Sligo Grammar School, The Mall, Co. Sligo

Monster of the Seas


It looms behind me
I’m frantic, shouting profanity
It grasps me, it’s in control
The monster has me in its clutches

Then, I’m up!
I’m standing!
It’s like I’m flying
Then, the shock of cold
The peace of the ocean
Silence, deafening

Getting up, I hear
The triumphant whoops
Satisfied, I start paddling out
Lining up, I’m ready


Nils Kavanagh




Lonely is not just a feeling
It’s not just a thing you can change
Cause there’s a wide range
Of people, who live their lives

Lonely is not just the guy
Sat quietly in the corner
No friends to be bothered
To sit beside him

Lonely is not just the girl
Who cries over her broken heart
Finding it hard to get over him
Who never loved her

Lonely is not just the person
Born a boy but calls himself a girl
Who is shamed into feeling this way
By teenagers who push him out

Lonely is not just a feeling
It encompasses all of us
It is a universe, solitary
An empty hole

Lonely is not just the guy
Who has never kissed a girl
Never held her hand
Longing for her

Lonely is not just the girl
In love with another girl
Who doesn’t know she likes her
And won’t feel the same

Lonely is not just the guy
Who struggles to get out of bed
Who is too afraid to talk to people
Who struggles with anxiety

Lonely is not just a feeling
It’s not just a thing you can change
Cause there’s a wide range
Of people who live their lives






I’m fifteen,
I come from my bed,
The only place where I feel home.

Wake up, go downstairs, told off for sleeping in.
Go outside, exhausted, disoriented wanting to return,
Walk into school, feeling small surrounded by
Judging eyes.

Teachers handing you your exam results
Telling you, you need to try harder and
Spend less time in bed, at home.

Classrooms full, everyone has the same single wish
To go back to where they come from
We come from our beds
The only place where we feel home


Eva Craig


Bright Blue Eyes


Bright blue eyes and dark brown hair
A smile as refreshing as the morning air
Beauty enhanced with rose red cheeks
That keep me smiling for weeks and weeks

She is beautiful inside and out
Just one smile empties my mind of all doubt




The Sea


When I’m on the water I’m free
When I’m on land it just isn’t for me.
The ocean is a place of infinite possibility
A life away from the sea would torture me
Matthew White




I got fed, went to bed
Woke up that morning. Nobody
Ever said “how was your night?”
Honestly it gave me a fright

Went to school and it was the
Same. The bullies played the same
Game. Getting pushed around being
Called a clown. Yep the game’s still
The same.

Get home from school, tryna
Keep my cool, saying hi to my mum
And dad, still carrying my
Bag going to my room

Throw my bag on the bed
Laid there look at the ceiling
With the same feeling

And out of my mouth
A thought muttered out

I want things to change


Nana Korentang


Food and Drink


I love food
All types are good
Pizza chips and chicken
Oh so finger licking

I love drink
More than you think
I hate poems






It’s a roundabout
A roundabout with only an entry and an exit
A beginning and an end
Multiple lanes of different speed
We all enter with different cars
Some leave early
Some hold on
Their cars condition deteriorating






Trees are like people
Short, medium, tall
They need food and water
Just like us

We all live on a green, green earth
Where there are green, green trees
Growing from the deep, deep dirt

Trees are all different
Just like none of us are the same
But we all have one thing in common
And that is from where we came





I have writer’s block
It makes me want to take a Glock
Pull the trigger, feel the shock
Put my face through a rock
Sit in a room, take a lock
I really hate writer’s block






Wow, that’s bad
Claim to be an amazing dad
But really you’ve gone behind my mum’s back,
That’s sad.

When I was younger
I wanted an older brother
And because I never had one I hated my mother,
That’s sad.

Selfish, ungrateful,
A no good son,
How can you say that after what you did to mum?
That’s bad.






To say something is one thing
To mean it’s another
People talk about problems and speak to each other
Problems big, small, public or private
Special to individuals who carry unwillingly
To compare these problems is stupid for one another
Problems make a person grow greater and learn
Take life as it is, there’s nothing you can change
But what you make of it is your problem and choice
You can’t change your life
You can change how you live it
Problems can’t be stopped but are easily resisted






I wish that I
Could be 6 foot.
I really hate being 5’7,
It hinders me in everything
Girls like tall guys
Sport favours tall guys
Life loves tall guys
But the revolution happens between these thighs


Adam Egan




I hate when people
Say “you’re not big enough to do this or that”
Well why don’t you try it you stupid twat

It’s not about size, power or speed,
It’s about how much you believe

If you want it badly enough, don’t let people say
You can’t do stuff
They’re just people stuck in an olden time,
Who don’t want you to thrive

You are as big and strong as your horizon
Of your dreams


James Whelan




I awake to what I’m told is my “home”
To go to a place in which I’m told I’m wrong
Only to return to a changed location in which
I am told is “home”
Only difference is ones with Ma, one’s with Da

I could never attach to either habitat
I return to school where disappointment ensues
Constantly being compared to my crowning siblings
Going “home” to below average grades
To be told “why can’t you be like them?”

My only escape of it all is a night out with mates
Where we go out and forget it all
As I sit and appreciate the stilt of my friends
I realise I’m home






Studying all these facts
Flexing with all these tags
Gucci, Bupe, Supreme
Whipping up the cream
Man I’m living the dream
But the cream’s gone sour until I met Howard






Rain drop drop top
Cooking up problems in a crock pot pot pot
Flexing on that test. It’s a thot thot thot
We knew nothing now something [hey]
Call up the gang and you come and get ganked

My tests is crap and boring [uh]
Cooking up spaghetti in pot pot pot
My homies are savage and ballin’




Train to Train


Sitting here in this room
Talking of goals and ambitions
But goals are what we live for
Leaping from train to train
Of our goals

Will it ever be enough to leap
When we want to fly
Away from everyone we would rather be
Than ourselves?

Isn’t that true?
And we’re so messed up in our ways we
Want to be anyone but who we
Actually are

We show this when we lose ourselves in drugs and drink
Forgetting our memories that hurt when we think
We want to feel like we’re about to fly
But we’re just leaping onto the next train.






I want to go to Spain
To eat paella
And meet friends
I want to go to Ibiza
To go to parties
And eat pizza
I want to go to Rome
To eat Turron
And see the Coliseum

Elena Fuentes


Freckles are like stars on your face
Each freckle has its own quality, its own grace
Splattered across the surface
Each one with its own purpose


Isabel Yilmaz




I had it all
I thought I had it all
I had it all
Maybe I didn’t
I had it all
I didn’t realise how much I had
When I had it all
I was happy
I had it all,
I didn’t realise how much I had to lose.


Tonie Furlong





I can’t
I swear please
I’m sorry
To help you
Means setting
Myself a fire
When I have gotten burnt so many times
Don’t drag me down
To your level
And stop me from growing


Ella Bingham