Presentation Secondary School, Dungarvan Rd, Greenan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

I am Me

I am me
Swimming in a black sea
Of pictures of a perfect world
Perfect women with hair all curled
With skinny bodies and long legs

I live in a world that covers up the bad with the good
Instead of learning of the hurt and the pain
All we see is the personal gain
Of the stars and the celebrities
That flash their money and their cars

I am me
And cannot comprehend
How these people have so much money
And choose to to keep if for themselves and not spend
It on the people who actually need it

I am me
But i am asking you to think
Think about someone other than you
Think about the people with no water to drink
No food to eat and are suffering at the hands of guns

I am me
And cannot make much of a difference
But I am asking you to try
Open your heart and you mind
And help the people who need help

Leah Clancy

Unwanted Encore

The sudden intensity of the screaming alarm
Disrupting a lucid fantasy and its precious charm
Forcing the beginning of a day, like yesterday and the day before
Jumper, shirt, skirt and tie, each day an unwanted encore.

The hours spent sitting in a classroom of bored students
Having to wait years to escape from the systematic nuisance
Arriving home each day to hours spent alone in a room until
It’s bedtime and tomorrow awaits, with a workload refill.

Then the sudden intensity of the screaming alarm,
Disrupting a lucid fantasy and its precious charm.


The Weight of the World

Slagging is a word that means more than it sounds
It’s the thud when your self-esteem hits the ground
I go home and look in the cracked-up mirror
But all the things that were said to me becomes clearer
So my reflection always seems to get older
And I walk with all the weight of the world on my shoulders
All the things that I loved inside slowly start to die
Courage is a word that is said again and again and anytime I find it
It slowly starts to fade away
As I turn to a love one to save the day
They smile back and say everything is OK

Sarah O Connor


Perfection, perfection,
It’s always expected.
But how can we compete
With Photoshop experts?
Magazines and media,
It’s all around us
We can’t ignore it.
Smooth skin and skinny limbs,
It’s all expected, but not realistic.
Pressure for perfection,
But it’s unreachable.


Culture Shock

Culture shock.
Does the phrase have the same effect if it’s at your home?
Being born in a country that doesn’t feel like your own.
Longing to leave,
But too anxious to flee.
“Why can’t I mix with people like me?”

Confused by traditions and old sayings, why?
Understanding another that’s not nearby.
Ashamed to admit,
That you can’t commit, to your own country’s vibe.
It’s hard to take pride
In a place so pushed aside,
When it comes to my own mind.

I wish I could dream of a life so close by,
But my only thing I want is to fly.


The Olympic Dream

5 years old
Watching the Olympics on TV
She was inspired by the athletes
And realised her dream.

As her childhood passed by
She let nothing hold her back,
With her friends in the playground
She spent her life on the track.

Her talent for athletics
Thrived as she trained.
The Olympic dream in her head
Still remained.

Through blood, sweat and tears
She never gave in.
No hurdle was too high for her
As she was always determined to win.

Finally the summer of the Olympics came
She was full of nerves and anticipation,
But then realised the support she had from her country
And was eager to fulfill their expectation.

Representing her country
She was first to cross the line.
With tears in her eyes at the top of the podium
This was her time to shine.

A gold medal surrounding her neck,
The crowd screaming her name too,
She remembered back to her 5 year old self
And smiled; her Olympic dream had come true.

Cailin Napier


What is Beauty?

What is the meaning of beauty?
Beauty is the pictures on the magazines.
Beauty is the skinny bodies, the long flowing hair.
Beauty is a lie.
What do I think the meaning of beauty is?
Beauty is your personality.
Beauty is courage,
Beauty is the ability to not give a s*** about what people think.
I like my version of beauty better.


Music Is

Music is my life line
My ups when times are down,
Music is my soul,
My prize gem on the crown,

Music is my heart,
A pulse with every beat,
Music is a stimulant,
A cause to move your feet.

Music is an escape,
From reality into a dream,
Music is a way of life,
Although sometimes too extreme.

Music can be anything,
Through tough times and the best,
It’s what you do with this gift,
That stands you out from the rest.

Julie Holland

Truly Free

They say that nobody is entirely perfect and this theory, I do respect,
Yet looking in at the life of another person, you can’t say that your attitude doesn’t worsen.
See on Instagram life seems to be like a movie, with mansions full of wealth and the odd Jacuzzi.
And how everyone compares themselves to each other.
That feeling of inferiority is like no other.
But this is how society seems with expectations beyond my wildest dreams.
Or could this all be in our heads, do we have any confidence? Not a shred.
And how hesitant we are to stand out, carefully made stereotypes is what it’s all about.
So is this how it is always going to be, or will we ever feel like we are truly free.

Anna Tobin


Success is not handed to you on a plate,
Victory requires hard work, effort and dedication.
Teams do not win with just individual players,
It takes a whole team to cross the finish line.
It is not always about winning,
You have to lose some to win some,
But when you do win you cherish that moment forever.
Success comes from your own effort,
So maybe it’s time to put in your effort
And for you to successfully get what you want,
Now is your time.

Katie O’Meara


Everyday it’s the same story,
Just the same old people hunting for glory,
But sometimes I stop and think,
Will this life be gone in just a blink?
It’s the things in life that make you wonder,
What keeps us all from going under?
But then I realise it’s the little things in life,
That keeps us going in this real-life.

Lauren Cooney

Teenage Girls

Every single teenage girl world wide
Must stick to rules and a strict guide
No drinking, no smoking, no failing at school
Must be popular, sporty, pretty and cool
Must have a good reputation
Have a boyfriend and be good at flirtation
Must be skinny, average height and have long straight hair
Be well spoken and to never swear
Your address and surname paints who you are
You must have two parents who are married and have a car
Poor teenagers have a lot to live up too
So don’t deny it you know it too.

Caitriona Rice


Teenagers go to the middle of nowhere to drink
Where their cheap naggins and own brand cans clink
Girls think they have to expose themselves to make them feel more attractive
Just to get to the male’s mind active,
Communities aren’t communities anymore
Because of how the people treat their facilities
And don’t want responsibilities
Children and teenagers are not safe anymore caused by peer pressure and society
But yet their expectations have great irony

Sophie O’Sullivan


Be quiet is all that’s ever yelled into my ear.
No one can know that you’re queer
Cause if they do they’ll wrap their hands around your throat
And feed you lies until you cannot breathe anymore.
It’s like the people who have died for our rights
Have just disappeared overnight.
Like Martha P. Johnson who died in 1992
You tell me I’m not just so it can comfort you
I’m LGBT and there’s no stopping me
Pride and proud for all eternity


“Social Smoking”

A room filled with toxic air,
Young girls choking, with no care?
The taste, the smell, the guilty thoughts,
Sure your drunk you say after 1 shot,
With each breath ruining your lungs and heart
Then again you were hooked from the start
All your money gone, you know your death is closer
But after all, you’re just a social smoker

Sarah Ni Cheallaigh


School has a lot of pressure,
I know there trying to make us fresher.
All these exams,
Were gonna need more hands.
Teachers trying to make us neater,
But were not very eager.
Homework every evening,
We would prefer to be cleaning.
Parents with their expectations,
Destroying generations.



Look around you and what do you see?
Magazines with models, your idea of beauty.
You don’t look like them, so you try and change.
Why aren’t you smiling? It all seems so strange.

But please remember this if you ever feel confused
As to why you don’t look like them models that are nude
Flowers are beautiful and so is the sky
And they both look different, they are nothing alike

Saoirse Ryan

Head Down

We are told life is tough
Our problems don’t matter its only school stuff
All the exams will be over in a couple of years
These worries and meltdowns, the stress and the tears.

Put you’re heads down and it will soon be over
Suffer it now so you won’t when you’re older
So turn on the hard the work and turn things around
Take your hands out your pockets, your eyes off the ground.

If you do the work now it won’t be too late
To be stuck for a lifetime in a job that you hate

Bebhinn Nolan


Sometimes we just get unlucky,
Sometimes life just lets us down,
We find ourselves in a dilemma, a tricky situation, an overwhelming problem,
We fall off the edge into the deep cold water,
And we are trying desperately not to drown.

I personally like maths,
The problem solving is straight forward,
There is generally one solution, one right answer,
Numbers have no emotions, they’re not like words,

But this problem solving is different as you have no clue what to do,
You’re under pressure and time is running out,
You have to think quickly but your brain has disappeared,
You cannot solve this problem by yourself which is why you hear yourself shout.

You hope that help is coming,
Help is what you need,
The emergency services have arrived because you are struggling to breath.

You wake up safe and dry and you suddenly realise,
Surrounding you are 20 friendly familiar eyes.
Your friends and family would never let you down.


Prized Possession

She was once a normal child,
When someone close to her suddenly died.
She became troubled and depressed,
The only answer was suicide.
Her mam helped her through it all,
But it was thrown back in her face.
When drinking and smoking was cool,
And school was a s*** place.
Every weekend was the same,
She came home late drunk,
Her sister terrified,
Her mother’s heart sunk.
She got older and copped on,
But still had depression,
She is thankful for her mother,
Who’s love is her most prized possession.



People are afraid of death,
They would rather take meth.
No matter what they buy,
The reaper will try
To take their soul.
Swallowing them whole.

Death will stalk,
People will squawk.
They have one foot in the grave,
And yet they’re not brave.

In the end everything is meaningless.
When our soul is leaving us.
Little will visit your grave.
No one you could save.
Everyone will die.
I got to say bye.

Shantel Barra


A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure
For friendship is a gift.

A friend is someone who fills our lives,
With beauty joy and grace.
A friend makes the world we live in,
An extremely better and happier place.

A friend is someone close to our heart,
And who dries away our tears.
A friend is someone that we can call on
And will be with us for many years.

A friend is someone that
We are all very lucky to say that we have.

Orla Galligan


Riding together
Me and my horse
As we run against the wind
All you can hear is the wind whispering
You and your horse in harmony
Galloping along the grass fields,
If you listen carefully you can hear his heartbeat
Feel his big breaths, as he takes one with each stride
You and your horse are one,
Feel his muscles moving underneath you
Feel the strength of your horse
You and your horse are free together
Nothing can bring you down at that moment in time



Teachers on your back,
Always giving me slack.
The best you can do is not enough,
But school work you hate can be tough.
I study every night, my results prove them wrong,
Little did they know, I’m very headstrong.



Sadness is like the lid separating you from the Nutella.
Sadness is all the missed laughs and jokes.
Sadness is not being able to enjoy your favourite thing.
Sadness is not even enjoying you favourite song.
Sadness is lonely



Boys are stupid,
Making all the girls feel excluded.
Making us look like fools,
And to make us feel better they buy us jewels.
They use us just to show off,
But in reality they are gone with a scoff.
One day they will appreciate us for who we are,
And stop liking us only at the bar.



Sitting in a class all day
Waiting for the bell to ring
Thinking about what to say
Still the bell didn’t ding

People in the corridors
Laughing and talking
People in the classroom
Sitting and listening

Teachers going on and on
Students sitting wanting to run
Sitting there writing down notes
Teachers standing saying boring quotes

The end of the day is near
Students can’t wait to let out a cheer
Teachers’ fingers twitching to log off
Students packing ready to take off

The day in small classrooms is finally over
Teachers take off in their big Range Rovers
Students sitting waiting for the bus
With nothing left to discuss


Relationship Poem

You say “I like rain”, but when it rains you go to into your room.
You say “I like flowers”, but you put flowers into the ground.
You say “I like sunshine”, but then you go behind the tree.
You say “I like you”, but you going to be alone without me.

Umama Shehzadi

Kinder Bueno

I love you.
I care for you.
I respect you.
I adore your delicate outer layer that crispy shell is to die for.
Don’t get me started with the centre.
That unforgettable smooth hazelnut goodness is irresistible in my mouth.
The sweet but light chocolate coating is the perfect use of modesty for you.
All of these wonderful creations together makes you for what you are.
Your shape is unique.
And all the other bars would be jealous of your popularity.
Your packaging is very well thought out,
The colours used are perfect for my eyes to glance at.
The sound that you make……… CRUNCH
It’s mesmerising.
What can I say Kinder Bueno,
You’re amazing.

Katie Glynn


School isn’t my whole life.
How do you know what I do with my night?
I come into school with my eyes barely open,
Staying up late to do your homework, barely coping.
I read out my work, you say it would barely scrape a C.
But when I look at my work my, the long hours is all I see.
Not everybody finds it so easy, I know I’ll never be Shakespeare,
Teachers need to understand I may be under more pressure than I appear.
It’s hard to get the balance between school and activity,
When you want to do what you love, but it interferes with school productivity.
I want to do what makes me happy and so I go to dance class,
But by the time I get home, it’s late and the evening has passed.
I have to stay up late again to avoid getting in trouble
It all makes me so tired, I wish I could have a double.

Caelainn McGrath


I am the one
Here I’m done.

It’s sunny, I’m funny
With lots of money.

I’m going to parties
With smarties.

I’m Spanish
I’m tannish.


The Good Old Days

As I walk to school each morning
And smell the freshly cut grass
And listen to the rustling of the leaves
I recall my country background
Driving tractors and playing on the hay
Milking cows and shearing sheep
I miss the good old days
No worries or cares
Take me back to all the memories

Amy Dempsey