Lusk Community College, Raheny Lane, Rathmore Road, Lusk, Co. Dublin.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones, sticks and stones.
A simple phrase, played back on a tape recorder in my mind.
Sticks and stones, sticks and stones.
They don’t mean it,
It’s not true.
I seem so fixated on a voice calling out a slur or words,
Telling me I’m not enough.
Sticks and stones, sticks and stones.
Words that choke me,
They flood my lungs and set them on fire.
I try to breathe, but the flames consume me,
I become the burning embers of my former self.
I fall.
A hand reaches out,
I’m breathing.
He silences the voice,
Fills my mind with his words.
He puts me back together again.

Julia Pilarz

A Logo

Those vans it all started with those vans,
My mam decided to buy them.
Counting every penny in her purse just to purchase them,
So I didn’t feel different to follow a trend.
A trend inspired by our generation people,
Afraid to be different hiding in the shadows.
Trends which make people afraid to show their true colours,
People getting mocked for wearing Pennys’ best shoes or TK Max.
You have to have a logo, if you want to be cool, don’t you.
A logo nowadays isn’t the companies brand, it’s what defines us.
Getting judged a logo that makes you who you are.
I don’t want to be a logo anymore,
I want to be me.

Scott Wilde O’Flaherty

Stupid Times

I am stressed, that’s it.
I’m stressed about school, about what people think of me,
About assessments due, about my family,
And about 100 different things that I’m not bothered to name,
And the reason I’m stressed is because everything is not like it was
5 years ago and things aren’t always what they seem.
But I can’t always look on the stressful side of things
Because where’s the fun it that?

Amy McDermott

Girls and Boys

Girls are called tramps
But boys are called champs

Girls get the blame
While the boys get the fame

Girls feel depressed
While boys are obsessed

Girls are told to cover up
But boys are told to shut up

Girls are sick of it
Boys are happy once they get their bit

Katie Taylor Walsh


They are disrespectful, neglectful, inconsiderate morons.
They need to be more caring, bearing in mind that they have mothers.
They are reckless with our hearts as if we are useless tissue parts.
But at the end of the day, don’t push them away.
Understand that they might need a hand in becoming a better version of themselves.

Alexia Palata and Jade Smith

It’ll be Okay

Screaming, crying, tears on the ground.
Shouting from downstairs, how I hate that sound.
Shattering glass, the slamming of the door,
I see my mam sobbing on the kitchen floor.
I coax her up and onto the couch,
Shaking and whimpering in her rounded crouch.
I give her a hug, tell her it’ll all be okay,
One day we’ll pack up and we’ll get away.

Amy Clarke


Rough Life

Nothing in life ever goes as planned
But somethings in life are better than what you had
For once in my life I think I am happy
But depression is not at all fine and dandy
I’m still hurt by things said or done
But you move on but never run
Cause somethings in life never go your way
But around the corner is something to make you stay.



Depression ain’t an obsession
People who deal with have become a possession
Of Sadness deep Sadness
It can cause a lot badness in your life
Could affect you when you’re older with a kid an a wife
There’s a lot more to life than just being sad
Sometimes it feels like you just wanna throw a pear
At a wall it feels like you’ve been backed into a wall
Just getting ready to fall into deeper and deeper
You start to feel weaker and weaker till you wanna go
Depression, depression
How can the sadness get any deeper

Eoghan O’Neill

Too Quick to Judge

I feel like people are too quick to judge
Instead of given them a little nudge
Asking them if they’re alright
The real answer should be nah I’m of sick of all this shite
But they stay quiet
And they spend another night
Thinking about their messed up life
Nah this ain’t right

Jonathan Hogg

Pop Pop Pop

Pop pop pop goes the top of the bottle,
She popped it most days thinking little of it,
After all everyone else was doing it. Right?
This was the norm after all
But little did she know
That she had popped that bottle one too many times,
Her heart races, she begins to shiver and sweat,
She lay there feeling useless.
It was her last shudder that could be felt all around town,
Sure who would have thought that that popping could be the end of it all?

Heather Hennessy


I met a girl online and we chatted for long then after a few months she disappeared.
I found out a few days later that she went through depression and she died from it.
She didn’t mention anything about her depression
And I was heartbroken to hear that I lost a really good friend.
So now I help people that feel upset online
And I give them advice to help them get through it.
I have saved 3 people from suicide .

Kyle Mcnally

A Single Tear

As I laid down on cold hard bed,
I felt the cooling sensation through my veins.
I thought it was all going on in my head,
But really it was my reality.
My mam thought I could be dead,
But I came back with little fear,
After my mam saw my single tear.

Leah Walsh

Lost in a New Country

Smiling wide for last day of intermediate school picture
Arms around my happy friends and my brother by my side
Clueless about the dramatic change that was to come

Overseas and standing in front of a small school
Busy full of children reuniting with their friends
Alone with the exception of my brother by my side

Four years later here I am
Standing with my brother by my side
Along with six friends in my new home


We Live

We live in the a world of
Girls being called tramps
But boys being called champs

They say that I’m gay
Because I like ballet

They say I’m lesbian
I feel like a pedestrian

Walking away from the society we live in
Because every day I’m a walking anxiety

Nicole Hartford


On the 13th of September,
We received our Junior Cert results,
Some results were good, while others were bad,
Grades don’t define anyone’s life,
So why grieve over them?
Let’s just move to the future cause,
Knowledge is measured by wisdom not grades!

Katie Hartford

The Word

The one word.
It can change a lot.
Not being able to put your hand up or even walk out of class
Without feeling like everyone is watching.
Being afraid to walk ahead of people,
Because you’re afraid of being judged.
Asking for help and being told it’s a phase,
But it’s not really a phase.



I feel like parents put pressure on you from experience
Parents put lot of pressure on me to study for the Junior Cert
And I do not like having pressure put on me.
I feel like parent’s expectations are high.
I know they want the best for you
And for me I need a little less pressure.
It does lead to a great result,
If they do put pressure on you.
Some boys put pressure on you to do something that you don’t want to do,
Some girls can’t say no, so they go along with it.
Which is not what they want.
I think some girls can’t stand up for themselves,
So they let boys do whatever they want.

Eabha Kelly

Every Battle

Oh with every battle comes a tear
Oh how I wish I didn’t care
It’s a decease it’s an addiction
But it’s only just fiction
Buildings go higher walls go stronger
How… oh how much longer

It’s up to me to try and delete
But I want to upgrade a little bit
I hate this shit please let me be
I don’t want to remove any more trees
I am nothing more than a stupid fan
Just a lad who plays Clash of Clans

Henry Umenwa

Stuck in School

Stuck at school with all the fools
They talk and spit insults,
They keep on talking, prey they’re stalking
Looking for results.

Run home, Xbox on, better now, insults gone
On FIFA, looking for rares
Miss a shot, feel distraught
Make my way upstairs.

On my bed, wrecking my head,
Anxious to my core,
Phone rings, word stings
Phone gone out the door.

On my own, all alone,
Anxious anguish grows,
All alone with my thoughts,
Can’t get rid of those

Matthew Hennigan


Alarm, alarm, alarm,
Makes me wanna bite off my arm.
School, school, school,
Why can’t I just move to Blackpool?
Homework, homework, homework,
It makes me wanna explode like a firework.
Exams, exams, exams.
When will I ever stop drawing diagrams?
Last bell, last bell, last bell,
Left that school in a bombshell.

Cian Warren


Big legs,small legs
Maybe a daddy longlegs
No curves,to much curves
Filling me up with nerves
To much,not enough
Just, as rough as
Choclate on marshmallow fluff


Amber Peters