Summerhill College, College Road, Knocknaganny, Co. Sligo

Hemmingway’s Tears


He stood near the crib,
Where the baby once lay,
And opened the curtains,
To reveal the light of day.

He typed on his laptop,
His eyes tired and worn,
“Baby shoes for sale
Never worn.”


Bryan Costello




I come with no wrapping paper or coloured bows
I am myself from my head to my toe
I sometimes get loud when speaking my mind
Even a little crazy some of the time
I’m not a size small and don’t care to be
You can be you and I can be me
I try to be strong when pain knocks me down
And when I cry there is no one around
To error is human or so that’s what they say
Well, tell me who’s perfect anyway






Wake up, even if you are dreaming,
Look out the window, even if there’s nothing to look out at
Because you’re nobody.

Go, hang out with your friends even if you are told you have none,
Have nothing, have nobody,
Because you’re nobody.

Maybe you don’t express the talents that you,
That everybody possesses but maybe
You don’t show them,
Because you’re nobody.

Try your best, even if you’re a loser,
Go out there, rise above your limitations enforced
By others unto you,
Because you’re nobody.

But, just maybe you’re not nobody after all
And what would happen if you’re not nobody
And maybe one day you will see that you were lied to,
That you actually are not nobody,
Because you’re somebody.

You are you,
You are yourself,
You are somebody.
Because you’re somebody.

They do not define you,
But you do,
You define yourself
A “nobody” cannot define himself
But you can,
Because you’re somebody.

They may not care but you do,
Nobody understands you,
But you do
And only somebody will understand you,
Because you’re somebody.

Do not be heartbroken by nobody,
Be joyful and cheerful with somebody,
Stand up, prove nobody wrong,
Prove nobody that you are not nobody,
Because you’re inner instincts were right after all,
Because you’re somebody.




I Can’t Hold Back


I can’t hold back
This painful addiction
This pain won’t fade
My terrible affliction

I can’t hold back
This dreadful drone
Of these people I trust
In their derogatory tone


Diarmuid Brennan




I stare up at bedroom ceiling,
Tiredness is what I’m feeling.
In my efforts to go to sleep,
I begin counting helpless sheep.

Around my room I take a look,
For a certain type of book.
Something I find really boring,
Something that will send me snoring.

In this room I have a clock,
Showing hours passing, tick-tock , tick-tock.
In this bed I feel alone,
All alone in my new home.

I stare up at my bedroom ceiling,
Tiredness is what I’m feeling.
The sun is rising, it’s on its way,
To brighten up a brand new day.


Padraig Mcgowan


Turn to Dust


Wake, school, home, work, sleep,
A continuous loop, doesn’t stop, cannot cease,
You’ll turn to dust.

No time to do things we like, that’d be ridiculous
Just work and school and work again, but hey, at least its “good for us”.
You’ll turn to dust.

It’s “our” future, in “our” hands, but our hands aren’t controlled by us.
Running on too little sleep, but you’d better get up or you’ll miss the bus.
You’ll turn to dust.

Under that much pressure, yet we’re “lazy” when we want to sit,
Shot down when we try to run, by those repeated words:


Of course you won’t, you’ll turn to dust.
You’ll turn to dust.


Fraser Gaine


They Don’t Want to Marry Camels


It’s his life and he does what he wants.
Unless it’s not what you want.
Because that’s just gross. Unnatural.
Next they’ll be marrying cats and dogs. Even camels.
Mother Mary would be ashamed of him.
Not marrying the person the woman you want him to marry.
Names and slurs he has to carry
All through school from him whose life seems merry.
Money and clothes from the most expensive stores
But also struggles that not many know.
He feels the same but doesn’t show
As his father disowns him and kicks him into the snow.


Aaron Roper


Be a Real Man


What’s the difference between being a ‘’friend’’ and being a man?
These days, your friends don’t see what’s behind closed doors,
When was the last time your friend asked you if you needed more…
Help, is always the answer,
Give it when you can and take it when it’s there,
Being a man is about showing your true colours and sensitivity,
Things that happen behind closed doors have no clarity,
Men need to have strength and be invisible emotionally,
But apparently no one sees,
That ain’t how it’s meant to be.


Tom Gavin


Her Mother’s Daughter


Girl on the worst street in town
She hates school, home and the frowns
Of the people that go by
Looking at her in disgust
In disgust of her lust to get out of the
School institution but she’s in an
Institution of prostitution every day
After the bell goes ding
And the people walk by her saying
‘’You poor old thing’’
Her mother doesn’t know
But she knows that she knows her mother hates herself for
Bringing her into this world of judgement and hate
She has been depressed since she was eight
Because her father was drunk, violent
And over-ate until
He died of an attack but not a crime
Just an accident
She grew up thinking she was going to beat the system
But the system beat her
She grew up wanting not to be failure
Like her mother
Then she grew up had a child
In a town the same
As her old town she lived with her brother
She grew up depressed
Just like her mother


Daragh Sweeney


No Escape


We tell them our problems but they don’t trust us
They say we just need to build up our toughness
But that’s the thing about social injustice,
We try and help but then they but us
The bullies are on and offline
Feels like there’s no escape.
Feeling like this is not your fate.

Getting called f*****, freak and bellend
You wait for it to stop but it feels like there’s no end
Start drinking and smoking in hopes to be called a legend
Your grades are going all over the place
Your parents confront you but they notice the change in your face
Feels like there’s no escape.

Struggling for money,
Been a long time since the days felt sunny
Can’t afford your addiction,
Leads to conviction
Feels like your life is ending
This time there won’t be any mending
Feels like there’s no


Shane Muldowney


Working Title


I stare at this page,
But ideas don’t flow,
I’m filled with rage,
That I could be so slow.

I look around the room,
Others have written an epic,
Filled with meaning and doom,
I can’t even pick a topic.

I put my pen to the page,
But my hand doesn’t move,
It could be an age,
Before I find my groove.

So, I stare at this sheet,
But my ideas are shite,
Wait! – I can cheat!
I know what to write!


Niall O’Donovan




Heroin, tobacco, alcohol, cocaine,
All common words from childhood
Living in a house of pain.
Drug addicts, prostitutes, drunkards, sinew
People I knew well, things I consumed.
Warehouse shut down, thought I could renew
But dragged down deeper.
Never knew how deep,
The rabbit hole went,
Or how low rock bottom is.
Through experience, devil sent,
The rabbit hole deepens
And rock bottom crumbles.


Seán Hynes


Halloween Plight


It was Halloween night,
The light was ebbing away slowly,
As he stood, lowly, all his sweets gone,
Taken by them.
It was all a lie.
What was meant to be fun,
Turned out to be dumb.
He began to quake standing in place,
Shaking with hate.
He took his bag and stood
Not taking it anymore,
Pulling up his hood.
He marched up to the bullies for redemption
Waiting for their confession.
They laughed and shoved
But he stood still stood,
Holding his ground.


Tom Forde


Freezing Dark


When it’s dark at night and
The morning’s aren’t bright I
Remember to forget that
You ever left cause if
It’s not summer it isn’t right
When it’s the beginning of
Winter and it’s very chilly
The days are shorter and the
Nights are longer
As the night is creepily freezing


Brian Callaghan


I Can’t Get No Sleep


I can’t get no sleep,
Because every time I,
Close my eyes my,
Brain begins to think.

I can’t get no sleep,
Because every time it’s time,
For bed really,
Disturbing thoughts go right,
Through my head.

I can’t get no sleep,
Because every time I close,
My eyes I weirdly,
Imagine what’s in store for me,
On the other side.

I can’t get no sleep,
Because for me life’s too much,
What’s the rush, I’ve really had enough,
Screw it, this time, it really is time for sleep.


Paul Clarke


This is It


This is it, war has come,
Democracy has been undone.
The plan, attack the Poles,
Every man knows their roles.

Panzers roll into each town,
The earth upturned, muddy brown.
The Brits decide to intervene,
With Poles still caught in between.

White flags held high,
In the September sky.
It was over in a blink,
Leaving Europe on the brink


Coalain Spollen


Boys in Blue


We are the boys in blue,
We are coming for you.
Yes, we know you’re the grammar,
Regardless, you are getting hammered.

We are ruthless for blood,
As if we came from the hood.
Rugby is the sport we play,
It’s the sport the keeps us sane.


Bob Reynolds


What`s with All the Mistrust


What`s with all the mistrust?
Everyone assuming the government is lying.
Nobody trusting each other,
Having trouble believing even their mother.
If everyone could just believe in one another,
It would help a ton,
To make the world a better place
And make the world more fun.


Jim Henehan


On Paper


These days you get things for who you know.
You can easily get a job from someone you used to know.
No matter how hard you work or how good you are on paper,
If they know you,
You will be taken care of by him or her.
What is annoying about this is that
People think they can get away with doing nothing,
Yet they will get things ahead of the people
Who do hard work or good things.


Patrick Maher

The Last Game


I walk on the pitch for the last time,
The smell of freshly mown grass
Fills my nostrils,
The bass of my €200 Beats
Blare Stormzy’s best grime

I walk on the pitch for the last time,
My boots in one hand and a ball in the other,
I look to savour this one last session
In my sporting heaven.




Grammar Bips


Grammar boys at Cartown
We’re all sound Sligo boys having bips
Grammar boys are home
Grammar boys start throwing fits
Sligo Rugby goes away
Grammar scraps fade into grey
All the boys are now friendly
Five day week a drunk assembly




Out with the Old in with the New


The table creaked
Surface well worn
The wind blew, the curtains parted
Blowing away the fact somebody had farted

Out with the old in with the new
Came the shout from beneath the sky
As the new was welcomed
Came the shout from below
Time to say goodbye


Tom Meehan


The Great Mystery


What is the meaning of life?
Why are we here?
What’s it all about?
I really have no idea!

Who put us in this place?
As a member of this human race.
Was it a divine being?
Yunno someone we are not seeing.

Will I ever know?
Probably never,
This is the mystery that will last forever.




Camping with the Lads


In the house with the lads,
Decided to camp.
We were unorganised,
Struggling to find a tent.
Rang up a friend to see if he had one,
He said he had one.
The lads were sorted.
Got to Rosses Point and he took out a pop up tent,
7 of the boys crammed into a pop up tent for the night.
At that moment we knew it was going to be shite,
Sure look at least we brought a light.


Cian Conway


Saturday Night


Saturday night, loving life.
Chopping up steak,
With a fork and a knife.
Scoffed the lot, beautiful dinner.
A few cans Dutch
And were on to a winner.
Just got dressed, ready to go.
Call up the lads,
Heading to the disco.


Gary Melly


Doggie Heaven


All doggies go to heaven.
They run and play along the streets of Gold.
Why is heaven such a Doggie-Delight?
Because there’s not a single cat in sight.


Michael Hedigan


No Fear


The wind in your hair
The breeze in your face
The cool morning air
The challenge, the race
The forward comes near
And your time is now
You show no fear
It’s no wonder how


Thomas Fox




A thing that affects everyone,
From wealthy to poor to people
Who couldn’t ask for anymore.
The truth is we can’t take any more.

Judgmental students who mock
Because they can’t think any more,
To student who say
“F*** you, f*** your judgement,
We can’t take it anymore.

This is for anyone who couldn’t


James Parsons


The Sting


The sting of the throw
Being brought back to reality
As the opponent enters the mount
Bring his arm to your close to your chest

Attempt to roll over, fail
He breaks his arm free
As he falls back you feel the pain your arm
As you tap


Eoin Kilgallon


The Quiet Night


I was walking down the street
It was so cold I felt so bold.
At the end of the night it was
So quit I went home I felt so alone.
The next day I went to school
Because I am a fool.


Dion Mcloughlin




Get up early
Get out late
Get lots of homework
Such a state

Meet your friends
Have the craic
Get in some trouble
And get some slack


Cian Coleman




Litter is smelly
Litter is disgusting.
All around me
I see people littering
And I rarely see the beauty,
Of healthy plants and trees.
All I ask,
Is for people to do the task,
And keep the world green.





I dig
You dig
He digs
She digs
They dig
It’s not a beautiful poem
But it’s very deep


Jack Cadden

I am not One


I come from Celtic warriors,
And Dublin Castle infiltrators,
From a family of Irish teachers,
And from a history of religious preachers,
From a clan of Dream clenchers,
I am proud to be Irish,
Though I am not one,
My life shall take a curler,
I will be the start of a generation of skilful hurlers,
My ambitions getting pucked,
Further and further.


Paul Gallagher




Life sucks
When you couldn’t give two f***s
What happens around you
When you’re so focused on
One thing that matters to you the most
When people put you down on the one thing you truly love
It sometimes couldn’t hurt more than a bullet in the chest
So grab that vest and confess to what motivates you.


Camero Clarke


Feck the Ref


I was running down the line
And I gave a pass
That was fine.
I felt the grass
Tickling my ass
As I fell over a leg,
That was the size of a keg.
I heard someone say “feck off” to the ref
As the ball landed into the back off the net.
I saw the crowd jumping with cheer
As the away fans were fecking beer.


Rian Gorman


One Way to Kill a Lover


The realisation had only kicked in
I now knew how I felt within

I cannot continue with this anymore
Or I will die an unfulfilled man I’m sure

I lost my lover from a slight slip
I am unsure if I will survive this blip

She groaned and moaned all day and night
These things always gave me a fright

I will never forgive myself for the things I said
Because my lover then ended up dead




A Wet Day in Manchester


Once I went to Manchester,
To leave all of the good weather.
I went to see a game,
Many foreigners also came.
There was a high attendance,
Even some looking for independence.
After the match I got a few autographs,
I also took a few photographs.
When I came back at one,
I felt like I weighed a tonne.


Jamie Brennan


Woke Up


Woke up at 7 my day was worse than I prayed for
Got dressed to get out and ride to school on my skateboard
New kid in class, so I sat alone takin’ notes
As the hoodlums were making jokes at the clothes that my mama paid for
It seemed like everyone was a part of some gang invasion,
Tattoos of initiation, parole and some on probation




Pier Jumping


My heart was racing,
But I knew I had to jump.
My friends were counting me down from 3.
As they hit 1 all fear left and adrenaline kicked in.
I leaped into the air and instantly hit the icy cold water.
Just as quick as I hit the water,
I popped back up.
What a laugh


Daniel Gray Harrigan


Cartown Blues


It was results night
We were having a laugh
A few cans were had

The bus driver was a d***
And so was the bouncer
So I spent the night on the bus
With a few drunk lads
Making a fuss.




My Day


As I started my day
I talked to the bae
As I made my way
To feed the horse hay
I went to school
As I’m a fool
When I play pool
I am cool


Aidan Campbell