Gortnor Abbey, Crossmolina Co. Mayo

Your Own Happiness


The key to happiness does not come from other people
Depending on other people for your happiness, won’t do much for you
You gain true happiness from yourself, and you only
Don’t overthink the past – what has happened, has happened
Don’t overthink the future – what will be, will be, and what will last, will last
Don’t overthink in general- keep your mind at ease, free of negative thoughts
Live in the present moment, take every little thing as it comes
But most importantly, learn to love yourself
Because love from a special person, or multiple people
Will never compare to the love that you can have for yourself


Aoife Langdon

The First Day of School


No one said it would hurt, the first day of school
Like standing in the eye of a storm oblivious
To world of storm out there cold and cruel
You have to choose a path

Choice one: the bully, the one that pushes to the dirt
Gets to harm those who mean no harm
Choice two: the victim, the one who gets hurt
The target of the bully’s personal firearm

I didn’t need to cut those scars into my skin
The actions, words and pen was mightier than the blade
Soon my mind and body wore more and more thin
My life, my personality, my brain, everything frayed

Others choose death, they choose to leave
But I stayed, I listened to the shouted screams and sung words
I choose to redefine myself, to use music as thread and weave
To allow them to fly away with my worries like birds

Of course, it still really hurts, it took a toll
I’ll never be that innocent, as I was once
I have scars and scrapes all over my soul
I’ll forever have times of somnolence

But I’ve built walls built with things stronger than bricks
Made of alternative lives, inspiring stories, books
This is how I stand here today, hand on hips
And I don’t use other things to alter my looks

I have found me
And guess what
I’m finally happy


Ruth Corrigan




Her cheeks are red, her mind is dead
An emptied bottle her only friend
A silver locket preserves her youth,
Which has rusted, destroyed by Italian vermouth.
Her left hand isn’t suggestive of,
A deep, undying, humanly love
But rather, instead of a golden band
There is a flask clenched, tightly in hand
Days knot into nights which fade away
Her twisted thoughts the only things that stay
Some might say her existence is goalless
But the spirits from alcohol are her only solace.






How am I sure,
Where to contour.
How to be pretty and not to be bitchy.
How do I fit in?
Every night I wonder if people are talking about me,
What are they saying, do they even like me?
But I keep my head up,
And don’t worry bout what people say.
I don’t care what I look like.
I’m happy the way I am.


Aoife Irwin


Human Stereotypes


Women aren’t all girly and weak
They can be strong and independent.
They don’t have to rely on a man to provide for them
And they can fend for themselves despite what society might say.

Men aren’t all strong and tough
They can show emotions and cry
They can get hurt at times
And even they need a shoulder to cry on
But that doesn’t mean they’re not a man






I think it’s tragic
How everyone automatically
Likes to imagine
That we all have the same passion
But we don’t
So stop being so dramatic
We are not psychopathics
We are fantastic fanatics
Frantic ecstatic
Nostalgic romantics
Sporadic sarcastic
But must of all
Life is traumatic
Up like a manic
And down like the titanic
Never ending traffic
So stop
Be more diplomatic
Don’t judge people from what you see
Humans were not made to be telepathic


Jason Syron




I get categorized as an irresponsible,
I don’t fit in
Because I don’t have an obsession of
Sports and guns, violence and masculinity

When classes are divided and I’m left out
Because I don’t relate,
I don’t fit in,
I stand out
When I’m with my friends
Because they’re girls and I’m a boy,
I wear grey and they wear green
Because there needs to be a distinction between the two genders,
I’m pressurised to hide my feelings,
To be a man because boys don’t cry
And so I don’t cry,
I hold it in because men are strong not sensitive.

I’m a guy,
I don’t see how exactly that’s means what I like and don’t like,
Maybe I like pink and makeup,
Since when does a colour or clothes belong to one half of society,
I want to love who I want to love
And be who I want to be
And I don’t want to be judged for it,
But now a day everyone judged
For everything that makes us different,
Colour, love, gender, and religion




The Mask


When a door is slammed,
And a name is called,
What to do, when the plan is flawed.
Behind walls, the perfect organised person is gone.
Behold the person, self-conscious and alone,
No guard up, make-up gone.
Regrets and worries at peak,
She takes off the mask.


Roisin Callaghan




people calling others faggot and gay,
My first glimpse
Discovering myself
fear of others finding out
Hiding myself
Not giving a damn


Leo Kerrigan




Caught in the fantasyland,
Of imaginable creatures and peculiar people.
The pages of the book slip with my fingers,
Another day, another life.
Always in the action,
Following stranger’s footsteps,
Then suddenly snapped back to reality.
‘Put that book down! Clean your room.’
The world of wonder left for another time.


Roisin Callaghan

This Boy


This boy was a man
A man that wasn’t easily moved
His name John McMahon
Often taunted and abused
But he did not show
The pain that he felt
Because ten years ago
His dad was hit a belt

He witnessed this first hand
His Father opened out on the ground
Murdered on his beloved farmland
And worse by his loyal greyhound

The boy since then
Has felt no greater pain
Than the day when
He saw inside his Dad’s brain


Darragh Walsh




A dream to have a place to stay,
A job where I could get some pay,
A bed where I could lay at night,
A miracle to give me the gift of sight.

A dream to turn back the clocks
To when my belongings couldn’t fit in a box,
To when my family were with me
And I felt happy and full of glee.






I spent a few years in fear.
It feels like everything is the same
Like everyone is the same.
We are all made to go to school.
But for teenagers it’s not that fun.
We go five days a week,
But it feels like forever.
We are all made to get up early.
We are all made to put in work,
Even though we do so much in our lives.


Jessica Doherty




Sometimes it’s hard to face reality
I look in the mirror and think: God why am I such an error?
The questions in my head never disappear and the answers aren’t ever there.

Nobody knows what it’s like.
To measure up to society’s standards just to escape the slander.
To have this “body”, to be the hottie.

Trapped inside your own head wishing you didn’t feel alone.
Lost in confusion, it feels like an illusion
Wishing I could just be set free.

Is there a definition to the word perfection?
Too bad that word is the flaw.


Ellen O’Hora




Stick in hand,
Cap on head,
Sucks on boiled sweets,
To fall asleep in bed.

As old as the hills,
Daily prayers
And lots of pills.

Deaf as a stool,
Blind as a bat,
His favourite companion,
A stray black cat.

Well on his way,
To reaching the ton,
Farming, walking,
And the odd ‘half-one’


Meadhbh Walsh


Secondary School


Secondary school is hard
Because most people judge
Your looks and your past
Teenagers want to fit in
And when they do they end up doing something stupid
Teenagers, who are smart get bullied cause they’re smart
Girls get judged on how they dress
Teenagers get pressurised into doing stuff
They don’t want to do
Some teenagers expect others to act a certain way to fit in




All the Same


I am the one
The one to take all the stick
Never feel, never care
Never give it back
Girls just don’t understand
No one does
No one ever will
I am different
I always am
You laugh at me
Because I’m different
I laugh at you
Because you are all the same


Wojciech Kunkel


The Smile


Seven o’ clock
Opening the door into another day,
A grumpy breakfast table
A smiling bus driver.
A dark locker area,
Frowning, whispering, yawning, sighing
A tired teacher, sighing at the fact she was here.
A smiling bus driver.
A wall of questions, how was your day?
Tomorrow may be dull,
But the bus driver will still be smiling.
In a day full of dullness,
I remember the smile.


Jack Sweeney




Work hard, get good results.
Do your work and show up on time.
Try your best, and if you fail it doesn’t matter,
But if you fail, you’re not up to standard.

Go out, have fun,
But not too much fun.
Be friendly and chatty,
But stay away from the wrong crowd.

Be yourself, stand tall, have confidence,
But make sure you don’t stand out from the rest of the world.
Just be perfect.






Imagine a world rivers run clear
Imagine a world where you weren’t judged
Because you’re “queer”
Imagine if we were all the same
But all people care about is fame
Imagine a world where kids act their age
And not look like their ready to go on stage
And yet I was told “it’s 2017 times have changed”


Amy Wilson and Grace Hogg


Final Preparations


The streets are dark
The trees are bare
The wind rings in my ear
I have been waiting for this day for years

The calmness of the night
Helps to ease the fright
Of playing that match tomorrow


Aoife Deane



Being a Teenager


Being a teenager the hardest thing in life
Teenagers are under so much pressure to do things
We are forced to do things that we don’t want to and get slagged
We are always getting judged for how we look and what we do
Nowadays, you can’t do anything without someone making fun of you
Girls get slagged for what they wear like “oh you’re an ass for wearing that”
Teenagers feel like they can’t be themselves around each other and must be a certain way
We are forced to drink, smoke and do drugs cause if you don’t you’re not cool and get called dry
So being a teenager is so hard and no one will ever understand the pressure until it happens to you
All i have to say is I can’t wait till I’m not a teenager






We live in a world dictated by grades, they’re blades ready to slit,
Kick you while your down until you’re ready quit.
You tell your parents you got an F, they’re deaf
They don’t wanna hear it, you’re dirt, on the bottom of their shoe
“Do better”, they say, but you don’t know how to.

You get a D, but you can see, the disdain in their eyes.
You’re not a prize, all your tries, seem to be for naught.
People like you just can’t be taught.


Adam O’Malley


It takes Time


Being told to be more confident
Is not as easy as it sounds
I think some people should realise
A turtle doesn’t shoot his
Head out of its shell
Give it some time We’ll get there



Do This, Do That


“Do this, Do that,
Do all that crap Get A’s and B’
But God not D’s and E’s Have a social
Have friends, a balanced diet
Don’t be sad, always happy
Even when life is being crappy
They say all of this is a skit
But they don’t know the half of it
The pressure, the stress It messes with your head
It hurts some people so much
That some even end up dead.






My Grandad has quite big hands,
Though mine are nearly there,
I want big hands just like his,
But life just isn’t fair.

Every time I see him,
I don’t forget to measure,
But his hands and my hands,
Are something I’ll always treasure.


Tara Earley




I hate to see people always whining about the things they don’t have.
Because you must not be heartbroken by the things you don’t have,
But also at the same time not blinded by the things you do.

I also hate people not standing up for themselves.
I understand people not being confident,
But not standing up for yourself is to me just wrong thing to do.
You can live your life in peace like a sheep,
But wolves will never lose their freedom,
That’s why I encourage people to stand up and be free.




A Wish


Everyone in the land
Wanted Mayo to win the All Ireland,
Although it is hard done
But someday day it will be done

Pints will be pulled
Turf will be burned,
Sam will be home
And the Dubs can
Pog mo thoin.




An Outfit


Clothes thrown on the floor
the fear of getting caught is sore
Every time I need to go out
there is always an outfit to think about
Asking for something from my sister
Makes it a struggle to convince her
The roar when you get caught
Makes me feel like such a tramp
Oh crap, I forgot


Therese Clarke




I like to play sports
And some people feel like
I should be good at all sports
Because of it.
I feel pressurised
because of it
To be athletic and really good
At all sports
And it’s annoying




I’m Over It


I’m over it
Cat calling
Racist jokes
And I’ve been over it
For 2 years
But there doesn’t seem
To be any change
So I’ll keep waiting




Drunk Room Fun


The second I walked into that disco
I sat very happily on the ground
Until a man came
And sent me away
To the drunks of the day
Where I sadly stayed
Thing was I was a sober Sally




This is Learning


What’s the power of a first impression
A no-trashy-talk approach
The kind of teaching where you actually learn
Revision is regurgitated garbage passed down
From one straight A student to another
This is learning
This is teaching
Forget the system


Quinn Neary


In the End


He had long sideburns
They grew in turns
He tried at school
But still is a fool
He can’t take a joke
But expects others to choke
In the end
He needs lady friend


Kyle Hampson


Got a Mate


Got a mate who was rolling through in a stolen rover
The Garda tried to pull him over
He put his foot to the floor listen to that v8 roar.
He put up the windows up and went down the locks
Said alright boys time for a hotbox.


Keane Murphy



A place where we spend so much time
Learning things that are useless
6 hours 5 days a week being clueless
This is only a short poem to say
But it’s how I sum up this place that we stay
Instead of homework we should get to show case our artwork
Our hobbies the things we love
Learn things to help us when we leave






I’m in TY having a ball
Got my results, done grand in all
Went out that night
Not a can in sight
Back on the bus and into the chipper
Got my favourite some chicken dippers
Home to bed
No, sore head!






Fishnets are worn by prostitutes roaming the streets looking for sex and money
Fishnets worn by punks roaming the streets looking for fun and culture
Fishnets worn by students roaming the streets looking for the festival
Fishnets worn by toddlers roaming the streets looking for their parents


Leo Kerrigan


The Big Game


The game began as always
Four people jumping for a ball
We won the hop to my amaze
The forward line started to call

One goal to us
Everyone made a big fuss
We kept on going
Even when the whistle was blowing

We won it anyway
Lifted the cup
Our journey home was underway
After every wet evening training, it all adds up




For You


You can be the person who hides in the background,
You sit there quietly trying not to make a sound,
But in your head your saying ‘I want to be heard’,
People say shoot for the moon, but for you,
The stars will do.




The Match


Was watching the Mayo match Sunday
It was a fun day
Watching it with my granddad
Mayo were playing well
Until the last six minutes
When Dublin scored the last point
To win the game
It was very disappointing
But we will go again next year


Molly Boyln


My Passion is Cars


I adore cars
My parents own a garage
So I’ve grown up with cars
I work with cars and I love my job


Brandon Geraghty


All-Ireland Final


Went to see Mayo GAA Sunday with my dad
It was a class day until the final minute
When Dublin scored the final point
It meant a lot to me to go with my dad
My family was also there but they weren’t sitting with me
The journey up on the Saturday was long but was worth it
We go to all the matches all year and it brought my family a lot closer
Without all the matches my summer would have been a skit.


Alannagh Cosgrove

Different Colours


Green like lime
Looking into mine
Mine are blue
But through them I can see you


Maria Togher




The GAA frauding us out
Having replays in Croke Park
Whilst also letting it be Dublin’s home ground
And pumping money into Dublin GAA
And not into the small counties


Luke Munnelly


The Ploughing


Going to the ploughing
It will be astonishing
Having fun with friends
And meeting new ones too
Ready to get mucky
And might get lucky
It’s a very long drive
For a cheeky jive


Ciara Kilker


A Clown


Once i opened a closet door
So I ran into it
To see what’s in it
I saw that there was snow at the other
I was amazed by that.
Then saw a clown waiting for me
So I was looking for a weapon to fight him
But there were no weapons
So i threw snowballs at him
So he can’t get close to me,
I said to myself why am I scared of a clown
So I went towards him
To take him down to the ground
And started punch him in till he dies


Brian Petrovic




My passion is agriculture
Known by young people as “agrishpec”
I like Case IH
But let’s face it Valtra is better
There is one thing I would change
And that is so silage season lasts all year


Dylan Shevlin


All-Ireland Final Day


All Ireland final day
Where you hear 31 counties say
“Mayo for sam
Away the dubs”

Mayo fans travelling from the west shore
While the dubs only have to step out their front door
Mayo fans are loyal, go to every game
The dubs barely know their full forwards name

On the 17th of September
Mayo were crushed
Back to the West
The fans rushed

Proud of our boys
Who did their very best
The fans brought the noise
And wore proud the mayo crest

We’ll be back yet again
Because the dream isn’t over

As the 31 counties say
“Mayo for sam 2018
Away the dubs”




A Time


There was a time,
I went to America
A 7-hour flight before I arrived
I landed sleep deprived
I went to see all the sights,
Especially time square to see the lights
I enjoyed my time min NYC
A 7-hour flight home
I look out the window to see the sea
Can’t wait to get home to have a nice cup of tea


Shane Moran




Her name is Regan
But she is not a vegan
She got her results in the mail
At least she didn’t fail

It was a very dramatic night
Luckily there was no light
She had a sesh
And she was a mess
She had a can
And she got a man






I had a dog called Charlie the Jack Russel
He was brown and white
Looked like a dirty little spite
I woke up one day and he was gone
I shed a tear and had fear
I went over to the neighbour
To find Charlie there
He wasn’t a bad dog for 10 quid


Graham Grant


Results Night


Coming to school wasn’t easy,
The thought of results was making me queasy.
We made our way home, with great results
No worry about any insults.
Once we got in the door the panic began,
The dress, makeup, high heels and fake tan.
With all our fuss, we nearly missed the bus.
Chloe’s journey had begun to find the one,
Two long hours got us there,
We finally got a breath of fresh air.
When Louise didn’t get in she was like a bull,
Cus’ the door said push and she only came to pull




You can’t Cope


I no-scope
You can’t cope
Cause I’m dope and you know it
You hope you don’t blow it
But your just like a pope a winter heliotrope
A pure hoax, you’re on a slippery slope
Now I’m going to sabotage you with a dope montage
And you won’t have an entourage when I barrage






My friend Chloe is from Cooneal
She’s small she’s light and she’s very mean
Last Wednesday night
She went on a sesh
And of course, came back home a mess
She hit me in the face
Cos she’s a disgrace
Hit Darcey with a shoe
Beat her black and blue
But that is Chloe
A violent mess
Only joking she is the best!!






I was supposed to go to Cartown
I paid 15 for my bus
I went from Crossmolina to Ballina
Got off in Ballina and told big bus coming
Waited in Ballina
And got soaked
Only got a chinlk






Breaking things in joy is the norm
In an Asgardian house
He can’t help it if he starts a storm
Quite literally that’s his job
He wears a helmet for a reason
Why it’s never car hunting season?
You don’t catch them?
There always hitting him
When he travelled down the rainbow bridge
He didn’t find gold
He found a empty bag of skittles
On the side of the road
Whatever he has to go now
His brothers marrying a horse


Michelle Coleman




Listen to the words about to submit
Some people might have a laugh
And others will learn from it
I don’t have long to get my words across
But let no-one tell you that they are your boss


Robert Murphy


Stay Safe, Stay Sober


From sesh to stretcher
My night went upside down literally
I fell in the door
Blankets where rapped around me
Head goin dizzy
Sick and twisty
Till Lorraine came and saved me
Stay safe
Stay sober






Roses are red
Violets are blue
The animals escaped
From Dublin Zoo


Chloe Shaw