St Colman’s College, Knock Rd, Castlegar, Claremorris, Co. Mayo



He closes his eyes,
And the inanimate walls fade away.
The soft sand greets him warmly,
The waves rush in, tickling his legs,
Eager for fun.
Not like the walls.

The singing birds chime a welcome,
Giddy with his return,
And the breeze whistles softly.
He strolls along the familiar tree line,
New-found liberty.

Unwillingly, he opens his eyes,
Finding no warm sand, or playful waves,
Or chirping birds, or whispering wind.
Only silent walls, slabs of grey emptiness.
If only his eyes could remain shut,
But no…
Blissful, ephemeral, his time
On the island.


Domhnall Roe




From the colour of your skin
To the brown of your eyes

The delicateness of your cheeks
To your nose you would resize

From your scarred skin that you hate
To the fashionable clothes that you wear

The happiness that you bring to me
And the shine of your hair

The way you make me laugh
And the way you spread your joy

The imagination that you hold
And the music that you enjoy

Between the ways you cheer me up
And your love of baby blue

Everything that you do for me
I love you






You went to work,
Your mask painted on,

A jolly grin, bright blue eyes,
You feel different inside,

The mask hides your true feelings,
Your true colours,

No one knows your sorrow,
Only your cheery hello, your forced grin

Your costume brings laughter,
Yet you feel only emptiness,

No one can see beyond the mask,
No one can even glimpse your true expression,

You try to free yourself of this cruel mask,
To escape the abyss of alone

And now you forget,
Forget you have it on


Domhnall Roe




Starry Eyed Love


Your eyes twinkle like stars of the sky
Against the misty black that I can’t deny
That I love, for one could not disprove
My strong and unbroken love I have for you

“Why do I?” is a question so blind
For no reason for my love can I reply
Is that how life shows its beauty? I cannot say….
But I see your eyes shining in the Milky Way

For little time we have spent and much more time to be of use
There is no person on Earth which I would rather choose
Then you, my love and I wish will always will be
For the stars are for eternity

But stars fizzle out and die
And I do not see the bright stars in your eyes
I wasn’t your first to choose
For I was the last of two.
The stars do not deceive
So your eyes cannot be stars to me.


Sean Macken




Why must we fall back in line?
We want freedom to do what we want
People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments
It’s the other way around.

Friend please, can you join me
To end this cycle of master and slave?

Why do we obey senselessly?
When freedom is all we seek?
Governments should fear their people
And that’s our first aim.

Friend please, don’t leave me
To do this on my own.

This will all be over soon
With a teaspoon of anarchism
And a pinch of terrorism!
Just stay with me for now.

This will be our future V for Vendetta!



16 Years Old


Write a poem about myself he said
But what goes through a 16 year old head?
What clothes I wear?
What girls I like?
What the hell happened on results night?
Could I have done better in the last match?
Should I have done that or should I have held back?
Mistakes are processed in my mind and replayed
Over a thousand times…
Why did I do it?
What did it achieve?
I know what people say
But what do they believe?
What do people think of me?
A 16-year-old’s mind is strange you see,
And I often wonder is it only me.
These thoughts I think,
These mistakes I make.
I just want to scream,
For torment’s sake.


Oisin O’Connor


Never Give Up


Abused and Bullied
Ignored and Bored
Depressed and Dejected
Hopeless and Oppressive
But then things turned around
Confident and Decisive
And all the people
Who used to say the things to my face
I would turn around and show them my 1st place


Eoin Prendergast



The Starter Whistle


My name is called.
I wait anxiously behind the lane.
I eye up my competition,
Quietly confident as i step onto the blocks.

My heart is pounding.
Thinking of every move.
My stroke needs to be perfect,
I am focused and ready.

The starters whistle sounds.


Michael McNamara


My Name


Hey my name is …
Hey I am …
Hey? Hello??
Is there anybody there, is this a dream?
Hello will somebody say something….PLEASE
Do you see me??
Nobody seems to care!!
What is wrong with me? Do I smell? What did I do wrong?
This is the worst feeling in the world …. I am alone.
Everyone is walking by like I was a tree or a rock or a box, something that was unresponsive
Maybe if i was hurt or dead would they pay attention?? OK let’s try that.
Nope that didn’t change anything… Now my life is over.
I was invisible I was


Seán Halligan


Pain Runs Deep


Deep as the bottomless pit
My life story is endless
Running everyday
Living every day
Same in same out
I live on a firing line between school and home
The pain hurts between friend’s fighting
And a depressed father
I strive when you are held back by something
Thick you don’t stop
Keep pushing
Keep going
Strive to the end
And you will survive
You fight for what is right
Your happiness
When you feel you are alone you are not
You live to survive
Pain runs deep like water into a drain
So don’t stop
Push that thing out of the way
And look behind and give him a sign
To remember we thrive
To fight live life to the fullest
Live it well




Being 16


Being 16 is not easy,
Balancing school and a social life.
Expected to work hard and study mad
And also to meet up with the lads.

Some day’s you’re feeling low
Bad days will come and go
In the end you’ll get around the bend
And it will be okay.




An October Day


Cold October day
Sky going grey
My mind starts to stray
From the thoughts of how much I weigh

I keep my running fast
Gasping for air I nearly passed
I kick the ball with a blast
I feel normal at last.






I slowly count down the days
To when i get to smell the freshly cut silage.
The gentle summer’s breeze swoops into the field
And carries this rare smell to under my nostrils.

When the smell hits me
I get goose bumps all down my arms
And it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand like icicles
I guess you could say it’s my rare addiction


John Sullivan




I went into the garage and had a look around,
The mechanic looked at me and I had a frown.
He asked me what was wrong and then I looked around,
“Me car just failed the NCT.”

He rolled her into the garage and gave the wheel a kick,
I gave him the sheet, “what’s the damage scan?”
The tires and the handbrake, it’ll cost ninety pound.
“Sure will ya have it done before tea?”


Mairtin O’Malley




I woke up one morning
I went to the kitchen
My breakfast was warming
And then I fed my chicken

My mother was just going to work
So that meant I had to go to school
I didn’t do yesterday’s homework
Which made me look cool




I Would Rather


I would rather to be in bed
Than being in school
But I have to go every hour
Of sunlight for every weekday
I am so tired of school
To wake me up from my slumber
You’d have hit me with a stool


Stephen Gannon


The King


Do you think I really started here?
A tiny bit old sixteen years clear.
But man I ain’t no Shakespeare.

Boy born from Manchester, boy better known.
One older brother man, I ain’t no clone.
Soaring so high man, I’m like a drone.
The camera caught me, my cover was blown.
Yeah man, I’m a king, I’ll sit on my throne.






School is the worst place on earth,
It is just not worth it.
The time, the care, the teachers, the subjects,
That all have effect on me,
For no apparent reason.
I’ve have to work my b***** off
Whilst in sick and I cough.
I try not to let it bother me,
Tell people I don’t care.


Noel Mellett




Chelsea are the best,
The Prem is no test,
With Hazard on the wing,
He has a ping.

Back of the net,
The defenders get a cold sweat,
They are the best team around,
Making every defence look like clowns.


Adam Browne



I am a boxer
A boxer who never gives up
A boxer who throws jabs and right hooks
A boxer who trains hard

Before my fights I stop and pray
When I get in the ring
I put my gum shield in
The bell rings
I go and tap his glove

The fight starts people scream my name
We both go for the knockout
Ref stops the fight and does a countdown to 10
He gets us 2 in the middle and tells us I win


Bogdan Gadek


What to Say


I would much rather be at home
But I’m stuck here writing this poem
I can’t come up with anything to say
And the sky outside is grey
So I can’t even go out and play
I will finish this now
So I can go milk the cow
And afterwards I will hit the buffet


Christian Hession


A Video Game


I once bought a video game
To take my brain off the shame
Of when I took the blame
Of giving my friend a rude name

The video game was really good
It was about a man in the hood
Who had a dog called Bud
And lived in a house made of wood

The man was not rich
And used to sleep in a ditch
With a really bad twitch
And sometimes it would glitch

But years later he bought a house
And inside was a dead mouse
So he dressed it with a blouse
And became friends with the mouse


James Burke




I like a bit of farming,
I’ve been at it all my life,
The best is the silage during the summer,
Then comes the slurry
Which makes me smell like shite.
It’s all to feed the cows that
Will be hungry next winter,
So that’s my tale I tell you,
And every word is true.


Evan Foy




Once upon a time
In a land not too far away
A young boy committed a crime
For this boy was a fan of Bombay

It was believed he was a model citizen
An open book only portraying innocence
But he was an alcoholic on the D/L
Trapped in a lonely alcoholic’s cell


Sean Heaney




My favourite sport is football
I’ve played it since I was small
I go down to the pitch everyday
And pretend I am Aidan O’Shea
I’d spend a couple of hours there
Without a care
I could forget about school
And how it’s so cruel
Until the very next day




Nando’s First Experience


Went to Nando’s
With my Granno
Ordered the chciken butterfly
It was in over supply
My total was 19.49

Put on Peri Perri extra hot
It felt like I got shot
I then became to feel distraught
Unlimited Refills, why not?

We then left Nando’s
And haven’t been back since


Joe Caraher




Jurgen Kloop,
Gonna take us to the top.
Mo Salah and Mane on the wings,
They’re the pace kings.
Then Firmino and Coutinho,
Through the middle it’s a skill show,
Your defenders are like nah bro.
Got Keita flying in from Germany,
Lot of money.
Will he be worth it?
I gotta agree.
Midfield three,
Him, Lallana and Gini.
So OP,
And when we get Virgil in from the Saints,
Our defence will get no complaints.
We’ll be solid at the back again,
And that’ll remain.
Or at least it better,
If we want to win the Prem again,
Another year without it would be more pain.


Liam Gallagher




I went to school,
Didn’t like it.
I went to work,
Didn’t like it
I did nothing and
Didn’t like it.
I got my results and
Went to college,
I didn’t like it.
I got a degree,
Almost a PhD.
I didn’t like it.
I met someone and I Didn’t like it,
I loved it.
We went to bars,restaurants,parks clubs
You name it,
And I loved it
We went out for years,
And shared a couple of beers.
We had a fancy night out,
With no reason to pout.
And I proposed.
She said “Yes”
And I loved it.
We got married and
And on our honeymoon,
We made a baby in her womb.
And we loved him.
He grew up in our care,
Made friends and had fights.
Laughed and cried,
Relax and studied.
He loved it.
And I loved him.
He got his Leaving Cert results and
Went to college,
He loved it.
Got a PhD and
We yelled yippee,
He loved it.
He got married and
Had his own kid.
He loved his kid more and more
With each passing day.
I’m so proud,
He isn’t like me.


Adam Murray




Landinis are the greatest
Better than Masseys
Spinning down the road
Doing 70k


Conrad Dixon