf roams the Earth,
The world was all she was worth.
Winter wolf roams the night,
All the courage in the Earth to fight.

Winter Wolfs howl broke the Nights silence,
The full moon was her guidance.
Winter Wolf was Alpha of each pack,
Because she strengthens the attack.

Winter Wolf did not stay in one pack long,
That is why she is long gone,
You see, Winter Wolf was what the villagers hated,
“She’s too powerful, we must kill her”, they stated.

They done what they said,
Now she is long dead,
But what pricks up the villagers’ hair,
Is that Winter Wolf still roams the Air.

“You shed my blood, now you must pay
You must let me leave your bodies to decay”
They begged for mercy, but they got none,
And in Winter Wolfs opinion, this was quite fun.

Winter Wolf still roams the night,
She still has the courage to fight,
What pricks up the Villagers ancestors’ hair?
Is that Winter Wolf will forever roam the air.

Winter wolf is dead but alive,
You will see soon.
You see, Winter Wolf is dead but alive,
Because Winter Wolf is the full moon.

Tara Brennan

This is Where

This is where,
Success is born…
An idea formed
A child runs free…
Lost to a degree
Memories fuse…
An endless muse
But nightmares roam…
Stealing my home,
My mind is dangerous…
My demons cancerous
My mind is wild…
But all in all, I don’t recall.
My mind receives,
A port of call.


Outstretched Petals

A flower turned its outstretched petals towards the setting sun,
As they touched two hearts became one
Children laughed and played
Couples were dancing gracefully on the street
A baby bird took its first flight
The sun set and day became night

Jessica Ryan and Nicola Morris

This is Where

This is where
I want to be
Where I found myself
Looking for Guelph

This is where
You won me
And where you lose me
But now you know
Where to find me

Raquel Acevedo

They Kissed

As they kissed,
A bird took flight…
Flying faster catching height
A web was spun…
Not close to done
A lake was frozen…
Each particle chosen
A flower blossomed…
Nature cautioned
A planet formed…
A beginning stormed

Ciara Murphy


This is where
Every street is crowded with people I know
But now I’m stuck in the afterglow.
We went up to the vineyard to get away
And in school we sat on the floor in the hallway.
I always want to come back here but never be
Never be because we’re never free
I waited at the airport in the early blue morning
The plane took off without any warning

Vita Duit


The ash of falling souls.
The wreckage around.
Love growing like a beautiful rose,
Breaking through the ground.
Love, no one thought it could make it.
But it was stronger and represented
Hope in a dark world
Where people had more pain then love.
Their embrace melts the ice in people’s hearts.
A stronger force then pain.
Pain now a weak force that clung tightly to everything shrivelled up
Overpowered by love

Samantha Morris


I was eleven years old when my dog Rollie died
He lived to the age 15, I never understood how
This could be, it was really all of a sudden.
I remember the day I just came home from school
And there he was lying down,
He looked so cold, so fragile, so in pain.
Dad had just come home from town,
Mam an I were on our knees,
Trying to keep him warm.
It was too late
He was gone

Sara Gleeson

A Moment

The first shimmer of light sparked in the sky
It felt like the angel of love had come by
Like the oceans could never keep them apart
Two stars collided like two broken hearts
The bud of this romance was beginning to bloom
The flowers of love will be blossoming soon

Holly Carroll


Birds chirped happily
Hearts beat fast
A baby laughed
Spellbound by a weird witch craft
Dolphins jumped gracefully out of the water
Dolphins breached the glittering water
The sun lit up the whole sky
The people danced joyfully on the streets
The dancing streets all sons and daughters

Amanda Morris and Michelle Mahony


This I where…
With a boom the scales fell off her eyes
And the last years flew around her like butterflies
She realized now that the world actually glows
Suddenly the world bloomed like a pretty rose
Her family around her felt like the best thing in the world
In the bright light a strong band was burled
The glory she searched for so long was in front of her eyes
And in this moment, she was truly wise
In the small cottage she realized this was home

The Change
As they kissed something changed,
The earth quaked and their reality ranged.
The soft drops of the warm evening rain fell on their faces.
An angel came and blurred their traces.
The sun set and the whole world became orange and red,
The whole world disappeared into the sunset.
The soft grass under their feet disappeared and they began to fly.
Their minds stopped thinking and their souls floated to the sky.
But then quiet footsteps appeared and loud cheer sounded.
The dream was over but their bond was founded.

Annika Carina Hausch

Secondary School

Some people think Secondary School is easy,
And for the rest of us, it’s not as breezy.
And at some point all of us may get bullied,
Or get stuck in trouble that wasn’t our fault.
Because in a school full of girls, drama just seems to follow,
There snide mean comments make us feel hollow.
But it’s not all like that, just take for example,
At home in my bedroom that I share,
When my older sister comes into the room at night
And she wakes me up, I get so annoyed.
In the morning,
When I’m still snoring, she turns on the light and I’m like to turn it off,
This happens almost all the time.
Secondary School was a big change for me I have a whole new routine.
I have new friends and loads more classes.
It was really hard the start of the year, but listen to me it does get easier.
Because life is hard but it’s mostly its easy.

Aoife Power


This is where…
All the different colours are
And it usually feels so far
You can smell the different aromas
You can buy one in Oklahoma
You just crave it all day
But you’ve had a delay
And when you open the door it’s so bright
And you have so much delight
Because this is where happiness lies
When you put your eyes on your fridge

Lucy White

Ghostly Presence

I was walking down a dark alley way,
When I saw the reflection of someone’s face,
I looked behind me not sure if I should,
And there nobody stood,
Which made me feel uneasy,
In my stomach I felt queasy,
I knew someone was watching me,
The ghost of you no one can see.

Elle O’Connell


This is where people in this world are told how to look and how to feel
But I want to be unique and I want to make a deal.
This is where when you wake up in the morning
And look at yourself in the mirror you worry
About how you look and not how you feel.
This is where people get bullied by people,
Who they might never have met,
But all these people do is hide and judge from the shadows.

Tara Hayes

Monsters Roam

This is where the night creatures howl, the day creatures sing.
And the monsters roam, not visible to the naked eye.
Some may say you can find them within our high school, but I see them…
Big, small, black, white.
They all have secrets, we all have secrets. I have secrets.
In the fine forests with large, looming trees, they lurk, hidden,
You don’t know when they’ll strike, or if they will.
You’re lucky if they don’t.

Amy Doyle

The Kissed

As they kissed …
The enchanted spell,
That she received in an underground cell,
Was visually removed from the girl’s heart,
Like a dart, straight and pointed towards the sky,
The sky was the bull’s eye, the only target that was set,
The girl with her long golden hair shone brightly like a sunset,
She was washed down with a warm sweat, she was Juliet,
With that, her Romeo stepped back and stared at her,
Scared, unprepared and visually impaired,
Fell down and the hot air became him.

This is where I tell the truth,
Like a baby tooth at some point it must come out,
It’s like income for the one whom I share it with,
Sometimes it’s like a granny smith apple,
Sour and hard to digest but real,
It eventually will find a heal,
But accidentally it could turn into steel,
Forever cold, gone and sealed.

Dariya Hristova

The Last Stand

Streets are left empty, buildings abandoned
People crying with loss of hope, death is everywhere
Bombs fall like rain drops, explosions fill the air
Soldiers in plenty stand hand in hand
They struggle to cope, as the end is near
This is humanity’s last stand

Hazel Murray

A Moment Shared

Everything around them stopped, everyone existing in the world disappeared.
Shooting stars lit up the sky and bright lights focused on the pair.
They felt feelings like never before. He was hers, she was his.
This moment was short, but their love lasted forever.
Everything around them started again, everyone that existed had returned.
The shooting stars flew away and bright lights faded.
Although this moment meant little to the world, had little impact
This moment shared meant the whole world to them, changing lives forever

Leah Murray


They call you names, try make you scared,
Embarrass you, but worse of all you believe them.
They may blackmail you or gang up on you
Either because you’re smart, shy or even they’re jealous.
They think it’s cool even though it aint.
You are left without anybody because everyone is scared of them.
You are probably not the first so don’t worry either
You’re not on your own.
You may be afraid to open up too,
But open up quick because if u coward they will stay at you.
They just think it’s cool even though it aint.

Nicole Lyons

As They Kissed

As they kissed
And held hands
They realised that
It was only the start

As they felt
And breathed
They realised that
There was a new deal

As they lived
And enjoyed
They realised that
It was a good choice

Jazmi Afonso

The Big Change

We went from being big to being small
BUT…. That’s not all
Waking up too early
Coming back too late
Seriously I have way too much on my plate
Everything is new what will I do?
I have so much homework
I need to get done
I never have anytime for fun
Always in a rush too scared to miss the bus
Change is good
But it will take time
Just like this rhyme

Orlaith O’Shea, Victoria O’Brien and Anna Comerford

Always Near

When were angry were very cranky
But just start writing it’s not worth fighting
You may get stuck but you gotta suck it up
Don’t be lousy and look drowsy
Just be nice and think twice
You’ll never be lonely cause you’re very holy
You gotta look up and step up
We’re here for you we will lend you an ear
Don’t be afraid to call cause we’re always near

Sarah Cullen


Each new morning, braver brighter
Every rose smelled sweeter
Each breath of air, much fresher, lighter
His heart was not a cheater.
Lips touched lightly in the dark
Stars lit up the sky
Love’s adventure they embark
To be each other’s keeper.
He swept her off her dancing feet
And turned my world upside down
His love so bitter and so sweet
And he turned my whole life around
I knew he was the perfect fiancée.
Thinking of you keeps me awake
Dreaming of you keeps me asleep
Being with you keeps me alive
I know I want to grow old with you…
Because you are the love of my life.

Clodagh Lynch

Heart Beats

His heart beats fast, expands and bursts,
They jump right in to love, head first
He realised just now it is more than lust.
He took her hand, her heart, her trust.
Into his arms she fell again,
Her prince, a giant amongst men
Using all his strength to be gentle,
His voice a song so sentimental
His lips so lightly touching hers
So deft the touch that love confers.
He wanted so much to be loved.
The moment blurred, the perfect drug
The kiss of a man who had waited years
For the moment that would vanquish his fears
The end of all his lonely pain
A chance that it would never come again.


I Still Miss Him

When I was 8 years old
My favourite person died
He brought me presents
He helped me along the way
He was my godfather
He had cancer
He got married
And had a child
My mam and dad helped me
Along the way
I am better now
Thanks to my family
But I still miss him.

Anna Mahony

This is Where

This is where
I am and
I want to be.

This is where
I create a new world
A world to be free.

Jazmi Afonso

New Year

The New Year’s Eve countdown ended.
Some craft beer brewed and fermented.

Al Porter laughed and said, ‘Don’t these two look like a right pair!’
He runs his hand through her beautiful illustrious hair.

The sun rose above a snowy peaked mountain.
The cupids sang from out of the fountain.

The stars twinkled in a galaxy far, far away.
Turns out it was really a toupee.
A little child said, ‘ew mommy why is he eating her face?’


My Pet Bird

I have a pet bird who looks like a nerd
I went over to see and I banged my knee
The bird came flying down and looked
At my knee with a frown his feathers
Were all brown like he was wearing a

Noelle Dwyer

You’ll Float Too

Through the sewers I saw a man,
I screamed real loud but he stayed calm,
His arm reached out and grabbed me tight,
I screamed again out of fright,
He pulled me down to darkness and cold,
My nose was filled with the smell of rodents and mould,
He mumbled something which I presume,
He said ‘welcome’ as we entered a room,
They fear and fright inside me grew,
He said to me ‘you’ll float too’.

Rachel Power

Exam Week

It was the week of the exams
I was really nervous
I forgot to study
I had even ditched my buddie

I came into school
On the day with the tests
I sat on my chair
And decided to rest

A few minutes later
I heard the bell ring
It sounded through the hall
Ding ding ding

I suddenly got scared
I had to make a plan
I got out of my chair
And just ran

Past the doors
Past the rooms
Going 150 miles per hour
Vroom vroom

Just when I thought I had escaped
I heard the heels that make the ground shake
I turned around and just as I had guessed
There was the teacher holding my test

Alanah Einstein

Sun Kissed

As they kissed
The sun kissed the morning clouds
And warmed the city’s crowds
The wind gently blew through the trees
Making a soothing noise
As all the kids were out playing with their toys
The birds flew around singing there love song
As they stood in the middle of Hong-Kong
The sun started to set
Between man and women there were no threat
It started to rain lightly
As they were smiley

Jade O’Gorman


There was fireworks going off everywhere
Like at new years in Times Square
Everything stood still
Like the Christ redeemer looking down on Brazil
The sun faded away behind the sea
And the wind began to shake the tree
I felt my heart beating out of my chest
This feeling is the best
A shooting star flew across the sky
Then we went to get some Thai

Emer Dunphy

Through the Year

The building behind them blew up.
The woman all over the lad, throws up.
He wipes off her vomit with his own coat.
Then they both went off in a non-spacious boat.
They confessed their hate for each other.
And they died…

It is said that you can still hear
Their nagging at each other all through the year.

Heather O’Brien

I Love Maths

Maths is the best thing in the world
Maths is where you learn how to take away and add
Maths is where you learn how to count money
Maths is sometimes easy or hard
Maths is okay once you don’t get to much homework
Maths is okay once you have a calculator
Maths is okay when you have fun in it

Leanne Altamimi


Secondary school is such a pain
But if you don’t go you will not gain
You go into class and the teachers say
“No going to your locker during the day”!

Then you miss a day in school
And don’t do the work and look like a fool.
Then the teacher starts to give out
And scream and shout and jump about.

She sends you to the principal’s office straight away.
The principal asks “what you did that day?”
You tell her you were out a day and didn’t do the work.
And then the teacher started being a total jerk.

She goes to the teacher
And told her she was being a twit
The teacher says “Ok, I quit”!

The principal says “that’s fine, Ok, thank god I brought your sub today”.
The teacher walks out and gets hit with a stick.

Everyone is happy the teacher is gone.
They started to sing a joyful song.

At the end of the day, I have to say,
That Secondary School, is actually OK!!

Rachel Grogan

The Stars

The stars shone a little brighter,
She said to me dya have a lighter,
I said no, it’s in my cape,
Which I left at home cos I prefer to vape

Rachel Power

Thank You

Pen a mind
Touches a heart
Shapes the future
Thank you
Teachers are OK in the end


What I Had

I had a dog
Who thought he was a log
I had a cat
Who got hit by a bat
I had a pig
Who was very big
I had a horse
Who ate hay of course
I had a penguin
Who had no homework to hand in
I had a dolphin
Who had the heart to sin
I had a lion
He thought he was flying
I had a sloth
Who thought he was a moth
I had a giraffe who was as tall as a staff
I had an otter
Who was so much hotter
I had a platypus
Who was such a wuss
I had a whale
Who was very pale

Kelly Hosey


Maths isn’t the best
French isn’t the worst
School is the best
But I forget the rest
English is the worst
History is the best
School is the best
I can’t remember the rest
Art is amazing
Business is bad
But the I seriously
Can’t remember the rest

Anna Homan

I can Learn

Secondary School is such a pain
I swear there is nothing to gain
Wait! I can learn info from a book
And even how to draw and cook

People who doss school
Only do it to seem cool
I think you should go to class
There is even a chance you will have a blast

Learning can sometimes be fun
But so can playing in the sun
I think I’ll go anyway
And try not miss a single day

Sometimes a teacher will shout at you
Even for something you didn’t do
Then you might get in trouble
And your homework. It will be double

Leah Ryan Burke


Roy Mccoy is a boy,
Who is full of joy,
He lives on a farm,
And does no harm

He is a charmer and,
Wears chain Armour
He is the baby farmer,
No complainer,
But the entertainer.

Nathania and Emer