St. Angelas Ursuline Secondary School, Ballytruckle Rd, Co. Waterford



There’s something wild in the slope of my shoulders,
In the clench of my bared teeth,
In my nails biting red from calloused palms.
You smile through bloodied teeth,
And the animal in my chest unfurls.

There’s something feral in my curled back lips,
In my darting flickering gaze,
In my perch on the weathered arm of the chair.
You wince as vodka cleanses the wounds he inflicted,
The animal snarls and prowls in the shadows.

There’s something dangerous in the fire burning in my eyes,
In the blood dripping from my hands,
In the quietness of my practised movements.
You grit your teeth as I stitch up new cuts over old,
The animal growls and readies to pounce.

There’s something wild in the clench of my bared teeth.
There’s something feral in my darting flickering gaze.
There’s something dangerous in the blood dripping from my hands.
You laugh, bloody and tired but bright and alive,
The animal in my chest curls up, content at least for today.

Niamh Murphy


World of the Living-Dead


I wish to be in the land of the living,
Where life begins outside of your screen,
Where jovial children play outside,
Not on iPad or iPhone
But in the soft grass,
And when they return their knees are bruised and green,
Where the world has a sense of mystery instead of an aura of utter misery,
On each anti-social media site,
Each live stream, snapchat and tweet,
This Black Death rampages through our undeserving world,
Millions of casualties clueless as to what has unfurled,
Numbing our minds,
Ignorance cannot be bliss and if we all continue to ignore this…

We will live in the land of the dead.

As you read this on your phone, laptop, tablet or anything in between,

Throw it out of the window
And watch it,
As it smashes against the gravel below.

I wish to be in the land of the living.





Why do we call it society?
Cause instead of being piety
We only criticize everyone’s personality.
You have to be white cause of the racism
And it’s said that girls are less cause of sexism.
The homophobia make people doubt of their perfectionism.
But in the end it should be equalism.

Myriam Boceta


Love Yourself


And when you’re sitting on your bedroom floor at 4am
With tears streaming down your face
And blistered fingertips from
Trying to tear yourself out of your skin,
I hope you realize that just
Because he said he loved you,
Doesn’t mean he actually did.
Love is shown through actions,
Not just pretty words that make your heart flutter.
And just because he didn’t love you,
Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself.


Alanna Barry




I hate the way some people judge you just for doing the things you love.
The way they think they can look down on you from above,
Calling you all sorts like “weird and “un-cool”,
But yet they wouldn’t dare say it to your face at school.

The kind of people who are really jealous deep down,
The kind of people who never seem to carry a frown,
The kind of people who think there smarter than the rest,
But I wonder do they know there parents know that
They actually failed the test?

If I’m not hurting anyone or anything
Then why is this all so concerning?
136 million accounts,
And yet for some reason you go and pick me out.

Some people do it for a living,
For some it’s just a hobby
Some people, like me,
Just really like cinematography.


Halley Colclough


Dark Circles


Dark circles threaten to swallow pleading eyes,
As small hands tremble and bruises ache.
Beer bottles roll and clink,
‘Don’t wake the slumbering dragon’, he breathes.

‘Don’t tell anyone please’, a broken boy whispers.
You want to scream, to yell, to break,
You want to say no.
The cut over his left eye is still bleeding and you wish-

He’ll – the word breaks and bleeds into the night,
The ‘kill me’ is written in the
Shards of glass still embedded in his palms.
To scared to say it, you wonder why even years later.

His grip paints bruises circling your wrist,
Black and blue, black and blue and red all over.
Anger fills your lungs, dark and poisonous.
I won’t, you swear and he smiles around bloodied teeth.



Niamh Murphy



Soft Touch


The worst feeling
Is when you find out
You didn’t mean as much to someone
As you thought you did
You look so stupid
For caring too much
You were just a soft touch


Abbie Murray


The World Today


Mam, Dad
You know pain
But you don’t know my pain.
I got brought into a world
Where girls don’t play sports
Boys don’t wear pink
We get judged on how we look in photos
Rather than in real life.
Boys like a million
Girls love one
What phone you have matters
How much information your brain can holds means something.
Sports are so hard to play for us
Judged for taking a hurl over makeup.
You brought my into this world
Where parents fight and parents split.
Mam, Dad
You know pain
But you don’t know my pain.